Letter(s) from Natalia Erdyakova to Thomas (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my dearest Thomas,
All night I thought of you and Katharina, and also about my forthcoming trip. I already for a long time anywhere leaved from the city so far. And now I am waited with such long trip to Germany.
Understand me I worry slightly. You see... this absolutely other country. I heard, that in Germany very friendly people. It so?
Oh, thank you, my love, for such beautiful photos.
I can not believe, that I shall see it my eyes. At you such beautiful district, green grass and remarkable river.
It considerably differs from that village where live my parents. At you all is much more beautiful. I simply can not constrain mine delight.
I so am glad, that you can meet me in Berlin.
Today in the morning I have learned, that the ticket aboard the plane from the airport of Moscow up to the airport of Berlin costs 440 $.
But it is required to me still near 100 $ on trip to Moscow.
If you can not send this sum, I shall understand all and I shall borrow money at my relatives. Simply to me very much not dexterously to ask you money, mine road because you may think of me something bad. I do not know how you may transfer money to me, probably through system Western Union?
My girlfriend speaks, that it is reliable also she once received money through this system.
You know as she worries for me, very strongly. Whether she asked me I can visit her here, when i shall come to you?
With you, we can visit Russia in the future that you could get acquainted with my parents? My dear, I very much wait for our meeting. I believe, that we shall start new happy life together.
Every day my heart is beaten faster, pending it.
I very much hope, that to this of nothing will prevent, otherwise I shall not go through it, my love. As soon as my visa and other documents will be ready, the same day I shall go to Moscow there to buy the ticket up to Berlin. I think hours and minutes up to this moment my dear Thomas...
Kiss from me Katharina also tell her the warmest words from me...
I Hope, that soon I can make it.
I wait from you for the answer very strongly...
Many, many kisses... my dearest Thomas and Katharina !!!
With love, Natashenka.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Thomas,
Excuse, that I yesterday could not write to you, my love.
I visited my parents. Probably it was one of last meetings with them, before mine trip to you. I have told them, that soon I leave to you and my mum has shed a few tears.
She very much worries for me and experiences, but I have told, that I can visit them when such opportunity will be presented us.
And daddy has very much wanted to get acquainted with you, having seen on my person it is a lot of pleasure.
He has told: I want to get acquainted with this person who has made you such happy!
Thank that has calmed me concerning my trip. I am very glad, that now I have you and Katharina. I very much hope, that Germany becomes for me the second native land and the second house. I know, that there me for two favourite persons, it you and Katharina wait. I very much would like to see you faster and to embrace...
My love, thank for beautiful postalcard which you have sent me, on it so much beautiful places of Berlin are represented.
I can not believe, that I can visit there.
It is very good, that Katharina now in holiday.
We can carry spend with her more time together that it is better to learn each other. I can not believe, that we can float on the sea all together is so interestingly and romantically.
I think, all is necessary us so much interesting together from what our life becomes much happier.
My dear, I can not wait this moment.
I am very grateful to you for the help which much more will speed up our meeting. You asked me to find Western Union Agent Location in my city. As far as I understand it there can be any bank. The closest it - VYATKA-BANK on street ENGELSA, KIROV 4, 610000. My girlfriend has told, that will help me to make all correctly, because I in it badly understand. She has told, that for correct transfer I should inform you my full name, and you to me.
If it so, my full name Natalia Erjakova.
Then it is necessary to wait for some days before all documents will be ready. And I can go to Moscow to sit there aboard the plane to Berlin.
My dear, I very much hope, that time up to our meeting quickly will fly by, and when I shall find myself in your embraces it will stop for ever.
With love and many kisses...
Yours Natashenka.

Letter 3

Hello my dearest Thomas!!!
Thank you for your beatiful letter. In it is so much love and heat, that I feel it all my body.
My love, I is very grateful to you for new photos which you have sent me. I am very glad to see on them you and Katharina - such small happy girl.
You know, my dear, I earlier never flied by planes, and to me it is a little terrible. But I think, that I can consult with it, for the sake of you and Katharina. I would like to see you faster.
Today in the afternoon I was engaged in registration of the visa, the passport for travel abroad, and filling of other papers which are necessary for my trip. I have paid for this practically all my money, but I at all do not regret. I know, that in exchange I shall receive much more - happy life with you.
My love, now to me is necessary to wait for some days for reception of the visa, and I can be go to Moscow.
My trip to Moscow by train will occupy about 18 hours.
As soon as I there shall come, I shall go to Moscow airport Sheremetevo and I shall buy the ticket up to Berlin. Later I should go in hotel to wait there for my plane.
On a way I I shall visit the Internet cafe also shall write to you the airport and an exact times of my arrival in Berlin.
My dear my heart becomes transfixed at idea, that in some days I can embrace you and Katharina and to kiss you.
I necessarily shall transfer your words to my parents. Thank, that you such attentive.
Very much it is a lot of kisses for you and Katharina!!!
With love, your Natashenka.

Letter 4

Hello my love,
Excuse me for the short letter.
I recently have come from bank and could not receive money.
Excuse me please, my dear, but I yet very well know English, therefore I have mixed a spelling of my surname.

And the mistake about which I was informed by the clerk last time was not in yours last name, it be in mine. It appears, Erjakova is not a correct spelling.
The clerk has looked my passport and has told, that will be correct Erdyakova. Unfortunately in the Russian passport do not write last name in latin variant. Excuse me once again, but with such data I can not receive money.
Probably can you alter translation?
I promise you, that we shall consult with any difficulties which will arise on my way to you. I shall wait very much for your answer, my love.
Kiss from me Katharina and told her the warmest words.
Very much I miss on you and I wait for our meeting.
With love and kisses yours Natashenka.

Letter 5

Hello my love Thomas,
I write you the letter from Moscow. I know, that you waited for it little bit earlier, but I did not have opportunity to go in Internet - cafe. I have reached normally, in a train appeared very conveniently.
Very good fellow traveler - the girl who was little bit more senior than me has got to me. She lives in Moscow and for some days came to Kirov on what that assembly. Her sent there from work.
We is fast with her have got acquainted and began to talk about attitudes between men and women. She has seemed to me very pleasant and I have told to her the history how I have met you, my dear.
She was so is glad for me when has learned, that I leave to you and it seemed to me, that she even envies me a little.
We talked to her very long, and have late gone to bed, and when have woken up a train already dropped in on Moscow.
We have collected the things and say good bye. She has wished me successful flight to Berlin.
My dear Thomas, Moscow has seemed to me such big city, that I feel itself such small and defenceless, much more, than many people here live in Kirov.
At station I have taken a taxi and at once have gone to airport Sheremetevo to buy the ticket to Berlin, but there I have learned such, that me has resulted in a shock.
To me have told, that for arrival in Germany it is necessary to have at itself not lessthan 450 dollars to crosscustoms house.
It is necessary that the person had, in case of unforeseen circumstances, means for payment of the return ticket to Russia, hotel and the foodstuffs.
I begged them, spoke, that in Germany I am am waited by my loved person, and I there go to become a citizen of Germany, but they have told, that this law is accepted with a view of care of citizens of Russia and we can't change it, to you will be come to take with ourselves money. I could not do anything as it is the law.
All my requests appeared useless. I all worry, all evening could not find to myself a place, I at all do not know what to do further, I could not constrain some tears when has thought, that we can not meet you, my love. I have talked about it to my aunt Yuliya and she has told, that probably can lend to me of money. She very good person. I so am offended on the country and the government, it seems to me, that at us here all is arranged against people that they could not live well.
And the most insulting, it that I anywhere about it beforehand did not hear, on one site internet is not written about such law.
My dear Thomas, I promised you, that I shall overcome all barrier on the way and I shall restrain the promise. I should be late in Moscow on couple of days to solve the problem with money.
I shall write each day necessarily to you from Internet - cafe.
My loved everything, that is necessary for me this your beautiful letter and photo Katharina, because when I see her, at me on soul it becomes very good and I have forces. Write to me please, my sweetie Thomas. I promise you, that soon we shall together...
I love you very, very much!!! Your little queen Natashenka.

Letter 6

Hello my dearest Thomas,
I very, very much miss on you. Today I walked on Moscow. Went on the red area, saw the Kremlin and other beautiful places. And all this time I thought only of you, my love. Life becomes such sad, when beside there is no loved person. It seems to me, that time up to our meeting lasts already whole eternity, so it is hard for me.
Aunt Yuliya has given me some sum of money that I could show them at the airport, but all the same it is not enough of them. My love, I so am glad, that you can help me. To me it is necessary what to tell you:
In Moscow very strictly watch the order and the militia continually checks passports at people. My passport too some times checked and asked much concerning my residence. I had to explain, that I live in Kirov, and in Moscow I travel and soon I go to Germany.
It seems to me, that such check is made because of acts of terrorism, which have taken place in Moscow the last year.
My love if you will send some money, it seems to me, that it is better to make it addressed to my aunt, because she lives in Moscow and It will be easier to her to receive, and I with it can have problems, and our meeting will be postponed for later term. Her full name in latin variant: Yuliya Karaseva.
My dear Thomas, tomorrow after dinner, near 13:00 Moscow time there is a flight to Berlin, and I can be in time on it, if in the morning we go with my aunt in bank and we shall receive money. I take a taxi, I shall come in Internet - cafe and I shall write to you an exact times of my arrival. After that I at once shall go to the airport to pass there the customs control.
I shall show them this money and I put far away in the handbag then to return them to you at our meeting.
I can not believe at all, that to tomorrow's evening we can be together. My dream comes true at me on eyes.
I very much miss on you and Katharina and very much I love you.
It is a lot of many kisses... Yours Natashenka.