Scam letter(s) from Olga to Luis (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello I am Olga. Nice to meet you. I will be glad to know more about you! For me it will be easier to talk by whatsapp as I can't use often my email. So please, if you have whatsapp leave me your phone number and I will contact with you! Have a nice day. Olga
Letter 2
Hi, it is Olga! thank you for your phone number! I will be glad to know more about you and what person you are and what you are looking here! please, send me some your photos thank you! you have a great smile! I like you a lot! is it your friend? you know I have also a friend who has daughter and she is also handicap person, but so lovely and really wonderful creature! I am serious and family woman. I dream to find a man who will become my husband in future and create family. I have a daughter Kate who is 3 years old so hope that it is not a problem for you and you love kids. I want to be happy with one man I think search of a man can be long but I hope that I am lucky enough and I will find a man very soon. How do you feel about me? I know it’s early to tell but how about your first impression about me? What woman you want to find? wow! you really do a great work! I work as an educator in kindergarten when my daughter is! She was 1 year old and I started to work there and my daughter was with me all the time! I love my work as I love kids so much! they are so nice, so naive, they live in a fairy world, so nice and clear! working with them I feel myself happy! I am sure that children are our happiness. right? do you wish to have kids in the future? as for me I am open for it if my husband also will want, but if not it is also ok for me as I have already my daughter! am looking for real relationships someone who really wants to get married and start a family. There is nothing better than hold a hand in your hand with person you love. This is possible only in really life that’s why my goal is to find man who actually wants to get married. What is your dream? Tell me about your personality and strong and weak sides of you. My dear, sorry sorry, need to go to take Kate and go to music class! wish you to have a great day and nice and calm evening! take care! kiss you! Hi, I am sorry but it is not possible to talk by video as camera doesn't work in my phone, is it a problem? please, answer my dear, I need to go, just finish my work! wish you to have a nice evening honey! many tender kisses for you!
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