Scam letter(s) from Olga Alekseevna Romanova to Jacob (EU)

Letter 1
Good Day To You! How are you today? I believe you are OK and you will be glad to give your reply my letter! I am very much excited that Iâ?™ve got an opportunity to get acquainted with you. I am Ekaterina. Maybe you have grasped where I am from judging by my name. I live a big wonderful state Russia. I am 36. Iâ?™m looking for a man for devoted fellowship and possibly for meaningful relations. If you find me attractive and got interested in my personality, I will be pleased to see your letter. I belive you will not allow the lonely girl to get bored. I will impatiently wait for your message as soon as may be. I hope what is important for you to have communication of adult adequate people. I don't want to play the games and waste the time. If you respond me, I will provide you with more pictures of me. Thus we will be able to see each other much better and get to know each other more closely. I hope you will also send me your picture and tell me about yourself. I want to find out more about you. I wish you a lucky day and merry spirit. Interested? Please reply ONLY to my private mailbox: I am waiting. Ekaterinulenka!
Letter 2
Hello my new pen-friend! I am writing this message with the hope that you too are looking for your love and want to create a family! I am writing to you with the hope of finding my second goal and building a serious relationship! I can tell you a little about myself. RU. My name is Olga. I am 35 years old, I am a sociable, interesting girl, but unfortunately I still feel very abandoned! I dream of meeting my second destination and living a beautiful love story! The internet is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other when and far away! I took some pictures for you. I hope you like them. I am a pretty and cheerful girl. I am never married and never had children! I am looking for someone from another country because I could not find my love in Russia! I hope you are a serious person and open to dialogue. I would not spend time on games. I'm very happy if you tell me something more about you and if you send me your images. I'm waiting for your answer. Olgchik!
Letter 3
Hi Jacob!
I am very happy that you answered me, I was waiting for your letter and I am very pleased to meet you!
I think that in the future of our knowledge we can be good friends, honestly I really want it!
I am very interested in you writing my letter and I hope to get to know you better in your letters.
I think our knowledge will be interesting for both of us!
I'm happy to write you my letter and I hope this is mutual. I really hope it's mutual?
As you understood, I'm looking for my other half, my life partner!
I'm looking for a man to trust. Who will love me and respect me. Just as mutual respect and trust is the most important thing in a relationship. Do you think so too? I am very interested
I want my man to be kind, gentle and love me. To make me feel in good hands, like a stone wall.
You know, sometimes I feel lonely and I want a man next to me that I will love!
I hope our knowledge helps us to get to know each other better!
I live in the city of Birsk this city is in Russia !!!
Birsk is a city in Russia, the administrative center of the Birsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan!
The city's population is 46132 people!
If you look at the map of Russia, try to find and you will be able to find my city - Birsk!
I think long distance is not a problem! We will be able to meet and spend time together!
But first we need to know each other better!
In this letter I send you my picture I think you will not leave it without attention, the next letter I will try to send even more photos!
Of course, the picture says a lot about a person, but I will try to decipher it a bit.
I, as you see the blonde, my height I do not remember exactly, within 169-171 cm, my weight is about 53 kg.
I am 35 years old, I really want to find my other half since I was alone. And I miss the male warmth!
I'm not married and I have no children !!! I am a free girl !!!
I hope that you too can talk about myself in your letter, so I had a great idea of ​​you !!!
I ask you these questions in your letter, why do I want to know if you're really open for further relationships?
Of your life ? Of your hobbies? Why are you looking for your life partner?
Because it's very important to me! Since I'm looking for a serious relationship!
I'm single, more precisely my heart craves and cries without love, and I hope to meet a lonely man who can fill the void in my heart and show me love and passion!
I'm not just looking for *** like some, even if *** is an important and inseparable part of personal life (family, to be precise)!
I want to tell you in my letter that I am looking for a serious relationship, because I want to create my family and be a beloved woman!
So I'm looking for a man not just for ***, but for a serious relationship!
I want to be happy, I want to love, I want to be loved - that's the most important thing!
I will be very happy with this your letter with a picture! Olga !!!!
Letter 4
Hi my Jacob !!!
Today for me a great happiness to see your letter and my mood has increased!
It's very nice for me to write to me and give me your attention.
You have no idea how happy I am that you have answered my humble letter!
I'm very happy to receive photos from you! You are very nice man! I like men like you!
It's an old but beautiful song. This is a love song and two people. I like this song.
I'm really very interested in reading your letter. Because we are still aware and our first letters must be remembered for a long time!
After all, buying a new friend is already a big event in life. All of this is new to me because I met a man on the Internet for the first time!
You know, now I work in the women's clothing business in a small company in our town of Birsk!
I work from 9:00 to 17:00.
I would like to know where you work? And how many hours a day do you work?
My specialty is at work, I am a female clothing seller!
I really like my job and I'm always responsible for the job!
We have very difficult to find a good job in Birsk right now, I for a long time could not find a job in my city !!!
But time has passed and I found a job in this study.
City Birsk is not very big, I really like my city and I will always love you!
My city Birsk be at a distance of 1292 km kilometers from Moscow!
I want to know more about you, just as I really like our knowledge!
To be honest, I asked for help on the Internet to find my other half!
A man with whom I can build a beautiful love story!
Building a serious relationship. In general, my intentions are to find my very serious love!
Since I've been long without my second half!
And the most important thing for a person is to find his second half!
And know true love. Because true love is the lightest and most pure sensation on earth.
For many reasons, I can not find my love in my city Birsk and in general in Russia. I can not live with a man of Russian character!
Since love is the only heat and fire that does not let it freeze in this cold world.
This is my inner world, my secrets and my deepest desires. I have little who I speak and now I do not know why I decided to say it!
Let these be the first steps to get to know you. You know now that I am writing this letter, it has become easier and it is not so lonely and sad!
But it must be interesting not only my inner world, but also how I look and my vital interests.
I will gradually tell you everything, but I also want to know everything about your life from you.
For a long time I have been looking for the companion of my life and I felt very lonely all these days.
I want to find a man with whom I can live my whole life in peace and love !!! And now I'm happy to have a beautiful friend like you!
You know, I've always tried to keep my soul better, and I've never told anyone a big word in my life!
It is very important that a man respects a woman, and I, if I live with a man, I will definitely be a good second half !!!
Everyone must look for love !!! Maybe a year, maybe one day, but love must be the most important detail in every man's life !!!
You think that?
I'm a bit sad, but now I have to finish this letter, but I'll write to you tomorrow!
I send you the video I hope you like it!
I'm waiting for your letter !!! And I too will be very happy to see your picture! Olga !!!
Letter 5
Hi Jacob !!!
I am so happy to see your letter today and I am very pleased that you answered my letter !!!!!
I waited a lot and for me a great happiness that we started our knowledge :)
I am grateful to fate that the Internet allows us to know only hearts. Let me say you're my friend, it's very important to me!
Since I think you're a good friend with an open heart !!!!
Thanks for the photos, I like them very much! I look forward to your other photos!
In life I like to play sports, since I like active holidays!
I do 2 times a week in aerobics, because it is always necessary to maintain the shape of the body!
My favorite sports are skating or cross-country skiing in the winter in the outdoor forest with friends!
I could choose the language at school. I chose the yyyy language. When I enrolled in the Institute, I also chose yyyy. This is a very beautiful language. I always loved it!
I think it will be a very interesting conversation with my Russian accent !!! You know, I'm really glad to meet you and now I'm not bored !!!
Because I know you want to meet me too !! I want to open my past life !!!!
I had a friend in the past for three years and I was forced to leave him. Since he betrayed me!
I could not forgive him, because he hurt my heart !!!!! It turned out that he betrayed me regularly!
And my heart has been broken !!! I saw him in bed with another woman !!! I think betrayal can not be forgiven.
When you love each other it should be trust. I do not like it when they tell me lies in the eyes, This is the worst thing !!!
I hope in the future to be able to find your other half, who loves me and that I can give all my love!
Since now it is very difficult to live alone in this world !!!!
I write to you about myself and privacy in detail, so you have a real idea of ​​me. I hope that you too write in detail about you !!!
Now that I have written and opened before you all my soul and my heart, you have learned to know me better!
I'll wait for your letter and I hope I have a decent answer!
I am sure that for a happy and beautiful life you have to look for the other half !!!
Since I can not imagine a life alone! Olga !!!
Letter 6
Hi Jacob !!!
I'm happy to see your letter today !!! I hope you too love my letters, as they are yours!
Tell me when you see my letter in your mailbox, what do you think? I am very interested!
When I see your letters I always have a good mood and I have a smile !!!
It seems to me that you are a very good and kind person, so I really enjoyed it from our first meeting!
You are really happy me his picture! With each new photo, we are increasingly getting to know each other!
I'm sorry but unfortunately now I do not have the possibility to communicate by phone! .
My phone I gave a few days ago in repair. Unknown if you fix it.
I accidentally had breakfast overturned the coffee.
As soon as I get the phone or call, I'll let you know.
Of course I would like to talk to you and hear your voice
Now we have time for the stable season in the city, and I want to share all of my mood with you.
I want to write about you, it's a real pleasure for me!
Do you have more expensive friends? I have a childhood friend. We know each other 24 years and for all this time we help each other !!!
My girlfriend has a husband and two children, a boy and a girl !!! She is a very happy mother and I am happy for her !!!
Friends is the most important thing in my life, since only a friend can come to help in difficult moments !!!
I am writing you my letters from my girlfriend, because she allowed me to use her computer with the Internet sometimes !!!
But I am writing you a letter only when you do not have your husband at home. Because he is very jealous and might think he also uses the Internet for dating!
Now as soon as I have a free moment I go to the familiar, to check the mail and write a letter for you!
Sometimes I have the chance to go online from my computer to my work. Authorities do not allow you to use your computer and the Internet for personal purposes. For this they give a fine!
I am very happy to have a small opportunity to use the Internet, and now I know you !!!
I am very computer expert!
My friend taught me to use my e-mail! Sometimes I do not have the opportunity to write to you every day. I ask you not to get angry. I always try to answer you as soon as possible.
I have long thought that I would live for a long time alone, but a friend convinced me to meet a man from another country, I have long thought!
And now I decided to meet, and I found you, and I loved it!
Today I was at work and my day passed very quickly, as I thought of you !!! After work, I immediately went to see your letter. :)
I do not know why, but you were in my thoughts, I wrote you this, because you are a very interesting person and you loved me right away! I do not feel alone with you !!!
Probably we will meet or we will remain only friends, good friends, but I will always remember your letters!
I am very lonely at night and I am very sad when I do not see your letters, and even tonight I was alone and only when I write you I am not alone !!!!
Of course, I could find a single man, but, as often happens, it is very difficult to find a true friend!
I have a pure soul and I always try to be fun and cheerful in all situations. Since it is necessary to live and believe in the best !!!!
I would like to have a long and serious relationship with my loved one!
Today I have a beautiful day. Your letter has made me even better and now I'm thinking of you!
When I wrote you for the first time, I thought we would be good friends with you!
I'm not just looking for friendship, my soul and my heart want to love all my love !!!! Olga !!!
Letter 7
Hi my Jacob !!!
I am grateful to fate, that a lucky case has allowed us to discover each other !!!
I'm happy to read your mail, your letter make me happy and joyful! You are much more than just a friend for me!
I want each passing day to recognize each other more !!!!
Write me more details about yourself, your parents, friends. Send me your hobby, how do you like to spend your time? When maybe I miss it :)
I am happy that you are familiar with you, and I am interested in your life and your interests! I like you and I want to know you better !!! I hope you understand me !!!
In my life, I have dedicated a long period of my formation, and now my thoughts are dedicated to my future! My private life!
When I was a child my father died and my mother was very difficult to support the family!
My mother could not provide me the necessary things and worked for 16 hours a day, in order to learn!
And I am very grateful to my mother and I love it so much !!!!
Heart love is not commanded! I live and wait .... I just want sincere love !!!
My mother lives in another city under the name Belebei. This city, at a distance of 239 km kilometers from my city where I now live!
But just as I can not go away for a long time from my job, I'm Mom's very rare, but I always use the first chance to visit Mom!
I love my mother and I am always happy when I have the chance to see her, but my wishes do not coincide with my abilities!
My mother has worked all her life in the pharmacy. Now my mother is retired!
I love my mother very much, just like the dearest mother I have in the world !!!!
I send you a picture of where I am with mom!
I feel very lonely tonight .....
And I get bored I go to my friend and we are together thinking how cheerfully and interesting to spend the evening.
Usually we just like to take a walk through the municipal park, and talk. We walk his children.
Sometimes we go to the theater, or to the cinema!
I am very happy that you have arrived in my life, and I wonder with you !!! Honestly!!!
I really like receiving letters, writing more, and I will be very happy.
I would like to talk about our relationships, I want to study better !!! And I want you to recognize me !!!
I feel like you're a loyal person, man, I like you a lot. I in life and in my letters very sincere, and I expect of reciprocity!
I hope we have a long and beautiful friendship waiting for us !!! Of course this is very sad that we live so far!
I will wait for your letter! Olga !!!!
Letter 8
Hi Jacob !!!
I'm happy to read your letter. I see and feel that with each letter we become much closer to each other!
I'm happy to have a beautiful friend like you !!! I'm happy to meet you, I'm glad you're in my thoughts all day.
When I told friends of you, everyone was surprised-I decided to meet a man, I do not know why, but until now I've been alone. I felt alone!
Now, however, only in the virtual world - you found me, and I found you and the meaning of life! I am very interested and happy to communicate with you!
My friends have asked me for a long time because I'm alone and now I'm happy-I decided to meet you ... and I was lucky!
I'm happy to read your letter. How are things? how are you? I think you're fine. I want you to always have everything perfect !!!.
I want to tell you that my heart starts beating more often when I think of you !.
I want to hear you, your sweet look, your smile, your hands. I need your warmth and your care!
I seek pure love and romance in a mutual relationship.
I like it when it's beautiful, beautiful, sweet and romantic !!!
My most important is the desire to have a loved man and feel the care and continuous support in times of need! To this they strive for every person and me too.
I am 35 years old and I want to live this life happily, and as I wrote earlier, I can not be alone and happy!
Unfortunately, now I can not use the phone. When you repair it, I'll call you right away!
I was close to happiness in the past, but my heart was broken. I have to trust the person with whom I will be my whole life.
Trust every word, gesture, mind, smile. And I'm waiting for reciprocity!
There is so much meanness and deception in the world, and it is very difficult to find people who can easily rely on life and destiny.
I'm not telling you that you can not trust anyone ... It's possible, and very often people get a lot better if they make a good person!
If everyone did good deeds, our world would become much cleaner, lighter, kinder !!!
I have not known you for a long time, but I can say that you are very loyal and honest!
He is very attracted to me and allows me to believe that you are a very good man and you can love with all my heart! It is very important - to love with all my heart!
Although I have already thought that through the Internet - dialogue is not enough to understand each other more strongly, but I really like you, and it seems to me that I have known you for a long time!
What do you think about it?
Your letters make my state of mind wonderful! I become more joyful. I think that one day you and I absolutely must meet.
I would like to come to you and see you live as you walk your day!
I want you to write me more about your life, because I'm starting to understand that there's something more than a friendship between us, and I think this sense of trust is mutual.
I want to share with you the joy, when we will be able to see each other, to look each other in the eye, touch each other ....
I want to see your fun and share this with you!
Write to me, that makes you really happy, and I will try to do something, for you it was also a little happier!
I'm waiting for your beautiful letter and I promise you I'll think of you every minute!
Letter 9
Hi, honey Jacob!
I'm always happy to see your new letter! I'm glad you answered me and understood my feelings.
Yes, there are many things that can happen to us, to me and to you, but we must always be friends.
We must love our neighbor and I like you very much. For a long time I did not like any of the men!
But you are different, I want to open you and tell you only the truth!
I seem to have feelings for you! I seem to fall in love with you!
I want you to be honest and honest with me.
I really want you to be very kind and to hear me, know what I think I want.
I will be completely in your hands, I will be your shadow, I will be your best friend and the person closest to life.
Yes, I see our life like that. I know you'll be nice to me and I believe you.
I believe your words and I want you to always be honest with me!
Many things can happen in our lives, but I want you to understand and feel.
You know I do not like it, here men are very hard, and often in the family man can not think of beating his wife, and think he's right. I do not respect the saying "beating means that he loves you". Is absurd !
I would never like to live like this. I would rather **** myself, but I would not tolerate humiliation.
Answer me a question: could you hit a woman or a child? Take your time to answer. I know you are a very kind and caring man.,
but if something happens, you will not be able to control yourself.
I have a girlfriend, she is more mature than me and has children, lives with her husband 10 years, and the worst thing is that she drinks a lot of alcohol,
and every day he comes home he makes fun of her, and the worst thing is that sometimes she beats her children!
Think about it and answer me, honestly! This is very important to me!
Sorry if I write about sad things, but it's really very important to me. Today I thought a lot about you and about me!
I want to be with you, and now I can only think of ourselves.
If I could be with you now, feel you touch my body - I would be the happiest woman on the planet !!!
I hope you hear what I feel. I hope you hear what I feel, I do not want you to betray me!
I hope you are honest with me and that you only tell the truth. Maybe we can meet you and spend time together!
We have to think about a meeting! But you have to be honest with me and you must promise not to deceive me once!
I am very happy that we are writing with you! I am very happy to write to me!
I've been so lonely, but now I feel you have me!
I'll wait your letter impatiently!
Olga !!!
Letter 10
Hello, my sweet Jacob !!!
I received a lot of positive emotions after reading your letter. Even at work all day, I think only of you.
All my friends, even those who do not suspect us, say they are like I'm in love.
I am very happy and excited! You're the most beautiful man I've ever met!
Yes, of course I've never seen you, but my soul is yours! My thoughts are only about you!
Now, every minute, every second I think of you, us, our future.
I dream of being with you, just being your woman. Unique and loved, desired!
You know, I like looking at the stars tonight, while it's dark outside.
When I look at the sky right now, I admire its extraordinary beauty. It happens that there are many stars in the sky and I am only drowning in their depths.
Looking at the sky, I imagine somewhere out there, we would probably be free of everything, and we could pay attention to each other.
Yeah, yesterday I was late in the evening. Sitting in the window, looking at the sky and always imagined there with you in this infinite, as you embrace me, as they kiss me, the most tender thing and you can not think of.
Probably every star has a couple, because there are so many!
Oh, all this is so beautiful, in my dreams I did not notice the time, I went to bed at three in the morning.
You are a wonderful man, you are the dream of my life. I never thought about meeting such an amazing person!
Now all my time, all my thoughts are occupied with you and our communication. Now you are a very important person in my life, until he is very happy with life, but I am sure that soon on my face will always be kind happy smile.
In the previous letter I wrote you some sad things that sometimes happen in families all over the world.
I am very happy that you understood me for the umpteenth time. You're the most sympathetic person! I know you will never raise your hands on a woman, and no one can ever change your mind about you.
For me you're the best man I've ever known, and believe me, I know what I'm talking about.
I'm glad you're the person I've always seen in my dreams.
You've already entered my life and I'll always remember you, whatever happens.
My dear, I really want to meet you! I can take a leave from my job and we can meet you!
Now I am writing a semi-annual report to work when I do this job I will be able to take a long-term vacation! My job will take another 10 days! After that we could meet!
What do you think of our meeting?
Now, every evening, before going to bed, I pray to God to let us know you.
Without this, my life loses all meaning, Because we are created for love. However, this is our meaning of life, not money and all sorts of good, they are just conditions.
And without love and the richest man in the world will not be happy. After all, we have only one life, and I want to live it so that there is no painful sorrow for your life.
I want to love and be loved. It seems to me that when it is not, a person exists only in this world, he does not live.
Yet all the taste of life feels when you like it.
Now I can not imagine my life without your presence, we must not lose this opportunity that God has given us. Just as it could be the only chance in our life.
Like you, God gave me a new life. I've never felt such feelings, I've never heard anyone, it's very nice.
I tell you this, my dear, my only and kindest and able to understand man all over the world!
Know that somewhere in the world, far away from you, in cold Russia there is a girl with a warm heart, who does not see life without you and much appreciated. With respect in your thoughts Olga.
Letter 11
Hi Jacob !!!
I had a wonderful day today !!!
Every morning when I wake up, the morning sun awakens me.
The coercive light rays are suitable for my eyes, when I sleep, and it makes me get out of bed and go to get ready for work.
I am very happy to have a good and dear friend like you !!! I feel like you're so much ****** than a friend for me !!!
I can not even imagine my life without you, your care, your protection. I feel very confident with you!
You're the best, you're the strongest, you're the kindest !!!!
I know you will always help me and protect me! I want to meet you!
And I really want to share my good mood with you !!! I want you to always be happy!
I want you to be happy like me! I want you to feel the beating of my heart, I felt my good mood and joy!
Today I had a little holiday, a lot of time spent with my best friend Kristina.
I left the financial report every six months, even though I did almost everything, and soon I will have a lot of free time and probably very soon we will be able to go out with you!
Today, the youngest daughter Kristina is a birthday and we want to have a nice party.
We make a very big cake and we even invented a little song. There will be a kindergarten today, since there will be many children!
I think it will be a lot of fun.
We talked a lot with my friend Kristina day, and of course, about you.
I told her we wanted to meet, and Kristina was very happy and happy ... This is our destiny and we were very lucky to see us !!!
My friend is very surprised to look at me. I am a very modest girl and I have lived like all men, but now things have changed.
Our knowledge has changed not only my life, but also my thinking. I can not live without you. I will always love you, I will always think of you!
When I fall asleep ... I think of you, when I wake up early in the morning, I think of you!
Tonight I had a dream about you! I do not know why, but I often imagine you, on the street I'm looking for you among hundreds of passers-by, and maybe that's why you come to my dreams!
Of course I like you a lot and I can not think of anything else ... Just you!
I dreamed of going together, holding hands on a deserted beach ... We walked barefoot, and the sand under our feet was very warm and affectionate.
We were completely alone and we loved it. You told me something, I do not remember, but I liked it a lot, and I was on top of bliss.
We walked slowly, talking about something, near the sea, is pampered with our feet!
Then we stopped, you hugged me tight. And we threw out all the clothes and ran to swim in the sea!
It was already evening and the golden sunset lightly illuminated our shapes.
We jumped into the sea as small children. We were happy! We came out of the water satisfied and a bit tired.
And then I woke up. I got out of bed, I felt very happy! I was a bit sad when I woke up, I really wanted this dream to last forever !!!!!!!
Yes, we'll have fun together when we meet. I know, I'm sure we'll be happy!
I've never talked about this dream to anyone, only you! Even Kristina I did not say this dream, I was ashamed, because I thought that she will say again that I am very kind and naive!
But do not you think it's just an illusion, are you? We will meet again!
When I will come to you, we will be the happiest and most beautiful couple! We will be happy!
All day was very good for me, I was all day under the impression of this beautiful sleep, and I want this dream to become real.
I believe and hope that, one day, we will also go along the coastal sand gently holding hands. I'll talk to you and I'll look at each other with admiration !!!
Even now, my imagination draws before me this wonderful and unforgettable picture ....
My mother will come to me tomorrow, and that the most amazing thing is my father. My father visits me very rarely, since he has problems with his feet.
But he is always very happy when I will come to them, in the house where I was born! I will talk to my parents about us and our relationship.
For me now it is very interesting and very important, I will talk with my parents about what we, me and you, want to meet !!!
This is very important to me, and if my parents agree I will plan a trip to you!
I can not wait to receive your letter !!!
Olga !!!
Letter 12
Hello my beautiful Jacob!
Today the weather is cold here.
The sun rarely appears in the clouds, but your letters are like the bright rays of the sun in this gray world for me!
Your letter warmed my heart. I am very happy and happy to receive news from you today!
Your letters always make me feel much better.
Unfortunately, my phone is still under repair. When I get the chance, I'll call you.
I want to tell you that I really feel a very strong and serious feeling for you.
And I want to tell you that we must meet. You, how do you want to hug me! Our meeting will be very important in our lives.
Do you agree with me? I have an irresistible desire to meet you in real life !!!
I suppose it could be possible! This is the real thing!
My mother came to me today. I am always happy and I am very happy with the moments when I can see my mother.
He lives far from the city and I can see her sometimes when she comes to me or when I can visit her.
I really love my mother! My mother's opinion is very important to me!
As usual, with Mom in time going inside the city in the evening, I like to go in the evening after work in the city.
We talked about our friends and acquaintances.
And of course we talked about myself and my personal life.
And since you're the closest person to me, even if I have not met you yet, we've talked about you.
I talked to my mother about our relationship. I told her I wanted to come see you.
I asked her for advice and she told me it's a good idea to meet with you!
My mother spoke with a little enthusiasm about the next trip, but she loves me a lot and wished me luck too.
It is very good when the parents bless the children and I am very happy because you loved my mother.
My mother asked me to give you her best wishes.
I have consulted with friends on how to travel better in another country, but all those who have traveled tell me that the journey is very expensive
My mother was very worried and at first she categorically refused to let me go to you.
But I know I have to visit you because I can not live unless I meet you and nobody can keep me here now.
Even a day spent with you would be a paradise for me!
Xavier is a very humble and obedient daughter, but sometimes I am unshakable in decisions.
I managed to convince my mother, and now she's also encouraging me.
I will travel soon since I love you and I can not be alone anymore.
I know you are a wonderful man and the best man who lives in this part of our planet is you !!!
And you have conquered my heart and now I am only yours. In your hands the most precious and precious thing I have is my heart !!!
And you won my heart, because now I can not sleep at all-I think of you constantly.
I'm optimistic and I hope we can go out with you in the next month.
I think our meeting will help us to get to know each other better and much more!
I'm sure I want to meet you. I feel you've become closer to me.
My love, I need to know the name of the airport closest to you ???
I also need your complete information and your address.
I hope you can write all this in a letter!
Tomorrow I will go to the travel agency and I will find out more about your arrival.
I think we should meet, I know how to do it. I'll think about it'!
I think of you as the only man with whom my future exists. Without you, my life can not continue !!! Only with you!!!
I know we have to meet and be together.
I've been looking for you for a lifetime.
I am very excited and infinitely happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always your Olga !!!
Letter 13
I'm so happy to receive a letter from you !!!
For me the main thing is to know that you're fine and that you love me !!!
My love Jacob I really want to get to you !!!! :liar:
I want to see you and I want to be with you right now !!!
Today I went to a travel agency to find out how I can stay!
The travel agency explained to me what documents I would need to get to you!
They told me that my trip costs you around 680 euros.
My visa and all necessary documents including: mandatory insurance and reference.
I can do it in a few days, except for the visa.
The visa will take 10-14 days.
All documents and information will cost ? 165.
This price includes an international passport and all the information you need to get to your country!
The visa will cost 140 euros for all duties.
My visa will be tourist. There is no problem when making a tourist visa.
All this told me in a travel agency.
I checked the ticket in your country.
My economy class ticket will cost you 375 euros.
Registration of all the necessary documents to get to you for only two weeks!
My love Jacob I have accumulated money is 165 euros. I paid that money for the travel agency! I gave everything I had!
My savings are enough to pay and start the practices to get to you!
The cost of the travel agency contract including the documents (international passport and reference), the visa, the ticket.
Now I need to pay for the visa and tickets is 515 euros!
My love Jacob I tried to find the money alone but unfortunately My research was not successful !!
To get to you I miss 515 euros !!!
This is a very large amount for our country. I do not have this amount of money!
I do not know how I could be now, maybe you could help me with the missing amount?
My love Jacob if I had the full amount I would not ask you for help!
If I had the money, I came to you, but I could not find them!
I asked my friends to help me, but nobody helped me!
My love Jacob I also went to the bank to ask for a loan!
But they refused me because too little salary! That's why I asked for your help!
Without you, we can not be together!
If you help me pay my stay to you, we'll be together in two weeks!
My love Jacob I send you a copy of the travel agency contract!
My love Jacob also I send you a copy of my passport!
I can no longer imagine my life without you and without your warmth and love.
We have to be together now !!! I know, I feel like I want to see me now! Yes now!!!
And now I want to come to you and be with you! Always!
My love Jacob when I come to you, we will be day and night together. I always want to be with you !!!
We will laugh and enjoy each other, I really want to feel the warmth of your body, hear your voice, see your eyes!
When we lie down with you, I want to cuddle you in your chest !!! Hold me!!!
My love Jacob I want to be just your girlfriend, only yours !!!
When I think of you, you make me very happy! And I want to make you happy too! Your Olga !!!
Letter 14
Hello my love!
How are you?
Now I live only for you my prince and for our love with you!
Love is what makes a person live. And you can never forget this stronger sense !!!!
My love that I have already signed a contract with the travel agency office. I paid for registration of international passports!
My savings enough to pay for an international passport and start the paperwork to get to you!
I signed a contract with a travel agency. The contract value includes design documents
(international passport, and certificate), Visa, air ticket.
The international passport will be ready in 10 days. Now I need to pay visa and plane tickets (515 euros).
If I had the opportunity to occupy the rest of the money or take a loan, I would have done it!
But unfortunately I do not have such an opportunity. I can only hope for your help!
All I could do and pay the international passport registration and the necessary certificates and documents!
my love, will you help me to pay for the services of the agency?
So I could come to you!
My love is a feeling of great affection for you Jacob!
When you and your letters are not there, it is sadness and sadness,
And great happiness when you write to me and I can see your most beautiful letters full of sweetness and tenderness.
I can not be without you and the minutes, and you too without my prince.
Jacob you're all for me and I'm ready for everything that's possible for me.
I love you and I'm not hiding it because this feeling can not be ashamed and hidden from each other.
My love must not be reciprocated, it can only be between two small hearts, full of affection for one another.
I love you!!! Very often many people say these words without thinking of their true meaning!
But true love is so rare. It is often confused with affection, passion or attraction.
At the beginning I also thought that among us only strong feelings, but now I realize that it is more real, more true love.
For my love, I'm ready for anything! I am willing to wait, if necessary, I am also willing to die.
If this is truly true love, it will always remain in the soul of this person,
it will never be forgotten in this person and will always remember its second most expensive half.
Love is a free attitude without any coercion, full of worries, warmth and dedication, it is a relationship,
in which people absolutely and certainly love, they devote themselves entirely to the well-being of others, to their comfort and development,
they give each other the opportunity to escape from pain, loneliness and nostalgia, and give themselves the opportunity for self-dissolution.
I love you and wait for your prompt reply !!!!!!!!!!!
The sweetest and sweetest kisses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 15
Hello my love!
I'm sorry I did not answer you for a long time. I had problems with the electronic box. I could not enter. There was an error.
I spoke to the administrator. To restore access. I just managed to get in the mail. I'm glad to see you wrote to me.
I was very happy to receive your letter. It warms my heart. And soon I realized that our hearts are close and can warm each other.
But I'm writing that I want to come to you. But you're not paying attention to this. I told you as I went to the travel agency and found out how I could come to you.
I have no money to meet. I do not know what to do now. Because I love you madly, I can not be alone. I want us to stay together.
But I do not have the money for my trip. I can count on your help. Are you ready to help me come to you??
If you're ready, tell me. I can not wait anymore. We love each other and this is significant. In fact, the goal of our correspondence is to build love. And we did it.
But loving at a distance can not last forever. We have to be together and make all the love that has accumulated all the time.
And I expect we will be together in the near future.
I love you and I can not wait to answer.
With love, forever Olga
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