Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Dudina to Robert (Australia)

Letter 1
Everything is fine? Are you here to answer me? I live in Russia and my name is Nastya. I am 26 years old. I am writing to you from a marriage agency and I want to find my soul mate. I'm trying to find a serious relationship here and in addition to a beautiful wedding, a good husband, a million little kids and a child crying at night;) I want to ask if you want the same thing? I believe that you will take a couple of minutes to answer me and tell me a little about yourself. I will look forward to your letter as V.V. Putin expects a quick sale of his vaccine worldwide;) Ahahaa
Best wishes, Nastya.
Letter 2
Hey! I am very glad to receive your answer! And I want to tell you a little about myself, then I hope that you will do the same. First, my full name is Anastasiya, but my short name is Nastya. In my native Russian it looks like "NASTYA". Secondly, I am 26 years old, so I am already a big girl :) And I want to tell you right away, so as not to return to this question later, I am looking for a man older than myself for sure. I'm not looking for a boy, I'm looking for a man! If I wanted to find a boy, I could do it in Russia :) Thirdly, I was born in Russia, but I live and work in Ireland, in the city of Dublin. I have no friends and acquaintances here, so
I want to try to find my man on the Internet. I went to a marriage agency and they tied us up. I hope you don't mind so we can get to know each other and get to know each other better? I would like to know your full name, I would like to know how can I call you and what your friends call you? Tell me the exact name of your city, I want to see a photo on the Internet of the place where you live. I will be waiting for your answer! I will attach my photos that I used in the marriage agency and I hope to see your latest photos! Kiss, Nastya! Nice to meet you!
Letter 3
Hey! Thanks for your answer, I'm glad you liked me and you want to try to start chatting :) I sent you some photos and now I want you to see you in your next letter! I will wait for it! I want to see the person with whom I communicate. I will wait :) Don't be afraid, I don't bite :) Although ... RRRRR ... Sometimes I can be like a tiger and tear you apart when I'm very angry ! Hope it happens someday :) Ahahaaa Just kidding. In reality, I am an ordinary girl and like any normal person I want to walk, enjoy life, admire nature, oceans, seas, mountains and even snow! Brrr ... there is a lot of it in Russia :) I have to tell you that I live and work in the outskirts of Dublin, which is the capital of Ireland. I was forced to leave Russia because I lost my job during the pandemic and quarantine. I ran a small family business with my mom. We had our own shop and sold women's clothes. But then COVID19 happened and we were forced to close our store. The government did not help us, and in order to survive I was vaccinated with SPUTNIK-V about six months ago, I went abroad. A friend of mine advised me to move to Ireland. I got a work visa and voila, I'm here. I work as a maid and rent a small room. I don't have any friends or relatives here, so I feel very lonely. Maybe you will come and invite me to dinner? Ahahaa :) So I decided to contact a Russian marriage agency to help me find a suitable man. Do I suit you? :) Nastya.
Letter 4
Hello Rob!!! How was your day? Maybe you have a little smile when you receive my letter today? Ahahaa I'm glad you wrote to me. You should know that I cannot answer you often because my working day starts at 7 am and ends at 9 pm. When I have a break or when I come home, I answer you. It's not hard work, I help to do household chores, cook, clean, wash and do other boring and uninteresting things that rich owners don't like to do :) Ahahaaa Of course I know American football, but I must tell you that we do not have such a sport in Russia and Ireland, at least I have never seen it. But on the other hand, I will be your partner to run in the morning and do a warm-up :) Today I had a rest at work and went to watch the movie "MORTAL KOMBAT", I'm sure you've heard about that.
I really like the music from this movie. I will not deny I also love all these special effects, fights, sea of ​​blood, tough fighters and magic. I want to tell you that I love all films that have magic, for example my favorites are "LORD OF THE RING", "HOBBIT", "HARRY POTTER". I must be a sorceress too? :) Or an evil witch? :) Uuuuuuuuu where is my magic wand? .... I will enchant you and make you fall in love ... UUuuuuuUuUu Be extremely careful! Drink a remedy against magic, otherwise you will love me forever and obey me! I will make a ***** of you! Ahahaa Did I scare you? As for the music ... Hmmm I listen to everything that sings and plays, from classical compositions to hard rock. When I lived in Russia, I loved going to concerts and dancing. Do you like music and dance? Would you like to ask me to dance one day? :) I also like various comedies on stage, solo performances or performances, I like to laugh and I do not like to be sad. I want to live my life without tears and sorrow. I want to tell you that many people in Russia and even in Ireland are too busy with their own affairs and work, they smile little and have many problems. Therefore, they are always sad and I even feel sorry to look at them. By the way, my favorite book is "Pollyanna", and there are films that are based on the plot of this book. It tells the story of a girl who played a game and taught it to all the inhabitants of the city. The essence of this game was that always and in everything you need to look for positive moments. I read it as a child, maybe at the age of 7 or 8, but I will remember the book for the rest of my life. I guess I also try to play this game and look for a positive around. Have you read this book? I think you should definitely do it, or watch a movie! But the film is not as interesting as the book! Try to take the time to read this book! Otherwise I'll bite you! Num Num Rob! Well, I'll wait for your answer. Ask me if you are interested in something and I will be happy to answer your every question! ... I doubt that she'll happy today
I will attach my photos to you, I hope you will introduce me before bed :) I kiss, hug, bite and scratch! Nastya, Catwoman!
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