Scam letter(s) from Anna Mosunova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Richard !
Well, finally you wrote to me. I thought that you would not answer me and consider my letter "*******".
I like it when people are frank with me.
I hate lie! And I think that people cannot make happiness on a lie!
I hope you think the same?
I don’t think the age difference is an important factor in the relationship between a man and a woman.
Because men are wiser and more experienced with age.
Indeed, age is not important to me. what do you think about the difference in our age?
I want to say that I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. I've never been married. I am still lonely.
And I didn't have a good relationship with men because of my demanding temperament, that I was too demanding of men.
But now I have become wiser and more restrained.
I think that the main thing in a person is the beauty of the soul.
By the way, I almost forgot to tell you about my work.
I sell women's clothing and also advertise this clothing.
Basically I take a lot of photos in different clothes and try to advertise them.
So don't be surprised if I send you a photo in different clothes :)
I like my job. Sometimes I can twist in front of the mirror and look at myself in a good mood.
I also visit the gym in my free time. I do fitness and it gives me energy and a toned figure.
It's a little difficult for me to write to you and formulate my thoughts, but I try to write you all the news from my life.
I will not write much about my hope for our communication and so on, because if you are serious with me, then you will continue to communicate with me, you will ask me questions from my personal life, and so on.
but if you are not serious with me, then you will write me short letters, without feelings, without emotions and without much interest, won't you?
Waiting for your answer !
Letter 2
Good afternoon, evening or night.
I don’t know how much time you have now, because I don’t know you yet.
I won't write much. I will only say about the main thing.
Here I am looking for new acquaintances and relationships and in the future there may be something more.
I'm tired of being alone and my age of 35 suggests that it's time for me to find a good and strong relationship with a man.
Well, you will probably be skeptical about my letter, because now millions of letters are floating on the Internet and it is difficult to find the truth and reality.
I am also afraid to make mistakes. I want honesty and transparency in my emails. And I hope honesty is important to you too.
This concludes my letter and hope for feedback from you.
Letter 3
Hi Hi Richard.
I am glad that our correspondence continues. I try to write you long letters in order to express the whole essence of my thoughts.
I'm trying to tell you a lot about myself. I hope that you are not tired of my long letters and information?
Let's continue our conversation.
I want to tell you about my family. This is an important part of my letter, since few people will tell a stranger about their family, and even more so on the Internet.
But I started to trust you and I can trust you with my important thoughts.
I live with my mom. My mom's name is Lyudmila.
My mother is a very kind woman and she always keeps our home.
She works in a kindergarten for young children. She is a teacher and often babysit young children.
Apparently the love for children was passed on to me from my mother.
I can talk a lot about the qualities of my mother. But that's another time.
Just like all people, I have friends. I have several best friends.
In the course of our correspondence with you, I will introduce you to several of my friends.
My friends have helped me many times in life in difficult situations. They are loyal and reliable friends.
The main thing in life is to find good and faithful friends who will support you in difficult times throughout your life.
I also have girlfriends at my work.
By the way, today we had an interesting photo session in a dress. I love taking pictures and I think I have a million photos.
Tell me about your hobbies, I am interested to know about it.
I told you a lot of new things about me and my family.
It is interesting for me to know your life, how you spend your days, to know your habits.
Letter 4
Hello Richard!!!
Again and again we continue our communication and I like to spend time reading your letter and your thoughts.
In this letter I have several important questions that will help me understand you more.
Richard tell me what you want from life?
What do you need to be happy?
Yesterday I lay and thought about it for a long time. I understand that for many, happiness is different.
For me personally, happiness is a diverse concept.
For me it is already happiness that I live in this world and can enjoy the world around me.
I can see all the delights of this world.
Also, happiness lies in finding your other half and feeling love and euphoria.
We are adults and we understand very well that trust is built on sincerity.
I will always be frank with you and I will tell you everything.
As I already wrote to you that I dream of building a happy family, but now I do not have it.
Now I do not have this, because I have not yet found my man.
I like men who are older than me. I believe that men who are older than me are more serious and more responsible.
They know what they want in this life. Of course I have had relationships with men in the past.
But there weren't many of them and they all ended for me. The bottom line is that men basically want some kind of fun.
What do you think about it? do you agree with me or are you ready to argue about this?
I like it when a man is polite to me and will never give me offense.
I understand that relationships are not built right away and it takes a lot of time. But we must strive for a clean and serious relationship.
Our acquaintance with you is very serious for me.
I hope that you will also support me in this !!!!
Well, today I'm going to skate with my friend.
I have not skated for a long time and I hope that everything will go without injuries.
Waiting for your answer !
Letter 5
Hello Richard !!!
Here again I can write to you, you are an interesting person and I feel more confident with each new letter.
I can share my thoughts and feelings with you. I feel comfortable communicating with you.
How is your mood?
I always try to be positive in spite of various problems and so on.
After all, if we plunge into problems, then these problems will completely engulf us and we will no longer be able to return to our previous state.
Do you agree with me?
Well, today I got off work early, wrote you a letter and now I will cook dinner.
A very special dinner tonight, family. My mom and I will have dinner together and talk about different situations.
I love having dinner with my mom and having discussions with her, because she can tell me a few stories that can give me a good or bad example.
Well, I'm waiting for your letter and a little story from you!
I wish you a good mood and look forward to your reply!
Letter 6
Hello Richard !!!
How do you ?
I am glad that you do not forget me and write me your wonderful letters.
Each of your letters brings me a lot of happiness and I think that you treat me with respect.
I understand that meeting you changed my life. And all these changes are for the better.
You filled my life with new feelings and I want these feelings to be mutual.
And I think about it all the time. I always think about you.
What are your plans for today? What interesting happened with you today?
I love chatting with you on various topics and learning a lot of interesting things from you.
I love to listen and read your mind. But sometimes I do not understand some of your words and statements.
But I always try to understand you correctly and maintain our dialogue. I always try to answer your every question and your every thought.
And I can no longer do and live without you and your letters. I really miss you!!
I believe in fate. And I think that it was fate that introduced us. And I am very grateful to fate for the fact that I met you.
Do you believe in fate ?? How do you feel about it ??
By the way, today I'm going to a cafe with my school friend.
I will be looking forward to your letter. I'm already starting to miss !!
I hope that you will write to me very soon.
I am sending you my photos from different days of my life and my image.
Letter 7
Have a nice day !!!
I am pleased that you and I communicate, that you and I get to know each other better.
I am pleased to know that you have studied some of my ideas and know what I want, I was pleased to tell you about me, and read stories about you.
I am an independent woman, but sometimes I want a person to be with me with whom I could share my thoughts and experiences, talk about something personal, who can understand and support me in a difficult situation.
I am glad that I met you, because you understand me, we have a good dialogue, this does not happen often.
For the first time in recent years, I had a great desire to communicate with a man and tell you about my life and about my interests.
I'm talking about you!
Today I would like to ask you one question to which your answer is interesting to me!
imagine this situation. you walk down the street, past a cafe, and suddenly you see me (you and I don't know each other), I'm sitting at the table and drinking coffee in a cafe.
would you dare to come up to me and get to know me? if in real life there was such a situation, then I would really like you to come to me!
I would like you to describe this picture to me, how would you approach me? what would you tell me?
I would be glad to talk to you about this topic.
Well, now I will finish my letter, because I have to go.
My friend is going with her husband to the holiday today, and there is no one to leave the child with, so my friend asked me to look after her daughter.
Yes, today I will be babysitting a small child and it is very exciting for me. But I'm sure I can handle it.
This is an obedient child and we have a good relationship. I am sending you a photo from the zoo and with the cute daughter of my friend, with whom today I will be babysitting.
Wish me luck !:)
Letter 8
Hello Richard!
I am glad again and again that our acquaintance and communication continues!
I am glad that you do not forget me and write me your wonderful letters.
I want to tell you that after we met, I began to feel that my life had changed.
And these changes are for the better. I hope that these changes will give me a lot of new things.
I became more cheerful and cheerful. I want to love and be loved again.
And it's all thanks to you. I want all this to continue and never stop.
I understand that meeting you changed my life. And all these changes are for the better.
You filled my life with new feelings and I want these feelings to be mutual.
I began to feel that there is a person on this earth who is not indifferent to me and who is not indifferent to me.
Who thinks of me and takes care of me as much as I will take care of him.
And I think about it all the time. And these thoughts and feelings overwhelm me.
I always think about you. I think about you when I wake up in the morning.
I think about you when I go to work. I think about you when I go to bed and I fall asleep thinking about you !!!
I don’t know how to describe it in words, I just don’t have enough words to express it.
I have never felt this before, and therefore it is difficult for me to explain it.
And with every letter you write, these feelings become more and more strong.
And I can no longer do and live without you and your letters. I really miss you!!
This afternoon during my lunch, I went to the store to pick a gift for a friend.
I have been thinking for a long time what gift to give my friend Mariya.
I spent a long time choosing what to buy, but then I bought a holiday certificate in a women's clothing store so that my friend could buy the clothes she liked!
Today I will go to my girlfriend's birthday party.
I am very excited before this celebration and I hope that I will look great!
I love summer, I love wearing dresses. And also I love various exhibitions. Do you go to exhibitions?
I am sending you my photos from the bike ride, in the fitness area and in my favorite dress.
I wish you a good mood and look forward to your answer!
Letter 9
Hello Richard!
How are you?
I have accumulated a lot of feelings and emotions for you and I want to tell you about it.
My feelings overwhelm me !! And these feelings are like in youth, when the first love comes or something forbidden.
Adrenaline in your blood goes off scale, you do not want to eat and sleep. This is called awakening feelings for each other.
What do you think of this feeling?
I thought about this for several hours at night and could not sleep for a long time.
I fell asleep only in the morning.
I am tormented by some feeling. But I'm afraid, I'm afraid to confess to you.
Richard I think I fell in love with you.
I do not understand what is happening to me now.
It seems to me that I found myself in a completely different world.
I want to touch you, but we are still very little acquainted. But our correspondence gave me feelings and I am afraid to make a mistake and make the wrong choice.
Do you mind if I tell you "my love"?
But I can't fight my feelings anymore.
My heart is on fire. Burns with love for you !!!
I’m so scared because I’ve never felt this way before.
You are the first man in my life with whom I am so close and frank.
We had good communication from the very beginning.
But now for me this communication has grown into more serious feelings and opened for you my whole soul and all my heart.
It may seem very hasty to you. But I fell in love with you and I love you.
There is nothing more I can do about it.
I am sending you my new photos! Also my photo and video from fitness training.
Letter 10
Hello my Richard !!!
How are you??
Your letters always make me happy.
Yesterday I took this frank step and now I feel better.
Until the moment I wrote to you, it was so hard for me. But now I'm happy.
I hope that you are also happy.
Of course I understand that for you my revelation seems too harsh.
I think you think that I am still young and do not understand my feelings.
But I have never experienced such love.
You are the first person in my life whom I love and who is so close to me in character.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
How could such feelings arise through such a distance?
My dear, this may also confuse you the most.
But all these feelings were preceded by our communication with you.
We could learn more and more about each other.
With each letter I understood that you are very close to me and that you and I have a lot in common.
Yes, I completely forgot to write to you.
I'll try to call you, so give me your phone number.
I really hope that you and I can talk, I really want to hear your voice.
Now I am finishing my letter and will wait for your answer.
Your Anna
Letter 11
Hello Richard.
I am glad to see your next letter.
Your letters are like a ray of the sun, they warm my soul and give me strength for the whole day.
And when I read your letters before going to bed, then I definitely see you in my dreams.
How was your day? How is your mood?
By the way, for a long time I wanted to ask you how you imagine our meeting in reality? and can you imagine our meeting at all? or not?
I'll tell you how I imagine it.
I think that first we will meet our gaze, our eyes will catch each other, we will jump with happiness and go towards each other.
And no one can in any way prevent us from going to meet each other.
Then there will be a strong and gentle hug! Richard can you hug me so tight you never let go? I'm sure you can.
Then we will kiss, enjoy our kisses. We will go where slow music is playing.
Where there will be little light, where we can only be together. We can enjoy music and our happiness.
Would you like this?
And then a long and passionate night awaits us with love and affection. And we will fall asleep only in the morning.
Do you like my thoughts?
I want to truly love you and start our relationship in reality.
I am ready to take a chance and walk the path to you.
I respect you and I am confident in you. I gained trust and love in you, so why don't we meet in reality?
Is it possible or not? let's think about it.
I am waiting for your thoughts. I want you...
Letter 12
Hello Richard!
I am very glad to receive a letter from you!
How is your day going?
I am very pleased to know that I have such a wonderful man like you who loves me and takes care of me.
I am very glad that we were able to find each other.
Our love with you is two halves that are trying to connect and be together.
At first, our halves were weak, but with each of our letters they became stronger and stronger and stronger.
now our love is very strong and I think that you and I will be able to overcome all the difficulties that may arise in front of us.
We love each other and I know that we can overcome the distance that separates us.
I really want us to be close, so that you and I can see each other's views, so that we can touch each other.
Our goal is to unite our loving hearts. Right? So we have to be serious now to fulfill our dream of meeting.
My beloved, when I think about you, my days pass faster and I hardly notice them. I often dream of you.
And in these moments I am the happiest. I don't want to wake up when I dream of you. My love, I constantly think about you.
I think you understand me. My love for you is very strong and all the time I think about how we will spend our time with you.
My dear, I want to tell you that I just cannot live without your kisses. I need them.
I wanna be with you. I really like to think of you. When I dream that you are kissing me, sometimes I think that it really is.
And I tell you that I am pleased only with you.
What do you think about it? What are your thoughts?
I need to know everything you think about it, because we are both ready to meet.
I will end the letter with this. kissssssssssss
Letter 13
Hello Richard !
I am glad that you and I have developed such a strong love relationship.
Now our relationship is developing smoothly. You know almost everything about me.
Now I would like to talk about our personal meeting. Only at a personal meeting we can already definitely understand each other. Habits, character and feelings. Do you understand?
I think I will be taking a short vacation. I need rest and we can also plan our meeting in reality.
Of course it will be difficult and we have to think about it, find out all the details.
I will also prepare for our meeting. I will find out all the necessary information.
What do you think about it? what are your thoughts?
My heart is just for you. I so want you and me to be together !!
I know that you love me with all your heart and soul, but I want to feel this love not only through our letters on the Internet.
I think the time has come to think about our meeting face to face.
I resolved this by spending all night thinking.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Letter 14
Hello my Richard !!!!
Learning about the travel information was easy and did not take much of my time.
some information regarding my visit to you.
I contacted a travel agency and found out the cost of the cheapest air ticket to Oslo airport.
The cost is 343 euros.
The flight is operated by Aeroflot.
The flight number from Moscow is SU2174.
You need to start by making a visa and a passport for the trip.
My love Richard so that I can come to you, I need to have all the documents and certificates, as well as medical insurance during my stay in your country.
I also need information from you, your full name and your home address.
This information is needed by the consulate when processing my visa and customs clearance.
Further, you and I must approve the exact day of my arrival to you so that I can book a flight for that day.
Flight booking is required to obtain my visa. After all, without this there will be no fact that I am going to leave my country and fly to you.
Do you understand this?
I am waiting for all information from you.
This is a short letter with important information. We will discuss the rest in the next letters.
I am sending you my summer sunny photos !!!
Letter 15
Hi my love Richard !
today I applied for my vacation.
I also contacted the consulate and submitted an initial package of documents for the production of my visa.
My vacation will last approximately 25-30 days.
So I want to spend my vacation in love and fun.
But in order for me to get a visa, it is necessary to provide air tickets to the consulate.
I made the first installment and paid the application for my visa and health insurance.
But the consul said that I should also pay for the air tickets and provide them with the flight details.
So I spent all my finances on the visa application and vacation funds.
Can you pay for my air ticket?
Can you make an online payment at a travel agency?
I will contact the travel agent and tell them to write to you and provide all the details.
What do you think about it?
The situation with Covid 19 is improving and flights are resumed.
So I will take the COVID 19 test and then get permission to fly out of the country.
I am waiting for your decision! kiss!
Letter 16
Hi my love Richard !
I hasten to answer you.
Yes, I'm glad that you understand me and my actions.
Yes, I realized that you need my complete information.
my full name: ANNA MOSUNOVA
my home address: Russia, Kazan, Maksimova Street 23
my phone number +74991693399
the exact amount in euros: 343 euros.
Yes, I will send you a copy of my passport.
To do this, I need to go to the municipal library and scan my passport there.
I don't have a scanner at home.
I hope my information helped you?
I am waiting for good news from you and words of love!
I want you...
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