Scam letter(s) from Victoria Klimenko to Max (Slovenia)

Letter 1
Good day my dear!!!
Viktorya is my name. I come from Russia. However, I am disappointed with my Russian fellow men. So I want to find a man on the internet. With this man I wanted to develop a serious relationship. I am very accommodating, open-hearted, honest and happy. I really enjoy spending time outside. I also like activities like cycling, diving and fitness. I would be happy about your contact details and I hope that your heart is also full of longing for a relationship. I hope we will deepen our acquaintance. If you answer me, I will tell you more about myself.
With best regards, Vika
Letter 2
Hello! Thank you very much for your answer! I am very happy to be with you to communicate! And I'll be happy to see you better every day to get to know! I went to a travel agent and they gave me your email.
I had never tried to find love this way, but I found it very romantic. I was told at the dating agency that you the man who is looking for serious relationship. That's all i do know about you, and therefore I will love to read more about you. I will write more about me so that you can get to know me better can. I already wrote to you that my name is Svetlana, me am 29 years old. I can add that in the summer of the 11th June, it's my birthday. My zodiac sign makes me a Gemini. I have blue-gray eyes and blonde hair. She colored her hair lightly.
Height 167 cm, weight 54 kg. I live in Russia, I hope you enjoy it not up. I think love has no distance. And when we get to know each other better, we may see each other someday. I live in the small village of Prosvet (Samara region). I work in one local hospital as a nurse. I am with my work satisfied because I can help people. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, don't smoke and don't drink alcohol. But I really like a wide variety of foods and i cook a lot. That's why I do a lot of sport so as not to be very big.
to become. I love music, different styles, from classical to modern music. I love traveling, but I've never been to one other country! My biggest dream now is to find love! Love for theirs I want to do everything I can to be with this person. I dream of a family where I warm my husband every day, Can give care and love! Please tell us about yourself. I became myself for your life interested. I am interested in you, what kind of person you are are. I wish you a good day, evening or night! I will Send some of my photos and I'll be happy to receive your photos too see! Your Svetlana!
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