Scam letter(s) from Olga Kuznetsova to Allan (Scotland)

Letter 1
Hello. My name is Olga.
I live in Russia and am looking for the man of my dreams.
I want to chat with you.
if you don't mind then answer me. My Email is
Letter 2
Hi, my name is Olga!
I haven’t communicated on the Internet until this moment, this is a novelty for me!
My friends assure that on the Internet you can find the one with whom you can live a happy life.
And I decided to go to an international dating agency
My friend convinced me that you can find happiness on the Internet
I chose your profile based on my feminine intuition.
Once there was a man in my life, I was just a toy in his hands. I don't want to make this mistake anymore
I'm looking for a decent man!
I'm only looking for a serious relationship and I hope that you too!
I want to tell about myself
My name and surname: Olga Kuznetsova
I was born in Ukraine, and now I am in Russia.
I have no children and I have never been married.
I do not drink and do not smoke!
Of the relatives, only my mother remained, since my father left the family when I was still a child.
My eyes are green
My height is 169 centimeters, weight is 63 kg.
My age is 39 years old! I think that nowadays age is just numbers!
I was born on February 25, 1985
By my zodiac sign, I'm a fish
I am fond of reading, embroidery, fitness.
I hope you will tell me about yourself, and in the near future I will see a letter from you!
If you have any questions, then ask me, I will be happy to answer everything.
I will be glad to answer any questions that interest you.
I hope for an early reply.
Your new friend Olga
Letter 3
Hello my friend
I want to tell you about my work.
I work as a nurse in a hospital.
I graduated from high school with a gold medal in 2000
Then I studied at the "M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University" studied there until 2005, due to the fact that I had a gold medal from school, I studied for free.
I worked for a year in a Donetsk clinical hospital.
My job was to help and save the lives of patients.
I am happy to help and save people's lives
I live in the Chuvash Republic in the city of Cheboksary!
I would really like to travel, I think it's great!
Do you like to travel, which countries have you been to?
I hope you are not bored with me?
I want to get to know you better, and please do not hesitate to talk about yourself.
If you have any questions, I will try to answer them.
I want to know as much as possible about you.
I would love to continue my letter, but I have to keep working.
I am looking forward to your letter
Letter 4
I sent you one email but it looks like it was sent 2 times
This is me Olga.
How are you?
I like your photo! :liar: :liar: :liar:
I am writing to you from work and I cannot answer you right away.
I hope this doesn't upset you too much.
I like to communicate with you! I will keep talking about myself and asking you questions!
What's your favorite color? What time of year do you like?
I like summer! But in Russia, summer lasts only 3 months!
I love bright colors, my favorite color is green, blue, red!
In the summer I like to spend time on the beach. I like swimming, sunbathing and just walking along the beach
Do you like relaxing on the beach? Do you like a picnic?
I love bowling!
My main hobby is fitness!
I mostly train on weekends!
Feel free to talk about yourself. I want to know more about you!
This is my first time chatting on the internet and to be honest, I'm a little shy! I don't know what I can say about myself, feel free to ask me questions!
I am looking forward to your letter with great interest!
I wonder if there are Russian restaurants in your city?
I will be happy to introduce you to Russian cuisine in the future.
I really love to cook various dishes, I get pleasure from this. Cooking is one of my hobbies!
I am sure that you will not refuse my delicious dishes :-)
I prefer Italian and European cuisine.
I think there are enough stories about me today! And I hope you are interested?
I wish you a good mood!
Letter 5
Hey !
I was at work on the night shift and really wanted to write you a letter.
And accidentally sent the same message
How are you today? How is your mood?
This morning I woke up in a good mood!
I am at work and I have free time to answer you!
Today I want to tell you about my family!
My mother is 60 years old. My mom worked as a high school teacher all her life! My mother taught music.
My mother was born in Donbas
Dad was born in Kiev! My parents met in Kiev when my mother went to see my grandmother.
After meeting my mother, my father moved to Donbas
My dad left us when I was 4 years old.
If you don't mind, I want to know about your family!
What books do you like? I love classics and science fiction!
My favorite writer M. Bulgakov and Stephen King! My favorite book is The Master and Margarita. I have read this book several times! Have you heard about this book? I have heard that this book has been translated into many languages ​​of the world. And I think you might have heard about this book!
My favorite movies: (Vanilla Sky), (The Notebook), (The Wedding Planner), (The Lord of the Rings), (Titanic), (Romeo and Juliet). Have you seen these films?
I like classical, pop and jazz music.
As I said, I love to cook! As for my food preferences. I prefer Italian and Russian cuisine! I love fruits, seafood, Italian pasta and pizza!
What's the most popular dish in your country? Do you prefer the kitchen?
Russia is a huge country with different cuisines, have you tried Russian cuisine?
I am sure you will enjoy Russian cuisine.
Unfortunately, I don't have a smartphone! I had a smartphone, but it was stolen on the bus.
I know that you are a good person! I don't know why I have this feeling, but I know it is!
You and I speak different languages ​​in everyday life, and our countries have different mentality.
But I think we hit it off!
Do you agree with me?
I am very interested in your life.
Some things I probably don't know.
I will be very happy to hear from you.
Please send photos if you can.
I will finish my letter, I will wait for your letter!
I try to check my email daily.
Sometimes because of work I don't have time to check my email, I hope you can understand.
Feel free to write to me when I am not answering!
Have a good day!
Letter 6
Hey! How are you?
I do not remember such cases, but if I remember, I will immediately write to you
When I read your letter, I got a smile on my face!
I am glad that I can finally write to you, I am about a lot, I want to write to you!
I hope my letter brightens up your day and makes you smile !!
Today I am in a good mood :-)
Today my friend and I decided to go to a cafe in front of me my friend was sitting and she noticed that there are positive changes in me.
I am very glad to have met you!
I want to look into your eyes right now! In my country there is a saying “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”!
The eyes can say over 1000 words!
My eyes glow with pleasure when I read your letters.
You make me smile and enjoy life! From the moment we met, I feel completely different! I cannot describe my feelings in words! The feelings I have are more than just words!
If you don't mind, then I want to ask a few questions!
Do you have a dream, and what is your most cherished dream?
I have a dream.
I dream of a romantic dinner with my beloved man.
I love romance ...
I love looking at the stars. I love a light candlelight dinner.
I'd rather cook dinner.
I like to slow dance when the music sounds romantic.
I haven't had anything like this for a long time!
But nevertheless, I really want my dream to come true.
You are romantic? Do you like to surprise a girl?
I dream of meeting a man with whom I will be for the rest of my life! I believe in the sincerity of feelings and love! I'm looking for true love!
What do you think, maybe our meeting was not accidental?
I think this is true, and by the will of fate, everything in this world is destined to meet its soul mate!
I'll finish my letter, I hope you were interested? I have to get back to work!
I am looking forward to your next letter.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Allan :)
I was very glad when I went to the post office and saw your letter :thinking:
I am very glad that everything is mutual with you.
Can you and I meet in the future?
I really like the way you write letters.
I am very glad that I have such a friend as you and I really want to stay without such a sincere friend like you,
I really want you to be my only friend for life and can be and that there is more than friendship.
Now I have to finish my letter.
I have to go to work, but I'll try to go to the post office more often.
I will look forward to your next letter
Your Olga
Letter 8
Hello my dear Allan
I was very glad when I went to the post office and saw your letter :)
I am very delighted that you care about me, because no one before you cared about me as much as you and I really like the fact that the person I like takes care of me, I would like to ask what did you mean when you said about the fact that I share myself between you and other people, because I have no one but you and my mother
I cannot hide from you the feeling that I feel when I write to you and read your message I really like to reread our letters with you because I am overwhelmed with feelings when I read our letters with you and I feel warm
in my soul
I would like you and I to be next to you and nothing would stop us, since now we are stopped by the distance between us. I really want to meet with you so that you and I can spend time together and I am sure that we
will be the happiest couple in the world because I feel that we are not just friends. In my opinion, friends cannot experience such feelings that you and I have, and I am very happy that I found such a person to whom
I can write something that I could not say to many people who surrounded me before I started writing you a letter and I am very it's nice that you are in my life I really like reading and writing letters to you.
I am overwhelmed with emotions when I write to you
What can I tell you now and never give up the words that I will write to you now.
I never want to stop writing letters with you because I myself will not be able to survive the separation that
can occur when you and I stop communicating, but I hope that you and I will never stop communicating, our communication with you is very dear to me.
I will not warmly wait for your letter
Your Olga
Letter 9
Hello my dear Allan
I am very glad that you never forget to send me letters.
I am very glad that I have such a person whom I can write in my free time and enjoy what you write to me how are you? What's new?
Things are good! I read your letter with a smile and I feel sincerity in your words!
Your letters give me more than you can imagine, I do not know how to describe this feeling in words, it is more than just interest! I feel like I'm drawn to you like a magnet !!
I woke up this morning thinking of you and it was amazing!
during breakfast I looked at the empty chair next to me! I remembered our breakfast together! How do you like this idea?
I want to admit, I often think about you!
I want to know as much as possible about you, I want to know about everyone! There is no limit to my curiosity :)
I have an important question for you.
Do you have correspondence with anyone other than me? it is very important for me!
I have only correspondence with you in life, you are the only man!
even in everyday life I have no relationships and friendships with men! after meeting I am not interested in other men!
I wrote that there were two men in my life, but this relationship ended forever!
my heart was broken and I don't want it to happen again!
you are the man I've been looking for all my life!
I don't want secrets between us! Relationships cannot be built on deception! Do you agree with me?
I hope for your honesty! I am a very gullible woman, I do not want you to break my heart!
I trust you!
I appreciate honesty and sincerity, for me these are the most important qualities in a person!
I am serious about our correspondence! From your letters I see that we have a lot in common and our life goals coincide!
there are still questions that bother me!
Do you prefer a long-term relationship? What kind of relationship would you like with me?
your likes and dislikes towards women?
I believe that between a man and a woman there should be understanding, trust and physical attraction!
I want to love and be loved! female happiness - to find a man who will understand and support her!
I wish you to be happy next to your beloved man!
I want to be proud of this man. I want my man to be proud of me!
I want my man to be a reliable support for me!
I want to rely on my man in everything!
These are my ideas about the man of my dreams!
What can I say about myself as a woman ???
I always say what I think!
I love comfort and cleanliness in the house.
I'm always used to looking after myself! I always take responsibility for the decisions I make!
I love children!
I love flowers, I really love orchids, chamomile and roses.
I love pets.
There are no pets in my apartment because I have little free time and I spend all day at work.
However, there is a kitten in my sister's house.
I do not like lies, I do not like it when people contradict themselves!
I will wait for your answers!
I am waiting for your new letter and your photos.
kisses, your Olga
Letter 10
Good afternoon, I read your letter and realized that you are afraid of something.
I think that in your life there were many girls who were just dummies because they most likely used you and gave you pain, but I don't want to do this because I myself will be disgusted if the person with whom I wrote letters will suffer because of me I will not do it because I like you from the very first letter.
Why don't you send me your photos?
I want to see you first.
And look at how beautiful you are.
Send me your photos in the next email.
I wish I could write more, but my lunch break is over.
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