Scam letter(s) from Olga to Nathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear friend! I am Olga or just Olya. I’m a miss from Russian Federation. Isn't that terrifying you? U might be considering, why I’m messaging u? Don’t be scared. My goal is just – to meet u. I would like to make my way of living more joyful! I'm not looking for *** or furniture of one's pocket. I would like to have a cully with the possibility of a meaningful relations. I will be only with a sure and worthy person! I will not be a backer for you and won’t beseech for it as well! At the moment I'm not going to write u a lot about me! If ur wishes are sincere, then message me!
Letter 2
hello new dear friend Nathan.
I hope you recognize me??? I wrote my first letter to you just recently, and I sent my photos. If you answered me, then you got it!
ok... I'll freshen up your dent a little! My name is Olga, I live near the big city of Saint Petersburg! To me 36! I have a good life, really. Only my heart is suffering from loneliness. I'm not just looking for ***. I don't need your money! I will never send ***** photos - I will never make such photos! I am looking for true and decent man (partner) in my life! I am already an accomplished person in this life, and I know that I want! Age is not important to me!
I'm ready for a change in my life!!! In general... I'm a pretty smiling, cheerful, purposeful woman! And I am ready to make my future beloved-the happiest man on earth! I will write you more about myself again if you answer me. And Yes, of course, I'm always waiting for a little story about your life, and of course, your photos! And more...
I just did not have his personal e-mail! Only today I got it! Answer me here!: P.S. And still... I understand, that you can have questions. I promise you, that I shall answer any your question in your following letter! ok? I simply should run now... ---
Your new friend Olga.
Letter 3
Hello new dear friend Nathan.
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I really waited your letter with the big impatience. And even worried a little, expecting your answer!!! Many thanks to you that you have answered my letter, the truth! THANKS!!!
I at once want to answer your question - as I have received your electronic address!? To me distances it is managers the Internet of agency through which I now write to you the letter. Managers have told to me, that you search in the Internet for the woman for serious relations. And my purpose now - to find the man with which I could begin a new life!!! I hope, that here there is no mistake, and you already very soon write to me and will tell about itself! Ok?
Now I want to tell more about myself:
My name Olga. To me 36 years. I live in the city of Kronstadt, Leningrad region, Russia. But you already know it!!! I am right? In a life I had some experiences of construction of relations with men.
Those men with whom I tried to construct serious relations, were not ready to this. Everything that it was interesting to them is a little bit meetings in a week, and ***. But for me it was not correct. The partner is necessary for other part of my life for me true. I want to love, and that me loved. I want, that at relations was present as - respect, mutual understanding, trust and certainly love! There are and still reasons on which I do not want to be with the man from Russia.
Much Russian men drink alcohol in plenties. Certainly, I understand - all people different. But it is a problem there where I now live! It does not arrange me. You understand??? And it is simply interesting to me to learn the man with other mentality!!!
Now I work in « the house for older persons » - the nurse. I help people which require my help. My work is not well paid. But I do not complain of it. I can financial provide myself, and help the parents.
My father and my mum do not work. My parents are on maintenance of the state (on pension). The state pays to my parents the certain sum of money of month on which parents should live. I live with parents in a two-room apartment. Relations with parents very good. We understand each other very well. I always listen to opinion of my parents, as they very wise people. I very much love the parents!!!
To the decision will get acquainted to the man from other country, I have approached very seriously. I understand, that there are distinctions in culture, language … It does not frighten me. I well enough know the English language. I can read, understand in your language. Every day I try to improve it! The difference in the age of me as does not frighten. I think, that in the person the main thing - soul, a private world. The rest not so is important!!! I am ready to change cardinally the life, and to begin a new life. Changes do not frighten me. I as understand, that there is a problem that we live far apart. I realize all difficulties. I some time saved money. I think, that it will help me to make a meeting with the man with which relations will develop. But about it to speak still very much early. I think, that you have understood what I the person, and my purposes in a life. If I have interested you I shall wait with the great pleasure for your further letters!!! I hope, that you have not got tired of me...)) P.S. And yes … I shall try to send you the photos in each letter! And, certainly, I shall wait your photos with the big impatience! see you soon...
Letter 4
Hello my new dear friend Nathan.
I was very glad to receive your letter now. If you have answered me then I already have interested in something you. And it the truth pleases me.
When I write to you the letter I open the the heart and soul. I never deceive, as I do not want to waste time all for nothing.
Understand it? I write only that really occurs in my life. I do not want anything to hide from you, and to try to like you "violently". I want to remain myself, and to try to construct the future with the man which will respect, and to appreciate me. About love to speak now there is no sense. I think, that a word "love" - very valuable word. I also shall tell a word « I love you » only when I shall be completely sure in the man and when real feelings will really appear!!! We are divided with huge distances, and thousand questions. All this is very interesting and is new to me. For example, it was always interesting to me to learn, how people live in other countries!? Why people search each other not looking that between them for the big distances... It is very interesting To me!!! Understand??? And I want to set some questions now on which I want to hear your answer (the fair answer!):
- How for a long time you are lonely? - last relations have ended about 2 years ago.
- You really want to find second half now? - I seriously concern to this. Yes, I am ready to serious relations!!!
- Who in family should be the leader? - I think, that the leader of family is the man. BUT … advice and requests beloved should be always accepted to discussion!!!
It will be very interesting to me to hear answers to these questions.
Ok? I do not think, that people should be absolutely similar with each other, and with identical interests. I think, that everyone should supplement each other. I think such relations - an ideal. As such relations are interesting and durable. Namely such relations, I also want to construct!!!
It is a little about the daily routine:
My day begins with 06.00-06:30 hours on morning jog. I run around of our park which is located not far from my house. Health - is very important in this life!!! And for this purpose I am engaged on a regular basis in sports. After morning jog I accept a bath, I have breakfast, I gather for work! My working day begins at 08.00 o'clock, and comes to an end at 17.00 o'clock. As I spoke in the previous letter, I work in « the house for older persons » - the nurse. It is valid very much a tough job, but simultaneously interesting. Every day I learn something new in conversations with people. In their life was a lot of experience. And practically any story of their life - gives me « a vital lesson »!
At leisure from work I go in for sports. Tuesday and Friday - I am engaged in aerobics. My day off revival. This day I usually meet the friends. We go in theatre or at cinema, simply we walk in the street, we communicate in cafe. To you, probably, apparently, that at me normal and happy lives in which already all is???? But it not so!!!
All my friends already have second half which they love. In my life there is no only it now! But now at me the friend who is very far from me - YOU has appeared!!!)) But I hope, what the distance will not prevent us to communicate , learn each other??? As a whole … I very vigorous girl with good sense of humour. At me gentle disposition. I can go on concessions, I can find the compromise with the person. It is very difficult for me to give up to the person in the help. And inside, me tenderness which I want to give the future beloved overflows. I want to love and be loved, the truth!!! It is important for me, that the man was rich heart and soul! Understand it?
Write to me more about itself, ask to me questions. Do not take offence at me if I within 1-2 days cannot answer you. I cannot write every day to you as I have no a computer of a house. Simply I always lived a real life! And consequently computers and a virtual life did not interest me! I shall try to write to you of the letter as it is possible is more often. And I ask you to do too most!!! And it is IMPORTANT - telephone conversation, video, or other alive way of dialogue - we necessarily organize it in the future. Give me a few time! Ok?
On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall wait your letter!!! And yes, I hope you already have understood - that I try to find with the help of the Internet. It not money or ***! I want to find present the man which I shall love and which will love me! P.S. I wanted to ask you one more thing!!! To me have told in agency through which I communicate with you, that in the Internet now it is a lot of swindlers. I am afraid of it a little! These swindlers name - scammers if I am not mistaken!? To me have explained, that these people play with feelings of other people, and entice from them money.
Managers of agency as have told to me to be very cautious. I want to tell to you at once, that I do not play in any games! And I ask you about reciprocity! I search for true love and serious relations!!!!!!! Please, send to me your photos!!! And still... I love dogs more, than cats! ---
Your friend Olga.
Letter 5
Greeting. You don't know me. Which is why my letter. Might sound strange. I. to Read my letter closely.
What I want? I have a simple goal. I would love to meet you. attractive woman. Alone. I no have children.
You can call me Olga, that's my name. I'm from Russia. I'm kind, honest and open woman. I'm looking for a kind and caring man. I need a serious relationship that lead to marriage and a great love.It's understandable?
I don't need games in relationships and casual relationships. So I don't have time to play games.for this reason, I am looking only serious relationship.I remember that we first met. How else would I have your address.
If I'm not wrong? I hope now you understand what I want to find? Would you Like to find a woman for serious relationship and future life? If Yes, and you are looking for the same thing that I do? Then we could try to get to know better. Suddenly one of us to get a good pair if we like each other and become a beautiful couple together? At that time. I 'd be happy to hear from you, get back. Suddenly.You're not interested in my offer.
Don't reply to this email will Simply ignore my letter. So as not to waste each other's time, not for anything.
Good? I hope my letter is clear to you, and you understand what I want? I Hope that I'm wrong and we're on the way. And I'm ready to begin the fellowship At the time, I'm ready to start a dialogue. I'd be happy if you told about yourself, anything.what country are you From? How old are you?Your name? If you have any questions for me? Tell me about them. With great pleasure I will answer I'll be happy to answer all your questions.
I'll be happy to tell you more about myself.In this letter, I give you my photo. So that you could see me.
You can send me your photo as well. It would be easier, first encounter. Agreed? I want to believe that you are understanding and all goodness to me? I guess at first glance, my letter may seem strange.
But nevertheless, I look forward to your response.The letter was long. But I was trying to write everything as detailed as possible! I'll finish this. Very worried. Since writing the first, and I don't know if you are interested to read? I'm waiting for your reply. Friendly.
Letter 6
Hello my new dear friend Nathan. Hello my dear friend Nathan!
Thank you for your letter. I read your letter and understood everything that you told me. I want to get to know you better. I want to know everything about you, if you don't mind!? That is why I ask some questions that interest me! I hope that you will always answer my questions. It is very important! And know! - if you are interested in something, then ask me! Ok? I will always answer your questions! I will try to do it! Sometimes I just have very little time to write a letter! I'm sorry, if sometimes I do not answer all your questions! OK? The more we know about each other, the "closer" we will become to each other! I think this is the goal of our communication! I'm right?
And yes, I want to thank you for answering my questions. I was interested to know more about you and your life, really! Thank you!
I will try to tell you more about myself again, and what I love in life! I hope you find this interesting? I always loved to go out with friends, go camping and fishing. Yes, I really love fishing! I like to be in nature, in true nature... - clean air, animals, forest, berries, mushrooms - I like to be left alone with nature! But now it’s getting harder. Every year we get older. More "important" things, as it seems to us, appear! + get together on vacation - also requires additional costs and time. I do not complain that I do not have enough money. I have a good job. But here are some of my friends who lack this. And therefore, some of the values of life "go" to the background. I think it's wrong! I try to always smile. And then the problems pass us by!
I'm right?
You, my dear friend Nathan, have probably noticed, that I am a creative and spiritually emotional person. I like to read books! I like to watch movies and go to the theater. I like comedies and melodramas, historical films. Yes... I also love horror movies. But I'm scared to watch such films alone. I always imagine when I’m scared, then I can take my lover’s hand and rest on his shoulder - in whose hands I’m not afraid of anything. I really miss this one, really. I just sometimes want to feel not only beloved, but also protected! Do you understand this? And I hope that my desire will come true very soon!
Yes... I live with my parents in a two-room apartment. The biggest guest room is where I sleep! Mom and Dad live in the bedroom. But my favorite place in the apartment is the kitchen. I really like to cook food. We have very friendly neighbors. We often go to visit each other. And in my next house my best friend lives. We have known her since childhood. We grew up together, and we know all the secrets of each other. We always support each other in difficult times. But my friend Lena, for some reason, did not approve of my idea of meeting a man via the Internet. My friend said they could just "play with feelings" with me. She worries that they might hurt me. Do you understand this? I don’t know you much yet, but I think you are a good man, really. I hope you are a really good man and you won’t play with me!? But still, I am very grateful to my friend. Although she says she is against my idea (meeting a man via the Internet), she still supports me! She asks me every day - what are YOU? What are we talking about? I understand my girlfriend - because she wishes me happiness in this life! My mother is always in the first place for me, this is without a doubt. And my mother supports me in all my endeavors! My parents know that we communicate with you through letters! And my parents already see that I began to smile more! Thank you for that!
I will also tell you why I started searching for my lover on the Internet. It was hard for me to find a man in real life! You already know - I work a lot. And there’s just no time left for anything! + russian men are very addicted to alcohol. Of course, this is not only in Russia. And I understand that all men are different. BUT... + the circle of interests of Russian men is very narrow. They do not know how to value women, and see us as only housewife and a partner in bed.
It may sound very rude, but it is... Or it’s just that I have just come across such men in life! Therefore, I want to find out and try to build my relationship with a non-Russian man. I think I did the right thing. I hope I don't disappoint you, Nathan. And, of course, I hope for reciprocity!
I will never lie to you - I can promise that. As I already told you, this just doesn’t make sense now. It is important for me that you understand exactly what kind of woman I am and what I want in this life! Stop playing with time. I want to be happy next to a man who will love me! I hope I succeed! I hope that I no longer have to look for someone else. I like you, really!
And with great impatience I will be waiting for your next letter!!!!!!! P.S. And yes, the photo actually is - my friend Lena!)) And yes, of course, I was waiting for your photo too. WHY haven't you sent me your photo yet? And yes, I love more dogs than cats! But I also love cats!) --------
Your friend Olga.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Nathan.
I thank you for writing to me. I am very pleased to receive, and especially read your letters. With each new letter we get to know each other more and more. I really like it! And you, my dear Nathan, are more and more attracting me as a man! I am glad that this is happening. I really want to write to you every day, but I don’t always have enough time. I hope this does not push you away from me. I think we should begin to trust each other more and more. I believe that this will be a good step in the development of our relationship! And before I continue my letter - I want to say thank you for telling how your dad saved your life! When I read this, goose bumps ran down my skin, really! It's incredible that everything ended well. And I am insanely happy about it! And yes, of course, there was also a case in my life when my dad saved me. When I was little, an inadequate man began to pester me. I was in a panic. But it happened in the courtyard of our house. My father saw this and ran out of the house to rescue me! It ended well for me. And that man remembered my dad's kick for a long time! ))
In this letter I will tell you more about my city. I also want to say how I "see" our future with you. And how I want it to develop! Ok? And first... my city Kronshtadt is not a big city. But the most remote and unusual of the seven suburbs of St.Petersburg. Kronshtadt is located on the island of Kotlin in the Gulf of Finland. The city has always been the "sea shield" of St.Petersburg, and the capital of the Baltic Fleet of Russia. The population of our city is 42000 people. We have a lot of attractions - beautiful streets, squares, recreation parks, the Naval Cathedral, the Kronshtadt footstock, the Italian Palace, Petrovsky Marina... I just can’t list everything, really! The most famous sights of our city are: Gostiny dvor. The narrow "Bypass channel" begins almost immediately after it! Grand Nicholas Naval Cathedral, a complex of dams, a chain of sea forts! A lot, really! On 28 december 1984, as a result of the construction of the dam, the island of Kotlin was connected to the mainland by a highway. in 1996, a previously closed city - was open for free visits. And now Kronshtadt is one of the districts of St.Petersburg. I live only 50 kilometers from the city of St.Petersburg! But I rarely go there!
You know... I work a lot!
I can talk about the sights of my city Kronshtadt for a very long time. But it's time to go to our relationship with you. Since this is the most important thing that interests me. Our city is very good, but here, as you already understood, I could not meet the man with whom I would like to spend my whole life together. Almost all the men who have met in my life do not respect women and believe that a woman has no right whatsoever. And I need a man with a rich inner world, who will love and respect me. And so I went to the Internet agency and met you, my dear Nathan! :liar: :liar: :liar: I feel that you can be just the kind of man I need. And yes, I hope you sincerely like me as well! Of course, it’s too early to draw hasty conclusions now! I want to hope so, really!
And only time will help us make sure of this! I really hope that our relationship will develop!
I want to believe that most men from abroad respect women. I'm right?
And for me now, only one thing is important - do you respect women? I am 37 years old. I think it’s time for me to start creating my own family, a home! I don’t think about the wedding now, or about the children! I'm tired of being alone in my heart. And all I want now is to love, and to be loved. I just want to enjoy life with my beloved man. And only when we are together - we will "build" plans for the future! I've been saving money for a long time - you know that! and now I have enough money to travel. I do not want to rush things. But I believe that in order to get to know each other 100 percent, you need to meet in real life for this. But this will happen only when we mutually want it, and we will be ready for it! I'm right? If we decide
to meet, then I will come to you, or you can arrive in Russia. This will be a very serious step in the development of our relations, which we will talk about later! Ok I believe that in a relationship, not only love is important, but also trust, understanding, respect. At the head of the family should be a man! I'm just tired of being strong! A man should consult with a woman - take her advice, criticism, and discuss issues mutually. And always try to find a compromise! I can completely take on all the housework. It’s not difficult for me! I really like to cook, keep the house clean! I will cook such dishes that you forget about bachelor food. I also want to work to maintain our budget. I have a lot of ideas, really! I hope that I do not scare you away by talking about it so quickly. I just don't want to play with time! I'm sure YOU are the man who thinks the same. Of course, it's hard to change your life! But I'm ready for a change, really! I want to be happy in this life!!!
On this I will end my letter, and I will look forward to hearing from you! And now a gentle kiss for you, and a hug!!!!!!! P.S. You still have not sent me your photo! Why? --------
Your dear friend Olga.
Letter 10
Hello my dear friend Nathan!
I really missed you and your letter. I feel that we are getting closer to each other. And I was very glad to receive your long-awaited letter now! Not only a long-awaited, but also a very important letter for me!
Thank you for writing to me. It always brings me happiness! I ask you to forgive me for not being able to write you a letter earlier. I had a lot of work. But I will try to write you letters more often, I promise you that!
My lovely, in the last letter I did not tell you another reason why I decided to meet a man via the Internet. But now I will correct my mistake. I will tell you everything! My mother, already in my childhood, told me that every person in this world has a person whom we must meet sooner or later. That person will be the second half, no matter what! It doesn’t matter - what age, race, nationality, beliefs, place of residence...! it's all not important, it's just fate. And my mother told me: "When you meet such a man, you will feel that this is the same man!". and maybe you won’t believe me, my dear Nathan, but when I met you, I had a strange feeling. I do not say now that you are my destiny, but I believe the words of my mother. I hope that you are the man I was looking for... I hope you understand me!??? I write and try to answer all your questions, letters, experiences. It’s important for me now to be as "open" with you as possible, and completely honest. It is important for me that you feel me and what is in my heart! It is important for me that you understand - what a woman I really am! I think that you understand that the main goal in my life now is to find that one man! A man with whom I can survive all the difficulties of life, rejoice together, just be happy! I'm crazy about it, really! I think you understand me... I want to believe that!
You really become a close person to me. And when I do not receive your letters for 1-2 days, then I start to worry and of course miss you! If you can’t write me letters for any reason for more than two days, if you have a lot of work or you are leaving somewhere, then please write me at least one line! Ok? Tell me you won’t be able to write for several days, so that I don’t worry or worry, ok? We must trust each other! you can’t live without trust! My parents taught me the same thing. My parents have lived a long life, and they know and understand a lot. It is because of this that I trust my parents 200 percent. My mother helps me with everything. And I also help in all my parents. My mom is my best friend and adviser!
Yesterday, the program was shown on TV. It said that so many men get acquainted with women through the Internet in order to deceive in the future. A man invites a woman to come to him, and says that he is madly in love. A woman believes a man - and goes to him abroad. The man promises to pay for the whole trip when the girl arrives in his arms! But when a woman comes to a man, then the man begins to beat the woman - makes him **********! A woman just falls into slavery! I understand and believe that not all men are the same. I'm starting to trust you! You, my dear Nathan, really like me. Your letters touch the strings of my soul! And I very much hope that in the future we can be together. Yes... my parents are very afraid that a man from abroad can cause me heartache. I am also very much afraid of this! But I want to believe you. I just want to listen to my heart! A lot of time I thought rationally. And I'm still alone! I do not want loneliness anymore. I'm tired of falling asleep and waking up alone in bed! I want to be happy! I want to love!
I want you to know exactly my intentions and goals. I want to love, and to be loved. I want a man to whom I can devote my life. Do you understand this? I want ordinary happiness! Loneliness is killing me.
I'm just tired of it! I really like you. But I'm a little afraid, worried... I hope that everything will be fine with you and me. Yes, maybe I'm in a bit of a hurry - but I want to open a little of my heart to you now. And I hope you do not disappoint me! And I will try never to disappoint you!
On this I will end my letter. Write to me as soon as you can! I look forward to your letters with great impatience! My dear Nathan, and remember! - I always think about you!!!!!
A warm kiss and a gentle hug for you, my dear Nathan!!! P.S. And yes, in the photo - my mother, father and I! And a photo where I'm just at home!) AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN - when will I see your photo?????????????????? --------
Your dear friend Olga.
Letter 11
I want to immediately apologize for the fact that my letter today will be very small, BUT important! Now I literally have a couple of minutes to write you this letter and say HELLO!)) I found out this morning (just an hour ago) that I have to leave for St.Petersburg tonight!
This has to do with my profession, and with covid19! This virus has made a lot of changes! And in order for me to continue to work as a nurse, I have to take "refresher courses". This is very good news indeed! This will give me another + for traveling around the world! I will have a certificate that will allow me to volunteer - fighting covid19! But now it's too early to talk about it, since I have to take these courses + pass the exam! But I believe in my strength, knowledge. And I know that this is very important for me and our relationship. So I will do my best, I promise you this! wish me luck anyway... Ok?))
Now I must run! My bus leaves in about 5 hours. I have to collect some things + documents! My training will take 2-3 days! It will depend on the number of people who arrive for these courses in St.Petersburg! I won't be able to write you a letter this weekend. I hope I can answer you on Monday or Tuesday maximum! In any case, I will write you an email as soon as I have the opportunity! Now I really have to run! I'm a little worried... BUT I hope everything goes well! I will miss you, really! I will think about you, for sure! see you soon... --------
Your friend Olga.
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