Scam letter(s) from Elena Yalpaeva to Allen (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon! You ok?
This is Lenok. And i write to you from Russia. I'm single lady. And i want to find true relationship with man not from my country.
I could not understand, you live USA?
I'm active lady and i have many interests.
I consider that i cant write a lot of thing about my self.
But i know what i want. I want find soul mate. With whom we will develop long couple.
I have things witch very important for me. This is love and support.
When i free i prefer nice spend my time.
I like gym and fresh air. I like painting and work at garden.
I love shopping, i think all woman love it) I will be glad if we can start good relationship.
I wish to find true relationship. I dont wish spend time - not your, not mine. And if we want the same, we can have
good start!I will be glad to know you. Please sent letter to me, i will wait.
Please write me only to my primary address:
Wish you good time!
Letter 2
How’s it going Allen!!! I'm glad that you answered me.
Dating service Give me your email. And did not give any information about you. They just gave to me your e-mail.
And i guss, this is strange. Because no photo and no info. I was thikn that, ma be this is mistake. I thought it was very strange but decided to try. I hope this is not mistake. How are you today? I'm so happy that i can write to you. And i hope we will have a chance to know each other. I want to find life partner until the end of my days. What about you ? How can we get started? I’ll probably must tell you a little about me. I'm Elena. I'm 35, My birthday is December 10, 1986. I live in Russia, in the beautiful big city of Volgograd. you may not believe it, but I'm free! I can speak and write Russian and English fluently. I am just a one child in my family. And i can say that I had a very happy and good childhood.I grew up in love and care.And now that I’ve grown up, I understand that this is really important for childs. I dont have kids. I have cat Josephine. I hope that you are interested in continuing our communication. I will wait your answer. I write to you from my work and now i need go back to my job.
Have a good night, Elena!!!
Letter 3
How’s everything Allen!!!! Its so great that you was write back to me. I just was at working and i was see your letter. Thank you!!!! Soo i really dont have man in my life right now. Do you belive to this? I think its hardly to belive, but this is true. I was write to you that i spend a lot of time at my work. I'm air steward. I dont have normal time for my work. And i dont work 5 days at week like all people. So often i work at Sunday and Saturday, some time its can be night time too.
I love my work.I practically live at work. And may be this is reason why i'm alone. But now i understand that its not possible every time live for work. I was say to you in last e-mail that i'm 35 years old. I know i'm not old, but not young too. Time go for me and i need create my live. DO you agree with me? I'm not soo tall. My height makes 168 sm. And my weight thus of 56 kg. I was born on December 10, 1986. And my zodiac sign is Sagittarius. I will be happy to know you more. Write to me more about your work. Take it easy, Elena
Letter 4
How do you do Allen! I'm again so happy that you write to me. Today we was have so good wether here! And its make me so happy. And of course your letter. Its make my day too. I'm really interesting in you. I will be happy to know you more. I was not have relationship already more than 1 year. They was finish not so good for me and for my ex-boyfriend. He was so jealous man and he cant control it. Because of this we so often was have scandals. Its was continue 5 years. When we was have again it, he was shit me. And for me its was last part of out love. I was not have no one moment what i was think, that may be was make mistake. I still think i was do every thing right. I want say to you, that i'm good woman. I can give a lot of love from my heart, soul and body. I'm not woman who will have few relationship with different man. I'm one-live woman. And i want just love and be loved. I want to care about my love and received it back. I want that our relationship will be mutual. I want give every thing to my man, and of course i want received something too. Right now i talk only about feelings. I'm tired give love to my man, and received just scandals or hitting. I hope you understand me. Do you think its will be possible for you to hit woman? I ask you, because i really so much afraid have the same relationship. Also you can talk with me free, i will understand you.
Cheerio Kiss, Elena
Letter 5
How have you been Allen!!! Just was think about you. I hope every thing good with you there. Its again do nice weather here. I love when we have sun. You know Russia so cold country. And when we have sun i love it. Also i love sun, sea and mountains. I was not travel a lot of. I was at Thailand few times only. But this is was so nice rest. You know that i dont have so much free time. But when i have it i love spend time with my mum. Also i love read books. Do you love it? I have read all books of Stephen Kings. I think you know him. I love Joan Rowling with all her Harry Potters. Also i love read and watch movie about space. Space - this is my hobbies. Its will be great, if some times in the summer, we can lie at Earth and see stars. Do you like this idea.
Also i love love listen music, watch new and movie. I love go with bike.Do you love go with bike? With me?I want say to you, that for me important spend time with my man. Because this is make me us more common. Do you agree with me? I think some simple things as go with bike, cook together or watch tv, me us so close to each other. At this i will finish. And i wait your answer. Talk to you later, Elena!!! PS Please give me your phone, i very want talking with you
Letter 6
Hola Allen!!! How are you there? I hope all ok with you. You live so far away from me. And I'm so much happy have friend there. Thank you so much for your letter. Your letter make my day. We was have so nice weather , and i will be happy if you was here. All day was sunny today. And my mood was the same. I was have good day, i was sleep longer than usually. I was wake up only at 10 morning. Today i was must to do a lot of things. I was to clean home and cooked. Then i was go with my friends for a walk. And we was spend good time together. I asked you in my last letter phone number. But you did not write it to me. You don't want to talk to me you don't want to hear my voice? Not long time ago i was came to home. And right now I'm alone. Some times i feel so lonely. I can do a lot of different things. I can read a book or listen music. But in some moment I understand that I just deceive myself. I'm alone, and this is true. I want have man in my life with whom i will spend rest of my life. I want came to home and give kisses and embrace . But i understand that when i came to home , nobody don't wait me there. And this is make me so sad. I want to walk and to feel a strong man arm holds me. I don't want to cook meals only for myself. I want somebody to appreciate it. I want give my love and of course i want receive love too. I hope you understand me and i hope that you want the same. Please say me, what you will never accept at relationship? I ask you this, because i will never accept lie. I'm honest woman. I'm honestly with you, and of course i want that you will be honestly with me too. I have feel that you good man. But we need more time to know each other. Time will show what kind of relationship we will have. But right now I'm so much happy that i have friend like you. I want say that you so much interesting for me. And we each your letter i want to know you more and more. Please, if you have some questions, ask me. I will be happy answer. I send to you sweet kisses. Elena
Letter 7
Hello dear Allen!!!! How are you there so far away from me? Of course i hope all ok with you. And i want say to you that I'm so much happy received and read your letter. Its make my day much better. And thank you so much for your answer. For me very important to know your opinion about my e-mails. I was say to you already that I'm serious woman. And of course i want find serious man. I want find man with whom i will spend rest of my life. I know that for you very important find right woman too. We have one common purpose. And i think its great. We need go together to this purpose. What you think about this?
I never was meet people at web-cite. This is my first time. Usually i meet people at real life. But have communicate with you its different experience for me. I love talk with you. I can say that you my friend.
I was say to you before that i want be not only lovers with my man.
Also i want that we will be friends. I want talk with my man. I want to do something together. When i will be married i don't want sit at home. Of course i want go to work. Say me please its will be possible find work for me? Or you think its will be hard for me? I can do all kind of work. I'm so much happy write letter to you each time. I hope you love my e-mail. And I'm sorry that some times they some long. Just i write to you what i think. I write to you what i feel. With you i feel myself free. I think its important when you ca talk with person free. Your letter make me happy, and i want that me e-mail make you happy too. I write to you with all my soul and with all my heart. At this i finish my letter. I will wait your soon answer. I send to you many kisses. Elena
Letter 8
Hello dear Allen!!! How are you dear? Today i was wake up early than usually. I was have breakfast and again i was alone. May be soon you can have breakfast with me. And i will be so much happy. Then i was go to work. And today i was think, that day longer that usually. When i was have free minute, i was think about you. You are so far away from me, but i want to know what you to do there. Hope all ok with you. I was came to home from work. And i was make supper. I love cook. Today i was cook potato and chicken. Soo,can i ask you? Do you love when your woman care about you? For me real important when man care about me. I will be happy have shower together with my man, watch TV or may be dancing. Also i love when my man can do some special for me. May be a breakfast in bed? I think some times this trifles important. I do not love when man say only words, and do nothing. But for me important honest and trust. I never lied to people, i honestly person. And of course i want that people will be the same with me. I'm honestly with you and i want the same from you. I know that you good man, i just say to you my position. You good friend for me. But i was i do not want have only friendship. I like you not only like a friend, i like you as man. And i want to know what you think about me? You are special man for me and i like you. And i want to be special woman for you.I every time looking forward to read your next an e-mail. I kiss you dear.
Letter 9
Hello dear Allen! How are you? And how was your day? I have good mood dear. I every time happy to received letter from you. I'm happy that you love my e-mail. Because i love your e-mail too. I do not understand why you gave me the wrong phone number. Many times I tried to call you, and always heard a robot that dialed the wrong number.
Send me your real phone with country code!!!! Dear my feeling to you grown with each day. Of course i want that our feelings will be mutual. I love when you write to me compliments. I think all woman love it. As all woman i want to be happy. I want to be love, and i want give my love too. From your letter i see that you good man. That you honestly person. And you want be happy too. Dear I'm happy that i have you in my live. Yes, i know that we know each other not so long time. But i think its not problem for our friendship. Also i know that we far away from each other. But i think this a distance make our relationship more strongly. And i hope at future we can see each other at real life. With each day more and more i think about you. I think that God was give to me you. And I'm happy. I was so alone. But now i have you, and every day i have smile at my face. I know that thousands miles away i have man who wait my letter and who can give support to me. I soo appreciate when man can give support to woman. When he respect her opinion. In you i see this man. And i want to be woman, that you was want to find. I kiss you dear. Have good day. Elena
Letter 10
Hello dear Allen! How are you? Today at Russia so nice weather. But my mood so good. I'm once again happy to read your e-mail. Some times i want to read your mail again and again. Because i love each word from your letter. I think with each day i know you more an more. And we closer to each other more. Dear you do not know how important for me, what i feel. I feel happy in my soul. With you i feel my self free. I mean that i talk with you and you understand me. I guess that i think about you so often. When i go to sleep i think about you. And in my mind i wish you good day. You good friend for me. Right now i can not say to you what kind of relationship we will have at future. But i think at all relation important friendship. I can trust to you, i belive you and i know that you can support me. But i hope we will have more than only friendship. I want that you will be my man. Because in you i see all qualities of man. I think man can be only like you.
Dear, I like you so much. And i want that our relationship will grown with each day. You my friend and proud of you. Dear i serious think about you and about us. I will finish my letter. And i will wait your answer. Dear i already miss you and your letter. Hot kiss from Elena
Letter 11
Hello dear Allen!!! How are you today? I hope all ok with you. I was so tired at work today. This day was looked for me very and very long.
And now i want relax. And I'm so much happy read your letter again.
Because its make my day much better. Today at work i was think about you so much. And when i was think about you i was understand that i miss you dear. I miss you and you sweet letter. I love each word in your letter. Just now i want that you will say this words in real. I want to hear your voice near with my face. And of course i want to see in your eyes. Dear i want to see you at real life. And then i will believe that i have you not only with e-mail, i will know that i have you at real life. Dear of course some time i think that I'm crazy.
Because i never see you before and i know you only with e-mail. How possible have feel to man whom you know only with e-mail and whom you never see. But i real have feel to you. I like you. Some times i think that this is all just a dream. And soon i will wake up and its all will gone on. Dear I'm happy that i have you. I know that you like me too. When we will be together i think we will spend good time together. Because i want to make you happy. Dear i kiss you. Elena
Letter 12
Hello my dear Allen!!! How are you? I hope all ok with you and you was think about me. Dear i was miss you today. And all my thought was only about you. Today after work i was go for supper with my girlfriends. I was there 2 hours, and then i was go to shop, because i need to buy some food to home. Now I'm at home and i write letter to you. I have good mood, and i think about you. I was read your e-mail. And i again love each word that you write at your letter. I every time think about you. When i wake up i think about you. And i think so bad that you far away from me now. When i'm at work i think about you too. I think about you when i go to sleep. Yesterday i can not sleep long time, I was imagine about our meet. Dear i think what i will do at first, when i will see you? And i do not have any doubts. First that i want to do, give to you gentle kiss at your sweet lips. I want to see at your eye and say to you how important for me you and our relationship. I was so alone before i was meet you. Now we have each other, and we happy. I have feel that we know each other long time. I like you so much. You good man, and i'm so happy that i have you. I think we will be happy together. I sure that i will happy with you, and i hope you will be happy with me too. I wish you good day. Have a nice day. I kiss you.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Allen! How was your day? I'm so glad to received your letter. I'm at my computer now and i writing letter to you. Today i was have good day. Today to me was came my friend Anna, and we was talk long time. Today i was say to her that i serious think about you and about us. I still do not say about you to my family and my friends. Only Elena knows about you. When i was say to her that some times I'm afraid my feel, she say that its normal, because i never was see you before. But i want say to you that I'm so happy that i have you. Dear when i read letter from you my heart fights more strongly. I so often alone at home, and i feel so lonely with out you. Dear you make me so happy. And i want to say that i real want our meet. I want to see you in life. I want spend time with you, i want ti know your family and your friends. Dear i wait day when we can talk free. When we do not need to write letter each other. Of course your letters so important for me and i love them so much. I will like you more and more at real life. I think only with meet we can know each other much better. What do you think about this? Dear i like you so much and i know that at one day we will be together. And we will be happy. I kiss you at sweet lips. Elena
Letter 14
Hello my dear Allen!!!! Its so nice to received letter from you. Today we have not so good weather. I'm at home right now, and at street go rain. I drink hot coffee and write letter to you. I so miss you dear.
And i want to be with you right now. Give to you sweet kiss and of course hugs. Dear i was a lot of time think about us. And i think that we need to know each other much better. But how we can do this? I think only real meet, can give to us this chance. Today when i was at work, i was think i want real meet with you? And i was answer to myself yes, so much. I want to be with this man, and i want spend time with him. I talk about you dear. From day when we meet each other was gone not so much time. But for this time you became to me more than only friend. In you i see man, whom i was search. In you i see man with who i will be at future. Dear i'm so happy that i have you. And i know that we will be at when we will see each other at real life. I already imagine our first meet. How its all will be. I think its will be great day for us. Right now i do not know what we will to do. But i think at first day we will not have wish go anywhere. We just will be at home and we will have each other. I do not love when people lied and i never lied to people too. Dear my feel for you so strong. I feel that i'm go with right way. You wan with whom i will be happy. And i want you in my life. I want have you not only with letter and want have you in my real life. I want that you will write me what you think about this all. Dear i kiss you, Elena
Letter 15
Hello my dear Allen! I'm so happy to received your letter. Are you ok?
I hope yes. And if you have bad mood, my letter will make you much better. Every day after work i want go to home so fast. Because i want to see your e-mail. Of course with e-mail we can feel feelings, but i think its different, not like at real life. I fall asleep with wish to see beautiful dream, where we can be together. Now i feel some different. My feel with each day to grown. I want to be with you with all my hear. I think i do not need to hide my feel to you. I real want to meet you, i want to feel your body, i want to feel your breath, your heartbeat. I want to feel that you near with me, and we will be together. I real do not know what say to you more. When i read your e-mail, my breath interrupts from your warm words. I know that we know each other not so long time, but for me you close man. I know that i can trust to you. I so much want to go for a walk with you, wake up at one a bed, make to you breakfast. Do you want it? I want to feel your lips. I want to kiss you every minute and i want that you will be only mine. Some times i feel so lonely with out you. But i know that at one day we will be together. And this long distance make our love more strongly. When you was write me at first time i was have strange feel, i was real do not know what write to you. I was do not know what we will have. But now all ok. I feel free with you. And its great! I kiss you and i wait your answer. Your Elena
Letter 16
Hello my love Allen! How are you? I'm ok. What weather you have? Today we was have soo warm weather and i love it. Sun shine all day. Not so strong the wind blows in the face, and brings a cool. When the wind touches to my face i imagine as you will tach my skin. I imagine how sweet your hands. I real so much want to feel your touch. What about you? A lot of people go to a walk to park. And when i see to this happiest people, i think about you. I think that we so far away from each other. But i know that we will be together. My mum was say hello to you. Also i send to you sweet kisses and my strong embrace. I so much miss your letter. And when i at work, i every time think about you. I think what you will write to me today? I every time want to know your opinion. I know soon we will be together. Just we must be patient. I'm sure that all will be good with us. And our meet was not accident. I'm so happy with you. Of course more happy i will when we can be together at real life. I think when i will see your face, you can not find more happiest woman at all world. You my happy and you make me happy. Dear today i some tired at work. And i want go to sleep some early. I finish my letter. And i will wait your answer. I love you dear. Kiss you, Elena
Letter 17
Hello my love Allen! How was your day? i was again miss you my dear. I dream of that bottom when we can be together my darling. And I hope, that soon i can feel lips of my beloved. I love you my dear. I want to be with you.I want say to you that, i will so much happy to spend time with you. I meant i want spend real time with you. I spoke with my boss and he said that I have vacation after 2 weeks. And I hope, that we can spend this time together. For me it is important to know where we can meet you? As it will be more convenient and easier to organize our meeting. My dear , I think, that it is real possibility to be together. If we had such chance it will silly lose. We should use the best efforts what to be together. I do not know that will be then. We cannot write the letter each other all time. Also it is excellent chance what to be together. My darling, I hope, that you as want it. I think, that we will spend excellent time together. I wish as more as possible time to spend with you. You that man with whom I wish to be.
And you for me unique. Not looking at that that I never saw you in a reality, I wish to be with you. And this feeling the strongest. My dear, I love you. I with impatience will wait for your answer. Your Elena
Letter 18
Hello my love Allen!!! How are you? I am very glad to receive your letter. And I am very glad that you agree to accept me in your country. It will be very interesting to me. Because I never was for border earlier. It's very fantastic to visit you. I very much to wish to know as you live. To know it is more about your traditions. And I very much would like to meet you as soon as possible. I asked at my girlfriend who has left recently in other country as it has collected all necessary documents. And she to me has advised to address in travel agency. And if you do not object, tomorrow I can go and learn what to me documents will be necessary and how many it will cost. I think, if all is good, I can make all necessary papers to the beginning of my holiday. And at once I can fly to you. I very much would want that we with you were together. My mum is very glad, that I have really found which man I love. And I have told, that I wish to go to you for the first meeting. First time to me not easily will be final, it will be necessary to adapt But you will help me with it. I understand that at you other mentality. And other education. But it not such big barrier, whether not so the darling wash. For loving hearts there are no barriers. And we necessarily will together. I so am happy that day of our meeting all more close. I love you the darling. I wait for your answer. Yours always Elena PS Don't forget to give me the airport closest to you.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Allen!!! How are you today? I was so much busy today. A lot of time at my work. Its make me so crazy. I'm really tired. You dont know, how much i want to be with you there. I want give many sweet kisses to you. My dear, i was at agency today. And i have some news about our meet. I know this travel agency, because with it i was traveled already 2 time to Thailand. And they say that i need have full package documents to go to your country. I need have ticket to your country, ticket to Moscow, visa, travel passport,insurance, medical card, tourism tax. And full trip will cost for me 1850 usd.
I know that this is expensive. But we live so far away from each other.
I was have passport already, but now its overdue and i need change it.
But its will not so long, as when you received new. My dear i'm sorry i really was think its will cost for me much cheap. My wish to be with you much more. And i want it! Because you my everything, I was talk about this with my boss at work. And you know what he was say to me?
He was say that he will pay for my ticket to you. I was not understand at first. And he was say that he will pay for it. I was so much happy.
Because much expensive was ticket. And its mean that now we need pay only 620 usd for paper. My dear i dont know how ask it. But this is great change for us be together. I want it. Because i want to know you more. I want spend time with you. I want make you happy. And i want be happy too. If you will help my with my paper. I will came to you very soon. Please, i dont ask this is for me. No! I ask it for us. I wait your letter. kIss you, Elena
Letter 20
Hello my dear Allen!!!! I was very pleased to receive your letter and I am grateful that you have agreed to help our meeting. because without you I would not have coped with it, and I did everything I could.
probably you know that it is easier and cheaper to use a system of international money Transfer Westernunion, MoneyGram or RIA. These companies have branches in every city and will not be easy to get any money. My friend told me that you need to know my data:
Country: RUSSIA
My address: ULICA OSIPENKO 134 KV 18
After you send the money, you get control number, which you must give me the same way and all your data. Your full name, address, and Of course the exact amount of the transfer. Beloved, if you do it quickly, toga Very soon we will be together. And it will be the happiest time for you and me. I really want us to be together. Because you became part of me, part of my life. I love you. your Elena
Letter 21
Hello my love Allen! I was always glad to receive infinitely your letter. Because now only a phone and letters cut the distance between us. But I'm really looking forward to when this distance away. But it depends on you, my love. I really miss. And when I go to sleep I dream of the day when you meet me in airport and I can hug you and kiss for the first time. it will be One of the most memorable moments in our lives. people around probably will be surprised at my behavior. I do not know how it is in the your country. And how people react to the expression of feelings in public places. But I can not hold back my feelings when I see you. I am very I dream of this day. I do not know how to wait for this moment. But I know, that after I get off the plane at your airport, I start another life. Life is full of love and tenderness. I really miss for you dear. I'll wait for your answer.
With love, Elena
Letter 22
Hello there Allen!
I miss here your letters. Very strongly I miss. Yesterday walked on park and saw the boy which played a violin. It was not the big growth in a greyish worn raincoat probably at it there is no house, I have thought but did not begin to ask about it him. He played the violin and was very happy with it. Though he has been dressed not beautifully smothering at it good it kind at least I so I think. I have thought of you when it has played a slow composition. I do not understand whence such thoughts undertook, but I have thought, as though it was pleasant on to dance with you slow dance here in park under sounds of the musician in a worn raincoat. Sounds a little strange and at the same time romantically! Music it is fine! And you as think? I have not received from you today the letter but I think you write tomorrow and for one will answer my question! I will look forward your letter!!!
Talk to you later, Elena
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