Scam letter(s) from Marina Alexandrovna Shalaginova to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my Dan.How are you? You already have my international passport. I think my Russian passport will not work there. But if this is not a convenience for you, then it is better to send a smaller amount. And the amount that is not enough, I save from my salary. I will have a salary on the 10th, 28,000 rubles. With this money, I need to make a vaccine against covid 19, because without a certificate of vaccination, they are not allowed on the plane. Pay for utility bills and leave a little for life. Dan 28000-1500 vaccine, -5500 utility costs, = 21000 rubles and I will leave 6000 rubles for life, it turns out that I can still save 15000 rubles from my salary. I lacked 65,000-15,000 rubles = 50,000 rubles, this = 680 US $. I somehow wrote it all complicated, but you hope to figure it out))) It turns out that I have money left from my salary and I will have to ask you less. And it will be easier for you to send Dan. I have my passport ready, now I need to quickly apply for a visa and reserve a ticket. The faster you book a ticket, the cheaper it is. Darling, I will wait for your answer.
Your Marina. I love you, kiss and hug you tight ...
Letter 2
Hello my Dan.How are you? I am fine. Darling, I understand you and believe you. As I said, before the trip, I will do the covid 19 vaccine so that I would be allowed to enter your country. I also take a test for covid 19. I understand these are the prerequisites of your government. Dan, write me what documents I need to send you so that you can send money in the amount of $ 680 which is not enough for my trip to you. I will be waiting for your answer. Marina. I kiss you...
Letter 3
Hello Dan. How are you doing today.Usually my friend takes pictures of me, she has a good phone, with a good camera.Dan,
as I already told you, I miss 680-700 us dollars. The rest of the amount I save from my salary, now you have all the documents that you needed.When can you send money to Dan? Honey, well, we can talk, just give me a call at the weekend, it will be more convenient for me. I miss you dear ... Marina.
Letter 4
Hello Dan. How are you? I'm fine, I'm at work. As I said, I have a vacation, 28 days, I can take it completely for 28 days or 2 times for 14 days. The main thing is that I need to write an application 2 weeks before the vacation. as for the phone I have. The telephone is always at home, we use it as a home telephone. so it is convenient for me if you call in the evening or at the weekend.
So you can send via MoneyGram without any problems, especially since you have all the documents. Now you have my foreign passport, you have a Russian passport and you have my registration. Now there is no problem to send money to me for a trip. Marina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Dan. How are you? I'm glad to receive a letter from you. I am now at work and write you an answer. Yes you are right, unfortunately my collected money is not enough to organize a trip to you. There is not enough US $ 890. Do you want help for me? I don’t even know, I don’t know how to take money from you. But I have no other option to come to you either. Dan, I only have a salary account, but as my friend explained to me, only salary can be transferred to this account. She says there is a convenient and reliable Money Gram money transfer system. You've heard about it? If it is not convenient for you, then I will try to open a bank account, but it will take time.
Your Marina ...
Letter 6
Hello my Dan, I don’t know where to start my letter. I am overwhelmed with feelings of joy that soon we will be together. But inside I have anxiety and excitement. Darling, I don't really like London, and I would not want to meet in London. It seems to me that this is a gloomy city, there is often a bleak weather. yes talking on the phone is a great idea. In the coming days, I think we can talk to you on the phone. I don't even
know what to do. My dear, today I was at a travel agency. Where I found out all the detailed information about my journey to you. The agency provided me with the data:
I need to get a visa, it will cost: 135 $
You will need to book a ticket to you and back, it will cost: $ 1050
Plus you need compulsory insurance: $ 45
And agency fee: 110 $
It turns out that I need $ 1340 for my trip. But I am saddened by the moment that I do not have so much money now (((I have savings that I collected about $ 450, but they are not enough to fully organize the trip (((I still do not have enough $ 890. I wanted to borrow from mom, but she doesn’t have extra money. Now I don’t know what to do, I thought my savings would be enough to come to you dear! But they are not enough. Dan, what do you think about this?
Darling, I'm waiting for your answer. Your Marina ...
Letter 7
Hello Dan, How are you? How was your weekend? Yes, I called my mail Marina “luck”, because I want to find female happiness, I want to find my love. And I think I found my love, I met you! You are the man I dreamed of! You are handsome, you are handsome! You are courageous, you are determined! These are the qualities that I love in a man. I understand perfectly well that there are a lot of problems right now because of covid 19. But before the trip I will definitely get the vaccine against covid 19. Because I don’t want to confirm your suspicion. I think if I have the vaccination documents, it will be easier for me to get to your country. Do you agree with me?

As for the documents, I have a passport of the Russian Federation, but I do not have a license, I have not yet studied for a license. Dan, On April 10th I will receive my salary and because of this I will not have enough US $ 680, I am glad that I will have to take less from you. I am not at all pleasant to take money from you, but I will be alone for a long time to collect for this trip. I understand that you have difficulties sending money, can you send US $ 680 so that I can start preparing the documents? And the sooner I book a ticket, the cheaper it will be. And the closer to the departure date, the more expensive the ticket becomes. Honey, when can you send and what documents do you need?
Honey, I miss you ... I kiss you !!! Your Marina!
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