Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Sattarova to Savvas (Greece)

Letter 1
Good day! I will be glad if we can just get to know each name is simple Kseniya. I don't know if our acquaintance will be interesting to you. but I will be glad if you write to me. I will tell you more about myself when I see your answer. now I just want to wish you a good day. I hope my smile will bring you a good mood. I will wait for your answer. Kseniya.
Letter 2
Good day Savvas.
Nice to see your answer. I was afraid that you would not answer me. but now when I see your letter. I understand that we are showing interest in each other. I will try to tell you about myself. I am a simple ordinary woman, my nationality is Russian. I live in a small town - Elabuga. calm quiet city.
my body parameters: 167 cm - height, 57 kg - weight. I believe that these are the average parameters for an ordinary woman of my age. today I will not tell you about my age. let it be a little mystery. and I want you to tell me how old I am when you look at my photo. tomorrow I will tell you my birthday and when I was born. (light intrigue is a mystery). Savvas in communication with you, I want to find a man for myself. with whom I can make a good long-term connection. I want to clean up my loneliness. I'm looking for a simple, kind-hearted man. with which I can connect my life in the future. I hope that you are also looking for yourself. at the end of my letter. I want to ask you one thing. show me a little respect. I will be glad to see your answer anyway. even if you give me a negative answer to our communication. I will be pleased. Even if you did not like my photo or my letter could not interest you, then write me about it honestly. And then I will no longer bother you with my messages.
I will look forward to your reply. Hope you will answer me soon.
Have a nice day!
Letter 3
Hi Savvas.
I am pleased to see your letter, your answer. and I will be glad to continue our acquaintance, communication.
I hope that fate has introduced us for a reason. and we will be able to get to know each other more. I will be very pleased if you give me your photos. Thus, I can simply see and recognize you. as well as I can just see and recognize the life and culture around you. and it will be a pleasant moment. first of all I want to solve a little mystery about my age. I was born on May 16, 1986. now i hope you can make my age calculation correct. as you know, I was born in the spring. and this is the most enjoyable time of the year. spring - when nature comes to life and brings the most pleasing to the human eye - beauty and new life. constantly new flowers appear.
My city is called Elabuga. If you want, you can find more information about my city, it is in Russia. as I told you before. I'm looking for a man for a permanent, strong relationship. which are full of strength, reliability, mutual understanding. and I think these are fundamental aspects of the well-being of family life.
I'm not looking for a prince on a white horse. but I'm looking for a man for my heart and I just want love. maybe I'm naive, but I believe that love in this world still exists. every person has a chance to find happiness.
We are not very familiar yet, so it's too early to draw any conclusions, but who knows what lies ahead, doesn't it (smile)? I am a simple girl, with a down-to-earth outlook on life and I have some life experience, so I want to have a reliable, loyal, honest and kind man next to me. If I find such a man, I will give him my heart forever and will be his most devoted companion in life. talking about yourself is simply difficult and I don't know how to do it. I'll tell you about my profession. once my mother brought me home from kindergarten and started cooking dinner. was distracted and did not make time for me. scissors and a mirror appeared in my access area. I went to the mirror and decided that I needed to change my haircut. in the end, I trimmed my bangs crooked. the result: the parents were in tears but with laughter. and for me later it was the beginning of my professional career.
I work in a beauty salon - a master hairdresser. mainly based on female service, but I also know how to make men's haircuts. Savvas, it’s interesting that your profession also gave you a choice from your very childhood. or do you work in a job that you don't like?
I'm sure you're wondering. why am i alone?
I dated my last man for 3 years and lived together. at one point during the crisis, he lost his job. and could not find myself. started playing cards and slot machines. as a result, he simply got into big debts. and at one point did not return home. after that, his body was found a week later. the police said there was an accident. but everyone said that he was killed for debt.
a very sad moment, but this is life. and there are strong disappointments in life. for 2 years now I have been without a man. I have no children and have never been married. after this connection, I no longer had a serious relationship. there were dates for 1 evening. but the men of my country have changed. and begin to think that after 1 dinner, they can drag the woman into bed. I did not want this. so I was already just disappointed in the men of my country. and decided to try communication with you from another country. why not? I will be able to learn the life and culture of your country, mentality and communication. just expand my worldview. maybe in the future we will decide to get to know each other more and even meet.
Well, now you have read my letter and you know a little more information about me. I hope that our outlook on life coincides. Let me know if that's the case.
Unfortunately, the time has come to finish my letter, as it is already quite large. But I will look forward to your reply with great impatience. Please take a moment to give me an answer because it is very important to me.
Have a nice day!
Letter 4
Hi Savvas
interesting, unusual, but nice to meet a new day. I see your letter again and I understand that you are showing interest in each other. and I want to get to know you more. I think you will be pleased to see my smile on my face when I read your letter.
it was nice to see and understand that you tried to play before. and now you have an active life too. Unfortunately about your game, I have not heard anything, or I just did not understand its name. American football - I know rugby, but unfortunately in my country this game is not practiced. not so developed. today it is really very difficult for me to speak and remember this moment in my life. every person has parents at birth. but in life there are different situations. I can say that we had a full-fledged family. but sadness came to our home when I was 10 years old. my parents are ordinary people. my mother worked at a factory, and my father worked on a collective farm. he was an ordinary tractor driver, a peasant. there was a Russian soul in him. he knew how to drink, but he tried to come home quietly. so that we never see him drunk. and he worked very hard to try to support us. when sowing work took place in the spring, and harvesting at the end of summer. dad worked for days. Unfortunately, in Soviet times, the equipment on the collective farm was already becoming old, and the collective farms were beginning to go bankrupt. dad was at the wheat harvest. and he was already turning the rick with a tractor. the mechanism jammed and dad went with a pitchfork to clean the hay. I don't know what happened wrong. but it spun along with the rush. I remember how the whole collective farm, all the tractors and cars came to our house and saw my father off on his last journey. it was very difficult. Mom lost the meaning of her life for one month. and it's good that friends and family tried to help and support my mother. a month later she understood that she had to live for us and was able to return. over time, the pain subsided and time healed. but still, on the anniversary - the day of dad's death, mom cries every time. Savvas since then our family was left without a man in the family. and we missed Dad's hand in the house. but nevertheless, my mother tried to do everything so that I received a good upbringing and was an exemplary girl at school. I am grateful to my mother for the fact that she tried to help me in everything. thanks to her, I graduated from school with good grades. Later I graduated from the university (physics - mathematics faculty) with good grades. but education was not useful to me. because I work a normal job. and for me a hairdresser is my life.
i can work anywhere. even on the edge of the planet. I just need scissors and a comb. During my studies at the university, I tried to work in a hairdressing salon for half a day. thus, I was already preparing the ground for myself to work. but I'm glad that my destiny turned out like this. and now when we are communicating with you. I am also sure that fate did not introduce us in vain. I would like to believe that our dialogue will continue to develop just as well. And maybe something more will come out of this than just a virtual dialogue. For my part, I promise you that I will do my best to make our dialogue interesting for you. And I will tell you about my life in every letter, and I will not forget to send new photos (smile). Unfortunately, I don't have a computer at home, so I write my letters at work. I am using a work computer for this. Sorry that I can't write more often, I just have only one break at work, during which I write letters to you. Sorry, I think my letter came out sad today. but still I think you should know about my family and how I live.
I'm going to leave now. but I will very much look forward to tomorrow day. to see your answer.
I wish you a pleasant day and good mood.
Letter 5
Hello Savvas!
I am pleased to see your letter. every day it is important for me to receive your letter! I love this feeling!
it is hard and painful to lose loved ones. but when they go to another world. we must think that there they find happiness and peace. time will heal, and we continue to live.
I hope that fate did not give us in vain for each other. I think we can change each other's lives. and I hope for the better.
It's sad that your wife betrayed you. she could just say it right away rather than do the wrong thing. What to say about pets. I love both cats and dogs. But I’m afraid to start them at home. Because I am not at home during the day. And they will be bored and hard. Every new day, I try to start with a pleasant mood. And for this, a healthy breakfast helps me. I wake up early at 6 o'clock, or 6:30. brushing your teeth and taking a contrast shower. Helps me wake up every morning. And then work on yourself begins. I can say that I am an early bird. (smile). Cooking porridge - both healthy food and delicious aromatic tea. With the addition of delicious herbs, harvested from the fields. What we collect from my mother in the village. As you can see, I try to maintain a healthy diet. I try to study different cuisines of the world. And I look at different recipes. But I can't always do it (smile).
We must always try to do different things. Then life becomes more interesting. I believe that in the future I will cook delicious food for you! I hope, you like it. do you have any favorite foods? Tidying up: creating the perfect image, beauty. It is too long. But if I come to work ugly. That the boss can do fine for me. Because she speaks. That we are the face of our hairdresser. Therefore, we must always look beautiful. My working day starts at 9 o'clock. To get to work 15 - 20 minutes by public transport is enough for me. Or a 1 hour walk. Savvas I think that I have no bad habits. I do not smoke and do not drink. only on holidays, a little champagne or a glass of red wine. I have a normal attitude towards people who have bad habits. it is the choice of every person. But only for people to control themselves during the rest. Then this is the right rest. I also want to say a little about howling childhood. when dad passed away, it became difficult in the family without a man.
And then we started doing housework together with my mother. Yes, this tragedy for our family, even more united my mother and me.
My parents raised me in the severity of justice. As a child, I was often upset, but when I became older, my parents and I became like best friends. spring, summer and autumn we worked a lot in the garden. and in winter we just enjoyed, jam, or various preservatives that we were preparing during this time. We went to the forest a lot, collected the gifts of the forest: herbs, berries, mushrooms. dad taught me to distinguish good mushrooms from bad. but over time, I still went to the forest less. It's easier to live in the countryside. Don't dress nicely. Less fuss and problems. This is probably why my mother, when she retired, chose this life. and now she enjoys the fresh air and gets joy in life.
Children ride bicycles around the village, walk until late at night. Now I remember this time with pleasure and nostalgia overwhelms me. Sometimes I want to go back to my childhood. Do you remember your childhood? Savvas, I like communicating with you, and I look forward to your letters every day. Our dialogue is very interesting, and it seems to me that I am drawn to you. An unusual feeling, but quite pleasant. It is important for me that our dialogue is enjoyable for both of us, so we must be open with each other. My thoughts and feelings are always open to you, I hope it is mutual. I'm tired of being alone, so I'm ready to devote myself to a new relationship. I want to be happy, like any person on earth. Everyone has their own happiness. My happiness is love!
I would like to say thank you for your letters. They made my life more interesting!
I wish you a pleasant day and will wait for your answer. Kseniya.
Letter 6
Hello Savvas
how nice it is to be distracted from this world for at least 5 - 10 minutes. and just dive into communication with you. and it becomes easier for me. even if people walk around, I just don't feel them. and I don't want to see or hear them. I just enjoy our communication. now I'm just passionate about our communication.
I want to ask you how your day is going and how is your mood. I hope all is well. I was full of tension when I read your letter and your situation. your father was willing to give his life for you. and I can say one thing, that on this day you had your second birthday. it's sad that it is after such a situation that the thought comes to us that it is dangerous or something else. but nonetheless. it's nice that there was a successful outcome of the event. I have never had such situations in my life. I recently had a repeat of what was like 8 years ago. when I first went to the hairdresser and cut clients. I have been working for six months and they trusted me to do haircuts myself without supervision. at one point a woman came to me who drives a cool car and dressed in the fashion of the 21st century. kept up with the times. not like me. (sadness). I felt flawed at this moment. when I did her haircut and hair styling. the phone didn’t ring. she ignored me, began to move, and I cut off her extra strand of hair. at that moment she started hysterical. but I didn't know what to do.
it is good that the boss was in the hairdresser and was able to resolve this conflict. and after that my hands were shaking. As a result, I could not work all day and was afraid to touch my hair and work. as I remember now, this feeling. and recently, by chance, I also made a wrong hand movement. and made a mistake. which I was able to fix. of course I admitted my mistake and apologized for the oversight delivered. and it was somehow easier for me. Savvas, this time I did what my mother taught me. she always told me if she made a mistake, be able to admit it and give an explanation, an apology. and then people will be more adequate. I want to ask you. and when you make mistakes, do you know how to make adequate actions? to make gestures of forgiveness and find a compromise? I think for today this is an important question for me. but I will be just as glad if you tell about your mistakes in work. maybe they also appeared by chance? I'm going to leave now. I want to wish you a pleasant day and good mood. but most of all I will wait for the opportunity. to see your letter again.
Letter 7
Hi Savvas!
today when I see your letter I again feel that I have a smile on my face.
I begin to understand that even if I am busy at work, then I have moments when I think about you. and I ask myself the question, what are you doing now. and how is your day.
all the news from my country informs you that this weekend you should have a holiday of Bright Easter. I want to wish you joy this weekend. and that he was filled with light and good. I'm going to visit my mom. but I confess I will miss you very much. and wait for monday. to see your letter and feel your care. I would like to see how the holiday is going in your country. I would like to share my dreams with you now. I don't know how interesting it will be for you. I have always wanted to find a man with whom I will spend my whole life. Find my soul mate. My past relationship ended through no fault of mine, because I was betrayed to the very end, but it was over. And now I would like to meet love for life. If necessary, I will wait for such love until the very end of my days.
you know I want to tell you now openly. that you are becoming a close person to me. I feel that I can talk to you about whatever I think. and you support our dialogue. Savvas I told you before that I do not look at appearance. I see what kind of inner world we have. and I understand that it is easy for me with you.
I need a man with whom I can feel safe. who will look after me as a woman. give flowers, say nice words, open the door, and just be in joy and happiness. in sadness and pain. at every moment of life. I don't need an egoist, or a man on the cover of a magazine, I just want to be happy. and I am ready to do everything to make my other half happy. I'm just tired of being alone and I want to feel male care and support. Savvas I don't want to scare you, but now I tried to tell you my criteria for my man. and I look at our communication. I think we are good for each other. I really want to ask you. and what do you think? What parameters, criteria should a woman have in order to be next to you?
I'm worried now, but I want to see your letter. recognize your thoughts.
I will leave now, but I will wait for your answer. pleasant day for you, pleasant mood.
Letter 8
Hello Savvas.
I think for a long time how I can describe my mood. And it seems to me that I have such a mood in recent days. When I see your letter. I have a good mood. I was pleased to see your thoughts and criteria about the woman you are looking for. I am grateful to you in these thoughts, I will take them into account. I think you are looking at my photo, and you should understand everything. I remember how last year I went with my friend to the park of culture. And we just devoted the whole day to cultural recreation. I am looking
at this photo. What an explosion of emotions I had. And we just walked around and acted like kids. And I would like now both of us to throw away all worries, all sad moments. And they could just think.
Say Savvas would you invite me to the amusement park. We could buy this cotton candy, go for a ride on a merry-go-round, eat ice cream. And just scream like children and enjoy your vacation. sit on a bench, throw sunflower seeds and watch as pigeons gather in a flock and eat it all.
and if you manage to get this moment. then feed the pigeons from your hand. tell me, have you ever had such a moment in your life? I wonder if you can imagine these pleasant moments while spending time with me?
I'm not always like that. but now when we meet you. it seems to me that I miss the weekend, and I just want to have a cultural time.
lately the way of my life has become one: work - at home, work at home. sometimes after work I allow myself to do evening walks. when I have a more free day and if I didn't have a lot of work. but it doesn't happen that often. Savvas today I showed you my side of relaxation, how I want to relax. I think next time I will tell you that I have a bad day and a bad mood. I want you to know me from any side. I hope you don't scare it.
now I wish you a pleasant day and good mood. Kseniya.
Letter 9
Hello Savvas.
To start a new day for me with our communication. This is getting the most enjoyable. But most of all I began to notice. That I am now trying to come to my work earlier. In order to at least somehow quickly see your letter. And feel you more.
Because I just think more about you. you become important to me. every day I learn more about you.
and it gives me joy.
I often think about you. I can imagine what you are doing right now. Savvas I want to tell you about myself, so that you get to know me more and more from different sides.
After all, the more we know each other. The closer we get. You know, in my country there are 4 distinct seasons. I love every period, spring, summer, autumn winter. But perhaps most of all I love summer. but winter also has its own delights. there is a lot of snow in winter. white is my favorite color. But I rarely wear it.
But the sadness is that it quickly becomes dirty. Therefore, I try to wear different colors of clothes.
I wonder what color is your favorite? When winter comes, it becomes so light all around, and these soft drifts. Yes, it gets cold in winter.
30-35 degrees below zero. I like how the snow crunches under my feet during frost. And I want us to be in a snowy field for a moment now. Where we could make a snowman, or throw snowballs at each other.
Fall into a snowdrift. play in the snow with each other. that would be fun. wallow in the snow and enjoy the fact that we are together. enjoy life. And in the summer when all people are afraid of rain. I think that one should not be afraid of him. Savvas if it rained now and today. I would take you by the hand and lead you with me. We would take off our shoes and
run barefoot through the puddles. Rejoice in the rain. Yes, we would be wet but happy. And there would be a pleasant smile on our faces.
I feel one thing. I can say that I live. Because now when I look at my whole life. I can feel all the emotions of joy, experiences. And I wish you could experience all these emotions in the same way. And I can only tell you one thing, thank you for bringing me back to life. That I can feel again this happy period of life. You know, every year I become more mature and wiser. I feel. and I understand that life is very short. and I don't want to live my life alone. after all, it is important to have a loved one. to give all your happiness and love. I don't want to waste my life. I want to spend it with my man. I really hope it's you. I feel for you something more than a friend. you are important to me. I like you very much. I have a lot of romance in me, and I think that you are helping to reveal it. I think you will understand that. Savvas I want to say again that you have become important to me. I dream to be next to you. to get to know each other personally. I hope that now, when you read my letter, you do not laugh at my naive words.
I write my thoughts to you. I wish you a good day.
I will be waiting for your letter.
Letter 10
Hello Savvas.
yesterday when I came home in the evening. I had an interesting desire. I wanted to cook dinner for two.
I confess that I have had such a desire for a long time. I don't want to be lonely for a long time. but still, I wanted to cook dinner just for you and me yesterday. I remember the words of my mother. Dad used to come home for lunch. he demanded from my mother, yes, he demanded lunch. to have food on the table. he spoke only words: a woman should keep the comfort in the house, cook for the whole family and cover the whole family with love. only then will we live happy.
Mom said: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. when dad was hungry, it is better not to approach him. because he could just swear like that. and when he was full, then from a tough man, he turned into:
a daddy who loves his family. and was kind to everyone. Savvas, I wonder when you are hungry, can you swear? how is your behavior? I do not know how the mentality of your country will be, and how it is inherent in your country. but in our country it is customary that a woman should cook food for the family. but in families where a man is very fond of his wife and children, he tries to help in cooking. and also comes up with an activity for the children so that they can help in cooking. when the whole family is interested in it, then this is the most pleasant thing. the dinner is tastier and everyone is happy. that's how it happens with my friends. and when I watch it, I just enjoy it. tell me, would you help me prepare food, or would I cook one meal for our family?
with this interesting question, I will finish my letter. and I want to wish you a pleasant mood for the rest of this day.
P.S: this photo was taken when I went to a master class with my friends and their children. we tried to make a good weekend.
Letter 11
Hello Savvas.
it seems to me that if the weather is gray. then I just won't notice it. because your letter brings me more joy than the sun in the last days. (smile).
It's nice that your relatives and friends are already just asking about me. I would also like to meet them one day. I think this will be just a nice moment for both of us.
When you talk about other men. I'm sorry, but I don't need anyone. And I'm not looking for a man anymore. Because I have you. And I will not give cause for jealousy and wrong thoughts or conversations. I wonder what idea has developed about my country during our communication. I think the whole world spoke before. that Russia is a man who drinks vodka, a brown bear of my country, and just aggressive people. but it seems to me that the world has recently been changing the perception of my country. I wonder when the weekend comes. how you meet them with friends. How do people meet them at your place? It seems to me that the bulk of the country takes a few bottles of beer, meat and meet with friends, spend their weekends vigorously, cheerfully and pleasantly. in my country, almost every third family. but it seems to me there is another favorite pastime for every second family in my country. it seems to me that every second family in my country has a bathhouse. a wooden structure made according to old traditions - from solid logs of trees measuring 4 * 4 meters. there is a stone stove that is fired with wood. Yes, before we steam in such a bath, we heat the stove for half a day, carry water, fill the containers. but when can we steam in this bath. then it is a great pleasure. it gets so hot, we throw hot water on the hot stones, and an oak or birch broom, slap ourselves on the body. Savvas, this is just a thrill. (smile). that's how I can call this feeling. when the body is very tired and you come home, you can just fall asleep in a sweet dream. and we can say that the weekend was not in vain.
but the most wonderful time when you enjoy the bath to the fullest is in winter. because there are big drifts. and after you take a steam bath, you can run out into the street and jump into a snowdrift. wipe yourself off with snow and just enjoy the moment.
it is at this moment that hedgehogs start running around the body (smile). and this is a very strong stress for the body. but this is the very bliss. I do not know if you have such and if you have been in the bath. but I'm sure you would like it.
we have a tradition that a man goes to a bathhouse with a woman. or women with daughters, and a man with sons. but I don’t know if my mother would allow me to go to the bathhouse with you now or not. because she still has a strict character, and can say a weighty word that she can forbid.
do not think badly about this moment. just respect and love for my mom, it's a strong feeling. Savvas I am ashamed to send you pictures of my bath. after the death of dad, we miss the man's hand in the house. and it already begins to rot with us. maybe someday we will repair it and put it in good condition. (it is necessary to change the floor, redo the stove to properly heat and give heat - without letting the smoke through.)
I hope you enjoyed the traditions of my country that we try to stick with my mom and friends every weekend.
I'm going to leave now. but I will very much wait for your answer.
Letter 12
Hello Savvas
I am pleased to see all your thoughts. and communication with you I like more. Every day I get to know you from a different side.
I am sad only in one thing. That tomorrow is the weekend I just don’t know how I’ll get through them.
It seems to me that I will miss you very much. you know today I felt that I am not quite keeping up with the times. and it seems to me that it is easier for me to live in the past years, as my mother lived. even somehow it becomes sad. and I want to ask. where is this world heading, and what will happen next. a girl came to me, she was 13 years old. she came and said that she wanted to do a small haircut, as well as hair coloring. she wanted with the addition of blue hair. I suddenly felt sad for this girl. and I asked to make a connection with her mom or dad. to hear their permission that they are allowing her to dye her hair. I just decided to protect myself so that her mother would not come and start swearing. at this moment I remember myself, my friends at this age. how we also wanted to grow up, and tried to dress or make up beautifully. but hair coloring, we were not allowed to anyone. while this girl was sitting in line, she was not watching a magazine, she was not watching TV, she was just rummaging through the phone. it feels like the phone just swallowed her up. and it's sad. I remember myself. how could we be on the street all day, just not to be called home. we were even ready not to eat. so that we don't stay at home. we jumped on rubber bands, played square jumping on the asphalt, or just drew, played different ball games. and now on the street, there is no one at all. children just sit at home, play with the computer or whatever. that's why I didn't buy myself a computer at home. lest it swallow me but now I understand that this is the ideal option for our connection.
Savvas, I want to ask you, tell me, your country is also absorbed by the computer. and they are less willing to help their parents? although in our country they are now actively trying to develop sports, I don’t know if it will work out. but still, I hope that the children will change.
sorry, maybe at the moment I'm like a grumpy grandmother now. but I want to share my opinion. in my work, of course, we discussed this girl for a long time. but we all hope that in the future she will find herself worthy and that she will be fine. now I will finish my letter. of course I would like to see your opinion and for you to tell about your country.
how it all happens with you.
I wish you a pleasant day and good mood.
Letter 13
Hello Savvas.
what a pleasure it was this weekend. I just missed you. you know, I was really looking forward to Monday. and just wanted to go to work. to see your letter and continue our communication. I see that you are sad about
the distance between us. maybe one day we will be able to overcome this distance. and be with you. then our meeting will let us know that we are made for each other. you know, in the last days, I thought for a long time how I can show my feeling. I want us to be special for each other. and so that we can call each other a pleasant word. which will characterize our inner state of mind. it was with you that I became mysterious, with you I began to feel like a woman. a feeling of care, joy, and just pleasure is manifested in me. when I see your letter, my heart is very pleasant to beat. it is difficult to characterize. but there is a feeling of romance. I want us now to be with you in the light of the moon, bright stars. I hope you can imagine this moment. how we were both tired after the whole day, and in the evening we meet, and with new strength, which gives us joy and bliss, we spend this evening.
we walk along a small path, a path, holding each other's hand and feel how our hands are burning from this touch. at one moment, you can't stand it, stop me, and hold me close to you. hug your fragile body with your man's, my arms. and hug me tenderly. this hug very much holds us together, and allows us to feel each other even stronger. Savvas, we stand and enjoy how minute after minute passes. dark skies, bright stars and bright moonlight fall on us. and it's just nice. we were counting the stars and discussing the shapes of the stars, and at one point we stopped. turning to face each other. and looked into our eyes. feelings of excitement went through our body, and we, as schoolchildren, did not know what to do. your hand gently rose to my face, cheek, and you stroked me, feeling the soft skin. it is at this moment that I think we will have this first kiss. I think we'll just be happy. yes, it is very difficult for me. but that's how the romance sings in my heart now. and I want to feel you more, feel joy and enjoy this moment. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. And I still can't help wondering how much my life has changed thanks to you. I feel like a happy woman again. How little is needed for happiness! I love our virtual mail exchange. But at the same time, I understand that our meeting could replace hundreds and even thousands of letters for us. Yes, I'm starting to think about our meeting already. I like to dream about it. For some inexplicable reason, I trust you so much that I’m already thinking about meeting you. In your letters, I have always seen only kindness, tenderness and deep respect for my person. Savvas, you have had a big impact on my life. Without exaggeration, my life has changed forever. I love how quickly our dialogue is progressing. We do not stand still, we only move forward. Fate gave me a great gift when I found you, because it is not so easy to meet such a noble and kind man like you. You are also very smart! But you yourself know about it. Your charm acts on me like a magnet (smile)! I am drawn to you more and more. And there is nothing I can do about it. I can honestly say that you are the most interesting person
I have ever met in my life. Perhaps you are the man I need. God, I'm already looking forward to our first romantic date. And don't let my words scare you. I just have a good feeling about our relationship. sorry, maybe I say these words early. but I want to say now. just today I want that we could have a new title for each other: you are my man, I am your woman. tell me will it be right? at the end of my letter, I figured out how I would tell you: my mysterious Savvas. now with the most pleasant thoughts about you, about this romantic moment. I will finish my letter. I wish you a pleasant mood. but most of all I will wait for your answer.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Savvas!
Nice day, because I received your new letter.
to be honest, I do not know what else to tell you about my life, because I have already told you about everything. I have a simple life. Of course, some small details of my life did not get into my letters, but our dialogue is still developing. And the more I get to know you, the more I like you. I can't do anything about it.
I really want to feel you more. so we can walk around the city together. for you to hold my hand. so that we sit at a table in a cafe. walked in the park. so that we just feel each other.
when I see your letter, I’m like a little angel in heaven. I sit with my legs dangling from the cloud and enjoy the view. my mood becomes the most enjoyable this moment. I wish we could experience that feeling together, and I think it would be a nice moment for both of us. my mysterious Savvas I look back and remember how ordinary and gray life was for me before. how I got up in the morning without mood, and met a gray, ordinary day. time passed for a very long time and it was sad. and now, now, time passes very quickly. I look back and remember the day we met. as if yesterday we met. although many days have passed. and I don't think you notice it either. I just want you to know about it. yes there is a distance between us. but it seems to me that our fate did not introduce us in vain. and at one point she will give us this moment of convergence. I believe that. if this happens, at this moment we will understand that we are created for each other. I want our acquaintance to be strengthened, and I think that our meeting will give us intimacy even more. I need to touch you, feel you, and I want us to be just joy. It is obvious that our dialogue is progressing much faster than we could imagine. And my desire to see you is getting stronger every day. My interesting Savvas, my life has changed with your appearance. I confess to you that you have opened in me new feelings and emotions that I never suspected. I can't describe it, but it's real euphoria! I promise you that I will forever remember the day we met. I keep in my memory all your letters.
No man has yet been able to do what you have done. I haven't seen you in real life, but you've already changed my life. How did you do it? A real mystery to me! My heart is beating stronger, my feelings are getting stronger too. It’s probably too early to talk about it, but if I become a part of your life in the future, then we will share all the sad and joyful moments in life. I will always support you when you need it, and I will always be on your side. Know that I know how to be a devoted and faithful companion in life. For me there is nothing more important than love! And I will do everything to preserve and increase this feeling between me and my other half. Why am I talking about love? My dear, it seems to me that I am beginning to fall in love with you with every new letter.
I cannot stop this process. And I don't even want to stop it. My charming Savvas, I always think about you! And even my job doesn't help me stop thinking about you.
I often dream of our meeting. And even if our meeting may seem like an unrealizable dream to you, it is not so. We are already adults, and distance cannot become a barrier to relationships. I am a very romantic woman and I can do crazy things for love. Love is the most important thing in my life. I'm not interested in fame or fortune. This is not what I'm looking for. I only need love, real, genuine love! I know that you understand my thoughts. You always understand me, so I can only be frank with you. I have never been so frank with other men, because I have never met a man like you. I'm just excited now. because I open to you all the feelings that are in me now. and I'm just worried to know your reaction. I will wait for your answer.
Letter 15
Hello my interesting Savvas!
I want to ask you how your days are. whether you get joy, or, on the contrary, you have a lot of thought.
I want to know your mood every day. because for me it is just important to know this.
how I would like to be in your arms, embrace. so that you can really kiss me and we can get joy and pleasure with each other. I don't know how to say these words. and above all I am very worried. when I think about us now, I have red cheeks, and my heart beats very hard. I didn't have such a feeling at all. I am very worried. I remember the famous words: "happy hours are not observed." and I understand that these words are for us.
I look back, and I understand that we have known each other for a short time, but it feels like we have known each other for a very long time. I can calmly reveal to you my opinion, a secret, tell everything that I think.
and I feel so easy with you. My interesting Savvas I don't notice how fast my day is going now. because there are a lot of thoughts about you. in the morning when I wake up, in the afternoon when I am for lunch, evening, dinner, before going to bed.
I think of you. and this is the most pleasant feeling. it seems to me that I am now ready for all any crazy deeds, just to be next to you. and I understand that such actions can only cause one feeling. my interesting Savvas forgive me, maybe I shouldn't do this now, but I can't hide it anymore. I'm in love with you. and I want to feel you more. I look at couples in love, newlyweds, young families or just families. how they start their rapprochement, how they have a place that gives great memories. or this place is the starting point of their true bond of the pair.
all over the world there are different places, where there is a fountain of love, where happy couples should throw a coin. or the bridge, on the rail of which a lock is hung, is closed and the key is thrown far into the river so that no one can find it.
or just family monuments, where you have to rub your hand, nose, or some other part of the body. someone carves on wood, or writes a heart and two names in concrete. I have a question. my interesting Savvas would you like us to be able to make such a moment together? write our name together, hang the lock of love, and so that no one finds our key, or make your own special moment? I'm just wondering if you're ready for a moment like this. so that we can make it together.
I just feel that we are made for each other. my heart tells me this. and I am sure that it cannot deceive me.
I want to feel you more and more. and at this moment I want to take a pleasant step for our rapprochement. and I would like us to make our memorable moment together. which will create the bond of our connection. my interesting Savvas now I am a great excitement. and yet I told you these pleasant thoughts that I could no longer hide. I hope that now you will feel me more and more. and I want to wish you a pleasant day.
I will leave, but I will wait for your answer.
your Kseniya.
P.S: I would like us to have a favorite place where we can go together. and that it was just memorable for both of us.
Letter 16
Hello my sweet Savvas!
It already seems to me that I cannot live a day without your letters. I'm so used to it!
My dear, I still cannot believe that my feelings for you are growing so quickly. God, it's really bold of me that I open my heart to you. But from the beginning, I made a decision that I would be honest with you. Savvas, my soul sings with happiness, and my heart beats stronger. I think about you very often during the day.
It seems to me that you are just already controlling me. and there is nothing I can do about it. for a very long time I could not sleep that night. I just thought about you, and imagined that we are together. forgive the temptation, but I want to fall asleep next to you. put my head on your shoulder. to hear your and my heart beating. and I think it will be one rhythm for two hearts. feel your warmth, your smell. If you only knew how much I value our virtual relationship. Fate gave you! If two lonely people were destined to meet, then they will definitely meet, no matter what. My only regret is that we did not meet you many years ago. How long have I been looking for a man like you. But now our destinies have crossed in this big world.
Yes, this only happened in the virtual world, but what prevents us from meeting in the future? It seems to me that I could become the happiest woman next to you. And I could make you a happy man too. How nice it is to say all these compliments to you, because you really deserve it. My feelings just overwhelm me, so I throw them out in my letters. my affectionate Savvas, my thoughts also belong to you. I trust you. My feelings are growing day by day! I feel incredibly happy and at the same time incredibly calm. I feel safe when I communicate with you. I am not afraid of any problems, because I know that your letter can save me from all problems. I haven't even seen you, but you have influenced my life much more than anyone else. Perhaps you are my guardian angel (smile)! my affectionate Savvas, you brought happiness and tranquility to my soul. Even if we never meet, I will remember you forever. But I don't even want to think about such a development of events! I have serious intentions, so I believe that we will definitely meet. If we meet, you will never regret it. I will try to make your life even brighter, and even happier. It seems to me that I am able to give it to you. You have become my guiding star in my life. Please continue to give me this light of hope for a long and happy life. You have taken an important part of my life. And I'm happy with you. You make me smile. I’m probably in too much of a hurry, but we are adults, and there is no point in hiding my feelings. I even think about our first sex. Yes, I really had such bold fantasies. We are human beings and we often succumb to temptations. We could have an unforgettable night. I would really like to kiss you for real. I would give you the sweetest kiss, but now these are only virtual kisses. Oh, it's time for me to stop my fantasy (smile). My letter is already large enough for me to finish this. I have many thoughts about you about us, but I cannot express everything in my letter. I think about us a lot every day. now I will leave, with pleasant thoughts about us. but I really want to see your answer. I wish you a pleasant day.
Your Kseniya.
Letter 17
Hello my dear Savvas!
I was pleased to receive your letter, as always! My letter will be special today. And you will understand it soon.
My joy Savvas, how many compliments were there in my letters? And I can tell you hundreds more of these compliments. But the time has come! And there is no point in hiding it anymore. I love you! I love you! I love you! My dear, I do not want to hide this feeling in my heart. I would like you to know about this. When I found you, I didn't think this could happen. And then you charmed me. All your letters influenced me so much that I just fell in love with you. I am sure that this is the beginning of the greatest love that has been in my life.
I love this feeling that lives inside me now. I feel happy only thanks to you, because you are the best man in my life. My declaration of love is a big step for our relationship. I hope that you will treat my feelings without irony. I can no longer hide this feeling in my heart. I want you to know about everything that happens in my soul. I never thought that I could fall in love with a person whom I had never seen in real life, but it happened. I fell in love with you like a little girl (smile). My dear, I would like to kiss you now! I am ready to give you a passionate kiss, because I love you! I can speak openly about this now. I will not be ashamed of my feelings, because all my feelings are sincere. My heart beats harder when I think of you. Ah, love! My joy Savvas, you have become the center of my life, you have become my sun. And my life now revolves only around you. I've dreamed of you all my life, I've been looking for you all my life. And now I have found you! And I will do my best to preserve our relationship. My dear, I cannot lose you. I know that my love will grow every day and it cannot be stopped. Of course, I understand that we have never seen each other, but this is ahead of us. There is no doubt about it! I can tell you that I am ready for any crazy act for the sake of love. If I have to overcome this long distance for you, then I will do it when the time comes. It seems to me that you are the most courageous man on this planet. I see your nobility, and your honesty. It seems to me that you are not playing with my feelings. I just hope this is not an illusion. I trust you completely, and today I put my heart into your hands. This is the greatest gift I could give you. Please accept this gift responsibly. I trust you with my heart. And I will try to make you the happiest man if you want to. Will you let me I want to see happiness in your eyes. I wanna be with you!
It is time for me to finish this letter. This is the most sincere letter I have ever written. But now I will wait for your answer. I hope this letter made you happy.
I love you! Your only Kseniya.
Letter 18
Hello my dear Savvas!
I do not regret that I opened my feelings to you! And now you know what is happening in my heart. My heart is not free now. My heart is occupied by you!
how i missed you this weekend. I was just waiting for Monday. to get to work as soon as possible. not to work. but just to feel your care again. and how I want us to be closer to each other for a moment. and just be one. maybe one day fate will give us this opportunity. My Savvas, I found the love that I have been waiting for my whole life. And now I am ready to break any obstacles in my path to be with you. Trust me, these are not empty words. I will fight for our love. Our love story is just beginning. I know that we met recently, but you gave me something that I never had. You gave me a real feeling of love that I have met only in books or romantic films. We have never seen each other, but my heart does not deceive me. The fact that I fell in love with you from a distance makes this feeling even more magical and mystical for me. I have never felt such a huge feeling in my heart. You are the most amazing man in my life. I miss you. I miss your touch, I miss your kisses on my lips. I love you! And I want to share this feeling with you. I want to give a part of my love so that you can feel what a strong passion lives in my heart.
I cannot describe it in a letter, but I will show it to you when we meet. My joy Savvas, I am ready to meet, I am ready to come to you! It seems to me that the time has come. I'm ready to start planning our meeting. Are you ready for our meeting? If you are ready for our meeting, then let me know about it in the next letter. Our meeting is our common goal, so it is important for me to know your opinion on this matter. My dear, I have been looking for you for a long time, but I do not want to lose you. It really seems to me that our meeting is the right step now. We cannot write letters to each other endlessly. Our meeting will help us get to know each other better. I think you understand that too. My love Savvas, I don't want to be lonely anymore. I have you! And I'm sure that you will never hurt me. I am sure that I will never regret our meeting. We can create truly lasting relationships. It seems to me that you will become the love of my life. I don't need anyone else. Believe that my feelings for you will grow stronger and more. You have taken a firm place in my heart! My heart Belongs to you. Our chance meeting on the Internet turned my life upside down! I am so glad that circumstances turned out in such a way that we found each other in this big world. You came into my life, and you made me happy, and I haven't even seen you.
And how easy you did it! You showed me that my heart is still capable of love. And I want to give this love only to you, because only you deserve it. I need you to give a thoughtful answer to my question. Our meeting is a big step, and I want to. I am ready for this step, and now I need to know your opinion. Are you ready for our meeting? Do you want me to come to you? Give me the answers. I will wait for the answers to these questions. And now I am finishing my letter. The time for the meeting has come! I think this is the right step. In any case, it is important for me to know your opinion.
I love you, Savvas! a gentle kiss for you. your Kseniya.
Letter 19
Good afternoon, my beloved Savvas!
I am very pleased to see your letter again. Which brings me a lot of joy and happiness.
My beloved, I love you very much. My beloved, I think about you every day, I dream every day how you and I will live together. I really need you, I have never met such a wonderful person like you. I cannot live without you even a minute. My beloved, I need you like air. You know that no person can live without air, even the strongest, and just like that, I cannot live without you. My beloved Savvas I really miss you. I want to fly to you as soon as possible, and stay with you for my whole life, take care of you, love you.
I love you very much, and I want to be with you, and only with you. My beloved, I am not moving away from you. I want to be with you as soon as possible.
If I had the opportunity, I dropped everything and right now I would get on a plane and fly to you. I love you very much, I cannot live without you. It seems to me that the time for the meeting has already come and we can start planning it. I would like to see you as soon as possible! And I will do my best to be with you. My dear, I know that I will be happy only next to you. And in my future, I only see you next to me. I love you! More than anything, I want to meet you now, and I don't want to waste time. We can take the first step towards each other right now. But I have never been abroad before, so I cannot handle scheduling a meeting without the help of professionals. It seems to me that it would be the right decision if I turn to a travel agency for help. They can give me all the information about our meeting and help organize my trip to you. My beloved Savvas, tell me what do you think about this? If you like my idea, then I could go to a travel agency soon. now I ask you to inform me of your nearest airport. so that I can draw up a plan and route for my visit to you. In a travel agency, I could find out complete information about my trip. When I have all the information, I will immediately share this information with you. It seems to me that you should know about all the details too, because our meeting is our common goal. We will definitely achieve this goal if we want to. It is within our power! I'm ready to do anything for you! And I give you a promise that I will do everything in my power to see you and give you my first kiss, which will be the beginning of our happy future. Believe me. My beloved Savvas I really miss you. Before I go to bed I think about you, when I go to the bath I think about you, when I get up early in the morning I think about you. My biggest dream is to see you as soon as possible. And I am very glad that soon my DREAM will come true, and you and I will be together. And it will be the happiest day of my life. I love you very much. My beloved, everything is for you! I want to show you all my love for you the best I can. It is a pity that now I am not with you. I want to be with you so much that all my feelings cannot be written on paper, not expressed in a letter. You will see everything for yourself when we meet. I will show all my love, and many will envy our love. I want to love you and be loved. I know that you love me. And I am very glad, I am happy. You gave me your love, you showed me how to love. You are caring, you are a wonderful person. And I don't want to be with anyone else but you, I want to be only with you. With you I feel good, with you I feel like the happiest girl on earth. I don't need anyone but you, I need you, and only you.
I very love you. And I have no one else but you. I do not need anybody. I love only you.
This concludes my letter. I have to go home now.
My beloved, I will wait for your letter Write to me, I will look forward to a letter from you
I love you, I miss you, I kiss you tenderly and passionately.
Your Kseniya.
Letter 20
Good afternoon, my beloved Savvas.
how I wanted to write this letter for you as soon as possible. because now I was losing my patience. I imagined that you hug me. I dreamed of our first romantic dinner, our first night. How I want it to happen sooner!
You have changed my life drastically. You gave me happiness that I never had. My darling, I visited a travel agency.
I have never been to another country, so I need to do a lot of documents. The manager of the travel agency said that it is necessary to start preparing the documents with a passport. He was polite to me, so he told me all the details in great detail. So, we have to start with a passport. When my passport is ready, they will help me with my visa request. Unfortunately, the travel agency does not issue visas because only the consulate can do it. But the travel agency will help me to correctly complete my visa application so that the consulate can approve my application. And then I can get a visa without any problems. Luckily for us, a tourist visa is pretty easy to obtain. I also need health insurance to provide medical services, and this is the largest expense. Unfortunately, I cannot refuse health insurance, because this is a prerequisite, without which I cannot get a visa. And I also have to pay some money for travel agency services, because they don't work for free either. If they help me arrange our meeting, then they want to be paid for it. It seems to me that this is quite fair. I'll get straight to the point. My darling, let's talk about prices now. If you do not mind, then I will indicate the prices in international currency for your convenience, and not in Russian rubles.
So, here is the complete list of documents for my trip: foreign passport - 111 euro, tourist visa, (valid for 90 days) - 68 euro, medical insurance (90 days) - 225 euro (2.5 euro per day), travel agency work - 58 euro.
Full cost of paperwork: 462 euro. my beloved Savvas, this is the cost of my documents, excluding the ticket price. The manager said there was no point in talking about a ticket now. First you need to make the documents, because without a passport it is impossible to book a ticket.
My dear, preparation of documents will take about 6-10 business days. I only need to fill out some forms, sign a contract and pay money. And then they can start preparing my documents, and I don't have to do anything. the travel agency will do everything for me, because I myself would not have been able to prepare everything correctly and so quickly. There is only one problem and that is big money for me. And I do not have this money now, but I will try to find this money as soon as possible. I hope that luck will be with me. And then I can come to you! Please write what you think about my visit to the travel agency. It is important for me to know your opinion. You are my man, and I will always listen to your opinion.
I will fight for our love, because the love for you is growing every day! And I want to see you more than anything else. I would like to give you the sweetest kiss! And then you will understand how much I love you!
Our meeting will be the most wonderful moment in our life!
I'm going to leave now. but I will wait for your answer. Your Kseniya.
Letter 21
Good afternoon, my gentle Savvas!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you. I was looking forward to it, and now I am happy to read it.
I love you! You are the person I dreamed of! I always think of you, I dream of those hours when we will be together. How I want to fall on your lips, hear you whisper tender words in my ear, hug you and not let go, feel your heart beating, ruffle your hair, tell you that I love you, without ceasing! I want to be with you as much time as possible. I am ready to give everything, just to be next to you, look into your eyes, feel your hands, see how you smile tenderly, and smile back at you. Giving myself, my love, and receiving too, I just never imagined that I could ever be so crazy about someone! I really want that we could already be with you. My love Savvas, my visit to a travel agency upset me a little, because the price was a little higher than I expected, but I will not give up. I have been looking for you for a long time, and I do not want to lose.
I cannot allow financial difficulties to prevent us from being together. Fortunately, the terms of the contract with the travel agency allow you to start preparing documents with partial payment. And we could take this opportunity. I tried to get a bank loan for my trip. Unfortunately, the manager at the bank said that they do not issue travel loans. In addition, my income does not allow me to get a loan, so this option is not suitable for us. My dear, but I have savings that I have been collecting for several months. Unfortunately, my salary is not as big as I would like. I was able to collect about 110 euros. As you understand, this money is not enough for me to make the documents. I need to have another 350 euros in order to make documents at a travel agency.
It is interesting to see your opinion on the currency. I asked this question to a travel agency. To which they answered me. That all travel operators have already switched to the euro currency for 1 year, because the dollar has simply fallen on the world market. Therefore, all transactions of tour operators are executed in euro.
And I was very offended to see your words, conjectures or manifestations of jealousy. What if I tell you the terms of a travel agency, and you think that I am communicating with others. This is very annoying. My love Savvas, my next request will seem arrogant and tactless to you, but I have to do it. My dear, I am asking for your help. Please help me with the paperwork so that I can come to you. Our meeting is our common goal, and I will be pleased if you participate in the preparation of our meeting too.
I am asking you for material assistance. Forgive me for such impudence, but I do not know where to find this money. If you help me, then I will use my savings too. Think about it, because the fate of our meeting is now in your hands. I can only ask you for help, because you have become the closest person to me. If you are ready to help me, then I will start preparing my documents immediately, because I do not want to waste time. I need another 350 euros, and then we can be together! I understand that this is a rather large amount, but it is quite a reasonable price for traveling to another country. We can tackle this problem if we tackle it together.
Everything is in our hands, and we can do it! If you help me, then I will come to you, and no one can interfere with our love. I am ready to sacrifice everything in order to be with you! My love Savvas, my life will be happy when I see you in the real world. Letters are a great opportunity for dialogue, but letters can never replace our meeting in real life. And I know that you understand that too.
I want us to be with you.
my tender Savvas waking up in the morning, at dawn I think about you, and in the evenings, when I watch the starry sky. This cold and slightly sad morning becomes the warmest and happiest at the very thought of you.
It's dark and cold without you. And I can't imagine my life without you. I am so grateful to you that I have you. You are so gentle, you love me so much. we didn’t see each other in person, and I miss you madly. I cannot live without you, I will only be with you always, always. my tender, beloved, you are my happiness.
I'm so lonely without you in this city. I want to drop everything and run to you. How I would like to snuggle up to you, kiss you with warm lips. I can't see, but every time I read your letters, my heart is ready to be torn to pieces. Each letter fills me with happiness. Thank you, darling, for these letters. They give me tenderness and heal my spiritual wounds. Your Love is a very tasty and desirable drink that you want to drink right away. my beloved, gentle, dear Savvas just be with me and I will be happy. Please forgive me for my impudent request, but I am asking you to help me again. Don't leave me alone with these problems. My fingers are trembling because I am afraid to receive a negative answer to my request. I'm scared, but I hope that you will listen to your heart and make the right decision. This concludes my letter, write to me, I will look forward to your letter.
I love you, I miss you, I kiss you tenderly and passionately.
Your Kseniya.
Letter 22
Hello my lovely Savvas!
Thank you for your letter! I would really like to believe that soon you and I will be together, and then the letters will no longer be required (smile)! I didn't have time to look back when another week passed. and it seems to me that we are just getting closer to each other. how I want to just meet the dawn and see the sunset with you. My love Savvas, I have important information for you today because I visited the travel agency again to get a consultation. The manager at the travel agency told me again about all the details of the trip, about the visa, about the passport, and so on. I'll talk about everything in more detail a little later. And now I would like to tell you that the manager offered me to sign a contract with a travel agency. And then they can start preparing the documents if I make a partial payment. It seemed to me that this is a good idea. And I decided to sign a contract with a travel agency to see you as soon as possible. When the contract was signed, I immediately made a partial payment for their services. I gave them all my savings of 110 euros. I watched the news especially today and tried to do currency conversion. I paid almost 130 dollar My love is Savvas, and now the process of preparing my documents has already started. I hope you support the decision I made today. When my documents are ready, I will need to pay the second part of the sum of money, and then I can pick up the already prepared documents. If I do not pay the money, then I will not be able to pick up the documents until I pay the travel agency in full. It seems to me that the terms of the contract are quite clear and beneficial for us. My dear, there is only one problem we have to solve before us. My passport will be ready soon, and then I will have to pay them. I will need to pay them another 352 euros (423 dollar). In my last letter, I asked for your help, and I have to admit that I still need your help. I tried to find money myself, and even turned to my friends for help, but no one could help me. Unfortunately, I have no rich friends. They are all good people, but they are not rich. And I understand this, because I am no different from them. Please help me find this money. If you help me, very soon we can be together. I will be very pleased if you take part in the preparation of our meeting. Unfortunately, I cannot deal with this problem without your help. My love Savvas, forgive me for such impudence. I have no right to demand your help, but I do not demand it, I just ask you about it. And you have the right to make any decision in this situation, but if you help me, you will never regret it. When I come to you, my gratitude will know no bounds. My dear, we will be happy together! We will be able to make all our dreams come true and build a happy future in which there will be no room for sadness and disappointment. I hope that you will think it over well and make the right decision. My dear, my heart belongs only to you! And I don't need other men who pale in comparison to you. I know that you are the best man, and I cannot lose you. It seems to me that we can become a wonderful couple! I will do everything to be with you, I will fight for our love! My sun is you, and without you my life will plunge into darkness. Let me be your sun too, and I will always light up your life! I love you! And I will wait for your answer.
Letter 23
Good afternoon, my love Savvas!
I'm so glad I found you in this big world! And I am ready to do anything for our love. It seems to me that I acted very bravely when I signed a contract with a travel agency. My dear, I just don't want to be away from you anymore. I want us to develop our relationship in real life. It seems to me that we will succeed! The contract is signed, the job is done. Soon my documents will be ready, and then we can be together! God, how am I waiting for this moment to just snuggle up to you and never let go of me again. I guess I should tell you a little more information about the preparation of documents. First of all, they will make a passport and health insurance. And only then they will be able to send my visa application to the consulate. Obtaining a visa will be the last step in the preparation of documents. As you can imagine, solving bureaucratic issues always takes time, so now we can just wait. As soon as there is any news, I will immediately inform you about it. My dear, I hope that all our efforts will be rewarded. And I can see you at the airport when you meet me there, and I run into your arms! I also went to the bank and found out how you can send money to me. the bank employee said that we can use my bank account. it will be 100% reliable. and you can safely send money to my account.
here is my account details:
bank address: country: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, city Elabuga, prospekt Mira 18, postal code 423600
Beneficiary account number: RU 4081 7840 3070 5000 6183
Beneficiary`s bank: JSC "ALFA-BANK"
my address: country: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, city Elabuga, prospekt Neftyannikov 18, postal code 423603
I hope that in the coming days today or Monday you will be able to make your efforts and help me with the paperwork. So that I can pay for the paperwork for coming to you. My gentle Savvas is mine and nobody else's, only MY. I love you very, very much, you can’t even imagine how much, I just don’t know why, but you became the meaning of my unlucky life. I can't even convey my love to you in words, because it is simply not possible. There are no words on Earth that are worthy of you, everything is insignificant in comparison with you. You are the best man in the world is a fact.
I so want your love and affection, your warmth and tenderness. I want you to say one day: “I am yours forever,”
I want you to passionately whisper this in my ear, touch my cheek with your cheek, burning with a hot kiss. I want you to be with me, let me touch you, hug, kiss, hear your breath. You are a wonderful person in the whole wide world. my tender Savvas I so want you to come in, sit next to me, gently embrace my neck with your strong arms, I hugged you and kissed you right on the lips so tenderly, hotly and passionately. I would embrace you in my gentle, feminine embrace and tell you how much I love you and that I will NEVER give you up to ANYONE, NEVER. you are only mine. I am scared to imagine that someday someone else will hug you, touch you, kiss you, I am scared to imagine that it will not be me. I'm sorry, but my feelings for you are stronger than myself. I scream, I’m even ready to cry, I’m ready for EVERYTHING for you. my gentle Savvas I thank Fate for giving you, I thank her that I can love you.
You are so strong, gentle, beautiful. (I can list your advantages indefinitely, because you simply have no shortcomings) and you are not afraid of anything.
Just beckon, and I will follow you, call, and I will come at any time, as I was not busy, I will come, I will rush, you are more important to me than everything in the world, I need you like air, like water, like food. But lately I have no time to eat, drink, breathe, etc. I constantly think and dream about you. I can write endlessly. I just love you, that's all.
You have no idea how much I want to see you, to meet you as soon as possible.
This concludes my letter. I will look forward to hearing from you.
I love you, tenderly and passionately kiss you.
Yours forever Kseniya.
Letter 24
Hello my gentle, beloved, dear Savvas.
I want to say a million different words that can describe you. which can bring joy to both of us. and just so that you and I are the happiest. I'm just shocked this weekend. I don't know what to say, and I want to report everything that happened during these days. I am full of emotions, joy and happiness. and when I think about it, my heart is still beating very strongly.
my dear Savvas I came to visit my mother. she saw joy in my eyes. but she had even more joy. if you could see how happy she is when I am happy. mom baked pies and talked. that one day, when you come to our country, mom will greet you with pies and give you a good mood. she really wants us to be happy.
when we sat drinking tea with pies in the evening, my mother asked me a question. which just stopped my heart and made it beat very fast. her question: "daughter, as you say, will soon be your new surname?" from this question I was in a stupor and shock, but when I answered Kseniya Savvas. tears flowed from my mother. and these were tears of happiness. Mom said that when 2 people unite and create a family, then this is forever. and if I'm ready to change my last name to yours. it means that I am your half.
You just have no idea how I slept on Saturday night. I didn’t sleep her. I lay with open eyes and looked at the ceiling. I just thought about you about us, and said these words: Savvas and Kseniya Savvas. my gentle Savvas, I don't know how your emotions will be, but I know one thing. I am happy and I am grateful to you. for the fact that you give joy and happiness for me, for my mother. and this is the most pleasant thing. it's strange to see that in order for you to be able to send you need to have a copy of my passport, no problem. I'll give you a copy of your passport tomorrow. because here no one asks us for documents and I don’t carry them with me once again.
but I ask myself why the bank is asking for a copy of the passport. if the bank account is already completely tied to me, and this is strict confidentiality. and the bank can easily track where the money was received. besides, why does the bank need a copy of a stranger's documents if they have to ask for your documents.
but if you need it, there is no problem. in recent days you have become more rude towards me. I ask you to reduce this rudeness, I have not done anything wrong. I just want to be by your side and I will try my best every day to bring us closer. my dear, gentle, beloved Savvas how I want to tell you these words that turned our lives upside down: I LOVE YOU.
but most of all now one thing warms me. that soon our name will have one title. and I also want to see your emotions and your thoughts.
I'm going to leave now. but I will wait for your answer.
your favorite is Kseniya
Letter 25
Hello my dear Savvas!
I really enjoy preparing for our meeting! These are pleasant chores that bring me a lot of pleasure. I haven't slept all night today. Because I thought a lot about you, about us. And how I dream of being next to you and being yours. I already want to be just a part of you. and I hope that our love will help us in our rapprochement. My beloved Savvas, we will be together soon and this is so wonderful! How I want this moment to come as soon as possible. The preparation of my documents is going according to plan. I managed to visit a travel agency this morning before starting work. And I was even a little late for work because of this, but my colleague took over for me. I'll tell you about my visit to the travel agency. The manager said that everything was progressing according to plan and that they had already started applying for a passport. My passport will be ready in a few days, which is great news! When the passport is ready, they can make health insurance for me. And then they will send my documents to the consulate in Moscow. As I already told you, the travel agency will help me to correctly fill out an application for a visa so that there are no problems with obtaining a visa. As the manager said, it is important to fill out the application correctly and correctly fill out all the questionnaires. If you make some mistake, the visa application may be rejected.
It seems to me that we did the right thing in deciding to use the assistance of a travel agency. I myself could not have done it right. When my visa application is reviewed and approved, I will have to travel to Moscow to get my visa. But this is not a problem for me, and I am ready for it. I am ready for anything for our meeting! my beloved Savvas you have known everything for a long time about all my feelings and about my love for you, you have become everything in my life. without you, I cannot imagine my further coexistence. I want you to know that I love you very much, you are the dearest person in the world for me! I will never give you up, I will never give you up to anyone, I will never forget you. I'm glad I have you. Thank you for keeping my soul in constant anxiety because of you. thank you for giving me such feelings that keep my heart from falling asleep. thank you that my thoughts are constantly at work, I am never bored, because I met you, and you gave me food for my feelings. You bring me strange feelings that I have never experienced before and cannot describe them. I can only say that this is all together fear, pain, joy, emptiness. I love you very much, I do not see you, but I love everything only more. And today I dreamed about you.
And I didn't even want to wake up, I had a dream where you and I are together. there you gave me flowers, you kissed me, you loved me. It was the most beautiful dream of my life. I cannot live without you, I cannot live without you. I love you very much. You are everything to me, my whole life is you. only for you I live and only for you I am ready to do everything. You are the only one in the world. I ADORE YOU! My gentle Savvas I have repeatedly confessed my love to you. Here is one more time I want to shout to the whole world that I LOVE YOU. You are the most dear person in the world for me, I value you very much, value our relationship. I believe that I am the happiest person in the world, because you are dear to me, that you are mine and only mine. I am also grateful to fate that I met you in my life. Let the difficulties begin in our relationship, there is a huge distance between us, but we will be able to overcome this distance and stay together.
Yours for the century Kseniya.
Letter 26
Hello my lovely Savvas!
I am sad that today I do not see your letter. but you just want to feel your care and love. and only then does the day become just pleasant. I hope that as soon as you wake up, you can immediately write for me. so that
I can feel your care. My beloved Savvas, if you only knew how happy I am now! We are moving towards happiness, towards our wonderful future. And I hope that we will go all this way together hand in hand. My life is changing right before my eyes, and I would like to tell you about the changes that are taking place now. My dear, I told all my friends about our meeting, and that I started preparing the documents. My life changed a lot when I did this. And now my friends just inundated me with questions about you, but I knew that this would be the case, so I was ready for it. I answer all of their questions, but I don't tell them too much. Excessive attention to our meeting confuses me a little, but I even start to like it. And my boss also found out about our meeting and wished me luck, and said that he was sorry to let me go, because I am a great worker. As you can see, our future meeting has attracted a lot of attention, but it doesn't bother me. The most important thing is that we will be together! And we will be happy when we finally see each other in real life. I really look forward to meeting you to give you my first real kiss! My beloved Savvas, all my thoughts are now focused only on the preparation of our meeting. I just need to learn to ignore the over-emphasis. I understand that my friends want to know more, they are interested, but our meeting and our letters are in the first place for me. My beloved Savvas, all my thoughts are now occupied only with you. It seems to me that we could build a happy future together. And our future will be the way we want it. When I found you, a dream appeared in my life.
I dream of our reunion. And I believe that this dream will soon come true! I guess I will need to find a new dream when we are together (smile). My beloved Savvas, you probably still do not realize how many changes have appeared in my life with you.
You make me better, you make me happy! I love these changes! My dear, before I finish this letter, I must tell you the news from the travel agency. The travel agency manager said everything is going well so there is nothing to worry about. You just need to wait a little longer, and then my documents will be ready. My beloved Savvas, when I go home today, I will think of you! Thoughts about you always accompany me during the day, and it is so wonderful, because a smile always appears on my face from these thoughts.
And I hope that we will be together soon!
It is time for me to finish my letter, but I will think of you! Maybe you will think of me at this moment too (smile).
I love you, Savvas! a gentle kiss for you. your Kseniya
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