Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vasileva to Colin (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello and Thank you for your message.
I ask you to write to me here at my personal address.
Here we can now communicate and learn more each other.
Sorry that my reply came to you with a delay.
I just couldn't answer you right away because my computer wasn't working
And just today a computer repair man came and changed Windows and I can answer you again. Thank goodness my computer is restored and I'm back online.
Today is Monday and it is 8 March. Now my clock is 14 hours and 55 minutes.
I wonder what time you have when you started writing me a letter? I seek honest stable relationships over the internet.
Since here where I live, I can't build a family.
I have decided to try your luck and write to your email and ask you personally.
Where do you live? What is your town called?
I live in Russia.
I live in the city of Syzran.
City of Syzran This is the Samar region in Russia Is that your nickname colin?
What's your real name? My full name is Svetlana.
I am 33 years old. How old are you?
I understand English and can therefore understand everything you write to me.
I am only 170 cm tall. How tall are you?
And I send you 2 full-length photos
So you can see my height and my body with my own eyes
Send your photos of 2 full-length. Good?
I hope this is not a problem for you. what is your profession?
I work as a Russian language teacher.
I worked as a teacher at a school, but left because my salary was too low.
Teachers receive very little salaries where I live.
And after I voluntarily quit. I choose my own job.
Now I teach Russian at home. The children's parents find me through an advertisement in the newspaper.
My work is great fun. I have a video for you
Because my email refuses to send the video as an attachment.
Because of this, I had to add my video to a dedicated website for video sharing.
And when you open the link you can download my 1 video file.
Video Titled: Video File 01,
I want you to see that I am a live and real woman and for that I will send you a live video of me Maximize your sound to hear all of the sounds in the video.
For the first letter, I think that's enough.
I look forward to your reply
I'll leave you a kiss.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Kisses and hugs you, your friend Svetlana from Syzran
Letter 2
Thank you for once there was a reaction from you and I saw your message for me
Now it is easier for us to get to know each other and communicate.
I will also be interested to know you and how you live in your city. I will probably have to tell you a few sentences about myself to start a dialogue
Then you would know me better.
I am a simple girl from Russian Federation.
The city where I was born and raised is called Syzran city.
If you have a desire to see my city
I am sending you a link where you can see my city.
https: //
Perhaps you have an online camera of your city and the streets you walk on
Send me the link and I will be happy to see your city and your streets. Link to Google Maps or Wikipedia with your city
Any link that allows you to see which streets you walk each day I am a woman who knows what he wants and what he doesn't want.
I like in a man that he is loyal, shows me respect, shows me how loving she is, shows me how open you are to me.
I don't like an uptight man. What about my job? I will tell you now.
I go to work every day.
I have my favorite job. I work as a teacher of the Russian language.
This is a very necessary profession for children to study.
But I am a tutor. I help children to learn the Russian language
Grammar and spelling of words. I taught in school. But I quit a long time ago.
Since they paid very little wages.
I went to HR department and volunteered to write a statement.
And now I work for myself.
The children's parents find me through advertising in the newspaper.
This is how I find new students who have to learn all the rules and teach how to write correctly in Russian.
In other words, I am a Russian language teacher. I am often asked a question. Why did I choose this job?
That's all because I like to do good to people and make the world a little friendlier. Today I want to send you a live video of myself.
By sending you my kiss
I am very shy and I no longer know what to shoot on video.
Let my little kiss on you be the whole universe to you.
However, my email refuses to attach a video to the letter and I had to upload the video to a file sharing site.
I hope you had a big smile Maybe it's not difficult for you to shoot a video clip for me?
And you send me your video in your new letter
by sending me a kiss or waving your hand
It depends on you.
When I see you on the video I get goose bumps from you.
I will represent you in real life. I have 2 photos for you.
And I want to attach them to this letter.
I want you to see me and represent me in real life.
I really want to have you, from looking at photos, got a lot of positive vibes.
I also want to get a good-positive mood from you.
Please feel free to send me your freshest photo. I want to tell you. What I want you to print my photos and put them in your frame.
And then you watched her for a long time if you have certain questions just ask and i will try to answer you honestly.
I want to tell you that I find you very interesting and get to know you more.
You look very mature for your years. Why haven't you found a wife yet!?
If I had you by my side, I would do anything to keep you with me. I see that this is your nickname - colin.
What's your real name??? I'm going to look at your letter tonight. So write to me
I will be surprised by your next letter.
Svetlana + You = friendship
Greetings and a tender kiss.
I wish you a wonderful day.
Best regards Svetlana
Letter 3
Hello Colin, Once again I want to wish you a good day today Thursday.
How are you there on the other end of the wire?
I am so glad that I can see what you wrote again and I am glad that I can answer you again.
That day started a long time ago and I would like to know what you did first this morning. Personally, I woke up early this morning then I undressed and took a shower
I washed myself there with gel and shampoo and then I make myself a coffee with milk and then I get dressed and go to work.
So my morning flew by. very fast
Do you also shower ***** in the morning? You already know that I am a Russian teacher
And I have kids who need grammar and spelling.
I didn't choose this profession by chance.
I've always liked doing good to people
That's why I decided to work on this job
Where I'll be useful with something.
I already told you I wrote a statement and left school and now i'm working for myself
Parents of children find me through the newspaper and so i have children who need to be taught the russian language and
and Russian grammar.
But I also have a job that I have to go to.
I go to the knowledge center for local development.
Parents bring their children there every day and leave them after school and my job is that i help to do homework with children.
In other words, in this knowledge center, I help children who came after school to do their homework.
That's where I get my salary, too, but it's not that much money.
Most likely this is additional income on top of what I can have.
This is an office space that kids come to after school.
and that while the children's parents are still working.
Children are with me. Under my supervision.
Perhaps you also have such knowledge centers ???
This is referred to here as - extended day. Impressive! But now you know where and how I make a living.
I have to work 2 jobs.
This is the only way I will have enough money to buy everything I need.
Every month I pay utility bills for the apartment, gas, heating, electricity.
And that's why I have to work two jobs Write to me about your day like this
It will be easier for me to imagine your day and how your life works
After all, you probably have 2 jobs too and all the same utility bills you need. I would like to say a few more sentences to you.
I have a rare color of eyes. Because my eyes are green.
You already know that I am 33 years old.
I live in the Russian Federation in the city of Sizran. I was born in this city.
I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle.
I work a lot and don't have time to drink alcohol. And I don't have time to smoke! I am alone, have never had a family and am looking forward to a serious relationship for living together.
I have no kids. I wasn't divorced. I do not know what that is. I am looking for a man to live with.
What about waking up together in the morning?
and enjoy life together. Tell me, have you ever dreamed of waking up with a girl?
Not an easy girl.
Quite the opposite with your beloved wife.
Who loves you and never betrays you? Did you dream about
I always dream of a man who will love me and never betray me.
I want a man who won't trade me for another woman.
In fact, thinking about these thoughts makes me sick. I often feel sad and lonely because I'm still alone and not in a serious relationship.
Everything I like in life.
This is my job as a tutor. and assistant in Extended Day. That I would be inspired by the new day. I often listen to fun music.
Sometimes I listen to music and even dance.
Music gives me inspiration and a good mood for the whole day.
And do you sometimes feel that listening to music increases your mood? I want to tell you something else.
It often seems to me that I will never meet and find my soulmate.
It is the soul mate I want to fully understand.
And it is precisely because of these thoughts that I am so afraid.
Please if you can reassure me.
Maybe that's what you think about yourself too? Lately, thoughts often haunt me when I smile that no one sees my smile.
But to be honest.
I want to smile a lot and I dream of loving my man.
If I ever have a husband!
Then I will give him all my love and affection
But now I am alone and I have no husband !! I only have my salary. I buy everything I can for a salary.
I have no additional source of income.
I can only buy everything I need for my salary.
I do not need much
For example: buy groceries for every day.
Buy clothing. And some household items
This is how i live! Today I want to show you a piece of myself.
For this I will send you a video of me in which you will see me alive and thanks to my video you can introduce yourself to me in real life
Imagine if I were by your side now
What would you tell me first Tell me about your work.
What are you doing to make money?
Maybe an interesting case at work?
Where do you work and what do you do?
What other languages do you know?
I can speak and write English. I want to start a conversation with you Colin,
where we get to know each other better.
What is the name of the city you live in?
Tell me more about you?
and tell me what you do every day and send me more photos of you with your reply email. I would like to send you photos too
I will send you pictures from my life
By the way, I'll send you a video
where you will see more of my photos because I leaf through my photo album there
Did you see the video from my photo album?
Do you have your photo album?
Will you also send me a video on how to turn the pages in your photo album?
I am writing my letter today on 11 March (11.03.2021).
I look forward to hearing from you
Hug and kiss you Colin. your Svetlana from Sizran city
Letter 4
Hello Colin and have a good start to the day from Russian Federation.
Today I have a lot of work and I will have a tough and busy day.
And I have 30 minutes to write you a letter and send it quickly
If I have grammatical errors in my letter, forgive me in advance
I will just write very quickly and express my thoughts for you. I already told you yesterday, but I'll repeat myself again! Suddenly you didn't understand me and didn't hear me.
Well, I take a shower every morning, but then someone is often missing to wash your back...
For me the fastest way to cleanse your body and make it fit for the day.
And when I get home from work, I take another shower to stop the sweat and
to remove the strain of work.
I mostly drink coffee in the morning, currently I have a type of brownie toffee chocolate, tastes very tasty, but I also drink various types of tea, I currently have around 30 different types at home. I told you, but maybe you don't remember
I am 33 years old and have lived here in the Russian Federation all my life. Do you know where it is?
At the moment I still live near a large center
with a city in which all infrastructures are very developed.
but i live in a town that is smaller
the city is called Sizran, this is where I work and live.

By the way, I've never been married and I don't have any children.
Well, waking up next to a man in the morning is what every woman dreams of.
And vice versa, that shouldn't be a problem.
Having said it once, I just want to confirm it.
Standing together in the shower and making love, I don't see anything reprehensible in that or sinful, it shows that you have a healthy attitude towards your partner and sexuality.
And you can soap each other up where you can't go on your own... I also like it when the fingers of the man can touch and caress everything unhindered when showering for two...
and of course can kiss...
By the way, when it comes to personal hygiene, I shave every day.
Do you understand what I mean?
I regularly remove the hair growth below the belt line...
Do you shave? I don't like unshaven at all.

I am looking for a man with whom I will feel good and comfortable.
I don't ask to get married when we're together.
I can live without a wedding, you just have to be able to appreciate and respect one another.
but just a nice and uncomplicated male being;
that likes to laugh, listen and share worries and joy with me, no more and no less.
Do you have a nickname? My nickname is Sveti, but it has to do with my first name. I have a job. And I can and can work.
I can also work anywhere in the world.
But there is another side to this gold medal.
I am a single woman. And I still don't have an honest, serious relationship.
And that's a big problem in my life. And I plan to close this issue once and for all.
I hope our correspondence will give me the opportunity to get to know and understand you better.
Understand if we can create social unity.
And build strong, stable relationships.
And live together until old age and death. Let's get to know each other. I want something to work for us.
and the fact that I am a single woman and have no family or child.
Today I would like to send you some of my photos, in which you will see for yourself that I am alone in the photo the whole time. 1. My smile brightens the day
2. It's me in summer when it's warm outside. I see you enjoyed my video.
I want to show you more videos with me.
I want to show you my photo album.
I really hope that you will find it interesting to watch my video in which I will flip through the album of photos for you.
Please i beg you
Send me your video
A video in which I also see you flipping through your album with photos of yourself.
I think it is better than sending 2 photos per letter.
So you can see more pictures from my life.
And I want to see more pictures of you from your life.
Therefore I ask you to send me your video by turning pages in the photo album. I hope you had a big smile
When do you watch my video clip?
Now you see that I am a living and real woman. I will continue these thoughts in my next email.
So, my dear Colin I wish you a nice rest of the day and look forward to your answer. I will end my line here for now.
Your Svetlana
Letter 5
Hello Colin Have a nice sunny Sunday
I have sunny news for you.
You can go crazy with news like this.
But to get crazy I write figuratively.
No need to go crazy.
Today, I bought a ticket at your airport.
And now I can fly to your airport on 17 March.
And on Wednesday, 17 March of this year, our eyes meet for the first time.
The truth is is that great the news?
I'll be by your side for 21 days.
And I have to go home in 21 nights.
I've already bought a return ticket and I'm flying home on 7 April. Now I will tell you how I will get to you.
I couldn't find and purchase a direct flight to your airport.
And the only possible flight to you was via Moscow.
Because now all flights fly only through Moscow.
That's why I'm flying to you through Moscow.
First, I'll fly to Moscow Airport, then I'll fly to your airport.
I have an airport near me. His name. (Kurumoch International Airport) Samara (KUF).
I take a taxi from Sizran to Kurumoch Samara Airport (KUF).
And tomorrow, 15 March, I'm leaving Kurumoch Samara Airport
And from this airport I will fly to Moscow airport.
I even have flight details from Kurumoch Samara to Moscow. Kurumoch Samara, KUF → Moscow, Domodedovo, DME
The airline - S7 Airlines
Airplane: Airbus A320
Departure Monday, 15 March, 2021, 05:20 (local time)
Landing Monday, 15 March, 2021, 06:10 (local time)
Flight S7-1080
Tour duration 1h 50m Transplant in Moscow I couldn't buy a direct flight because it wasn't there.
I could only buy a flight with a transfer.
And then, on 17 March, I'll fly to you from Moscow.
It was the cheapest transfer flight. I am attracted to you and I want to meet you on my vacation to take a walk with you outdoors and just be together. I dream that soon we will drink coffee with milk together
And I'll send you a video of myself drinking coffee with milk in the morning
Will you have coffee with me in the morning?
The size of my video turned out to be too big.
And my email mail refuses to send too big video.
And I had to attach them to a special site.
You can see my videos when you watch them on a dedicated file sharing website. Today I am going to send you photos where you can see my smile.
My smile means that I am very happy to meet you. I also give you permission to print my photo and hang it on the wall or frame it.
I think if I come to you, we can do a photo session with you and print out our photos together
So that you will remember for a long time
Long memories of our wonderful evenings together. Be patient and be patient we'll see you soon.
Together with this letter I am sending you my sweet kiss.
And as soon as you open and read this letter, you will feel it on your lips.
Your Svetlana
Letter 6
Hello Colin, I am writing to inform you.
You will see me 17 March at your airport.
That was the good news. I have just returned from the Customs Committee.
I have to have the required amount of money for every day of my arrival in your country.
The law states that I have to have 20 dollars for every day stay in your country.
What would prove that I am the right tourist. I have to have cash.
This is due to the fact that I am traveling to your country as a tourist.
I have to show the Customs Committee that I have cash. in the hand!
I will visit you on 21 days.
This means that I need to show that I have 420 dollars cash with me. I didn't think I would have to tell you that.
But apparently must!
I ask you to help me. I know asking for money is not nice, but I have no choice. I'll give you this money back as soon as we see you at the airport.
I will fly to you on 17 March. And that means I will get your money back on 17 March.
I am very ashamed to ask for your help, but in this situation all I can do is ask for your help. When I'm here at the airport, I see that there are two money transfer points.
These are Ria and Western Union.
If there is a Ria and Western Union office near you, send me 420 dollars money here at Moscow Airport. Please if there are offices in your area.
Go there and try to give me 420 dollars today.
give me money by transfer to Moscow
to Moscow on my first name and last name.
I write you my full first name and last name: SVETLANA HOROSHAVINA
street Komarova 8
city Sizran
Postal code 446019
Russian Federation I can get your help if you send me through the RIA
then the partner of these banks in Russia is Zolotaya Korona and CONTACT.
Make a transfer through RIA (
I can get help here at Zolotaya Korona ( or CONTACT ( Here at this office I can get your money transfer if you send me via Ria (Zolotaya Korona) or Western Union This is the address where I can get your help.
Send money to this address: RUSSIAN POST
Terminal building,
Moscow Region,
Russian Federation
opening hours 09:00-20:00
Because I'm in Moscow now I know there is a lot of deception on the internet and I don't want you to think bad of me
I just really want to get to know you personally and see you in real life.
And that you would believe my words.
I will send you a copy of my passport to prove that my words are true.
I don't want any misunderstanding between us. Please help me. I am very lonely in this life.
And I have no one but you
That's very sad.
I want to stay with you.
I am waiting for you to give me a personal hug at a meeting.
Please help.
I need to get permission (green light)
Permission to visit your country.
Together we can do it and I'll come to you. Would you like to create a shared video clip? with me. I really want a video with you.
I want to look into your eyes and enjoy a wonderful time together.
So don't turn your back on me. And find a way to send me money now.
So try to send me help with money soon!
Because I'm going to wait for your help here in Moscow. Please search the official website for your nearest Western Union office.
I will write you the address of the site where you can see your nearest office See the office closest to you through the website I also want to ask you to remember from memory, maybe you saw the Ria sign somewhere on your street?
If you remember from memory, go there and I will ask you to transfer money to me through Ria and I would also like to write you an address where you can clarify the closest Ria office Try to find the nearest RIA office
via the official website: I would also like to ask you to make a transfer online
It's just in case you don't have the closest Ria or Wester Union office close by. I am asking you to send money online today via the official website.
I will give you a link to the official website: If you click on this link you can send money to me here in Moscow in my first and last name SVETLANA HOROSHAVINA.
I wrote the address to which I will receive your transfer through Western Union or via Ria at the top of this letter today. I'm all nervous here. I can't calm down. Promise me you won't leave me now
Give me the opportunity to fly to you and make a video clip with you.
I want us to be on vacation together. I want to spend all the days with you that we have.
Take cash in hand and go to the office now.
I'm waiting for information from you about transferring money to me.
Kiss! Hug you! See you soon!
Your Svetlana from Moscow airport
Letter 7
hello my dear Colin,
Throw the bad thoughts on me.
Trust me!
As proof of my words.
I will send a copy of my visa.
Take and open your eyes.
I want to come to you!
I want to live with you!
I want to meet you!
I need you because we that would build family with you.
Throw all the bad things out of your head, just think of good things and positive !!!! Don't sit on the floor.
Lift the fifth point off the couch.
Take the money in hand and go to Western Union near the office.
I'll be waiting for you tonight after work.
Or in the morning before work, send 220 dollars to my name and surname SVETLANA HOROSHAVINA. Remember that this money, I want you return back on Saturday 20. March.
Because on Saturday 20. March, you and me, will meet with at your airport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've already wrote to you five times and I'll write in the sixth.
I don't want to spend your 220 dollars.
220 dollars need me here, that would only show that I have money and I have a legal tourist. Then I received - permission (green light) here in Moscow,
AND I can fly you on 20. March at your airport.
And on Saturday 20. March,
I'll give you back, your money back!
You don't have to lose anything! And now I come to you only for 11 days and I have to show the customs committee of 220 dollars.
11 days x 20 dollar day = 220 dollars Please send 220 dollars today to my name and surname: SVETLANA HOROSHAVINA
This is the Western Union address
In this office I can get your help:
Terminal building,
Moscow Region,
Russian Federation
220 dollars As soon as I get your help in the amount of 220 dollars,
I will immediately go to the customs board so let the customs committee give me permission (green light)
And only in this case, I can be 100 percent - confident I will fly 20. March to you.
And my birthday 34 years, WE WILL MEET WITH YOU TOGETHER !!!! What are we going to do on my birthday?
We will inflate the balloons?
We'll open the champagne in honor of my birthday - TOGETHER?
Will you sing me a song: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU
Will we be celebrating my birthday on 20. March? please try to send tonight, the money is via WesternUnion's official website (online): WesternUnion staff said this is a very quick and easy one! Or look for the nearest WesternUnion office: As soon as you send help with money
It will be better if yours send me a copy of the western union.
And if you don't have a scanner.
Take it in hand a photo camera and take photos document Western Union.
If my eyes don't see a copy of the document, I can't receive your money! If you don't send any help to me by Saturday.
I have to throw my ticket in the trash can.
And it will be on the conscience.
Because I do everything in my power
Now it's your turn to do it to help me. I'm waiting.
I will be very glad when I opened your letter in the morning, I will see good news from you ...
Please don't forget to send me a copy of the document in which I can see all the details of the transfer.
Your Svetlana
Letter 8
Hello my dear Colin,
I have news for you.
I just got back from the Customs Committee.
I was only able to change the number of days I stayed in your country.
On a short visit to your country for 7 days.
I have to show the customs committee that I have the money of 140 dollars. You ask a question. Why should I show money?
i travel in your country as a tourist.
I should have in hand 20 dollars for every day.
When visiting your country
I should have 20 dollars in my pocket for every day visit your country
7 days x 20 dollars a 1 day = a total of 140 dollars I ask for your help again. You're the only I can ask for help with!
please send here in Moscow in the office remittance only 140 dollars. You can transfer money through RIA moneytransfer or Western Union
And when you send money through Ria then partners here at
then Ria's partner is Zolotaya Korona and CONTACT system.
Sending via Ria you should know that I can receive money here at the airport through Ria's partners in Russia it is the Zolotaya Korona and CONTACT system.
I hope that I have explained in an accessible and understandable way to you.
These offices are open today and I can get your help through them. Please remember! That your money is completely safe! Because!
I don't need to spend this money.
I just need to show that I have the money in my pocket. and all.
And I'll bring you this money. And bring her back.
As soon as we meet at your airport.
Immediately upon arrival, I will return the money I am asking you now.
This will happen on Wednesday 24 March. Now take 140 dollars in your hand and put it in your pocket.
In a jacket pocket or in a jeans pocket. And go to the office near you.
An office near you. RIA or Western Union I am writing this to you so that you will know when you do a translation about Ria
Then I can get your help here in Russia via Zolotaya Korona and Contact.
I am writing this to you so that you will not be in for a surprise.
When you are in your ria and a representative will ask you this.
You will already know everything.
Because I consulted for you today. I ask you to send money to my name and surname: SVETLANA HOROSHAVINA This is the Western Union address
In this office I can get your help: RUSSIAN POST
Moscow Region,
Terminal building
Russian Federation Remember. As soon as I receive your help. Then I will immediately immediately,
Go to the customs committee. in order to receive permission to visit your country
I need permission(green light).
So take it easy You can me trust.
Everything is under my control You can try to send 140 dollars on my name and surname.
without leaving the house.
On-line, over the Internet
Website: You can also send me 140 dollars through the RIA office
You can find the RIA office near you here:
Enter your address and you will see where near you
There is a RIA office this is my last request to you.
If you don't this week send me 140 dollars. It's over!!!!
I have to find the nearest dumpster and throw my plane ticket in the dumpster. As proof of my words.
I will send a copy of my visa.
Visa to visit your country within 7 days.
I have to confirm my visa
I need confirmation of my visa.
I need to get permission to visit I'm so sick of this trip to you
I am very ***** and I want to wash soon.
I go to your bathroom and wash my body for 1 hour.
I will wash for a long time because I am very *****.
I want to change my ******* to clean.
I want to wash myself and put on clean clothes.
I want to put on a bathrobe and take off my heavy clothes.
I want to put all of my clothes in the washing machine.
I generally want to undo and take off my ***.
And sleep in a bathrobe without a ***.
Sometimes I even sleep without *******.
So my body takes a break from clothing.
I wear clothes all day. And at night when I'm in bed I take off all of my underwear and clothes.
I rarely sleep in a bathrobe without clothes.
I've been so tired for a long time.
If you were around now, you would see it for yourself with your own eyes. Let's not go on living without each other.
Let's meet this Wednesday, 24 March.
I ask you to send the money immediately 140 dollars on my Name and Surname SVETLANA HOROSHAVINA.
And then I can get permission(green light).
Permission to visit your country.
And I'll fly to you on 24 March.
And we'll be together
Just you Colin and I'm Svetlana. Do not waste time. Go to the office immediately.
The more you spend time.
So much the worse for us.
Send money through on my Name and Surname
RIA moneytransfer / Western Union
And as soon as I'm get your money.
I'm going to the Customs Committee immediately to get permission
Permission to visit your country within 7 days
I am waiting for your help tonight.
With this letter I am sending you my kiss.
Your Svetlana
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Age: 30
Name: Ama Thersa
Age: 31
Name: Baba Haruna
Age: 33
Name: Selena
Age: 25
Name: Mary Makari
Age: 38
Name: Rukaya
Age: 41
Name: Olga Arnaut
Age: 28
Name: Clarisa Sanico
Age: 23
Name: Angel Sabaiya
Age: 29
Name: Natalia Kochurina
Age: 26
Name: Lisa
Age: 30
Name: Rose Williams
Age: 26