Letter(s) from Natalia Erdyakova to Richard (UK)

Letter 1

GREETINGS my love.
I so am pleased, that you also want, that I saw my love.
I think that it even more than the validity.
As our meeting with mine love would be fine.
I present our meeting of my love every second.
To me speak it, recently I began resolutely abstract, and constantly I fly in clouds.
I do not know, as I shall live without you my love. I all time think of you my love.
I today have gone to the company of travel, and my love has shown your address. The girlfriend there works for me, and she has told to me, that she will help me to do all for trip to my love.
It is necessary for this purpose the passport for travel abroad, visas, the ticket onboard the plane.
I have asked, will believe how many all this to cost. She to me has told, that with all property pledge charges it, 800 euros will cost.
I had visa but itsher term has expired while you were in affairs.
I have undertaken boldness and have told to it(her), that she began to assort the passport for travel abroad.
I hope, that you understand my love, that I very urgently want to see you my love.
I shall wait for your letter my love. I hope, that you support me my love.

Letter 2

Hi my love.
I have no home telephone number.
But I can call to you.
You can give to me your phone number that I called to you?

Letter 3

Hi my love. I love you you it know? I want you you it know. I want as it is possible to see you more soon. You did not write some time. With you that that happened my love? May you were sick, I would be for you the good doctor. Life is fine because we soon shall meet!!!!!!!!!
I today have received: the visa you and the passport for travel abroad. Now money to the ticket are necessary for me and it is necessary to specify to me in what airport to me to fly? That you have found me there.
Write to me more soon because I die without YOUR letters!!!!!!!!!!