Scam letter(s) from Karina Lykova to Nikos (Greece)

Letter 1

my name is Karina,height173cm,weight,50kg,i was born in s-peterburg 21.08.1981 and still live color:blond,eyescolor:green,i dont have children.i live with my parents,they are doctors,and i have two brothers 13 and 18 y.o.they are study in universyti.
I got my first education at a economic universyto. After I worked in travel agency.. I love life, flowers, humour, art and lots of other things which can be called beauty .i like spend my time with kind and honest people.
I love music: Mozart, Beethoven, Rakhmaninov, Bach, Vivaldi, . I like sport and fitness. I go to the sport club regularly. I like to cook at home. I don t smoke and I drink socially (mostly good red wine). I also love nature especially oceans, lakes, trees, rainbows, walks in the rain, and feeling the wind in my face.i like travelling i been in many countrys paris,london,norway,jamaica,turkey,egypt,cypris. Now I ve come to the point that I want to create a family. Family is very important for me. I enjoy life at this stage, but life could be more enjoying if I found a man whom I can love with all my heart, to share good and bad in life. I m serious in everything, no game playing. And I m interested in a long-term relationship, preferably marriage (not a pen pal!).
Letter 2

hello dear!how are you?
i thinking of you all the tme
i want very much that we to meet face to face and talk about everything
i must buy travel package in travel agency and going like tourist for two weeks cost 750 euro ,i want stay with you 2 weeks not one
we need time that understand
if you can send me this money when i will be very happy see you and we to meet in 4-6 days ,its time waitning visa maximum 6 days
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