Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Sergeevna Belyaeva to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello. Thanks for your letter. Can you remind us where we know each other?
I can't remember who I'm talking to.
Did we know each other or the letter was not addressed to me?
Please answer me at my personal address
See you later. Ekaterina
Letter 2
Richard Sorry for this misunderstanding, very nice and how awkward it prove.
It was all settled by my friend, I detect out about this only now, when I met her.
I forgot to introduce myself, i am Ekaterina!
My friend applied to a dating agency on my behalf, filled out a form and added a photo.
But she didn't even expect someone to answer me. I am asked her to remove my profile, but she cant, because She forgot the name of this agency, sent an application a week ago.
She didn't even think that someone would respond. I of course shocked by her.
But she did it not out of malice and explained that she only wished me good, maybe so I can find a man with serious intentions. I've never had this kind of dating.
Maybe my friend is right about something and it's time for me to improve my life!?
To be honest, I'm ready to try. But I am don’t know anything about you.
Can i am khow you name, where are you from, what do you do, how old are you, how do you look? It intrigues me and mesmerizing.
I'm hope we can satisfy our interest in each other with you, unless of course you are against our dating? I hope for your reciprocity and please send me your photos..
You've probably seen my photos already or not? I'm sent you my photos.
I'm will tell you more about myself, if, of course, you are interested!?
Letter 3
Richard I am very glad to meet you. Thank you for answering me. This is not usual for me. I will try to tell you about myself. As I said my name is Ekaterina! I am 42 years old. height 168 cm, weight 55 kg, born on August 15, 1979! I am a single girl never married and have no children. I rent 1 room apartment and live alone! I come from Belarus.
But not so long ago she moved to Russia. And now I have been living for 10 years in the city of Mirny, Arkhangelsk region, Russia. I am from a military family and the only child in the family! I moved to the city of Mirny due to the fact that my parents were born here, now I got a job. Before that, I lived in Belarus and studied at the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy, I have a profession of a psychologist. At the moment, I am now working in the personnel department, as a personnel manager or otherwise a specialist in personnel, in a military hospital. My job is to monitor the performance of work and the selection of specialists! My parents were carried away by a covid last year. Many people have lost their loved ones. And for me this is not a very pleasant topic. I was vaccinated in 2 stages of vaccination and now I am protected from covid! How is vaccination carried out in your country? Sorry, I do not want to talk about this about the past, I hope for your understanding. It was necessary for me, I want you to know my past, since we would not be such people, who we are now. You are probably wondering what I do in my free time, my hobbies? I really love sports, but most of all I prefer fitness, jogging in the morning. I try to keep track of my figure, keep fit. I am a music lover, I listen to music according to my mood, my favorite films are comedy and fantasy. I love nature walks. In the culinary arts, I also have success =) I love goodies, I look at various recipes on the Internet and bring them to life, but with a piece of my imagination. They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach =)) Is it true? Do you have something to tell me about yourself? I wonder what you are looking for? And what would you like from the girl you would like to see next to you? Now it's time for me to continue working, I will miss you and do not forget to send me your photos, I will always be glad to see your photos ...
All the best for you...
Letter 4
Richard Hello! Tell me what time do you have now? now at me morning! I want to say good afternoon to you! I don't have a computer at home, I go online from work. I have no other opportunity, to be honest, I even needed it up to this moment. Probably it would be more convenient to communicate online ?! But unfortunately I cannot give my whatsapp or other online network, since I work in a closed military city, in a military hospital, we are strictly prohibited from having smartphones and social networks! For such violations, I can be held criminally liable😔😔😔. To be honest, I'm already tired of living with restrictions.
So to speak, a hostage of his work. I hope for your understanding. I had thoughts of leaving here. I want something new. But here are my friends, almost everyone has their own families and children. And they are part of my life. Besides them, I have none. You know, I would like to hear your voice, can you give your full number with your country code? So I can call you or send you a message ... I think it will help us to be in touch. I am very glad to meet you, however, I really like you =) But do not think anything superfluous, I just show sympathy for you and I am pleased to communicate with you. My first impressions of you are very good, it is easy for me to communicate with you .. I also wonder how your life is there, on the other side of the globe. I would like to clarify one point, you have to be honest with each other.
We've known you for a few days, do you think we have a chance to become friends? Maybe we'll get a little closer ??? 😃😃😃
Letter 5
Richard Hey! Now at work I do not have a long break. Thank you for your phone number, I tried to call you and send an SMS, but your number is blocked and nothing happens. As I found out, my tariff cannot call abroad or receive a call or messages. If I find a way, I'll definitely call you or write you a message, okay? How do you? What are you doing? How is your day going? Today I am in a great mood and your letter made me a little happier. To be honest, I myself am not happy that we are prohibited from having social networks or other applications so that we can communicate more often. It seems to me that a person gets used to everything, especially with such a regime of life in a military city. I already want a change ... My friends told me that I can do whatever I want, because nothing keeps me here.
They say I am a beautiful and modest girl, with a great sense of humor, the ability to learn quickly and get used to any situation, they see my successful future. But I don't consider myself that way.
Of course, I have one dream or idea, to try myself in the art of fashion and beauty. Namely, open my beauty salon, make beautiful hairstyles, creative styling, manicure and much more. And it seems to me that i can make good money on this and it is promising. Do you dream about anything? Of course a ****** question, everyone dreams of something, but I ask you to really wanted to do? I'm interested in what you answer, I want to get to know you better. I think we have something in common. Sometimes it seems to me that we do not live our lives, we are not in our places, we could do what we actually wish ...
Our work should bring us pleasure, not just earnings. In my case, I feel hostage to their situation. I hope I'm not boring? I try to be as sincere and honest with you as possible. You are very interesting to me as a person and I am pleased to have a friend like you. Thank you for all your letters, I am very pleased that you are with me.
All the best and see you tomorrow.
Your friend Ekaterina
Letter 6
Richard I received your letter and am happy to answer you, I hope you understand what I mean! You know, I just thought that you would be pleased. Please tune in, I'll try to immerse you in my mood. I was thinking about our correspondence. And I think it's very romantic. How did people get along without all these gadgets, social networks, internet, phones and computers before? People were freer, do you agree? 😃 I remember how my grandmother met my grandfather. They have been dead for a long time. They died when I was still small. I heard this story from my mother. And for some reason, I remembered this beautiful story ... It was very long. They met at sea when both were on vacation in one of the resorts in the Crimea. My grandfather told me that for a long time I could not come up to my grandmother, because I fell deeply in love and when I approached her, I was speechless. My grandma lost her slipper on the beach and you know what happened next?
Did my grandfather find her? It's so funny and funny, it reminds me of a Cinderella tale. Only together with a crystal shoe, rubber slipper 😆😆😆 They had an affair for several weeks and then they left for their cities, exchanged only their home address. They had correspondence, wrote their thoughts on a piece of paper, sealed the envelope, pasted stamps and went to the post office. As my grandmother said, she received letters 3-4 times a month, since they lived far from each other. It was hard for them without each other and my grandmother decided to go to my grandfather. Since my grandfather worked as a chief at a metallurgical plant and could not come himself. They fell in love with each other and this was a huge love, lifelong ... I have found such times when there were no such advanced technologies. I was still a teenager. Now is the 21st century and life is completely different. But a piece of the old world is still alive. Our situation reminded me of this and there is some kind of zest in it 😉. You are a very good friend, you always make me happy with your letters, your words, your thoughts and it's a pity that you not in the city next to me or you don't live on another street ... You are on the other side of the world, I would love to meet with you, maybe go to the movies or take a walk in the park, or just had dinner ... But I'm still glad that in general I have you, such a friend who will always listen and support me. This is an unusual and pleasant feeling. I didn’t even know that feelings would open up in me that I’ve never I felt ...
Thank you for being with me, take care of yourself and wish you a great day.
Letter 7
Richard Hi, I'm sorry I didn't answer right away. I am at work as usual now.
And the day didn't start with good news ... There was an incident today. A general practitioner noticed with a smartphone at work as he is photographed in a hospital. I don’t know many details, but the fact remains. And now his superiors are firing him. One of the guards noticed him. If they see me communicating with a foreigner, then I will be hit hard, so I am very careful ... On the other side, this is some kind of sacrament, an unusual sensation, ants are running through the body and it attracts me more and more. Now I have to prepare documents, write a professional description of this doctor. He still got off easily, his phone was taken away and now they will be checking what else he did with this phone. This is not the first time that one has to say goodbye to the employees of a military hospital. This is not a pleasant process. But enough about work. How are you today? What are you doing ? What's the weather like? It's sunny outside + 20 degrees Celsius and I hope tomorrow the weather will be the same, since I have a day off. My friends invited me to nature, to have a small picnic. I accepted their offer. And already in anticipation of tomorrow, I'm tired of working 6 days a week, since I have a non-standardized schedule. There are only two of us, for the whole hospital. And it happens that employees need different certificates for different purposes, to distribute vacations and a lot of other, different, paperwork ... I am very tired, I want to rest. Sorry for such a short letter, tomorrow I will try to write to you in the evening and of course I will send my photos from our picnic. Don't forget to send me your new photos too. I am sending you a kiss.
Have a nice day and have a great day.
Letter 8
Richard Hello my friend. I am always glad to see your photos and thank you for being with me. Now I rushed to work to check my mail and am glad to see your letter! How do you spend your day today? As I promised I am sending you a photo from our picnic yesterday. Sorry for my appearance 😄. We left for the forest, not far 15 km from our city. There we have our place, a clearing in the forest, we go there in good weather to take a break from the bustle of the city. These are my friends, pictured. My friend's name is Nastya and these are her children. They are a very happy family, they have 4 children. I always try to help them if my friend asks to sit with her children. They are close friends to me. We had a great time, grilled meat and sausages, set up tents so that it would be interesting for children to play, and there was a place to hide from the sun. We also played badminton and various children's games ... It was a lot of fun. My friend was interested in how our correspondence is developing? After all, thanks to her, I now have such a friend as you! I explained that everything is good with you, we communicate and get to know each other and nothing serious. My friend is happy for me that a man has appeared in my life. She is now joking at me that I even changed, of course in a good way and became not like myself. I asked how she understood it and you know what I heard ???? 😁 I have a radiant smile on my face, a friendly voice, in which you can clearly hear notes of joy - all this testifies to happiness. Maybe she's right about something. Perhaps this is very noticeable from the outside haha 😆😆😆. I’m even happy about that, it seems to me that real emotions cannot be hidden from others. All day I think about you, how are you and what are you doing now? It would be great if you were with me now. How do you spend your weekend, do you have similar hobbies? How do you like to relax? Hopefully tomorrow, when I check my email again, I will see your answer. I do not want to say goodbye to you, so I will not say goodbye to you, my dear friend.
Your Ekaterina
Letter 9
Richard Thank you for being in my life. After yesterday's picnic, I came home.
And so empty in the room, silence, I even somehow felt uncomfortable.
That no one is waiting for you at home. I immediately thought about you, how are you there without me ?? I don’t know why, I’m telling you this. Answer me honestly! How do you feel about me? I want to be sincere with you and honest, frank as always ... The last time I had a relationship with a man was a year and a half ago! Was in a relationship with a man for about 5 years. We were not married, I was waiting for an offer from him, but I never got it. This is probably because of his work. He was a military man. And he often went on business trips, several times a year from 2 weeks to 1-2 months! I put up with a lot in this relationship, he was not at home, he would never call himself, and it happened that he simply did not pick up the phone, although it was different before. I expected that something might change on his part. I always waited for him, was faithful to him, kept the house clean and tidy, always cooked for him and made gifts for the holidays, took care of him and was always there. And in the end, 5 years of relationship "stuck a knife in my heart", he betrayed me. He left on another business trip and after a while called and said that everything would change and finally everything would be fine with him. He said that we would start from scratch. He explained that he was offered better working conditions, he would sign a contract in another military unit and we would move to another city where it would be easier to live ... But there was one moment that he found an advantageous offer to buy an apartment at a good price, through a mortgage, so that we had our own apartment! Before that, we lived in a rented room. And so that the apartment does not go into other hands, it must be done faster. And he asked me to take a loan and send him, as a down payment, the rest of the amount he took out a mortgage, and as he told him the bank approved it. I was pleasantly surprised and of course agreed and was glad that finally everything would change. He said he would come back and take me with him. I took out a loan without any hesitation and sent it to him, after a while his business trip lasted another 1 month! And then he disappeared, did not take the phone and then turned it off altogether. I got worried and went to his place of work, you know what they told me? That he quit a month ago and no longer works there. And I realized that he just deceived me ... I cried for a long time ... And I was angry with him. I realized that he was just using me. I even went to the police and tried to find him, but I am not a relative of him and I cannot write a statement about the missing person. Then I tried to write a statement against him that he deceived me and disappeared with my money, but the police told me that there was no corpus delicti, I gave him my money myself and there were no documents proving this. I was completely desperate. He turned out to be a cunning and cunning person. What a naive fool I am ... I did everything I could for our relationship ... And they just took advantage of me. Therefore, I did not start a relationship, it is difficult to go through all this, I hope you understand me. I do not like to talk about the past, I want to live here and now and dream of something better than looking back and reliving old grievances over and over again. Perhaps it was destined to find something big and real. Why did I tell you all this, I don’t know ... Probably so that you understand that on the other side of the monitor there is a sincere, open and kind girl, with a pure heart, who would never betray and always remains faithful in relation to people .. ... It is time for me to finish this letter, I hope I did not tire you with these letters and did not push you away from me.
Letter 10
Richard Hello. Thank you for supporting me and I am glad that you are in my life. It's so nice to have a friend like you, even though you are far from me. But I feel like I know you all ones life. Time flies so quickly, life changes and I think about you more and more often. Today I had an unusual dream and would like to tell you about it. I closed my eyes and thought about you, imagined our meeting with you ... As you and I walk in the park, holding hands, you tell something about our plans for life, we laugh ... I also remember how you invited me to go to a small country house on the shore of the lake, where we will be just the two of you. You said that we will go fishing, you will catch a fish and together we will cook it on the grill, open a bottle of wine and together and watch the sun go down the horizon. That would be just fine. I don't remember my dream so clearly, what happened next ... When I opened my eyes and did not find you near, it was so strange, as if it was not a dream. Even if even for a moment and in a dream, I could feel you a little closer. I'm in a wonderful mood, I don't seem to feel lonely when I open my mail every time and see your message ... Let's give each other positive emotions and romance, rejoicing in every moment when we can write to each other, whatever we want. I confess to you, I can’t live without you, I can’t breathe, I can’t exist! You have become dear to me, if it were possible to describe all the feelings that you give me, I would do it, but it's hard to describe my feelings for you. A feeling worth living for! A feeling to fight for! I hug you your Ekaterina
Letter 11
Richard Hello my dear. How are you??
I'm glad you're doing well. I think of you more and more often. And no matter what I think, thoughts about you always fly by. I wanted to ask, what would you do if we meet? How do you see our first date if it happened? I'm sorry I don't want to embarrass you, maybe I'm too intrusive. I really like you and I would not want to force the events that take place between us, but we are adults and we can talk openly about everything! Much in a relationship depends on a man, and a woman is a keeper of home and comfort, I believe that next to a man like you, there should be a woman who could give you her love, affection, care with which it will not be boring, but it will be interesting to make plans for life. Who will support you no matter what happens and will always be there. I think you deserve it. 😍😍😍 If you can imagine, think about how we would look together, am I right for you ?! I am very interested to know everything that you think about my letter ...
Letter 12
Richard Darling, close your eyes after my letter, and think again about what I wrote to you. Finding each other among millions of thousands of people and not losing is a great gift and I thank my life for it! We met so ridiculously and funny, it's hard to even come up with such a thing.
But so quickly they got used to each other, feelings, strong feelings appeared. Kind, gentle, warm, caring feelings 💗, from which a smile on your face and joyful eyes and a carefree heart. You are so dear to me! I will keep our love and cherish it. I will not betray or deceive. I told you that I don't want to rush ... But what can a woman in love do if my feelings are stronger than my will. My feelings, as strong as my first love, as if I fell in love so much for the first time. And I am happy, because such love, sincere and real, is given in life only once. I value you very much! With you I feel stronger, or maybe not stronger, but just more protected. Without you, I lose confidence, a sense of vulnerability, some kind of fragility. You always support me and in difficult times you give me hope. You are strong, reliable, you are like valiant knights in shining armor, about which legends are made. I'm not afraid with you. With you I feel like I mean something in this world. Probably, you are like an island of salvation to me in the ocean. A beautiful island full of color and charm. Therefore, I ask you to take care of yourself! And always know that someone, namely me, needs you very, very much. Only one man in the world can make me truly happy, and you are this man! I love absolutely everything about you, I love every part of you. I want you to never take your eyes off me, which makes my loving heart beat even stronger. You are my happiness, my life, the most beautiful person in this world. My love for you is so strong that it will warm you with its warmth everywhere, no matter how far you are and protect you from all troubles.
Know that I have you your Ekaterina 💋💋💋
Letter 13
Richard Thank you for your letter my dear, I am glad that you and I have mutual feelings. But I have good news and not so much. I don’t know what to do and I need your advice, and maybe your decision. In general, my friend called me to work in the city of Surgut. We have known each other for a long time, she worked with me once. She dropped everything and left for her dream. Now she has her own beauty salon and she needs a companion in the development of this direction. She is thinking of expanding and opening another salon. We once talked with her about it and dreamed about it. And while I was dreaming, my friend made his dream come true, I am happy for her. I dreamed for a long time and wanted to do something similar. She invites to visit her, for one thing and discuss the details of the joint project. But you know, in fact, work is a career, I think I will have time to implement all this, I do not want to do this without you. True love does not occur often and I do not want to lose it, I want to keep it all, I do not want to lose you. I wanna be with you!!! And refuse this offer, in favor of our relationship with you. I think it's time to meet ... I understand we will not be able to meet later, because if I accept this offer, there will be a lot of work. This takes a lot of time, more than one month, and I can't just leave and leave my girlfriend and let her down. I decided to quit my job and come to you, we are adults and must be decisive, it's worth checking our feelings in real life, I can't do this anymore. Perhaps this is a sign that something needs to be changed in life ... I thought it over well and made a choice, but I need to know your opinion ??? And I ask you to think it over too well.
Letter 14
Richard Darling, I love you very much and I want our meeting. How do you ? how is your day? How did you sleep? I constantly think about our meeting.
You know, you could come to me, but I work in a military closed city and you will not be allowed here, it is better to avoid unforeseen troubles. I want to come to you, if possible, I need to clarify everything, the cost and everything about the trip to you. I wrote a letter of resignation and now I am free. Nothing holds me back! I have never been abroad and I hope you are ready to accept me ?! I was given a salary and I have my savings, so it seems to me that I can come to you. But again, everything needs to be clarified. And it only remains for us to have a desire to meet ... I want it !!! There’s no better moment. Do I need your address and the name of your airport? I can't find your phone number so we can keep in touch! I need to go to a travel agency so that they can draw up my route for me, make the necessary documents for traveling to you. Find out there is an opportunity to come to you at all. Now it's time for me to go to work and settle the last moments, pick up some of my personal belongings.
waiting for your early reply.
I love, kiss yours and only yours Ekaterina
Letter 15
Richard Hi darling. Thank you for coming to my meeting and treating it responsibly. I have good news for you and me. I was on a tour agency.
And I checked the information about the possibility of coming to your country. And i can. I am so glad and happy that we will meet soon. It turns out it's not as easy as it seemed to me, I spent more than one hour in a tour agency. I was asked if there is a certificate of vaccination against covid ( and yes I have one). I was also photographed for obtaining an international passport and health insurance, as well as for my visa. Plus I had to pay a state fee. Then they made a route to you, how it would be easier and faster for me to get to you. But I'll talk about this later. I fully paid for all the services of the tour agency, everything will be ready within one week. I had to pay extra 40 euros for the urgency! Also, the travel agency will book me tickets when my visa is ready. And I will receive them already at the airport! Only for an interview and obtaining a visa, I will have to go to Moscow, since the tour agency does not deal with this. It cost me 890 euros. I will also need to have with me a certain living wage, for a long time I could not understand what it was. They explained to me that this is the money for which I will live in your country (1 day - it is 50 euros, for the period indicated in my visa). At first I thought that they should be paid somewhere. I was very surprised by this. But they explained to me that this is just a formality in order to get a visa. You will not have to spend them, but have them with you in your bank account. In general, I have enough money for everything.
You just have to wait until everything is ready. I am looking forward to our meeting with you, as soon as possible to get into your embrace ... There is one more important question, how do we get to know each other at the airport? Can I wear something bright, or do you have any suggestions? Now I want to take some rest, since I had to travel to another city due to the lack of international travel agencies in my city! See you soon, yours Ekaterina
Letter 16
Richard Darling, probably everything will have to be canceled. Right now crying... Employee called me from the visa center and said that I had a debt (a gift from my ex who left me) - this is my loan and until I pay it off, I will not be given a visa. As you know, my ex disappeared and now I have to pay credit in bank if I want to come to you. How I hate him. if we convert rubles into euros, to make it clearer how serious my problems are. I have 3200 euros in my account, and my loan debt is 2412 euros. I do not know what to do. My favorite thing is that only 788 euros will remain in my account. Most of the savings will go towards closing the loan. They explained to me that 1 month of living in your country will cost me 1500 euros, and I have only 788 euros. And I can't get a visa without this money. As a result, I need 712 euros in my account to get a visa. Darling how can I be? What to do? Will you help me come to you? This money will not have to be spent and I will return it to you upon arrival at your place, or I will return it as soon as I get a visa, if you have a strong need for money. I all understand that this is not easy, I had money and now my past has caught up with me .. Our relationship with you is at stake, I don’t want to lose you. Everything for my trip will be ready within 6 days and I hope you won't leave me? It makes no sense to postpone the trip, since the documents will be ready and have an expiration date, and even more so I have already paid for everything. Darling, I don't need anyone, only you. I'm all yours. Do not let me go… Please be there. That's all I ask for. I want you. You alone. Very little is left before our meeting. I so want to hurry you up so that I can see you as soon as possible. To see you in front of me live, face to face, dear and my only ...
Letter 17
My dear, I have a bank account.
You can send money to it without any problems,
I was in the bank and found out all the necessary information
how to send a bank transfer, here my bank details: beneficiary name: Belyaeva Ekaterina Sergeevna
beneficiary account: 40817840700025109685
beneficiary bank: AK BARS Bank
Beneficiary’s Bank Address: 420066, Russia, Kazan, Dekabristov street 1
SWIFT: ARRSRU2K The money transfer will arrive within 5 working days. I am very glad that we will meet soon. Hope you can send money in the coming days. In the meantime, I will pay the loan so that I can be safely issued a visa and I will prepare for our meeting with you. I almost forgot how you are with the weather? I need to collect all the necessary clothes.
I do not want to pack a large suitcase and therefore I need your help with clothes 😃. My documents will be ready in a few days! So, as soon as your help arrive, I will leave for Moscow the next day for an interview and a visa, and I will give you the details of my flight to you. All my thoughts are only about you and about our life together with you. I so want you to be next to me always! I have already stopped thinking about what happened in the past, the impression as if it did not exist at all. I think only about the future, about our future with you! I am constantly haunted by the feeling that I have known you all my life. I can't even believe that I am not sleeping and soon I will be in your arms, I am ready for our meeting and now everything is in your hands, it depends on you how soon we will see each other! I will be really happy with you. I'm looking forward to our date, kiss 💋💋💋 your Ekaterina P.S 1. Your full name: first name - Ekaterina, last name - Belyaeva, middle name - Sergeevna 2. Your full address: city mirny, gagarina street house 9, index 164170 3. Your telephone number:+79278747475 4. Electronic copy of your ID/passport. 5. Confirm the exact sum that you need (in EURO)712 euro
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