Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, were you waiting for me to write to you? It's me, Anastasiia. As promised, I'm writing to you by email. I wanted to clarify when you are flying to Haiti? According to the information on the website of fellow travelers, we will live in neighboring hotels. Did you know about this? This is very good news. Where are you now? Are you flying alone? I love to travel and would like to get to know you before we meet in Haiti! Also, I send you my photo and of course I wait for your photo in response. I am glad to meet you and wish you a great day.
Letter 2
Hello James. I want to apologize, I realized that I was wrong and you are not going to Haiti. Anyway, I thought, why don't we talk to each other and get to know each other better? I am 34 years old, I have never been married, and I have no children. I live in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, and very soon I will fly to the resort and stay at the "Hotel Mont Joli". It's located in Haiti, Labadi, if you're interested. Judging by the reviews, this is a very good hotel. I go to Haiti because now not much choice during Covid-19. Honestly for me it's very strange that you're not going to Haiti, because I got your email on the fellow travelers website. Anyway, I don't mind talking to you. I don't have experience in this kind of communication, but in any case, I will always be try to answer for all of your questions. I hope that our communication will be pleasant and we will be able to get to know each other better. Can I ask for your phone number? Big hugs from Vinnytsia. Nastya. P.S. Nastya - That's what my dad always called me, i like when you call me that. But my real name is Anastasiia.
Letter 3
Hello James. To be honest, I was a little upset when I realized that you received my email by mistake. But then I thought, since we've already written to each other, why don't we get to know each other better. Maybe on the contrary, our meeting was not accidental?) Tell me a little about yourself so that I can imagine what kind of person you are? If you had to describe yourself in 5 sentences, what would you write? I love new acquaintances, but sometimes I am very shy
and do not know where to start a conversation. In principle, I am quite a relaxed girl. But the main thing is not to confuse this with an easily accessible girl. I think you've realized that we can talk about open topics, but I don't think it makes much sense right now. In addition, our communication is just beginning. I work as a consultant cosmetologist, but my main job is my own business selling cosmetics. I don't make millions, but I have enough to live on and nothing to complain about. So, I don't even know what else to write. I don't want to write big and boring letters, so if you're interested in something, then ask me. I am very interested in what our acquaintance can lead to. I will wait for your new answer. Kisses, Nastya. P.S. Also some photos for you again. I would like to see your photo, why don't you send them to me?
Letter 4
Hello James. Once again, I am glad to receive your answer. I am glad that we continue this communication. We are adults and can discuss any topic. I wanted to ask you, what did you do recently, what are you proud of now? Do you like the person you've become? Personally, you make a very pleasant impression on me. Unfortunately, I must inform you that there is very little time to write to you right now. Today I want to have a good rest, because tomorrow I need to pick up my travel documents and tickets. Take a Covid-19 test and get the results, pack my things. In general, as I said, I'm leaving soon. Perhaps my next letter for you I will write from the hotel in Haiti, but I will try very hard to answer you earlier if I see your answer, I will have the opportunity. Thank you for sending me your picture, you are very cute!
Yes, I do not know English badly. My height is 170 cm feet and weight of 56 kg. All the same, I really want you to fly with me. After all, initially our acquaintance was precisely because of this trip to Haiti. And now we have been communicating for several days and our communication continues to develop. Of course, my desire to meet with
you increases every day, I will not hide it. I thought, what if you also went to Haiti with me? I wonder what our vacation days would be like together? What would we do? Walking along the beach and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Wildlife excursions in Haiti, as well as our joint romantic evenings under a beautiful sky filled with stars and a bright moon. It's very romantic, don't you agree? Now I'm upset that I'm going to rest without you. I wondered if we kissed, would we be
able to hold on after that so as not to make love? Or would our passion be stronger than this? I would like to hear what you think about this. I wonder if you like to do massage? I love being massaged and I also love doing it. I need to have a good rest, because tomorrow I will fly to Kiev. I'm not sure if I can write to you, but I will try to contact you when I am in Kiev. It feels like I already miss you. Have a nice day. Million kisses!!!! Nastya.
Letter 5
Hello my dear James. Hope you waited for my letter and did not really worried about what I did not write you? I did not have the opportunity to contact you when I was in Kiev, but I was waiting when I had the opportunity to write to you. Last night I flew to Haiti and as it was usually not without incidents and small problems with settling in the hotel. It took several hours, but the problem was settled. I want to share my joy, I met a girl on the plane and she is also from Ukraine. It so happens that now we live in the same hotel, on the same floor and often spend time together. She is a very interesting girl and she also has her own business. I wish you were here with me now. I would like that very much. There is very beautiful nature and I even found some cozy places where we could spend our romantic evening. Of course now these are dreams, but still you are a very nice man and I am sure that one day we will meet. Personally, I want it. I'd like to see how you live. What is your home inside, feel its aroma. Do you mind if I'm a guest at the Kiefersfelden a few days when I arrive in Germany? I'd like to meet you in person, of course, if you don't mind. It won't be a big effort or a big expense for me. In addition, I have long wanted to visit the Germany and I have the necessary documents for this. I put so much effort into vaccinations and tests that I forgot about the main thing in traveling. When you go or fly it is better to know in advance there is a reliable person. I have several times caught myself thinking that it would be better if I flew to you, I was just deceived here! view and now I live only 4 view. I'm having problems with my
cellular connection. I'm writing you a letter right now, sitting in the hotel lobby. I'm glad that somehow I can write to you, because I don't have WiFi in my room. My mobile operator doesn't work here at all, anywhere, can you imagine? It doesn't work anywhere at all. I was smiling when I saw you texting me. I'm glad you didn't forget about me. I'm sorry that I wrote you about my problems here, but I complained to you and I realized that everything is not so terrible:)
Thank you for feeling calm and confident in the future. I will finish my letter. Passionate Kisses for my Hans. P.S. I Miss you so much, don't forget write to me! Yours Nastya.
Letter 6
Hello James. How are you doing? I'm having a great time. The hotel was very good. The area where it is located is wonderful, it is very beautiful and safe. Now I do not worry about trifles and I feel that I can finally rest. There are still some problems with my cellular connection and I again use the wifi in the hotel lobby to use the internet. In the absence of communication, there are advantages and I am glad that I was distracted from the Internet and the phone and
completely immersed in the rest. I like it here, the weather is great, there is always a lot of sun, and there is not even a hint of cloudy days. There is a very unusual food, a lot of local spices that make the taste of food not familiar. I can't say that this is the best thing I've eaten, but I liked to try it. I love to cook and have already chosen a few dishes that I will definitely prepare. I will like your new photos, keep sending them to me, you are insanely beautiful! Maybe for you? Would you like this? How did you spend your time? Did you miss me? I'll be honest, I've thought about you many times. I think I'll meet you one day in Germany. But I'll be realistic, it's too early to think about it now. In addition, everything is not so simple with Covid-19 and I will need time at home to sort out my work affairs anyway. Anyway, I think that if we want to do this, sooner or later we'll meet you. And this will lead to something more than just an email conversation. Have you ever imagined how we make love? Last night, when I was in the soul after dinner, I had a strong desire to be next to me and I was all your. I have not been so long with a man that with your appearance in my life, thoughts about it are increasingly coming to me. I imagine how we make love in the soul or before bedtime, when I lay alone in bed. Even when I prepare dinner in the kitchen and think about you, I imagine how you approach me from behind, unfold me and you start gently kiss, and then you sit on the table and we make love right there. My dear, do you think about how we make love? I believe that this is very important in relationships and we can talk about it, not shy something. I really like our communication and I am very glad that you write to me. I want to apologize for such a short message today. I have to run, my friend and I are going to visit a local cafe today to try local delicacies and she has already come for me. Write to me, your Nastya. P.S. Tell me some interesting story from your life? I want to get a better idea of what kind of man you are.
Letter 7
Hello my wonderful James. I read your letter again and I can feel every word you write. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting for my answer. I had to interrupt my vacation in Haiti and return to Ukraine due to problems at work. Last night I flew to Kiev, and this morning I was already in Vinnitsa. My colleague from work contacted me and said that there was a fire and most of the warehouse was damaged. I was very worried, because all my goods are stored there, for which I paid a lot of money. In the end, I had to drop everything and fly home. When I arrived at the warehouse, I found that my box was not damaged. My colleague is a fool, she overestimated everything, thereby drastically changing my vacation plans. I returned home tired and exhausted, and most importantly not rest. How I wish you were by my side now. So that you hold me close to you, speaking tender words in my ear and kissing me on the lips. How I missed such tenderness. Now I have no doubt that we will be great together, because we have mutual understanding and we are not afraid to be honest with each other. And this thought excites my mind. It is easy for me to communicate with you and I feel that I can trust you. I like to feel that you understand me and my thoughts. I can tell you about my secret thoughts and most importantly, you understand all this. I do not know what will happen when we will meet and when our meeting is possible, but I think that this day will bring only vivid emotions. It is very difficult to plan ahead now. We still have something to discuss and tell each other. For the past few days, I have felt that my inner balance has been disturbed. I didn’t feel it before, but with you in my life I felt how the Cup of love began to fill. Have you changed something in me? I know our connection is real. I trust you with all my heart, but my mind was not ready for such a dramatic change in my life. I have a hard time finding words to describe this. I am sure that only when we meet will I be able to show you how I feel now. I really want to study you completely. I want our relationship to reach a new level. Of course, online communication is good. But it cannot replace real meetings and real communication. I want to tell you everything that is in my heart, looking into your eyes. I want to hug you and hold your hand. I want to feel your warmth and your care. I don't have many peoples with whom I can speak openly. But somehow I feel comfortable and easy with you. I can talk to you about anything. All this only means that we have become closer to each other. I am sorry that I need to finish the letter, I want to lie down to rest after this difficult return. Have a nice day! I kiss you on the lips. Your Nastya. P.S. Kisses!!!
Letter 8
Hello my wonderful James. I am glad again because I see your letter.
You gave me a great good mood and I want to share it with you, besides, I have great news. Today I finished all the incident in the warehouse. Dear James, a lot has happened in the last few days and I don't want to tire you with my worries. How are you? I am offended that my vacation was interrupted, I thought about us all day. If I have not been able to rest properly, and I want more. I still have to bask in the sun, but it is much more pleasant to bask in your arms. I think it's time for us to meet as we wanted it. Are you ready? Yes, I want to be in your arms and give you my tenderness. You have become closer to me and I do not want to keep my desires in me. !!!Sex!!! We both understand that this meeting can be impressive and we will fulfill all our desires. I looked at how much my trip to Kiefersfelden. Quite reasonable prices and entry conditions at the moment. I already have all the necessary information and a quick connection with the travel agent. The main advantage now is that I have been vaccinated "Phizer" from Covid-19. I have clarified all the details and can fly any day. I looked there are many ways to get to Kiefersfelden. I think I will use Berlin for connecting as flights there are more frequent. The only thing that worries me is where I will live when I arrive in Kiefersfelden. I want to stay at your house. Are you ready to meet me? Please answer me this question, it is also very important for me. I believe that our meeting will be unforgettable. I really want to see you. I want to feel my state when you are next to me and hold my hand. I will wait for your answer.
Several photos from a trip to Haiti. I miss you and kiss you on the lips my dear Hans Your Nastya.
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