Scam letter(s) from Elena to Leisser (Panama)

Letter 1
Hello! How you? I first time write the similar letter. I a little I test excitement! My name Elena. I live in a city Ulyanovsk. It big a city in the European part RU. To metwenty eight years. I positive and serious the girl. Still I brave because without boldness, I never have not made the decision to write this letter. I ask you to give me pair of minutes of your time! I am assured, that my letter will be interesting to you! I just have received recently yours electronic box through a site of acquaintances. I think, what you just as also I wish to meet here the love, correctly? If it so I want to write you slightly about itself and to tell to you, for what reason I try to find relations in social networks. I have solved to test my destiny and to try to find the love through the Internet because to me have not carried to find in my city responsible the man who was able to appreciate the woman. Men in RU to concern the woman as to a thing and do not think that the woman too can sincerely like. I wish to believe, that you serious the man whom it is valid search here for the love and sees in the woman not only a figure, but also sincere qualities! I wish to believe, that you will respond me so I can even more to write about yourself and to send to you mine a photography! I wait your answer that to begin our acquaintance. Have a nice time, Elena
Letter 2
Hi! How are you my friend Leisser! What is your mood? I just found your letter in the spam box. I don’t know why your letter got there, but now I have added you to my contact list, so now your letters should no longer be in the spam box. Please do the same so that my letters do not end up in your spam box, and we can safely receive each other's letters, okay? The photo you sent me will leave a happy imprint on my heart forever. Because you really look as good as I imagined you would! So, thanks again for answering my letter !!! Now we can start our acquaintance! Where to start my story about me ?? It turns out that this is not an easy task;))) First of all, I want to admit that I was a little worried whether you would answer my request for dating or not! In the recent past, I already tried to meet a man on the Internet using a dating agency. But this was unsuccessful, and in fact it turned out that these men were not interested in finding a serious relationship or were only looking for an exchange of naked pics. I hope that this time I was lucky and you are looking for a serious relationship ??? I don’t want to waste your and my time. I want you to honestly admit to me if you are looking for a serious relationship or are you not interested ?? Please be sincere with me !!
I was already seriously injured 1.5 years ago in real life, and I don’t want to be hurt again. Then my man betrayed me! He cheated on me with another woman not long before we were supposed to get married. It seemed to me that my world had collapsed and I could never trust a man again, but time heals ... and now I have found the strength to believe in love again. But still not in love with a man from Russia. I became smarter. That betrayal helped me to see and make sure that in Russia most men really do not respect and do not value their women. I did a lot in my past relationships to ensure that my man was happy, but he did not appreciate my care. I realized that all three years of our relationship I was only his Cook-lady and the Cleaning lady, but at the same time I never received true love, care and respect! After much thought, I decided to try to look for happiness on the Internet. I read many articles about how Russian women find their second half through a dating agency and live happily with a man who truly knows how to value and respect a woman. I think that each of us has the right to happiness, right ??? And who will build happiness for us if we ourselves do not do it with our own hands ?? Maybe everything that I write to you right now is not at all interesting for you, but I think it is very important to explain to you at the very beginning of our conversation about what kind of relationships I am looking for and why I am looking for these relationships on the Internet. I think that you do not mind if I start our acquaintance with the fact that I will talk about why I'm here ?! So, as you should have already understood, my goal is to find the right man with whom I can build a serious relationship and be happy together. I think everything sounds very simple, right ?? But at the same time it is a very difficult task. If you are looking for the same thing as me, then we should try to start our communication, and only time will tell where this will lead us.
Personally, I always believe in the best! Well, I think I'm really a bit carried away by stories about the past. We should not live in the past, but in the present, right ??? So, thanks again for writing to me, and now I want to talk about myself. My name is Elena!!!! I am 28 years old and I live in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk. My height is 167 centimeters and my weight is 53 kilograms. I have never been married, although as you understand from what I wrote above, I was close to this. I have no children. I work as an accountant in a clothing store, but sometimes I help salespeople on the trading floor!
I will tell you more about this in my next letter! I do not want to bore you with long letters, so I think it would be logical if in each subsequent letter I talk more about me. And I ask you to follow this principle just as well. Please tell me more about you in each letter and don’t forget to send me your photos. It seems to me that this will make our communication more interesting. Do you agree?? I don’t want our communication to be like a profile. But at the same time, I will be happy to answer all your questions. I think it’s worth immediately telling you that I lead a healthy lifestyle. In the past, I played volleyball, skied a lot, and even practiced figure skating. But now the work takes me too much time, and I do not have the opportunity to exercise regularly. But despite this, I often go to the pool to maintain my figure in good condition. I will send you some of my photos that I took last summer in one of the parks of our city. I hope you like my looks? In addition, I like to read books, watch some movies and cook. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I will discuss all this in more detail in my subsequent letters. Of course, provided that you will be interested in this :)) In any case, I hope that you will not leave my letter unattended. I will be glad to see your answer tomorrow. And immediately I want to apologize that my letter was a little long. But I tried to write to you what it seems to me important to learn from the first letter so that then we could move towards our goal, if it coincides. I promise that in the future I will try to make my letters shorter !! Waiting for your answer! Sincerely, Elena
Letter 3
Hi Leisser !!! Thank you for your answer! I'm glad you answered me.
This means that you are interested in a serious relationship, and we can continue !! I sincerely hope that every day our communication will grow and develop. We will write letters to each other and answer each other's questions. This is important because this is the first sign that we are interested in each other, right ?? Today I received your photo and I can't take my eyes off this photo. You really are a very attractive man !!! ;) Leisser, after I wrote you my last letter, I thought for a long time about if my letter interested you ?? Or didn’t you even begin to read my letter and deleted it after you read only half? Perhaps I shouldn’t be so open and write in the first letter about my past relationships right away ?? I really tormented myself with all these questions !! But then I reassured me with the thought that frankness is most important !! If from the very first letter we tell each other what we think and feel, then it will be more correct than we will hide something, right ?? The past is an integral part of our life, and it is impossible to escape from the past. The past cannot be changed !! But we can always find the strength in ourselves to accept our past as part of our life and continue to move forward despite all the failures in the past !!! Unfortunately, for many people, the past becomes a ballast that makes it difficult to build the future. This is not correct. Therefore, I boldly tell you about my past failures. I don’t want to have any secrets from you. Leisser, I want you to understand that I am very serious about our correspondence. I do not have time for games !! I am very limited in my time, because I have to write to you with work. The fact is that the Internet Service Provider, which won the tender to connect my house to the Internet, suddenly went bankrupt, and at the same time lost all the money that the residents of my house, including myself, collected to connect the Internet to our house. Now legal proceedings are underway if we must again collect money to connect the Internet to our home or the Internet Service Provider must return this money back, and we should already contact another Internet Service Provider. When the court will pronounce the verdict, and when the Internet Service Provider returns the money to us, I don’t know yet, but I will believe that soon. But while I will write to you from work. I will try to do it regularly, but if suddenly I can not answer you right away, then please, do not worry! I will always answer you when I have some free time at work! Leisser, I think that you will not mind if today I devote most of my letter to the story of my work. Of course, I will touch on the topic of my family a little, but I will talk more about this in my subsequent letters. I do not want this letter of mine to be as long as my previous letter. I am afraid that so my letters will quickly bore you, and you will close my letter, as most of my classmates closed Lev Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace” !! By the way, this is my favorite book. But now the story is not about that, but about my work. So, I work in a clothing store. And as I wrote to you in my last letter, I hold the position of an accountant there, but also help sellers on the trading floor. I like my main job as an accountant, but I also like helping other women choose clothes and be beautiful! (((((( It’s worth mentioning that when I graduated from the University and received the education of an Accountant, I couldn’t find work in my specialty for a long time. I worked as a hairdresser for several years! I did women makeup and hairstyles, dyed them hair!
In general, I did what I do now - I make women more beautiful !!)) Of course, I was sad that after I spent 5 years studying Accounting, I had to work in a hairdressing salon, but in Russia after graduation it is always difficult to find work in a specialty! As a result, only half a year ago I was lucky and I found a job in a clothing store where I work right now!)))))) I really like it here, but at the same time I'm constantly busy, and I returning home is always very tired !!
I live alone! My mom and sister live in the village. Unfortunately, I don’t have more free time to talk about my family, but will I do this in my next letter, okay ?? Please tell me about your education, about where you had to work. What difficulties in training and work have you encountered ?? It will be interesting. I hope my letter didn’t tire you too much ?? I tried to write a short letter, but I feel like I got a little carried away again. ))) I wish you a good day and wait for your answer if you are not bored with me.)) Elena
Letter 4
Hi Leisser !!! Thank you for your new letter !!! I am glad that our communication continues, and I can see your letters when I have a break at work !! Thank you so that you show me that you are interested in our communication. I really appreciate that! Leisser, so in my previous letter I promised you to write more about my family. I only managed to write that I have a mom and a sister. But this is not entirely true. I still have a nephew! ;) This is a good boy. The son of my older sister. He is 9 years old and his name is Yuri !! My sister named him after Yuri Gagarin. I think you know the name of theFirst Cosmonaut ?? Yes, I don’t have a father because he left my mother, me and my sister more than 20 years ago. I was then 6 years old, and my sister was 10 years old. Our mother raised us alone. She worked as a milkmaid at the Dairy Farm in our village. She got up at 3:30 AM in the morning, had breakfast and went to milk the cows. She returned at about 7:00 AM in the morning, woke me and my sister to prepare for school. My mother never had free time, but at the same time I always knew that she loves me and my sister. My sister replaced my mother in many ways, because my mother worked hard to bring us up alone. I was very lucky with my sister. Usually, children in the family often argue over toys or some other reason, but my sister never offended me. She always braided my braids when we were going to kindergarten. It was so sweet that even now I am writing this letter to you and smiling. It is a pity that she, too, was not very lucky with her husband. Her husband often drinks large quantities of alcohol. He even hit her a couple of times in the past, but my sister did not find the strength to leave him and start a new life. I do not blame her for this. This is her choice, but I can confess that their relationship is one of the reasons why I do not want to build a relationship with a Russian man !! And, of course, my father’s example when he left my mother with two young children left an indelible impression on my heart! Is it possible that Russian men lack a special gene that is responsible for family values ?? I do not know this for sure, but I can say that my mother and sister are wonderful women who appreciate such a thing as a family hearth and, of course, they deserve more happiness! It is only a pity that in Russia there are hundreds of thousands of similar examples when men leave their wives and children. Moreover, there are those men who beat not only their wives, but also children !!! This is terrible!!! And the terrible thing is that the laws of my country do not always protect the rights of women who are subjected to violence, which is probably why men here feel too unpunished. Now some activists are trying to make the law "on domestic violence" finally adopted in my country. This law should protect all family members from violence, but at the moment there are many opponents of this law. And, of course, I can’t understand why my country encourages domestic violence! Personally, I do not want to suffer from a beloved man. I want a happy relationship when a man and a woman respect and value each other. I want my man and I to please each other in everything. It’s so nice when a man can just give flowers for his beloved woman. And a woman can arrange a romantic dinner without any reason. Do you agree with me?? I think that happiness is in the details. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I go to the window. I open the curtains and let the light into my apartment. I rejoice in that sunny bunny, which, bouncing off my mirror, jumps onto my pillow. Then I go to this very mirror, look at my reflection and smile at myself !! I say out loud to myself: "Good morning, Elena !!!" No, no, I'm not crazy. ;) Of course, I live alone in my apartment, and I do not have enough of a loving man nearby, but I am not crazy. Leisser, if it’s not difficult for you, then please try to start your morning by wishing you a good day and smiling at your reflection. You will see that your day will be more enjoyable than always. This is a very simple secret how to make yourself happier. Since my childhood, my mother taught me this. As I told you, my mother had no simple life, but she always smiled. She never despaired, and she taught me to look at life positively !! Leisser, now I have to apologize, because unfortunately I can’t continue my story about my family now. Today I will send you a photo of my sister, nephew and mother. My break is over and I have to work! I will continue my story about this in my next letter. I will also try to tell you a little more about my childhood and youth. I wish you a good day. Your Elena
Letter 5
Hello Leisser !!!! It is very good that you wrote to me again !!! I am little by little starting to get used to our communication, and I'm really happy to find your letter in my email !!!
Help brighten my gray days !! I hope my letters also bring not little pleasure and not work you too much ?? It is important for me that we can both feel the joy of reading our letters.
Of course, I understand that my letters are a bit long, but every time I write you a letter, it's hard for me to stop! For example,
Do you have real friends who are easy to talk to? When you don't have to think about what to say to end an awkward pause? I think that everyone knows this !! So it's easy for me to write to you cards !! It is easy for him to read your letters and respond to them !! Makes me happy!! This is a good sign! )) Leisser, in my last letter I did not I had time to tell you everything. I wanted to talk about my family! I understand that you are wondering why my father left the family, if my mother is that good? It all started after the collapse of the Union Soviet Union, when, together with the collapse of the country, almost the entire agriculture fell into decline! My father worked as a driver for tractor, but collective farms quickly fell into decline and tractor drivers were paid little. My father started drink little by little! I was little, but I remember well how it came to drunk house! These are not pleasant memories. Because of his frequent drunkenness, family relationships began to to collapse! After a while, he found another woman with whom he He often drank and left us! I've died a couple of years after the liver cirrhosis! But no, let's talk about it! After all, in my last letter I promised to tell you more about my childhood and youth? A) Yes what, I've always been an obedient daughter! I studied well, I participated in various quizzes in math and other school subjects! I made a lots of Sports: Skating and skiing, cycling! I remember how one day I was skiing down the mountain and probably sped too much, because suddenly I fell and ended up in a deep snowdrift. But it it was not scary. It was terrifying that he broke both skis! No, do not was. afraid that my mother would scold me for it. My mother always He was kind, but now he needed to buy new skis. Of course, skis weren't expensive, but even this amount was too much for my mother! I knew my mother would buy me these skis though she herself was hungry, but could not allow this! Chord with some of my neighbors who would come and clean the snow in their yard for money! I got up at 5am and cleared the snow, then went to school and cleared the snow again after school !! I was 11 years then, and then I started to earn my first money! I remember how my mother was proud of me !!) Yes, my childhood was not simple, but I love my childhood! I love cakes from Mom's hot meat and rice! I love potato pancakes that I used to bake next to the oven !! My mom is good at cooking and love to do it. She gave me this love! I also love to cook!
Letter 6
Darling, it's me again! I accidentally pressed the wrong button and I sent you my unfinished letter! I wrote you about what I like to cook. I hope you have read the first part of my letter. but, please find and read this, okay ?? Leisser, my mother told me many recipes for your dishes. And I did the same thing hundreds of times as my mother I did it, but I couldn't. And this happened until my mother revealed her main secret !!! To cook deliciously, there is no need to be a Michelin Chef restaurant !! To do this, it is enough love the people you're cooking for !!)) This is a signature very simple recipe for my mother, right ??) Yes, my mother is a woman wonderful !! I sincerely love her. What a big mistake on my part !!! Me I say about my mother, but I haven't even told you her name. Name my mother's is Lubov! If you translate your name from the Russian language, it will means "love." Maybe that's why there is so much love in your heart ?? Leisser, can I ask you to tell me about your childhood memories?
Do you have a dish that you especially liked as a child? Such time some family traditions ?? By the way, there is a tradition in my family, but I better tell you about it in my next letter. Now I will I have to finish my letter and move on working! I hope your answer!)) Your Elena
Letter 7
Hello dear Leisser ! )) Thanks for your letter!!! Thank you for the good mood that you give me when I receive your letters. Sometimes we all need so little to smile, right? Your letters become an important ritual of my day! Despite the fact that I am always very busy with work, I do not forget about you and always try to find the opportunity to read your letter and write you an answer !!! Leisser , I just now noticed that I wrote to you: "Hello dear Leisser !" I did it absolutely without hesitation! I hope you don’t mind that I called you "Dear" ?? I was able to afford to address you like this today, because I feel like I am freeing myself from letter to letter. If our communication took place in reality, then, probably, it would be difficult for me to tell you so openly about my life: about my family, my father and my childhood! And of course, it would be difficult for me to take the first step to start our acquaintance! Yes, of course, in the modern world, many women themselves approach men for dating and this is considered normal. I do not say that it is not right! In my first letters I wrote to you that each person builds his own happiness with his own hands, and therefore any woman has the full right to be the first to get acquainted with a man. But I say that I have a more conservative upbringing! I will try to explain to you what I want to say! My sister and I never drank and no smoked! Even now I can rarely drink some red wine or champagne! We have never tried drugs! We always helped my mother with homework: fed pigs, ducks, hens and geese. True, I must confess that I personally have never fed geese! My sister did it because the geese always wanted to pinch me! No, I didn’t tease them, but for some reason no geese loved me !! But piglets loved me.
)) I even had a favorite pig named "Nusha"! It was a glorious pig with a huge appetite. I always tried to feed Nusha something delicious.
Sometimes I didn’t even eat the cakes that my mother gave me to secretly feed the pig. Did you have any favorite animal in your childhood ?? Of course, like most children, I loved dogs and cats, but for some reason I remembered now just about the piglet. And anyway, I apologize for changing the subject so unexpectedly. ) I repeat that it is very easy for me to write letters to you, and I even feel that you are my old friend whom I have not seen for so long and tell you about what new things happened in my life while we were not seeing each other. This is strange, right ?? But let's get back to the topic of education! I talked about how my sister and I always helped my mom.
Many of our classmates fled to discos, but we did homework instead!
No, my mother didn’t lock us in the house, so that we wouldn’t let go anywhere, and no would make us work! My mother has not read us morality! We just looked at mom and saw in her an example to follow!
Now in my city I see a lot of young mothers who walk with young children and at the same time drink beer, smoke and swear! This is terrible because the child sees it and begins to repeat after their Parents! Parents should set the right example! They must go in for sports so that children also start to love sports! For example, for me, my aunt was also an example to follow! This is my mom’s sister!
It’s following her example that I entered the University to receive Accounting Education! To do this, I had to move from the village to Ulyanovsk! It is approximately 90 kilometers from the village where my mother and sister live! It's not as far as my aunt did! She moved to live in Kiev, this is Ukraine! She married a Ukrainian man. But she comes to us every year, despite the fact that now between my country and Ukraine there are complicated political relations! By the way, in the last letter I promised to tell you about our family tradition!
When my aunt comes to visit Russia, then we will definitely go to the cemetery to my grandparents! Do you have a similar tradition of coming to the cemetery ?? My grandparents lived in Ulyanovsk, and when I entered the University, I lived with them and helped them! My grandfather died when I was in my 2nd year at the University, and my grandmother died a year after that! Their apartment was inherited by me! It was an old house, and the house was already intended for demolition, so I received some compensation from the city authorities and used this money to buy a new apartment. Of course, for this I had to take a big loan from the bank! At that time I was already working, and the bank approved this loan for me. I still pay for it! As you know, I live alone, so when I return home, I am very lonely! And in order to escape from loneliness, I watch TV or read books! Yesterday I switched from channel to channel until I came across the movie "Gone with the Wind"! I've watched this movie several times already, but you can always watch a good movie again, right? Today I plan to do more useful things - I’ll go to the fitness center! Please write me, what are your plans for this evening? I look forward to your next letter!
Letter 8
Hello dear Leisser !!! I am glad to receive another letter from you!
Now I’ve thought about how great it is that we live in the 21st century, when we don’t have to wait a month or more so that correspondence from one corner of the world reaches another corner of the world! All this happens in one second !! The world has become more open, and it’s really great that men and women from different countries can communicate !! Perhaps in the future the borders between the countries will be destroyed not only on the Internet, but also on the World Geographic Map ?? And then we can easily visit each other?))
What do you think of the geographical boundaries between the countries ?? Are they needed or not ?? I'm interested in your opinion!! Leisser, I'm sorry, but now I have to close my letter to help my colleague! I will be back soon and continue my letter!
Letter 9
Leisser , I'm here again. Sorry I had to interrupt my last letter, but I had to urgently accept payment from the buyer! Sometimes we have to deal with customers who don’t like to wait a single minute and can even be rude! Of course, we cannot enter into any conflicts. We must be polite in all circumstances. It’s not difficult for me, because I try to never conflict! From my own experience I can say that negative energy only provokes even more negative energy! In general, I try to treat all people with understanding. There is so much cruelty in the world that all of us should start smiling more often. ))) Every day I see a lot of people who have only concern or anger on their faces!
This morning I went to work and saw a situation where a motorist nearly knocked a woman at a pedestrian crossing because he did not look at the road, but instead read something in his smartphone! He jumped out of the car, waved his hands and long scolded a woman who was not guilty of anything! It is good that the police were nearby and the driver of the car was quickly reassured and even gave him a fine for nearly knocking down a pedestrian. This is not an isolated situation when people are completely immersed in their smartphones, that they don’t even notice anything around! For example, I notice a lot of young girls who meet in a cafe and do not talk to each other, but continue to write something on their smartphone.)) It seems to me that at this time they are writing something to each other instead of saying something with words!)) Some people don’t even get a spoon in their mouth, because they can’t look away from the screen.)) Most likely they don’t even taste the food they eat !! Of course, I am not against modern technology. They make our lives easier. It was also very difficult for me when a criminal a couple of months ago pulled out my bag where my smartphone, all my wages and apartment keys were lying. I contacted the police, but there is still no news about this.
I asked them to look at the cameras that were near the stop, but the police say that because of the darkness, the face of the offender is difficult to recognize! So I was left without a smartphone, without keys and without money! It's good that my friend Ecaterina lent me money to pay for a loan, for food, and even gave me her old Nokia 101 phone, which I still go with. And it's good that I still have access to the "cloud", and I can send you some of my old photos that were taken on an old smartphone! Of course, I immediately changed the lock on my apartment door! Tell me how crime is in your country ?? Maybe this situation is observed only in my country? Leisser , I think it's time to move on to another topic of conversation! What, I haven’t told you yet ?? I think I told you about where my aunt works, but I didn’t say that my sister works at the Post Office. By the way, if we sent letters to each other in an envelope, then my sister would bring them to me.)) Although not !! She works as a postman in the village, but not in Ulyanovsk. And this is about 100 kilometers from Ulyanovsk. Of course, sometimes I go to them, but sometimes my mother and sister come to Ulyanovsk themselves. It is possible that on my next day off I will be able to visit my relatives! I think they will be very surprised if I tell them about you! In any case, they will be happy for me, because if I am happy, then they are happy! And at the moment I can confidently say that I am happy that I contacted a dating agency and wrote you my first letter! Please be sure to keep writing to me !!
I will wait for your next answer! Elena
Letter 10
Good day, my dear Leisser!!! How's your day? How is your mood?? Today I am in a great mood! I feel extraordinary lightness in my movements!
I want to smile and give my smile to the whole world! I want all people in this vast world to forget about their affairs, concerns and just smile at each other for a moment! Darling, I hope you read this letter and smile at me back! :) Thank you for your photo ! I really like to see it and look at your smile ! Leisser, I think you're trying to understand why I'm in such a good mood? I want to admit to you that after we started writing letters to each other, I usually had a good mood every day! And every day, with each of your letters, I became more and more convinced that there was a man in the world who really needed me. I am sincerely glad how our relations are developing, and we even begin to talk about a meeting in reality! It is very nice!!
Each of us in this world has the right to happiness! We are here just to find this happiness. We are now building our happiness with our own hands! Yes, we are only building the foundation on which our happiness will stand, but there is nothing more important in the building than the foundation itself! No, I’m not a builder, and I don’t understand much about the ratio of sand, water and cement to use to get high-quality concrete. But I can confidently say that honesty, trust and mutual understanding are the main elements that we must use in order to achieve a good result in building our happy relations! Do you agree with me? My dear, I'm sorry if I get ahead of myself, but I'm just writing you what I think. I want to say that I take you very seriously, and I do it not only in words, but in deeds! Leisser, in my past letter I wrote to you that my sister was coming to Ulyanovsk for work, and I said that I want to tell her about you. I really didn’t hide anything from her. I talked about what I wrote to you first, and now we communicate very well! My sister told me that it was very unexpected for her to hear that I had gained courage and first wrote to a man! Usually I never did anything like that! But she is glad that I finally decided to take my fate into my own hands and began to act!
I already wrote to you that she is not doing well in her personal life, and that her husband even beat her several times, and she understands why I am looking for relationships on the Internet! She loves me and wishes me happiness, therefore she fully supports me in everything!!! She asked me to give you her big Hello and say that you do not offend me! :) Please forgive her for asking you not to offend me. She does not think that you are a bad person, but she insisted that I wrote you this, and I fulfilled my promise that I gave her! By the way, I promised you that I will write about what I have prepared for dinner! I thought for a long time about what is best for me to cook? Bake a cupcake with raspberry jam? But a cupcake is best eaten in the morning so as not to spoil the figure! Every girl wants her to be all right with the figure! Cook chicken fillet with mushrooms, rosemary potatoes and salad? But mushrooms are heavy food for the stomach and before going to bed, mushrooms are better not to eat! In the end, I decided to cook fish and seafood salad! My sister was happy because she, like me, loves fish. In the past, we even went fishing with her! She taught me how to put worms on a hook, and I really didn’t like it! I felt sorry for the worm, so I always fished for corn or bread! Of course, the last time I went fishing about 15 years ago, but I still remember how to fish. :) So, my dear Leisser, now you know why today my mood is better than ever! I had a very good evening with my sister, and I am glad that my sister supports me in my desire to develop a relationship with you. Her words of approval give me confidence that you and I are on the right track, and we must go in that direction. Please forgive me, but I have to get back to work. I have to prepare some accounting reports for the last quarter for the central office in Moscow! They need this very urgently! I will always wait for your answer!! Your Elena
Letter 11
Hello my dear Leisser !!! Finally, I can breathe calmly and start writing my letter to you! I just sent a report to Moscow, which I told you about in the last letter. The director of our branch constantly rushed me and it a little disturbed me. I understand her because it was an important report, but that is why I couldn’t afford to make any mistake, and I had to check everything several times. I'm sure I did it right, but I'm still a little worried! )) Now I need to wait until the answer comes from Moscow! It is possible that after that I can get my legal day off and go to the village! I will ask our director about this! Leisser, tell me now how is your day today? Are you all right??
What did you do yesterday? As for me, yesterday after work I went to the gym! Usually after a 12-hour working day I am tired and I don’t always have the strength to train well! But yesterday I didn’t even feel tired! I did all the exercises very well, and my friend Ekaterina even asked me if I really worked all day yesterday or rested, so I'm full of energy! )) I did not begin to tell her my secret, although the secret was very simple - the whole thing is in you !!! Darling, let me explain what I mean. Every day I began to notice that I think more and more about you. I wake up in the morning, cook breakfast for myself and think about what you ate this morning? What is the weather like outside your window ?? What dreams did you see today ?? I'm going to work in the morning and thinking about what you have planned for today. I try to imagine how we could have breakfast together and talk about our plans for the whole day! I come to work and wait for the number of customers to become less in order to be able to read your letter and write you the answer! I come back after work and look at the couples that walk the streets of my city. I even begin to envy them, because they have the opportunity to go somewhere together! For example, go to a cafe, take a walk in the park or watch a movie in a movie theater! I feel sad when I imagine that soon I will get home, open my door with my key and only silence will meet me .... I know that I will again prepare dinner for me alone, I will again watch TV or read alone a book! When I write to you about this, I recall the lines from Ray Bradberry’s book “Dandelion Wine”, when one woman talks about being alone: “I visited Paris, Vienna, London and everywhere alone, and it turned out: being alone in Paris is no better than in Greentown, Illinois. Anyway where - it’s important that you are alone.
" Of course, I was neither in Paris, nor in Vienna, nor in London, and not even in any other country except Russia, but in my heart I completely agree with this woman! If we cannot share our journey, our emotions, our most delicious dinner with anyone, then all this loses its color! I think that no one in this world can admire the sunset alone for several days in a row! When an artist takes a brush and begins to paint a sunset, he does this in order to share this beauty with other people! When a poet feels unrequited love, he writes poetry that will become a work of art or will forever remain on a dusty shelf !! Leisser, but enough about that, because I feel the tears begin to come to my eyes !! I don’t want you to think that I am too sentimental, but you still need to understand that I am a woman, and I can sometimes cry when I watch sad films !! I think a man sometimes do this too? Darling, which movie or which book made you feel sad if not to cry ?? For example, I cried many times when I watched the movie "Titanic" or "Hachiko" !! Leisser, I apologize that I began to philosophize a bit in this letter of mine! Perhaps this comes from the fact that I feel how our relationship is growing, we are becoming closer mentally, but still too far physically! I want to believe that one day the thousands of kilometers that separate us will turn into the distance of one kiss, and we will be able to get real pleasure from the fact that we are together. I will not hide from you that I also often think about this, especially when I go to bed, and thoughts of us as a couple warm me on cold lonely nights. My dearest, please forgive me, but on this note I have to finish the letter, because one of my colleagues asks me for help. Everything seems to be that she can not cope with the questions of customers without me, and I must run to her to help! I understand that today I am again a little distracted from the topic and from the question of why I trained so well, I turned to the topic of loneliness. But I'm sure that you understood me, that I trained well and was full of strength because you became my motivation! I used to want to look good for myself, but now I want to keep my shape in order to please you !! I hope your day will be full of happiness and success! Talk to you soon! Your EleYou
Letter 12
Hello my dear Leisser ! I am, as always, very glad to see your answer!
Your picture is driving me crazy ;);) You have very beautiful face features ! I must confess that I was a little worried after my previous candid letter! I thought about how you would react to my words that I believe that the distance between us can be reduced to one kiss. It seemed to me that I acted too boldly when I wrote you about it, but on the other hand, why hide what I feel ?? In any case, I am very glad that I openly wrote to you that I dream of meeting you in the future. Of course, this is not easy to organize, but if we really want it, then this is not such a difficult task as it might seem! I believe that thoughts tend to materialize !! Do you also believe that if you really want to, then you can translate any desire into reality !? Of course, I can’t turn into a bird and fly to you, because this is not possible! We don’t have a wand like Harry Potter to do wonders. But we can do everything just like millions of other people in this world who travel from one country to another !! Right??
Leisser , yes, of course, meeting me will be a very serious step for me! For me, this is not just an adventure, but a trip that will change our whole future, so I want to talk about it with my mother. Of course, I myself am quite an adult girl, and I have my own opinion. I have every right to make a decision on my own! I know that my mother will approve any decision or desire of mine, but out of a sense of respect and love for my mother I want to talk to her before I start planning our meeting! Moreover, today my boss told me that tomorrow I will have a day off, and I can go to my mother and sister in the village today after work! By the way, I was in vain worried about the accounting report! My boss said that I did everything right, and he praised me for it! This made me very happy! Dear, going back to my mother’s theme, I’m sure that my sister has already told my mother about you, and my mother already knows about your existence. This is good, because my no news will be a big surprise for her. Leisser , I ask you not to worry too much about how my mother will react to my news about you. She is very kind and will never hinder my happiness. I am sure that she will even offer me to take with her several cans of jam, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes so that I can treat you at a meeting!))) She is really very caring, heedful and taught us to be good housewives in home. I already wrote to you that she taught me how to cook, but this is not the whole list of what she taught me. I also know how to sew, knit, saw and chop wood well, hammer nails! I can use a drill and a scythe! All this because we grew up without a father.
But please do not think that I am currently advertising myself !! )) I just wanted to say good words about my mom. My dear, forgive me, but I must close this letter. Tonight after work, I will go to the village with my mom and sister. I won’t be able to write to you while I’m there, because they don’t have internet or computer, but don’t be upset. I think that tomorrow I will return to work, and the first thing I will do is write you a letter. Do not lose me if my answer is a little delayed. Mentally I will be with you! I wish you a good day and good mood! Hugs and kisses! Elena
Letter 13
Hello my dear Leisser ! I'm at work again, and I can write to you again! How's your day? How is your mood?? Leisser , you know that I went to the village to my mom, and I have to say that my trip went perfectly! Of course, I got to the village late in the evening, but we didn’t go to bed right away! We drank tea with a cake, which I specially bought in a supermarket and talked for a very long time! Of course, as I expected, my sister already told my mother a little about you, so it wasn’t news for my mother that I found you on the Internet, and that our relationship is developing rapidly! Of course, my mother listened with great interest to my story about how we met, about how our relations are developing, and even about the fact that we started talking about the meeting in reality! I told my mother that you are exactly the man I represented in my dreams. I told her that you are interesting, honest, caring, serious, fair. And this is only a small part of your advantages that I listed to her)). Leisser , I know that you really are the man I dreamed about! Every day I thank fate for the fact that we have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other closer! You do a lot for me. You give me a lot of positive emotions.
Through your letters you show your concern for me. Worried and most importantly think of me. It means a lot to me! Our feelings and emotions are mutual! I also constantly think about you, imagine our meeting. I worry and worry about you. In my letters I try to convey to you all the feelings that are in my soul. I want to take care of you and make you a happy person! I told all this to my mother, and when I finished my story, my mother didn’t ask a lot of questions, but she looked into my eyes for a very long time! Then she smiled at me and said that for a very long time no one had seen my eyes shine with such happiness! The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and if we really experience happiness, then by the eyes it is very easy to determine! My mother said that I did the right thing when I decided to look for happiness abroad! As you know, she has already experienced the betrayal of my father and does not wish me such a fate! Like any mother, she wishes me true happiness and believes that you are the man who is able to give me love and respect! She told me that she fully supports my desire to meet you in reality! I said that at the moment we did not make specific plans about our meeting, but I am pleased that my mother and sister will support me if we decide that I will go to you !! Leisser , are you glad? Dear, I'm very happy! This is the most important thing that I wanted to hear from them! They are sincerely happy and happy for me. For them, the most important thing is that my life be happy! I am sure that my life will be happy next to a man like you, Leisser ! Even being far from each other, you have already changed my life for the better. I imagine what will happen when we meet)). I think we will swim in the ocean of happiness and joy. You probably think now that I look at life in rose-colored glasses. But, No, dear, it is not. I can imagine that in life, happiness and sorrow happen. Life gave me different lessons. I well understand and realize that in life together there are difficult and difficult situations that we may encounter. I believe that the most important thing in any life situation is always to be with a man and to support and help him as much as possible. Whatever happiness it is or some kind of difficult situation. I want to always be your support.
Dear, know that you can always trust me, and I will try to do everything so that you feel like the happiest person! We have made a big step forward in our relationship. I hope in the future we will also have excellent mutual understanding and respect for each other!
Leisser , I'm overwhelmed with emotions. I am very glad that I visited my mother. I am very pleased with her reaction to our communication.
We also had a very pleasant time. If I tell you everything in detail, the letter will be very large!) I don’t want to take too much time with you! I want us to be able to slowly talk about everything while being next to each other! Dear, now all the circumstances to organize our meeting are on our side, and we only need to make a decision!
Darling, tell me, please, are you ready to receive me in your house ??
It will be easier and calmer for us for you. It’s very important for me to see where you live. I want to see your life in reality, to see the area where you live, to get acquainted with people close to you.
Perhaps in the future I will have to move to live with you forever, if at the meeting we realize that we can no longer without each other. It is also important in choosing a venue for our meeting. Of course, now it’s too early for us to talk about my moving to you forever, but at the meeting we will discuss this issue. Now the most important thing is to organize our first meeting. I hope you agree with my thoughts?
Leisser , please think about everything very seriously! Write all your thoughts about our meeting. I can’t wait to hear your answer! Please write, are you ready to receive me at your place? I will now finish this letter of mine and wait with awe in my heart for your decision!
Now our future is in your hands, and it depends only on you where we will go next! Write me soon! Your Elena
Letter 14
Hello my dear Leisser ! I got a pause, and now I can write you the answer. Thank you for your letter! As always, you make my day. I’m so used to your letters that I can’t imagine my life without them :)
Thanks for every letter. Thank you for your concern and attention! I appreciate and respect that you find the time and opportunity to write to me. We have become very close in this short time. It’s great that we decided to meet, and you agreed to host me. This is a very big and important step forward in our relations. You have shown the seriousness and sincerity of your intentions and goals. I am very pleased. I want you to also feel that I am serious about our relationship and meeting you in reality. I have a great desire to quickly go to the passport and visa service and find out what is needed to travel to you. Unfortunately, today there is a lot of work, and I do not have free time for this, but in the next couple of days I will definitely go and find out everything. Leisser , we are already talking about the meeting. Can you imagine that? :)) More recently, it was a dream for me, but soon it can become a reality. I am so happy!!!
Happiness overwhelms me! I hope you too! Yes, I understand that preparing a trip will take some time, but the thought that we can see each other gives me strength and optimism. I am very serious and confident we will succeed! I believe that very soon we will be able to be together. We can feel each other. I really want to hug you and feel your warmth and care. I want to give you affection and tenderness. We can kiss each other! Leisser , that's great! Thank you for everything!
Now in the letter, I am brave, I write about kisses, hugs, but when we meet, I think I will be shy :) When we meet, you must remember that I really want all this! So feel free to kiss and hug me first, OK? I have always believed that dreams come true and thoughts can materialize. I was constantly thinking about you and meeting. I imagined how we would spend time together. And all this can soon become a reality. Dear, you will feel the happiest man! I will do everything for this. You give me happiness, and you deserve a happy and honest relationship. Together we will succeed, and we will be there. Now it is important to go to the passport and visa service and find out everything. I will definitely go there! I will even try to do it tomorrow and then write to you. Today at work is a very difficult day, so I have no way to do it now. From early morning, our boss gave us many tasks, and we must complete this before the end of the day, but I do my work with great pleasure and joy. You make me smile, and I want to make the world around me happier. And above all you, Leisser !
Leisser , it seems to me, to go to the passport and visa service, I need to know your full details and your nearest airport. Please write in your response letter your full name, your telephone number, your address and the name of the airport closest to you. OK? Please do not forget about it! I can’t wait to find out and take action so that our meeting takes place. Honey, I will do my best to make our dreams come true. And with your support and care, we will succeed! I always thank fate for connecting us! Leisser , please write, how do you imagine our meeting? How will we spend time? Dear, I will be extremely honest with you that a trip to you causes me little fear. I have never traveled far. Like any girl, I am very worried about the meeting. This will be our first time when we see each other outside the virtual world, and I want everything to go well! But I am ready to fight my fear. I am ready to overcome all difficulties and worries for you! You really support me! Thank you Leisser ! We will succeed and we will be together... I look forward to the day when I can hug and kiss you!
Dear, unfortunately, my break ends. I have to get back to work. I will think about you! Mentally I'm already with you! I will wait for your answer. Have a nice day! Kisses and hugs! Elena
Letter 15
Hello my dear Leisser ! Thanks for your letter! Thank you for your concern and for your compliments! Each of your letters makes my day better! I was very lucky that I found a man like you! How are you today? How is your mood? I hope you are doing well! My Leisser , in the last letter I asked you for your nearest airport, your full address, full name and phone number, because I want to go to the passport and visa service and consult about my trip. I want to know what documents I need to have so that I can safely fly to your country. I hope that you will write to me about this in your next letter and today or tomorrow I will definitely go to the passport and visa service. I really want to fly to you faster and be in your arms!
Every day I think about our meeting and imagine how great we will spend time together! Well. I will not make this letter long because I must continue my work. Buyers do not want to wait;) I wish you a wonderful day! Kisses and hugs! Your Elena..
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