Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Alekseevna Semenova to Juan (Spain)

Letter 1
Good day! Dear stranger, I wish to see how much you interested in searching and getting acquainted with new and wonderful girl? I'm hope to your like my photo. I'm also search person with which my life is quiet and remarkable.
I am very cheerful, kind and positive girl. But I am still have single and already very tired of such life.
So I come to a dating agency and found you email. In reality, I'm find for real man for a serious relationship and even wedding in future. The most important is my purpose - I want to find a lover for my lonely life! I very much hope that you are precisely this a person.
Iwill be glad if we can find our common interests and our acquaintance is most great moment in our later life. Now I do not know how much you are interested in continuing our conversation therefore greater detail I will write about me later!
I will wait for your answer!
Letter 2
I am so glad that you write me!!!
I did not expect this.
For me this is the first communication on the Internet! I'm a little worried.
I thought that I was given a non-existent data.
But it turned out that you exist. I am very pleased.
I'm sorry for my English, I make use of a translator. I can talk well in English.
I'm do not know how to start to tell my story. I'll start with the most important.
My name is Anastasiya, I'm 36 years old.
I'm was born May 15, 1984, in the small town Kotelnich, on the banks of the river Vyatka.
I am have a daughter Natalia, she is 7 years old. I'm will send you my picture.
I am worked as a massage therapist at the clinic. I'm at work now.
Here I have the computer to get online. My own laptop broke down.
To be honest I'm even happy about it, because my daughter for a long time play at my notebook. It is very hurt her studies.
You know, children do not like to learn, they just like to relax with toys. Would you like to know about COVID-19 in your city? What are your limitations? I'm so tired of wearing masks. Especially now I don't want to wear a mask when spring has come and I am want to breathe fresh air. But now your health and the health of the people around you are more important. Hope you got the covid-19 vaccine.
I'm do not know what else to add? you yourself may ask me, do you have interesting questions? I'm pleased to answer them. I really want once again to receive a letter from you. I am have to go to work. just told me that the patient came. Have a great day!!! once again, thank you for your mail. I look forward to your email and send me some of your photos!!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Juan!!! Again the smile on my face and joy in my heart.
Thanks to your answer for all this . Did you like my photos? On them not visible my height, it may be interesting to you, my height is 172 centimeters, weight 54 kilograms.
I value communication with you. I live in a studio apartment with my daughter.I divorced with my ex-husband, I divorced when my daughter was 1 year old. He was cruel to me, cheated on me and he did not appreciate me like woman. I have not seen him for 6 years. He does not help us with daughter and did not interest in our lives. I'm disappointed in him as a man. From family I have only mother Tatiana, grandmother Svetlana. My father died 9 years ago. He had an accident in a car. I loved him very much.
He was a real man. It is a pity that he is not with us ... probably you wondering why I'm not looking for a man in my city? my city very small and all the good men are already taken :)
I dearly with you chat! I'm very tired of being alone.
Time goes by for me. My daughter is growing. She often asks me why her friends have a father, and she no??? I want her to live in a complete family. I want her to have, like all children have a mom and dad.
I myself can not substitute for her father.
Tell me a little about your life ... Tell me about your family, work and how you like to spend your free time? I hope, I will not show you annoying but I want to hear your voice. I want to make sure that you exist. Can you give me your phone number with your country code, so I can call you? I'll call you in a few days. I look forward to your quick response!!! Sincerely Anastasiya!!!
Letter 4
Good afternoon or good morning =) !!! I do not know how much time you have now.
But I hope I'm not distracting you by my letter. You know, I would like to say once again that you are very dear to me and I appreciate your account and chat with me. I like you and I want to clarify clear in my intentions to you. I've fired in life by men and do not want this again. If you do not want further communication, please do not let me hope !!!!! It is very important to know how do you feel about the fact that I have a child? You are not afraid?
Someday I would like to see you in live, but you know that long distance between us. I have a job, and child and you have probably a lot of things and work! So I want to give you my address, I live in Russia, in Kotel'nich city, street Komsomolskaya 6 - 19! Natalya is 7 years old and sometimes it seems that she is growing by leaps and bounds. This year, she have already gone to the first class.
She is very clever not for her age. She helps me around... When I cook to eat, she repeats after me.
She takes potatoes and trying to clean it with me. It looks very funny =). She always washes her dishes and helps me in cleaning. You should have seen the order in which she contains her things. Natalya is all that I have ... I love her very much, but sometimes she did not listen me. She need father's education and care. On weekends, when I take a break at work, I try to give more attention to Natalya. There in my small town are not many places where you can take a walk with your child. Sometimes we go to the park or just walk on street. In the evening, we make her studies together! Juan I hope that you understand me correctly. I do not want that you to take offense at me....
I'm going to wait for your answer to my letter! Anastasiya.
Letter 5
Juan you have no idea how I am glad to your answer. I'm in very good mood. I'm glad that you understand me and your intentions to me are serious. Now I know that I have a good friend. Even though we are far from each other. Today is a very hard day at work ... As I said, I work in a local hospital ... I have a lot of work. Since I'm one sometimes I need to earn. I get a call from nearby villages, to do massage for adults and small children. Sometimes people whose children I do massage do not give me money. They give me meat, milk, potatoes. All what they are rich. I can not refuse them. Many children have problems with backbone. Without my professional treatment, children are poorly developed. Many of them do not have the money, and asked me for help.
My mother brought me up so that it is necessary to help people! I like my job! I have many times been invited to work at the clinic in Moscow. Luring big salary. But the money in life is not the main thing. I hope that you have the same opinion. And I've never lived in a big city. I think the big cities spoil people! I want to learn how about your life?
Now I have to go to work. In a minute the patient will come. I have to finish the letter. It makes me feel sad. When I am writing you a letter as if you were next to me. And Now I must go Juan and I say goodbye to you till tomorrow. Anastasiya.
Letter 6
Hello Juan! Good afternoon !!! Today I was in a hurry when I was going to work.
I was anxious to see your letter. I'm glad that you wrote today.
My friend came to my house yesterday evening after work. Her name is Mariya. She is my best friend. We have not seen for a long time and yesterday we long spoke . I told her about you and me. Anna asked me to send you greetings from her. Has long wanted to ask you? Do you have a detrimental habits? I myself do not smoke. Alcohol is used only in the company's holidays. Of course, I will not mind that you will have harmful habit, but everything should be the measure. I believe that because many families crumbling consequence of alcohol consumption. As this is bad impact on the education of children. Children look to adults and in future themselves repeating adult's mistakes! Do you have a hobby?
Spend some free time!? I try to spend more time with my child. We love to go to the village to my grandmother. I like countryside life. We bathe in the river, collecting berries and mushrooms in the woods.
We ride a bike. In winter, ice skating and skiing. I like going to the gym. I'm trying to keep one's figure. I like active rest. I always encourage people to do so. I help my grandmother with housework. She has a large vegetable garden, cow and chicken. She taught me love and cherish nature. I forgot to tell you. At home I have a dog. His name is Sharik. I found him on the street. He was all *****, he had a wound on his back . He was very thin and hungry.
I could not pass by and decided to shelter it. He is very kind and gentle dog. To me it is time to work. I'll wait for your letter. Anastasiya.
Letter 7
It is very pleased to see your letter Juan. In the morning before work I drove Sharik to veterinary clinic. It was vaccinated.
It is easy for me to communicate with you. It feels as if we know each other all our lives. I'll come to trust you. You probably wondering why I was left without a husband? I met my husband when I was still at university. I was only 20 years old. We had it all well, we loved each other. He cared for me beautifully. He gave almost flowers every day. He spoiled me presents. I studied. He was always close around and helped me. After graduation, I went to get a job to the hospital. My husband opened the business. He hired workers engaged in repair machines. we all was well until Nataliya is not a year old.
He went to my best friend Irina, with whom we studied together at the School and worked together. I trusted her as my own sister. I introduced her to my husband. At our wedding, she was a girlfriend bride in Russia it is called the witness. Once I came from work early, and found them in bed ... And my daughter Nataliya, they were locked in another room. I was terrified. I had dark in my eyes, I almost fainted. I did not know what to do. I could not talk or breathe. I silently took my daughter and left to Mom. I did not pick up my things. I do not know why I tell it you. To be honest, I never told anyone this. Even my mother does not know this. I tell you this because it is easy to me now. I found you and let the past go. Hopefully in the future this will not happen again.
I could not bear such a betrayal again. I am sad now because I have to go home ...
when I write you a letter it seems that you are near !!! See you soon :)!!!
Letter 8
Hello dear Juan! How are you? I hope my last letter did not strained you. I was thinking all yesterday night about it.
Maybe I should not have written this all about the ex-husband to you?
I know I have written that the heart says.
Today could not get to work in five hours. I had to stand on street. The building next door from my work caught fire. Firefighters arrived and they blocked the road. Firefighters carried people from the burning building. People inhaled carbon monoxide. I helped doctors to provide first aid.
It was very scary. I worried about people. But thank God, all alive. Now we have a lot of work. I have to make up for the missing working time. I quarreled with the boss. They say that I should go to work through the back door. But I could not throw people in trouble. I think that I did the right thing. I have a lot of emotions now, it is necessary to calm down and get to work. There's no time to write more.
I will try to write again before I will go home ... Your Anastasiya.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Juan !!! I began to wake up every morning with thoughts about you. I have no other joy than to think about you, present you around and dream about our future. Thoughts of you do not go out from my head. I have not experienced such feelings long ago. Sometimes I think that I'm going crazy. I began increasingly represent us together !!! I did not think that I can once again experience such feelings.
We know little of each other, but you have already take a place in my heart and my life. I grateful to my destiny and my curiosity for for our acquaintance.
I remember when I was terribly nervous when you wrote me first letter.
I was afraid that you did not properly understand my thoughts and intentions.
But now I see that we understand and feel each other. Do you feel it?
Maybe it's our destiny. You just imagine that we live in thousands of kilometers from each other. We speak and think in different languages, but this does not prevent us to get acquainted. I want to know you more. I want to be worthy of your attention. Maybe, this letter will seem to you too frankly. But I can no longer keep these thoughts inside me. I look forward to your sincere response. Your Anastasiya.
Letter 10
Hi, how are you doing Juan? I am writing you a letter again, my dear friend.
I hope that my last letter was not load to you.
Yesterday I came home after work. Home was quiet, because my daughter is at my mother.I felt very sad in my soul.
The flat is not enough children's laughter.
I already miss of my daughter. I have spoken with her by phone an hour ago. She said that she is all right.
My mother lives in the village. They walked by the river today. I also would like to walk there with you.
I rarely have dreams lately. Juan you will not believe, but tonight I had you in my dreams.
In the dream I was running for you, and you smile turned out farther away from me.
Then I stopped running and you yourself came up to me. I do not remember what happened next.
When I woke up, I forgotten this moment.
But I remember the feeling of joy and warmth from the meeting with you.
I woke up at five in the morning, and then could not sleep.
I tried to remember the dream completely all this time.
When I came to work today head doctor came up to me.
He said that I have changed. He said that I am now constantly fly somewhere in the thoughts.
He said about smile on my face and that I began to think less about work.
The chief doctor asked me with a smile on his face: you're in love with somebody?
I was very surprised that he asked it. Is it really strike the eye? I began to spend time little with people at work.
More and more often I try to go home and dream of you. Probably, I fall in love with you Juan.
All the time I think about you. I imagine that you arrive to my city that we are together with you!!!
But then I begin to think that you are far from me and maybe we will never see each other.
Tears appears in my eyes of those thoughts. I'm absolutely alone and only your letters warm my heart.
I am very glad that you came in my life. I want to believe that you are my destiny, that we made for each other!!! I'm sorry, that I am so frank but I have no one to share my feelings.
I wrote this to you and in I feel easily in my soul right now.
I would like to hug and kiss you now. I really trust you.
I hope that you feel the same feelings to me. I really want this!!!
I beg you not to play with me please. Speak always the truth to me.
I look forward to your answer and your photo. Your Anastasiya.
Letter 11
Hello Juan !!! How was your day? How are you doing? I really miss you.
Today, my mother came and brought back my daughter.
At daughter's school eliminated an accident with a pipe.
The school reopened for lessons. Mom will sleep with us today.
They are very tired from the road. I made them eat. My mother asked how are you ???
She asked do I communicate with you? I said that very attached to you and fell in love with you.
My mother is very worried about us. I told my mom that I will soon have a vacation from work. I've been waiting for this for whole year.
I will spend more time at home with my daughter.
We will go to the grandmother to the village, we will spend time in nature.
Of course, I would very much like to spend a vacation with you!
It would be the best vacation of my life!!!
I start save money to come to you.
I want to see your country.
I want you to show me your favorite places where you like to relax.
I want you introduced me to your family and friends.
I feel warm at soul at the thought of it.
My dream is to see you in live.
My heart always wants to be near you.
I want to hear your voice, see your eyes.
I do not have enough now your kind, gentle, love-filled look to me.
I want to be with you and look into your beautiful eyes close-close, at a distance of breathing.
And your smile is a something that makes me forget about all the problems and troubles.
I miss you so much. Kids love gifts.
And for me, you're bestowed by heaven gift. I love you!
I hope that by reading this letter, you are experiencing the same feelings for me that you miss me too.
You have no idea how I want to run to you, fall at your strong manly chest to feel the scent of of your body.
Believe in the sincerity of my words, because before I did not say it to someone. Why?
Because I never loved like I love you! I myself surprised that, but I can not do something. And I do not want to do something.
You're the best, you're the beloved, you are most dear to me, a man for whom I will go into the fire and into the water!
And to the edge of the world! At the end of my letter I wish a meeting to the two of us as soon as possible, I'm waiting it more than anything else.
I hope that the feeling is mutual. Goodbye, my dear. Do not forget me, write to me. I kiss you and I love you!!!
Letter 12
Hello my love Juan !!! I and my mother had an interesting conversation about you yesterday. We had a long conversation with her about my future with you. She offered me to meet with you. Because I have to start a vacation after a week. Of course, it's a good idea.
Mother said she will gladly keep an eye on my child! I understand that I can not take my daughter with me. At first, I myself should come to you. We need to know each other better. Moreover my daughter have to go to school. I do not know how we meet and how much it will cost. I have never been abroad and I can not imagine what to do to come to you! What do you think about our meeting with you? Do you want me to come to you? I really want to meet and test our feelings. You attract me very much!!! My heart tells me that you are the person with whom I will be all my life! We are adults and I believe that letters will not replace our meeting. When we will be together, we will check our feelings and we will think about our future. If you agree that I should come to you, then I will go to the KIROV. It is the nearest big city to me. There I will find out what I need to travel to you. I have some money, I hope it will be enough to come to you. Honey, I'm so lonely without you. There are emptiness and indifference to everything that is happening around me. Your love - this is the most precious thing in my life, and now I'm especially clearly understand it. You are my joy, my soul, my light and my air. Sometimes it seems to me that not only you know about it, but also all around, because my feelings for you just can not be overlooked. I am waiting for your answer, and I think only about you. I will always be only yours!
Letter 13
I am very glad to see your answer again, if you are ready to meet me in your country, then I will go to Kirov tomorrow to begin to make the documents.
Write me the name of the airport where I will come.
I hope that you meet me at the airport.
I am very worried, because soon we will be together.
I imagine our meeting with you and as we run towards each other, the way you hug me and kiss me. The tears of happiness come to my eyes from these thoughts.
I will be with my favorite man soon!!! I'm happy!
I am ready to shout about it everywhere, but I can to shout it only in my mind ..
I'm at work right now. I will be take the day off for tomorrow to go to Kirov.
My mother stayed at my home to keep an eye on my daughter.
I hope that I will succeed tomorrow in Kirov and soon we will be together.
I'll write you all details about my trip when I come from Kirov.
I must work now! I love you and I miss you. Your Anastasiya.
Letter 14
My favorite I am glad to get your letter.
Today I wanted to go to Kirov, to make documents and to know what I need to travel to you.
But you did not tell me, are you ready to meet?
Can you meet me at the airport? Can you tell me the name of the airport?
From where will be convenient to you to pick me up?
I really want to meet, soon I will have vacation and this is the most convenient time for me to fly to you.
I'm looking forward to our meeting with you.
I am filled with feelings for you, my heart is filled with love and is being torn apart.
Why did you ignore my questions in my last letter Juan ? Do you not want to meet?
I believe in our future with you and my heart tells me that we will succeed.
Letters can not replace our meeting. We can communicate via e-mail for a long time!
But we can not check our feelings without meeting!
You hold a special place in my life and in my heart.
I love you very much and I want to be with you.
All of our letters, all our feelings do not justify our meeting?
I do not want to believe it. My feelings for you are sincere.
I want to be near you. I want to love you for the fact that you are in my life.
I want to prepare delicious dinners for you, see off to work, meet from work, enjoy success with you and share grief with you, support you in difficult times. I want to fall asleep on your chest, to wake up and see your dear face first thing.
I dream to wallow and luxuriate in your arms.
I very much hope that you will answer me soon...
I love you. Your Anastasiya.
Letter 15
Hello my love Juan.!
I recently arrived from Kirov. I came home, talked with my daughter, with mother and went to bed.
Now I am back at work and I am writing this letter to you. I hope you understand me correctly and read it carefully. It is very important.
When I arrived in Kirov yesterday, I immediately went to the travel agency. I was explained everything there.
I was asked to write an application for a visa to your country. I filed an application for an international passport also.
I will get this passport in an accelerated program in 3 days. I will need to pick up a visa in Moscow after about week.
maybe even earlier, since I am vaccinated against covid! I also had to provide a certificate of vaccination against covid -This is a must! I provided everything.
To conclude a contract with a travel agency, I needed to do: two photos (5x5), health insurance, provide information from the employer, the document on registration from place of residence and birth certificate.
In the contract also specified that the travel agency will book airline tickets for me to your side and back.
I need pay 1070 euros for all their services. Flight tickets to your side and back are included.
I have only 680 euros. I don't have 390 euros. I did not think that the trip to you is so expensive.
The Russian currency very much fallen in price against the international currencies. It would be enough my money to come to you earlier.
I was very upset. I spoke with my mother and asked this lacking money from her.
But she said that she has only 10 000 rubles, which is about 108 euros. My mother said that she need money too, if I will go to your country.
She will need to buy food and to transport my daughter to school. For this is needed money too. My income is just 20,000 rubles per month.
For me 390 euros is a big amount. I don't know where I can take it. I will have to cancel the trip to you probably.
I'm so sorry ... I've already imagined our meeting with you. Probably my destiny is to be alone all my life.
I hoped that in a few days we'll be together, but our plans are crumbling. I feel the pain to tears ...
It is a pity that it is not in my power to change all the circumstances which keep us in the distance.
It's hard to love at such distance. Sometimes I just go crazy, but I know that I am not alone, you're with me.
Your warmth and care are felt even through the thousands of kilometers! I don't want to lose you...
I took day off for today because I can not work in this emotional state. All my thoughts are only about you and our meeting.
I have to go home now to buy products and cook food. I feel really heavy. I love you very much ... And miss you...
Letter 16
My dear Juan.
I couldn't find the money. I tried to borrow from colleagues and my friends, but after this covid everyone has difficulties. And I have nothing left to do but turn to you Juan. I have exhausted all my possibilities.
You are the man in our relationship and now everything is in your hands. Whether we meet with you or not, it's up to you, I took a step towards meeting you, our relationship, our future ... I gave everything that I had and assumed all the obligations, but I didn't manage to do it before end. And I hope for you, my beloved Juan!
Do you need me, as much as I need you ...? I love you very much and how difficult it all seemed, we do it for our sake and our relationship. Meeting is the next stage in our life with you, I am ready for this meeting, I am very worried that these problems with money may decide our fate not in our favor ...
I don't want to believe this!
Hope you can help? Think about how you can solve this problem?
I don’t want money to decide to be with you or not, no, no, I don’t even want to think about it.
Now I am experiencing tremendous stress and at the same time the fear that I might lose you, because I don’t know if you can help me, get to you. Thoughts about you and our meeting do not leave me, I cannot sleep or eat peacefully, knowing that I have you, my loved one, my love, my soul mate. It becomes intolerable from the monetary barrier that has become between our meeting. I am hoping that you will help us get him over and meet as soon as possible. I am ready to meet, ready to share my life with you and to be near, no matter what happens, to love you in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty!
Having met you, I learned the meaning of true love. I promise that as long as I live, I will honor and respect you.
I will become better for you and will work to make our relationship better every year.
I promise to be honest and listen to you, always respect your opinion.
I promise that I will be faithful to you in body and soul. I promise to be yours forever. But for this we need real life and this meeting!
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