Scam letter(s) from Julia to Ignaz (Austria)

Letter 1
it's Julenka.
We have exhanged email adresses on dating site.
For a few time I collected my thoughts to write to you.
I hesitate so much!
If is it interesting for you, answer me.
I will send you my short bio and my pics if you are interested.
Hope to find your responce.
Letter 2
Hi, my name is Julia. I live in Kazakhstan and really want to find new friends from all over the world, I am very interested in communicating with people who live abroad, I would be pleased to get to know you better, maybe we could become penpals.
Well, I think I should tell you something about myself. I have no children and have never been married. My birthday is June 18, and now I'm 28. I lead a healthy lifestyle and go in for fitness, before when I was 20 I was a little chubby girl, but I decided to go in for sports and make myself a good figure and from that moment I began to love fitness and now I go in for sports almost every day. I also work in a beauty salon and do various hairstyles, I completed professional makeup courses, I have a higher education, I am a nurse, so I dream of opening my own clinic, and perhaps a whole sports complex where I am I can help people who want to go in for sports and would like to look their best.
Now I want to tell you about my personal life, as I said, I have never been married and I have no children, but I am already an adult and would like to start a family, but have not yet met a person who will be ready for a serious relationship Smiley
I live alone and in the evenings I want a loved one next to me, I hope I will find my prince ...
In the next message I would like to know a little information about you, your hobbies, where you work and you can tell me whatever you want yourself, I will be glad to read your messages.
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