Scam letter(s) from Julia to Kurt (USA)

Letter 1
Good day. Are you surprised to get a letter? I believe that a thought is visiting you now. **** who is texting me and what do they want from me? yes, I would like to meet you. Yulya is my name. You definitely want to meet such a beautiful and **** woman like me! )))) I'll send you a photo with the request to open it and only then did I continue reading this letter. I liked that you visually represent what I am. are you wondering how I got your email address? now you need to know what your phone number was given to me too! give me a call, that was my idea, but it's probably too early. i wanted to call you first but i thought you were scared. before I wrote I thought I couldn't be the first or I just wouldn't like you. Thought I decided I was ready for a new acquaintance and should begin our communication with a letter. Unfortunately, I had to pay $ 20 to a special agency to have your email address and phone number available, it seems time to talk about yourself. my age is 34 years old and i live in siberia. I only have serious intentions and I am tired of loneliness. my workplace is one of the most famous advertising agencies. my wages allow me to hold on. I want to enjoy life, it is too short to be spent in vain. i have a good sense of humor and i have sincere kindness. can we talk on the phone? there are a lot of scams out there but I wish to take risks and hope this will not be a mistake. but my doubts only allowed you to write to you. I wonder if I'm interesting for you, am I in your taste? I would love to get an answer from you. Well? I want to talk to you on the phone, or even meet you in a cafe! you have to understand that I don't want a relationship with a young and ****** man. I think a man should be older than a woman. I liked a man around, to go out together, watch sunsets, go to a cafe, and maybe start a family. I hope you write to me and we won't lose each other. please understand how important it is. I've never taken the first step before but I'm tired of being lonely. I liked to be with a serious man who has a strong character, boldly achieves his goals, but also gives mutual romantic feelings! please forgive me for writing you so much. I hope to see your message soon. i think you are the right man! I have great intuition! I hug you tight! I hope your heart will tell me what answer to give. my letter is ready for today. show respect for the new acquaintance.
Letter 2
how are you my friend Kurt !? Can i call you a friend are we friends already, or not yet?
i really wish we were at least good friends!
It's Yuliya! But all friends call Yuli or Julia or Yulchik or Yulenka. There are still a lot of little things about my name. Do you remember what i wrote you it's been a few days since I wrote my words to you in the hope that you will answer me. I am now very happy that I can write to you today!
My days at work were very stressful and I couldn't find time to write to you. but today I finished the planned work and I can write you a few words).
my head is full of thoughts and ideas about what I would like to write to you today!
I hope that today you will find the time to read my letter and you will surely answer me!
Kurt, today it's April 19, and spring is also coming to the northernmost corners of my country. you can feel the approach of summer! although it is still snowing in places. But the sun is shining more and more in the sky, and there is not a single cloud today. Today the warm spring sun shines brightly! it is very nice! and really magical!
it seems to me that spring is the time for everything to be reborn. it seems to me that the beginning of spring, this is the right time to add something new to life, to make changes to my boring and monotonous life.
therefore I take risks and write to a strange man. I want a change in my life and new experiences this spring!
Kurt, to be honest, I wasn't hoping to get your reply to my letter. ...
Why did you answer me anyway? I didn't even tell you about myself, didn't give you my phone number. what do you care about me or was it just curiosity?
I already told you that I got your email from a dating agency. i am trying to find a worthy man to make a couple. I'm tired of loneliness
I also have to say that my friend Anna lives in Berlin. we were with her in a school in the city of Berdsk. she had no parents and lived in an orphanage. but 20 years ago she was visited by a family from Germany and we did not see each other again. now she has already married a man in Germany and they have 2 beautiful children boys.
she told me that in the developed world men are very decent people. she told me that you can be really happy only with a man from Europe.
Now I'm afraid that you won't answer me. from Russia, a lot of girls are trying to leave Russia. I expect you to think about it today and make the right decision whether to keep texting me or not.
Kurt, I hope that you will keep texting me because you are very interesting to me.
you have to take care of me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to tell something about myself. I had a husband about two years ago. we had been married for 15 months. it was love from school. i thought this was the man i would spend my whole life with. I really wanted to have a child, but he didn't want any children. he loved drinking with his friends while I stayed home alone.
and one day when I came back from a business trip a day early, I found him in our bed with another woman. he cheated on me with my best friend! they did very mean! i had a great psychological trauma, now i will never love a man from russia. I don't have a husband now. i hate russian men.
By the way, I'm from Russia. the city of Berdsk. it is not far from the city of Novosibirsk. and about 3500 kilometers from Moscow.
But you will probably ask yourself: Why did I write to you because you live very far from my city? There are many reasons for this: Russia is not the best place to live. my dream is to build my life in a more developed country. but I haven't succeeded so far ..... I want to go where people are friendlier and more civilized. I don't want to live in Russia any longer. it is a land of crime, and an inhumane attitude towards its people. I believe that everyone deserves a better quality of life and I am now ready for this step. For years I thought we were going to start living well, but it gets harder and harder every day. and I think you also know what's going on in my country right now.
I read a lot, sometimes watch TV and I realize that there are many wonderful places where everyone can make their fortune with their own hands. there is enough freedom to have a decent life. I know that each of you is getting what you deserve. You have more opportunities to live with dignity.
Kurt, I want to find a good man. i need an honest and decent man who will never insult and humiliate a woman. It is difficult to find a good man in Russia.
But you shouldn't think that I live badly here. Even in our country, when a person strives for something, a lot can be achieved. I am a very strong and determined woman and I try to make my life better.
I have a good family who help me face any difficulties - these are my parents and my siblings. But I'm 34 years old now, time flies and I want to find someone who loves and protects me. I am fully ready to go backwards!
I don't want a man from Russia because all of our men are depraved and most of them just want *** from one woman. I don't know a single Russian man, apart from my father and my brother, who treated a woman with respect and did not put himself above her, that is, I consider them all arrogant and depraved.
As you must understand, I have the most serious of intentions. I want me to have a man who will always love me, with whom we will be a great team to achieve our common goals!
It seems to me that our women are good enough and worth living happily. I know men in Europe are not like they are in Russia. You treat women much better and your feelings are always true, open, and long-lasting. You have to know that I am a woman for whom love, loyalty, honesty are the most necessary feelings. I am not spoiled by the simple life.
okay i won't say much about myself today. You can get to know me better from my next emails. Now I will just say that I am 34 years old, my height 168 centimeters, my weight 56 ​​kg. My birthday December 25, 1986 year.
I hope you understand that I just need a serious relationship, that I am looking for someone I will love, who will love me. i want to leave russia and have a better life. Kurt, if you have serious intentions for me then we are a lovely couple!
I am used to fighting for my happiness and always achieving my goals. There are already many things in my life that I have achieved on my own. I'm not a poor woman, I have a good job, I get enough money to treat the middle class in Russia, but that's not the most important thing at all. I have a rich inner peace! Who helped me, my parents, the school, the university. I am very grateful to them for that.
we spend a lot of time in our family circle. my mother and father have lived together for 37 years. my brother is married and has a daughter. and only I have no true love ... I hope that I will find this love with you!
Kurt, I am sending you my photos and hope you will appreciate me.
you will see a photo of Charlie 's dog. I love animals. hope this is not a problem for you? my parents have a dog - Charlie. and another photo of me eating cake. it seems to me that it is a personal photo and I want to share it with you.
you can tell me everything. I enjoy reading and it will allow us to get to know each other better. you can talk about work, your family, your interests, your sport. you can even tell me an anecdote or a funny story and we will laugh together! )
Please write to me as soon as possible!
I am waiting for your letter.
your friend from Russia, Yuliya
Letter 3
I say hello to you, Kurt!
This is Juliya. I hope you are happy to receive my letter! ???
I am very happy that we can continue our acquaintance!
i really hope you read my huge letter! I was surprised myself when I read all the words I told you!
I think you're scared of such a big letter.))))))))))), but I really hope you read it all.
I already told you that I got your email from a dating agency in my town. I just said that maybe you would interest me and we could get to know each other.
Like I already wrote. I live in Russia in the city of Berdsk. I want to tell you that my city is very old and was founded in 1716 on the Berd River as the Berdsky Ostrog Fortress.
I am 34 years old. I understand we have an age difference, but that's not a problem! A grown man is wisdom, experience, respect, and honor. I don't want to deal with a ****** teenager.
When I wrote you my first letter, I didn't know what we were going to be talking about. But now I assume that we can build our acquaintance on stories about ourselves. And I liked that you tell me more about your life. It seems to me that it is necessary.
How do you spend your free time? are you on an active vacation? Do you do sports? I very often go to our country house with my parents. in summer we grow vegetables there so that we can eat something in winter. now we go there on the weekend to go into the garden after a long winter and prepare our garden for the planting of new plants. and also a little rest).
I spent this weekend in the garden and we did a great job.
we are the whole family in our country house and it brings us together very much when we are all together. these are very good moments and will allow you to recover from the stresses of everyday life.
I need to get to know you better to have a better idea of ​​the person I might be able to relate to.
For example, I would like to ask you if you like going to the park or the forest? What's your favorite festival?
Do I have a chance to please you? Do you have a dream What you do in your free time? I have a thousand questions for you now! I will ask her sometimes. Well?
Kurt, I hope you understand the purpose of my acquaintance with you? i want to find a loved one and i want him to love me. i want a man.
I want to find a good man, a full partner. I want a relationship with such a person. I don't want to build relationships and start a family in Russia. I wanted to leave Russia because I wanted to improve my life. I liked that my family was always protected by the state. I want to be safe tomorrow.
now I have no husband and I have no children. But children are happy and I will be happy raising a baby.
although many families live without children, that will not be a problem for me. I can be near a man and it will be enough for me. I hope you understand me!
My age is now 34 years old and I believe this is the most suitable age to live with man. I need a man who will always warm my soul with his attention and love.
For me, such a person can only be a strong, determined, responsible man. I don't want anyone else.
Kurt, you have to forgive me for what I'm telling you now. I didn't just write my first words to you ... as I told you, your email was given to me by a dating agency. but besides you, I got three more emails. I wrote to you ...
I think you won't make me angry about this?
I already told you that my childhood friend lives in Berlin. she works as an inspector for the police. and she recommended that I contact a dating agency.
She said that there are decent people in the world and there is always hope to find happiness.
I've wanted to look for a man for a long time, but like I told you, I don't really believe in internet dating. moreover, there is a lot of scams in the world now and it is very dangerous to trust someone on the internet. so Kurt, I never became acquainted on the internet myself, but I think I can trust my girlfriend. my girlfriend said that the agency will help me find a man who will be of interest to me.
Understand that I wrote to them just so I would have a better chance of getting a letter from someone. Now I'm glad you answered me first. If you answer me, I will refuse you to meet me. Well? I will never write to you again. i just wanna talk to you only you are on my mind
How did I feel when I wrote you a letter? Sometimes a person simply trusts instincts and takes actions by following them.
I hope that my intuition will not let me down and that you will be a worthy partner!
my intuition always helps me. In my life, at work and during the times I was educated.
I studied at the university and received university training in management and advertising. I studied at the Siberian University of Consumers' Co-op, at the Department of Management, Tourism and Advertising. With my professions you can find work in any country. It seems to me that there are advertising agencies in every country and I can easily find a job. I also took courses in advertising design. now I can combine two activities in my work.
I started learning German at school. I continued his studies at the university. it seems to me that I own it well and we will not have any problems in communication.
By the way! I haven't told you about my work. I work in a small advertising organization in my city of Berdsk. her name is E?aneaue ai?ia
?aeeaiiia aaaionoai. This is one of the best advertising agencies not only in our city, but also in the entire Novosibirsk region. We have a very wide range.
i work as a manager and as an advertising designer! I've been in this position for 4.5 years! My job pays me good money. I have a dignified abode. I work hard. But I get fair money for my hard work.
I love my job because I work with good people, I meet new people all the time. I enjoy work, although it is not easy. I probably like it because it is extraordinary and I don't have to do monotonous work. Each new step in taking the necessary action is different from all previous ones and it gives me an incentive to work hard.
To get to know each other better, we need to write to each other as often as possible and as much as possible. Do you have a chance I have to tell you that I don't always have it. I can only write to you when you are working. My job allows me to use my computer and write to you.
I work five days a week. the bosses sometimes ask us to work on Saturday when the last stage in a project has to be done.
would you like to call me on the phone? But I have to tell you that I can't give you my phone number because I don't know you that well yet.
But i know Exactly, if you and I write the same way and know that we are a good match, then I'll give you my phone number. I'm not used to handing out my phone number until I know my boyfriend well, and it is not good to hand out a number until you know your man well. I know that it will be very good if you and I talk on the phone. I know it will get better. But I'm sorry until I give you the phone number. But I can promise you and I will talk on the phone. I will be very happy to hear your voice. You must have a very pleasant voice.
I hope that we can continue our acquaintance and get to know each other better.
I think you will be interested to see my photos. They're not that pretty, but I want you to see them too. next time i will try to find more spectacular photos to impress you.
I look forward to your answer, my dear friend Kurt!
I'll write to you as soon as I have a few minutes to work.
but tomorrow I'm going to our little house out of town with mom and dad.
Letter 4
Thank you for your letter! please excuse me for just writing a few words.
I have a small chance to write to you and I only have a few minutes.
I am writing to you from the Hotel Barnaul Internet café. I'm on a business trip in Barnaul.
it is not a planned business trip. This morning we left with the employees from our work. I couldn't warn you beforehand.
I do a presentation of our advertising work for the conclusion of new contracts.
I want to tell you that you don't worry about me and know that I always think of you.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. This is very important to me.
I hope that tomorrow I will have free time to read your letter well and prepare my answer. I will write to you as soon as possible!
I also expect a lot of new photos from you!
my hug for you!
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