Scam letter(s) from Irina to David (USA)

Letter 1
Good day! I am Irinochka. I have a coffee break, do you want to keep me company and discuss something? I liked your profile, we have a lot in common.I will not wait for questions about myself, I will tell you all the basic details about me. Next year I will be 31 years old.Greetings from Russia. Do you treat Russian girls well? I am a single girl, I want good communication with a man.This is my first experience of communicating with a foreigner on the Internet. I want to find a person who understands my position in life and finds a lot in common with me. It will be nice to meet you.
Regards, Irina
Letter 2
Hello David! I am glad that you wrote to me.
I hope that we will develop a good dialogue. I'm talking a little about myself! I'm a lonely girl. I live in Kazan.
My height is 170 centimeters. Weight 55 kg. I go in for sports. I often went out for a morning run. I love walks in the countryside and cycling. I am a very sociable and cheerful girl :)
I've never been married. I have no children.
Now I am in active search. I want to find a future husband. I want to create a happy family and make my husband the happiest person on the planet. I'm only looking for a serious relationship and don't want to play games.
In this letter I will not write much. if you answer me, then in my next letter I will tell you more about myself.
I want to say right away that I am very interested in you.
Tell me something about yourself.
Have you been married? Do you have children? I want to know you better!
I hope you will reply soon. I will be waiting for your letter!
I am also sending you my photo. I also want you to send me your new photo too.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend David!
How is your day going?
It was interesting for me to read your letter. I think your little sister is wrong and you can find yourself a wife.
Maybe I will turn out to be your future wife. time will tell. Thank you for talking a little about your family and yourself.
Today is my day off and I decided to spend it at home. I want to do the cleaning and cook dinner in the evening and watch a series on Netflix.
I'm going to watch The Witcher today. Have you watched it? I'd love to spend tonight with you watching the show.
I am very tired of being alone.
I have never been married. also I didn’t have a long-term relationship.
I hope that we will continue our communication in a positive mood as well.
I'll tell you a little about my work.
I work in the gym. I am a fitness instructor and nutritionist.
girls come to my classes to make their bodies beautiful. I have to work a lot with them. some find it very difficult to lose weight.
I get very tired at my job.
my working day is not standardized. sometimes I go to work in the early morning and sometimes in the afternoon.
It depends on the number of my students who sign up for classes.
My work is interesting and fun, because making people even more beautiful is interesting and very nice that I help people in this.
We have a small team and therefore there are days when there is a lot of work and it is not as easy as it seems from the outside.
But I really like my job. After all, this work is to my liking and it brings me joy, we have a very friendly team and it is always fun.
I also have regular clients, and some come every day and train with me for over a year.
Usually these are girls who have their own business.
I do not envy such girls, because they have a lot of work and when such girls come to me in the morning, they look very tired and do not sleep much, and therefore there are bruises under their eyes.
They also exhaust themselves with my workouts so that the body is in good shape.
Of course, there are girls who do not work and live at the expense of men, they come almost every day. They are fun to talk to and the time goes very fast during their workout.
Sometimes I work on weekends, and this happens very often.
Our fitness club is open every day, seven days a week. people want to exercise every day.
There are many girls whom I have helped to lose weight and they are very grateful to me.
I get a lot of pleasure from my work and I think this is the most important thing. Do you agree with me?
with this I will end my letter.
I will wait for a letter from you.
Letter 4
Hello David! How are you? How are you feeling?
How is your weather?
What have you been doing today? Now I was also very pleased to come home from work and open your letter :)
I was looking forward to your letter! I will be glad to receive more photos from you.
I am also very pleased to read about you.
I hope that our communication will continue to be active and interesting.
I also know a little about American football, but in Russia this sport is not very popular. Sometimes I watch regular football.
I love watching Liverpool. They show spectacular football. Since childhood, I used to watch football with my father. Do you like regular football?
I would also love to be your gym partner. it would be very cool to have joint training.
From films, I really like to watch serials. I rarely watch regular films.
I like to watch serials. Here are my favorites.
"Game of Thrones, Vikings, Doctor Chaos, The Big **** Theory, Escape, Breaking Bad" is my favorite TV series,
this is "Game of Thrones" have you watched this show?
now they have released season 8 and I have already watched all the possible episodes.
I would be glad to watch movies and TV shows with you in the evenings. I really like the Netflix service.
my favorite movie is Troy. I really love historical movies. I also watched the godfather trilogy.
This is a pretty high quality series. Part 3 really failed and was not as good as the first 2 parts.
I am very interested to know what you do, how your day goes.
My day starts at 7 am. I get up, wash, eat breakfast.
I'm going to work. Have to get up early.
I need to paint and put myself in order.
I have to look good.
I try to look after myself. I think that for any girl her appearance is very important :)
Sometimes I can only work a few hours, and sometimes I have to work late into the evening.
It depends on the number of students and the number of instructors in the room.
I work with a partner, sometimes we negotiate with her and change shifts.
If the salary matched this job, it would be nice =)
Sometimes I just walk alone in the park. sometimes you want to be alone.
I also love to run in the fresh air. Cold weather conditions don't scare me at all.
Jogging is good for my health.
On weekends I go out with my friends. Lidia and Svetlana.
We love going to the movies. We often have promotions in our local cinema and watching a movie is very cheap.
I love watching movies.
To be honest, I want to go to the movies with a man.
I want him to sit next to me, hold my hand. I want romance and care. I want a man's affection and attention.
I hope that we will be fine and one day we can go to the movies together. would you like that?
I am not deprived of male attention, but when I start talking to them, I immediately want to leave.
I don't know why this is happening. They are not interesting at all and I have nothing to talk about with them :(
It seems to me that the world has gone crazy.
Everything turned upside down.
Men in my city are constantly trying to show their car, they are trying to talk about the amount of their money.
They think it should impress me, but it just makes me want to leave them as soon as possible.
It is important for me that he would be interested in me, but they just constantly brag and do not show any attention to my personality.
I think that you are completely different and we will have a very good communication.
I will finish my letter.
Hope you will answer soon!
Letter 5
Hello David
With each new letter, we learn more and more about each other. I think you notice it too.
Tell me how did you spend your day today ?? What new did you have?
I'm good. very good mood :) what is your mood? I read your letters with great pleasure.
I also try to write to make it pleasant for you to read my letters and I really hope you enjoy reading my letters.
I really love animals and therefore I prefer both cats and dogs. What kind of dog would you like to have? I really like Labradors. This is a very kind breed of dog.
When I read about what your ex-girlfriend was up to, it shocked me. did she explain to you the motive of her action? Why did she want to marry you, if during the entire period of your communication she slept with another man? She's a complete *****. sorry for the expression, but it shocked me.
I've had bad experiences in the past too. My man mocked me and cheated on me too, and that's why it's difficult for me to start a relationship now, but I know that I don't need to stand still. that's why I turned to the internet and wrote to you. you need to fight your fears and move forward. if you stand still, then nothing will change.
I also feel sorry for your father. You are a good son. I think you loved him very much since you still visit his grave every week.
I think that we can help each other and take care of each other's feelings. Tell your family that you have found a girl :) Maybe then they will not worry so much about you.
This morning, I woke up earlier than usual. I immediately started getting ready for work. Overall, the day at work went well. There were many clients and I was tired.
in the evening I plan to stay at home to cook dinner and watch TV. What are your plans for the evening ??
I like to play sports, because movement is life :) I wanted to ask you, do you have bad habits ??
I do not have bad habits . I do not smoke, I never abuse alcohol. And you?
I'm wondering why you decided to use the internet for dating ?? Don't feel like wasting your time looking for a ******* the street or in a cafe? :)
I decided to use the Internet for dating, because I believe that through the Internet you can find a certain person.
I decided to meet a man from another country because I find it very interesting. I would like to know more about your country, your culture and customs.
I have always had respect for your country. Do you know anything about Russia ?? Would you like to know something about my country or culture ??
You can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer you! You have already told me about your education, but I did not tell her about it.
I studied at the Faculty of Law of Municipal Administration. My studies were 5 years old, I studied at a state university. But I do not work much in the other direction. I like my job, I believe that work should be done with pleasure, and not just for the sake of money or a career.
Of course, this is also important, but the main thing is to work for your own pleasure. This is the most important thing when choosing a job.
Work should be to your liking. You agree with me? I am awaiting your reply with impatience. Have a good day!!!
please give me your photo. no need to be shy.
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend David
I really love the moment when I receive a letter from you and it brings me a lot of joy and a smile on my face.
Why did you ignore all my questions? send me your photos.
Everything is fine with me, I feel good.
I can say that I had a happy childhood.
We did not live richly, but my parents always took care of me and always tried to create a happy childhood for me.
They did it. I will always be grateful to my parents for a happy childhood.
In my childhood, I remember most of all my parents and my grandmother,
who always bought me different sweets and goodies :)
Now I remember all this and it becomes very warm and joyful in my soul :)
As a child, I was a fidget. I could not sit in one place. I was constantly running and jumping.
Sometimes I brought my peers to tears. I was a little mischievous girl :) With age, I became much calmer :) From childhood, I remember our family evenings, when all the relatives came and we all had fun. everyone laughed and everyone felt good. I always remember these moments with warmth.
How was the incident when you nearly drowned affected you? Are you afraid of water now? How did it affect you? I didn't have any traumatic experiences as a child.
Today is a beautiful day even though I had to wake up very early.
I wrote to you about my work and this morning at 6 o'clock a girl who had an early lesson with me called me. the lesson was scheduled for 9 o'clock, but she had things to do and so I had to go to a meeting and hold a fitness lesson with her.
She has been training with me for a long time. Our mutual acquaintances advised her my workouts. we get along well with her and talk a lot. I'm interested with her. she is overweight and wants to get rid of it. she work very hard.
Of course, I agreed, not even because I would be paid for my work, but because I really wanted to help her. I love hardworking students who are not too lazy to wake up early in the morning to go to training.
she really wanted to train and she never misses our classes.
In general, everything went well and I had a good workout.
This girl was very grateful to me in her eyes, I saw happiness. I was very pleased to help her, although I had to wake up at 6 in the morning.
That's how it happened that I did such a good deed today.
How did your day start today, did you have something unusual?
I think I'm finishing my letter for today. I will very much look forward to your letter.
with respect Irina from Russia :-)
Letter 7
Hello David
I am very glad to see your letter. Maybe you can't imagine, but your letters have become an integral part of my day, and I am really very happy about it! After all, your letters make me very happy and I really hope my letters also mean something to you.
How are you? are you doing well?
I hope you are doing well !!
Everything is fine with me, today I slept very well. Yesterday I went to bed very early, probably at 9 o'clock in the evening. It turns out that today I slept for 10 hours and slept very well! how many hours did you sleep today? I hope you get enough sleep. It happens to me that sometimes I sleep very little time for several days .. but how about you? Do you have days like this?
You don't have to hesitate. I really like you and I want to be your girlfriend. I want to tell more about myself and my qualities.
I am a good girl who is considerate and respectful of other people's feelings.
I am compassionate, an excellent listener, and not afraid to show my emotions. I believe that looks are not the main thing.
The heart plays the most important role for me because I want a real and serious relationship with the right man.
I am a very emotional girl.
I am very kind, caring, attentive, sympathetic, sociable, sociable, romantic, resourceful.
it is very easy for me to communicate with people.
I think these are good qualities.
I probably won't even name all my qualities now, because you need to think about it, but I told you the most basic ones.
I am also sometimes hot-tempered, jealous, touchy, vulnerable. I think these are my bad qualities.
I want you to also tell me about your qualities.
you shouldn't be humble with me either. I would also like to touch a man and feel his warmth and affection.
tonight, my friends and I will go bowling.
in the morning one of my friends called and invited me to bowling.
I've only played bowling a few times and really enjoyed the game.
Bowling is a very interesting pastime. Do you agree with me? Or have you never played bowling?
I hope that tomorrow I will see a letter from you again :)
I wish you a good mood :)
Regards, your friend Irina
Letter 8
Hello, sweet friend David.
I'll see your letter again !!!
how are you?? everything is fine. very good mood.
When I read your letter, my mood became wonderful. I am always looking forward to the moment when I can read a letter from you !!
Your letters make me happier and it is very interesting for me to read your letters, with each letter I get to know you more and more!
how is the weather in your city ??
I recently came home from work and the first thing I do is write you a letter. Today I am in a good mood, because tomorrow I have a day off and I can calmly spend time at home. I want to do the cleaning, cook dinner and go for a walk in the evening with my friend Svetlana.
Today I had an easy day at work and I am full of strength and energy. I had a good day at work and I had friendly clients.
This does not always happen. Sometimes they take my brain out in every possible way and it often upsets me.
What are your plans for the weekend?
I would be happy to spend this weekend with you, but unfortunately you are very far away and at the moment it is not possible. If we had a weekend together, what would you like to do together? It will be interesting for me to listen.
I am looking for attention, love, compassion, loyalty and a big heart in a man. You are perfect for me. I've always dreamed of a man like you. I believe that we can build a strong relationship with you.
I am sure that soon there will be not a drop of doubt and uncertainty in you. You and I are getting closer, every day and you can always tell me everything that you have in your soul. I will always be glad to listen to you and support you in difficult times. I am also ready to do everything in my power for my man. I will do everything to make you happy.
I agree with you that you need to take life seriously and at the same time lightly. I understand you. I realized this not so long ago. I used to take life very seriously and was very demanding of myself and those around me, but then I realized that if I relax a little, then life becomes easier.
With this approach, everyone becomes good. I am glad that you understand this and share this vision of life.
In the last letter I wrote to you that I will go bowling with my friends.
We had a really good time, we played for two hours. We even had an agreement, or rather a dispute, and we decided that whoever takes the first place in points does not pay money at all for using bowling. We agreed so that we had some competition.
Unfortunately, some of my friends could not come and we played only four of us.
Sorry, but for today I'm finishing my letter .. I have to go already.
I am sending you my first kiss :)
Respectfully Irina
Letter 9
Hello David
I am happy to receive a letter from you!
I'm good! my mood is great. because I received a letter from you
You make me a little bit happier with every letter! :)
Today I woke up in the morning in a good mood :) I was glad to realize that today is my day off and I can sleep longer than usual.
When I woke up, there was a smile on my face.
I took a shower, had breakfast and decided to lie in bed a little more. I started watching the movie The Matrix.
I love to watch this movie.
I really like. After that, I cleaned the house and now I decided to write you a letter.
I'd love to go for a walk with you today.
Outside the window, the weather is very nice and I would be pleased if you would keep me company. I'm a little shocked by your declaration of love. did you fall in love with me so quickly? I didn't expect this at all. I haven't even seen your pictures.
Today I met my best friend Lidia. I hope you don't mind since I told her about you? I told that I met you in such an unusual way and we have a very interesting conversation. She was very surprised by this, perhaps she was more surprised that you are from another country and we have been communicating with you for some time. She assumed that virtual communication is not very interesting, especially if we are from other countries.
But after that, she said - "What's the difference whether you saw each other or not, because the most important thing is that your communication is interesting." This is my friend. She wished you and me good luck in our virtual communication. She also sends you a greeting.
Lydia always supports me. I'm happy that I have friends like her !!! Do you have such friends who help you in everything and support you? If there are such friends, then tell me about them. It will be very interesting for me to know about your friends.
And if you're interested, I'll tell you more about Lydia, I think that if you knew her, you would definitely like her.
I think it is worth finishing my letter, but I hope to get an answer soon!
wonderful mood for you :-)
Hugs, Irina
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