Scam letter(s) from Yana to Noel (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi dear Noel! The world of the Internet is so vast that you don't know who you can meet in these open spaces, maybe we were destined to meet here and in the future we will remember this moment with a smile? My name is Yana, for you I can be Yanusya, so my parents call me I was born and live alone in such a remote, but very beautiful city of Donetsk, the main thing is not to confuse it with the city of Donetsk in Russia lol. I love to walk, go to the gym, it helps me to relax, find peace of mind and release the accumulated energy So, I don’t like to talk a lot about myself, better tell me about your life, I will be glad to get to know you better and find out about your preferences, hobbies and just funny situations in life. For a long time I have been walking through life alone and I firmly decided that it was time to share my life with my beloved man. I'm looking for a man with whom I will feel like a real woman, desirable and natural, weak in the hands of a strong man and strong in the eyes of others. I am the pioneer of the world of dating on the Internet for myself, how Christopher Columbus discovered America, I am discovering an Internet dating site lol Noel, I will wait for your answer and maybe we are destined to spend the rest of our lives together I attach my photos to make it clearer for you who I really am hehe
Letter 2
Hi dear Noelx! I am glad to receive your letter, I was really looking forward to it;) Are you satisfied with your life? Or would you like to plunge into the abyss of the unknown in order to re-experience those or other emotions and experiences that you have not experienced for a long time? Maybe it’s a sense of drive in life, or something else? Each person has feelings that he has long forgotten, but would like to experience again, what is your? Since childhood, I was interested in medicine and various medications that could help against various diseases, when I grew up a little I liked to read about it and learn something new, already from school I began to study chemistry and biology and I liked it, and I firmly decided to go down this path in life. I work as a pharmacist in one of the local pharmacies, I will not tell about my duties, or you will fall asleep and salivate your phone or computer from a sweet dream, because I will be dreaming for you;) heh. What about you and your profession? Do you like it? I also love to read and just walk on the street without thinking about everyday problems, sometimes I take a thermos with hot tea, a good book and go to the park to sit and read in silence on the farthest bench) I really love rock music)) you can even say that I'm a rock girl or rock in my blood)) hehe This is weird huh? Incomparable things, right? I like to read in silence, but at the same time I love rock music) I am also a volunteer and a member of a group to help an orphanage, I cannot stand aside knowing that there are children who have nothing to eat and nothing to wear. And I also have a cat named Borya, I will attach a photo with him, I think you will like him, he is so plush and soft) How do you feel about animals? Do you think dating on the Internet can lead to a good end, knowing that there is such a long distance between us? I think yes, of course this will not replace an acquaintance in real life, but you know, in real life I am very shy and most likely I would never have dared to approach you and meet such a charming man. I propose to follow fate and surrender to her hands, I am sure that she did not bring us together for nothing;) heh I am sure we can get to know each other better, if you trust me, I can tell you even more about my life and what I do) I hope for your sincere reciprocity. I will look forward to your letter! I attach a little myself, I hope you like it and you don't scared)) hehe
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