Scam letter(s) from Marina to William (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon. With such a trite, but habitual phrase I am begging my message. Surely you receive a lot of letters about offers of acquaintance and my letter will not seem interesting to you, but what if it will really interest you?
Can it be that you will be interested in my photo? Maybe it is a chance given us by fate to get acquainted and grow our relationship. I am Marishka. I am an ordinary woman, I was born and raised in Ukraine 35 years ago. I have chosen not really usual profession - I am a dentist. I am not responsible for human lives, but I am responsible for their brilliant smiles, so I give these smiles to them. I think this is great. I believe that the age gap does not make any problem, I am deadly sure that age is not more than a number. I'm only looking for a outspoken and serious person. If you are a futile human who wants to have just *** and ***** pics, I will askask you to skip my letter. I am a decent lady, I earn enough money as my job is well-paid and I do not intend to play games. In case you r honorable person, I am eager to receive your answer. I would be glad if you write me back a lengthy and pitchy e-mail with a story about you, your country and your city. Good? Waiting for your reply, Marina.
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