Letter(s) from Veronica Kudryashova to Sigi (USA)

Letter 1

I've seen your profile and I think why we can't talk?
I am single girl, nice appearance and soul, great sense of humor. I like animals and children, nature and camping. Don't know what I can tell you else now. Write to my email with your questions and I will reply as soon as possible.

You can see my picture at my another profile 'lily4ever'. I couldn't send message from it so I created this one. Hope everything is allright. Waiting for your message. Better send your message to my direct address, I check it more often than the personals. Hope to hear from you soon.


p.s. I have some pictures I can send.

Letter 2

Hello Sigi.

Thank you for your reply. I am very glad you wrote to me.

I am sorry you was unable to find my profile at personals. I couldn't make it to work.

To be honest I am a little sceptical about dating services in Internet and I didn't think it really works and I havn't checked my email too long. I just made a try... and you wrote. :) Thank you.

By the way my profile doesn't work still so I will describe myself here.

My birthday is May 5, 1974. I am 30 now. I am Russian. My height is 165 cm (5'5"), weigt - 53 kg (123 lb). I will attach a picture of me, so you can see my appearance.

I live in Russia. And I have never been to the US. But I hope I will visit this country one day. I live in a small russian town Pereslavl. It is Moscow region.

I don't smoke and drink rarely. Prefer red wine or a bottle of good beer.

I work as a teacher at the school.

I keep active life, interesting in sports and outdoors. Also I am interesting in history, geographics and social sciences. I have a lot of hobbies, like reading and listening to music. Cookery is one of my favourite things. Also I like animals and children.

As for my character, I don't like to tell about it. I try to be good person. Enough emotional and sensible. My best qualities: loyalty, honesty, sense of humour, natural curiosity and simplicity. I know that I can't be objective telling about myself. At least I want people think about me this way. :)

What about religion, I am a Christian but not too religious. I think more spiritual.

Marital status: single, never been married. Have had some strong relationships in my life but currently is free. No children.

I want simple things. To be happy, to have someone to share my life with, to have family, to love and be loved. I am not sure Internet can help with it, but I like to try new things. Internet is good medium for intercommunication. And it is silly not to use that.

I want to meet kind man with good soul and great sense of humor. I would like he could be my friend, life partner and lover. I want to feel his need in me, his support and understanding. I don't need any prince. He just should be kind, sympathetic, decent and honest man.

I know that great distance may become the problem. So I want to start from friendship. I like to make friends and if things will not work between us we would stay in touch as good friends.

Well, I think it is enough for now. Tryed to write just a short note :)

I am sorry if something is wrong. This is my first experience in Internet dating. Tell me about yourself and what you think.

Thank you for your interest. Hope we will begin good contact and who knows what may happen.

Yours truly.

Letter 3

Hi, Sigi.

Thank you for your reply. I enjoy reading your letter.

I am very pleased you interest in me. Sigi I want us to keep our correspondence and to know each other better. Write me about your life, send pictures. I promise to do the same.

By the way Sigi if you note any mistakes in my letter don't be shy to report them to me. I have been studying English for some years at University and then by myself. I like to read books in English. And I still think I am not good enough to speak and to communicate easily. Your corrections would help me much. I write it by myself with a dictionary and I want to improve my language skills.

You know our meeting was a chance. I have been surfing Internet for some months. The first time I used Internet was for my work. I read about new methods in therapeutics. Then I started to surf Internet for two or three times a week. And now it is one of my favourite things to do. Recently I have interested in dating service and decided to try it. I choose several profiles and you replied. :-) Others havn't wrote me. I am glad we've met.

Sigi I use Internet at Internet cafe. They have several computers here for public use. I am here two or three times a week so don't worry if I can't reply fast. I will write you each time I am here.

Sigi I still can't imagine you are in the USA. Sounds silly? :-) I have never been to the States. I know your country just from the movies and TV. I would like to learn more about it and your people. I think we could give each other more full images about our countries by corresponding. I also hope to visit the USA some day. I like to travel very much. It is great to see the world all over. I haven't travel much. I was in several russian cities and once at the Black Sea. I have a picture from there. My favourite city is St.Petersburg. Very beautiful place.

Well, I am a little confused and I don't know what to say. I hope all this stuff is not too boring to read. :-)

Sigi I have already told you that I want to find someone through Internet. I just wanted to say that it is my serious intention. I am interested in you and I want us to be good friends.

Write me back. Waiting for your letter.

By the way my real name is Anastasiya or Nastya - for short. You can call me as you like :).

P.S. Also thank you for your photo. You look nice.

Letter 4

Hello, my friend.

I thank you for your letter and your interest in me. Sigi, it is interesting to read about you and your life. I am sorry I couldn't write you earlier.

I want to know more about you. Please, tell me about your family, friends and people that you know. What is your usual day? I will also tell you what you want to know about me.

Thank you for pictures. I enjoy it. You look nice.

Well, I want to tell you a little more about myself.

As I said, I live in Pereslavl. It is old city. My city located in Yaroslavl region. It is near middle of tract from Moscow to Yroslavl. It is 110 km from Yroslavl and 120 km from Moscow.

The population of our place is about 44,7 thousands people. The life here is as usual as in the another russian cities. Of course, I must say that it is nice. I also would like to know about your place.

Well, I have good time to correspond with you. I enjoy it. I can say it is becoming one of my favourite things. I don't remember if I told you about my hobbies or things I like to do for fun. It seems to me that people who wants to have some relationship must have the same ideas and goals in life and also the same ways for rest and fun. I like different activities like sport, walking, going-out and outdoors. I can't say that I am engaged in sport. I just like it. I like bicycle-riding, swiming and beach especially. Also I like to dance. I dance classic and modern dances. I am an amateur not a professional. I think the real woman should be beautiful both soul and body. My mother teached me to play piano. I also can sing. I will try to learn some english songs. Hope you can hear them someday. Smile.

I enjoy cooking. I prefer italian and russian food. My favourite dishes are different soups and salads. I cook great Ukrainian borsch. It is a soup made of beet, meat, cabbage and carrot. Very tasty. Smile.

As I said I like reading. I read different books, but prefer books about history and countries. I read a lot of Russia and America. These countries are great.

As for fun, I like the same thing like all people. Movie, walking, theatre. I like to drink tea with friends in cafe. We talked about everything and nothing. Smile. I don't have a lot of friends, but all they are good people. To be honest I don't like 'empty' people. My friends are almost my friends from childhood and youth. They are already almost married. Don't think that I am close person. I like to meet new people and make friends. I am easy-going and I easily strike up new acquaintance. From another side I am not easy approachable woman. I am serious. I think it is from my upbringing.

Sigi, I don't remember if I told you about my family. I live alone. My mom died about two years ago. And I have never seen my father. The most close person now is my uncle, my mother's brother. He lives with his family, but I am not close to them. His wife thinks my uncle is my lover. Actually we just friends. I think he is like father for me. Silly woman, she can't understand the friendship between man and woman. I am not angry at her. I am just sorry she is so narrow-minded.

My mother was a doctor, a surgeon. She was a member of charitable organization and she came to Chechnya when there was a war. Mother always wanted to help people. She was the kindest person I knew. She was killed there. The truck detonated at the mine when they transported wounded people to hospital. Everyone was killed. I wanted to come with her to there, but she didn't allow me. Now I know why.

From my birth my mother wanted me to become a teacher. And I did it. I work as a teacher at local school. I teach the mathematics to children 10 - 15 years old. I can't say that I like my work, but it is good job which I can get here. I have good education. I am graduate the pedagogical university, faculty of mathematics.

I had enough strict upbringing. I had been not allowed to date with boys until I got 20 years old. My mother was old-fashion person. Probably it is not bad. I loved my mother and respect her. She could give me good upbringing. We didn't have any conflicts. I always try to understand her. She loved me too and just wanted me to be happy. It was the most hard time in my life when she died. I thank my uncle, he was with me and supported me.

I talked with my uncle about you. Are you surprised? We often had confiding talking. He understands me in full. I said him that I meet a man on dating service in Internet. And that this man is from another country. Uncle said that it is great. I asked him what he thinks if I would like to visit this country and maybe to move there. He said that it is OK, if I feel I want it. I am glad with this.

Well, hope it is not too boring to read. Smile. You see sometimes man must sit and think about his life and about what he is and what he wants. It seems to me that I have this time now.

What I want? Simple things. Happiness, family, careful husband. I put spiritual life to the first, not material things. I am not looking for better life or getting rich. I am looking for full life. Why I can't find husband here in Russia? I can, but I don't want. I see how my mother lived, I see how other people live in Russia. Yes, here is bad economics and I don't want to live here. I love my Motherland but I don't like the State. I want to have comfortable life and don't always be in searching good job and better salary. I want to dedicate my life to my husband and my family. I don't want to say that I am lazy. I like to work, but I don't want to dedicate my life to my work. I hope you understand what I am talking about.

I see that many russian women try to go out from Russia looking for better life. They marry foreigners to get citizenship of another state. Then they divorce. I don't like them. I believe in marriage for life. I want to marry for love.

Sigi, I want you to understand me in full, until we will make some any steps.

Tell me what you think about this all and what else you would like to know.

Well, this letter seems to be long, so I will close. Until next time.


Letter 5

Hello Sigi.

Thank you for your writing. It really bright my days. Don't think that is just words. I always mean what I say... Or at least I try to. Smile.

Sigi, I can't still believe you are so far from me. Yes, I understand it but can't imagine it. It seems to me we are old friends and you just live next city. Yes, computer and Internet are like a window to the world. It is fantastic.

You know our acquaintance made me to think a little differently about people living in the world. Good change. Of course I knew about other countries and people but before it was like an idea, that I saw on TV, read in books and newspapers. But now I can feel it. Understand me please, I have just touched to different culture, life and people through you. And I saw it is real. Sigi, I am a person that doesn't believe until he touchs. Smile. I realize you are the same person as I am. We speak different languages, live in the different countries but we want the same things in our lifes. I feel that I am a part of something very huge and important. Thank you for giving me this feeling. Now I want to travel all over the world, to meet new people and to get new experience. I really think it is great fun and useful. What do you think? I actually may look naive but this is what I think. Smile.

Yesterday I met my friends. We usually meet at someone's home or go to our favourite cafe. This is pretty nice place. It is small and very cosy. They don't sell alcohol there so it is not very popular. It seems strange? I am not sure you know but usually russians drink a lot. So it is always loudly where alcohol is on sale. My friends don't like to drink too as I do. They are almost my old friends from university or childhood, and a girl from my work. We talk, drink tea, joke, have fun. Very nice people. I live them all.

It's a pitty we can't meet often but time or too in month. They almost are married and have family and children so they are constantly busy. Well the matter is that I told them about you. They were really happy for me. They already asked when I come to you. Smile. I explained we are just friends but they still bantered me all evening. They say hello to you.

Sigi, I want to give you my postal address and full name.

Anastasiya Matvienko
65 Lenin street, Pereslavl-Zaleski
Yaroslavl Region Russia 152024.

I want you know it just in case I can't write you an email. Please, don't send any presents to me. I would feel very uncomfortable to accept it if I would get them. Our postal system is very unreliable and I don't want you waste your money. Sigi, also give me your postal address, in case if I don't email you, I may send you some card to let you know I am ok.

Sigi, thank you for your nice pictures. I like to see your new photos.

Well I must already go home. I will continue next time.


P.S. Sigi I really glad you wrote to me. Smile. Keep writing.

P.P.S. Sigi, I am sorry again for my long silence. I will try to write you more.

Letter 6

Hi Sigi.

How are you? I am fine. Hope you too. Cold weather here today. It is raining from morning. But your letter make my day bright. It really brights my day. Smile. I am really happy to get your reply. And I like we both enjoy our correspondence. Your letters mean a lot for me.

Sigi, yesterday evening I told with my uncle about you. He is exciting about our friendly relationship. I read him some parts from your letters. Not all, just some sentenses. Hope you don't mind I share that with my uncle. He is the only close person to me and I trust him.

He thinks you are worthy man. But he said I must be cautious. I can understand his feelings. But for me you are honest man and I don't think you can ever deceive me. I know I may be mistaken with my thoughts about you. Only time will say the truth. Smile.

To be honest we discussed about my possibility to move to you. Smile. Don't worry, it is just an idea. I understand that it is too early to think about it. But who knows. Maybe at first we would meet in person. Anyway my uncle said that he will support me in my choice and don't mind if I move.

Sigi, I don't know what is going on with me. I found myself thinking of you often. It seems to me that you are more than just a friend to me. I hope I didn't scare you off with my thoughts. Smile. I wonder what you think about me as your possible life partner? Do you think that we could have common future? I understand if it is too straight question. But I would like to know your opinion. I am honest with you and I want you to be honest with me too. We must trust each other. It's very important in relationship.

As for me I see you as my possible partner for life. I know we have great distance between us. But with our letters I feel you close. I believe you are the man with nice soul. I think personal contact is more better than letters via e-mail. But now it is enough to know each other better and see if we really can have something common in future. Who knows probably we will meet one day and get married. Smile.

Well, I continue to tell about me and my life here. My usual day is not too interesting. I get up at 6 o'clock and at 8 I must be at my work. It takes me about 20 minutes to get there by bus or about 40 minutes on foot. I like to go to work on foot because it is very invigorative. Morning, fresh air. Especially now, when autumn is coming.

Then I am at work until 5. About 6 o'clock I return home. Make some domestic things like cleaning and washing. Three times a week I go to gym, make some aerobics and dances. Sometimes I go to library, theatre, to my friends. When I don't want to go anywhere I stay at home to read a book or play piano, I like to learn a new music composition. In the evenings I watch some film or show on TV and go to bed.

Today I got my salary at work. That small pleasant event always makes people to love their work if only for a day. Smile. I don't earn large sum of money. It is 3400 rubles (about $120 USD) for a month. But I am enough satisfied with it. I wish I got more money, but I don't want to become crazy about it. I saw many people who wanted to get much money. Some of them gained it. But they almost changed their personality. They can't talk about anything, only money. Yes, it is difficult to make good money in Russia. But money is not my life goal. For my salary I can buy something of clothes and it is enough to buy food. For russian standard I have less average earnings. I have a TV set and tape-recorder at home. I don't have a car, but I can drive it. I have my bicycle and I enjoy to ride it. Smile. Not sure how interesting it is to read about these things but I want you to know it. Sigi, how much do you earn? I am just interesting. You don't need to answer if you don't want.

I know that we have different life levels. But it is interesting what are expenses for living at you. I pay about $50 USD for my flat and electricity. In winter I pay additional 10 for central heating. I am lucky I live in my mother's flat. This flat was given to my mother by her work. Actually it is not my accomodation. I can just live here. I have only one room and a kitchen. I don't want to complain of something.

It is usual things here. I want to show you life here. By the way how much is Internet access where you live? I am paying about 48 roubles for an hour in this computer club (about $1.7 USD for a hour). Sigi, tell me about your the same things. I am interesting what is your life there.

I thought about my life and recent events. You know from my last relationship with man I understood that the connection between man and woman is very delicate. It needs efforts from both sides to be supported and developed. You can't just date, make love and say words. It is more deeper. My last boyfriend was a photographer. Some my pictures were made by him. He was more than just a photographer, he was an artist, a creator. Our parting was not a tragedy. In the certain time we both understand we are not together and decided to break it. I don't miss him. It was the best we could do. Sigi, I don't know why I tell it to you. Now I want to create full relationship and I know how to do it. I will try to give all my soul to my man and I need his one for me.

Well don't get it too close. It is just my thoughts and I don't claim anything. Smile.

I have got your mailing address. Thank you. I wrote it down to my notebook. This weekend I will try to send some card or a letter to see if that works. You will let me know when you get it. Sigi, I don't have a phone at home, but I want to talk with you. Give me your phone number, I will try to call you as I can. Thank you for your beautiful photos. I am glad to see it. Well, I must cut my letter here. Write me more. All what you think and dream. I need it.Looking forward to getting your letter. Take care of you.

Goodbye Sigi.


Letter 7

Hello Sigi.

How are you? I am fine.

I am sorry for my silence. We had some troubles at my work and I had to do some extra work. Now all things are done and I can visit Internet club.

Don't think I forgot about you. Smile. No, I think of you often. I am very intersting to know you more and I like that we can talk via email. Is it OK for you that I can't write you everyday or regularly? I will try to write as often as I can.

To be honest I am a little nervous. Sigi, you may ask why I feel a little nervous. I am a little scared about having new serious relationship, particularly, a relationship with you, because I want a relationship with you to work out. I want it to happen, to mature, and excel.

Another reason I am nervous is because a serious relationship is a big step. A big step for both of us. And, lastly, I am nervous of the possibility that you will say something like "Nastya, you are a great friend, and I think we should keep things that way". I think I want more. It is based on what you have written me, what you have told me of you, and what you have told me of your thoughts, life and so on. I think that I really want to develop our relationship. I know it may be premature for me to think this way. But I do because I feel this way.

Last days I thought about you a lot and I thought about us. I thought may it be possible for us to meet each other one day. I thought how real is Internet. How we can learn each other throught it. Really it seems to me that there is no difference what way we communicate. The important thing is that we can learn each other and to have image of our character in our minds. And it is great.

Your photos are very beautiful as always. Thank you for your photos, which you sent me. I like it very much.

Well, I must go now. I will write again soon.

Yours Anastasiya.

Letter 8

Hi, Sigi.

I am really happy we are in touch. Thank you for your letters. They make my days. I think of you constantly. You are very close to me. I don't know how it could happen so fast. It is amazing. I feel you very close, but I can't see you.

You see we both are sincere with each other. I think it is the way people must communicate with each other. I think that we mustn't hide our feelings and thoughts. I do it. I am ready to give myself to the destiny. I believe in fortune. I think I am lucky to find you.

Sigi, I miss you in the evenings. Sometimes at nights I dream of you. I see you smiling and whispering my name. You know I wish you were here next to me or I were near you. I want to touch your hand, to see in your eyes and whisper your name... Sweet dream.

I believe we are compatible and we could be a great couple. I have thought a lot about us and came to conclusion. Sigi, we must meet in person. I want to touch your hand and see into your eyes. Really. I thought is it really so hard for us to meet? We live on the same planet, just in different places.

Sigi, I want to visit you. Would you like to meet me in person? Would you like to see me in real? I want it. I think if we both want it we can do it. Is it a crazy idea?

We met in virtual space. We found out that we have common thoughts and ideas for living. We both need someone in our lifes. We like each other. So we must meet.

We must meet to see if we are persons who we see in our letters and our thoughts. We should meet to learn each other more, to talk, to feel each other. We should check up our expectation in real life. I don't see the sense to continue our corresponds and to make image of our relationship in our minds.

I think we must meet and see if the things will work out between us, see if we will fall in love with each other. Without meeting in person we can't create full understanding of person. I want to meet you and to develop our relationship. I know we met in Internet but we met each other. It means a lot.

Sigi, I would like to visit you at this summer. I will have vacation and I think it would be good time to meet. Tell me what you think about it?

Sigi, I really feel nervous right now. I don't want to stay friends. You see it is not enough for me. I want more. You may think I am crazy, we never met. I understand. But can't do anything with it. I feel this way and I am ready to continue our relationship in more close manner.

I told with my uncle about this. He is very exciting for me. But he doesn't mind. He said "it is your life Nastya and you are worth to have your happy".

He also said that he has good friend in Moscow who works as a lawyer in emigration field. Uncle said he will help me with all paperworks. I will learn about what papers I need to make and then I will tell you. I don't know how long it will take me and how hard it will be.

Sigi, I want also to enlist your support. Can you help me if I need something from you? I don't know what exactly, maybe some information about you or something else.

Do you think it is possible for us to meet? I think yes. I believe in fortune and I think it smiled on us. If we could meet each other in Internet we can meet in real. I am sure we will have happy future together.

Sigi, I am so excited thinking of it. Yes, I surely want to embrace you and I will do everything that depends from me to make us met. Please, write sooner what you think. I am sorry if this letter is a little chaotic. I am just very exciting.

With love.
Yours Anastasiya.

P.S. I want to visit, but who know maybe I will stay with you. Smile.

P.P.S. Sigi you look at vry nice, thank you for your photos.

Letter 9

Hi Sigi.

I am sorry for my long silence. Don't worry about me I am all right.

At this days we had a Day of Victory, and I can't wrote you before, because all had holidays. Do you know something about the Day of Victory? It is the great holiday in the Russia. We celebrate the Victory in the Great Patriotic war in 1945. It was May 9, 60 years ago. In the USSR we had a tradition in this holiday. We had a demonstration. We walked alone the square and carried the transparencys (it was a pictures of Lenin, soldiers, Russian marshals etc.). It was funny:)

Now we have a lot of concerts consecrated to the people who fought against the fascist aggressors and the deceased and who live now. Also we have a tradition: to lay a wreath on a graves on this holiday. We are remembering their feats of arms. Every year we congratulate war veterans.

Usually in the evening we have a salute. It was very beautiful in this year. You know my grandpa took part in this war. He spoke, that it was a terrible war.

But, we mustn't grieve for it, let's speak about the cheerful things.

I want to tell you very serious thing. Sigi, I have done some research for coming to you. And I have good results. I talked to my uncle's friend about it. He works as a lawyer in immigration agency in Moscow. His company helps people to solve all questions about travels, organized tours and immigration. They also make all paper works and passport required for travelers. I got his professional advice about my wish to come to you.

He said that I would need visa and passport to come to you. His company can make all these papers in 10 days. This company is connected with American Embassy. That's why they work so quickly.

I asked what I would need to do and he told me about all stages in this process. At first I need to apply for visa in this company. They will make an inquiry into embassy in Moscow. Usually it takes about two days. After they will receive authorization for my visa I will need to contract for their service. Then they will start their work. I will get visa, all papers and passport in 10 days. Then I can get ticket for a plane and fly to you.

Their service costs $400 USD. I know this is a lot, but it is fast and reliable.

The lawyer said I can try to get visa by myself but it will take more time, about 6-12 months. I will need to come to embassy and apply for visa. The pay is about $200 USD. Then I will need to come there some times to sign different papers and wait. You see it could take more time, money and nerve finally.

What do you think of this occasion? I think it is great chance for us to meet. There is the reason we must hurry with it. This company have a licence to issue visas. But the government of the USA decided to limit number of visas since this year. This company will not issue visas any longer since June 1, 2005. The only way to get visa will be the embassy and it is very hard, almost impossible for lonely young woman. So I will not be able to get visa that way. Also the lawyer said that they have limited number of visas they can issue for this year. This is the rule of US Embassy. Now they have few visas they can give. He said if I want to get visa I must do it as soon as possible.

You see we must hurry if we want to meet in person. I must say that I have already applied for visa. Don't you mind?

Sigi, I love you and I need to meet you in person. We must do it as soon as possible. You know I haven't $400 USD. It makes me so sad. What can I do? I hate I have no this money. And I feel very uncomfortable to ask you for money.

If I could pay for it I would do it without any doubts. I can get about $50 USD for visa but I need another 350. Sigi, I know we will be happy together. Please, help me with visa money, help us to meet.

As for visa's period of validity it works for 3 months. I can prolong it if I will need. And I also can marry you if we will decide to do it. Sigi, please, think of it. It is our chance, we can't miss it. I must pay for visa next week. You see they take payment in advance usually. But the lawyer made an exception for me, because he is my uncle's friend. And I promised to pay in these days. I can't let him down.

Trust me Sigi. It is the best way we can meet. If you really want to meet me and help, please send money these days.

Use western union. We have several western union agents locally here. So I will be able to receive your money without any problems. They are very fast and reliable.

You will need to put in order my name and location. Just in case here is my name and address:

Anastasiya Matvienko
65 Lenin street, Pereslavl-Zaleski
Yaroslavl Region Russia 152024

I will also need your data to receive transfer:
- money transfer control number (MTCN), you will get it in the receipt.
- your name and address (as it appears in transfer order)
- control question and answer (if you will use it)
Write me this information in your email after you send money.
You may send money from any western union agent or online from:

Sigi, I understand that it is maybe too fast and rush, but we need it. We can meet and we must use this chance. I know it is much money but I don't have this money. I think I could save this sum in an year but we can't wait so long.

Sigi, you see it will be the first step to our future. I must get visa at first. I understand that it may take some months to save money for ticket. I will try to find them here, at least part of them. But I can't find money for visa in such short time. Help me.

I do it, because I love you and I trust you. I believe in our future, I believe in you. I love you.

Yours Anastasiya.

P.S. I am sorry if I seem too pressing in this letter, I've just wanted to let you know how important it is for us to meet.