Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Shaun (UK)

Letter 1
How was your day?? I find it interesting to talk with you! I do not often get acquainted with man. so I don't know where to start...
You can call me Tatyana! I will show you a photo so you can look at my appearance. I will be glad if you send me your photo too!
If you want to communicating with me, I'll tell you more about my life in the next email! Let me know what you think about getting to know me.
I will very much wait for the letter.
Letter 2
Hey Shaun.
How are you? Well I'd like to know how to get to know you a little better.
Here is the naval base. I live in Severomorsk. It's a military town.
I'll tell you in the next letter about where I live in more detail. Where do you live? What's your city called?
I'm 35 years old? My height is 168 centimeters and weight is 53 kilograms. My birthday is January 17, 1986.
My name is Tatyana.
Tell me, who do you work for? I work as a kindergarten teacher. I like my job.
I got your email address from the dating agency. I'm interested in our acquaintance.
I live alone. I don't have children. I've never been married. I am looking for a serious relationship.
Looking for an honest and sincere man.
We can communicate in English. You can speak English to me, can you?
I'm visiting the gym. I like reading books. I see my friends a lot. My friends say I'm a kind and fun girl.
This is my first Internet experience. Are you interested in continuing our communication? If you're interested in meeting me, I'll tell you about myself.
I want to know your interests. What qualities do you appreciate in a woman? Tell me what kind of person you are.
I'll keep sending you my photos if you're interested in our acquaintance. I'll send you a photo.
I'd be glad to see your photos. This is important to begin our acquaintance. Tell me about where you live? We have to see each other. Will you send me the photo?
I'll wait for you to answer my letter. Write me.
Letter 3
Hello Shaun.
I will be glad to continue our acquaintance. I think the photos will help us know each other better. I hope you can send me some of your photos in the next letter.
I think you're interested in finding out where I live. I live in Severomorsk. This is 1958 kilometers from Moscow.
You can read about my town in Wikipedia. https:/ /
I work as a kindergarten teacher. I like my job. I love kids and it's nice to work with kids. I live alone. I live in my own apartment. Of my parents, I have only my father. My father's 67 years old.
My father is a retired soldier. My father lives on the outskirts of a city where there are fewer people and fuss.
When I was 10 years old, my mother died of a cancerous tumor in her chest.
It was a hard loss for our family. My father did everything possible to make me have a happy childhood. After my mother died, my father didn't meet another woman.
I'm the only child in the family. I try to take care of my father.
I studied your language at university and in special courses. My English is not perfect because I have no practice.
I'm not gonna bore you with a big letter. I hope you tell me about your life, too. It'll be interesting to me. I want to get to know you better.
I sent you a picture of me and my father. I want us to share photos. This will help us get to know each other better. Do you agree with me? I'm waiting for your answer.
Letter 4
Hello Shaun.
I got your letter. How are you? What was your morning today? I like to play sports. I like cycling in the summer.
I like swimming.
I like skiing in winter. Do you like skiing? I also do the morning warm-up. I also like skating, and walking in the park in the open air.
I know about the existence of American football. But I never followed this sport.
I want to tell you more about myself and my life. I think every girl should be able to cook tasty.
I like to cook different foods. When I cook, I always experiment and make my changes to the standard recipes of different dishes.
My favorite dish is borsch. Borsch is a meat soup made with vegetables. Do you know how to cook? What's your favorite dish?
I also like to cook meat or fish at the stake. My dad likes to have a barbecue in nature. And I always help my father.
I grew up without a mother, my father tried to teach me everything that he knows how to do himself. As a child, I had to help my father in everything.
I like watching movies and TV shows. I like historical films and comedies. I watch TV shows.
I try to watch all the films that are released at the box office. What genre of films do you like? I like good music.
I like to listen to pop or classical music.
My choice of music depends on the mood. Do you spend a lot of time with friends? Tell me, how do you like spending your free time?
I like spending time with friends. I like walking with friends around the city, having a picnic in nature, going to a movie or cafe.
How do you spend time with friends? I like an active lifestyle. I love playing sports. I'm visiting a fitness club.
I'm cycling in the summer. I like skiing, skating. I also love hiking the park.
I like walking in the open air. I hope that in the next letter you will also tell about yourself and your hobbies.
I'll finish my letter. I'm sending you a photo from my job. I'm waiting for your answer and your photos.
Letter 5
Hello Shaun.
Thank you for your letter. How are you? How do you feel? I read your letter. You said your ex-wife cheated on you.
I was sad to read about it. I don't understand women who cheat on husbands.
I don't think that's right. Love is a very difficult and beautiful condition in human life. And it happens that love leaves. It's the truth of life. I think you agree with me.
And at such a moment I must say honestly that love is gone. But cheating with another man, it's very low in my opinion. I don't want to say anything bad about your ex-wife.
But I believe that when a woman cheats on a man, she deceives herself first. I believe that treason is the worst betrayal. You deserve a better woman. I love dogs and cats. To be honest, it's hard to choose.
I like talking to you. I want us to develop our communication. I want us to get to know each other every day.
Do you agree with me? I will try to tell as much about myself as possible.
It will be very pleasant if you tell me more about yourself and everyday life. So we can get to know each other better. I want to talk about my friends. I have a good childhood friend.
We've known each other since childhood. She never disappointed me. We're very good friends. I can always rely on her in everything. I often spend my free time with her. We often go for walks with her.
I'm sending you a photo with my best friend. I saw an ex-man today. He was with some girl. I looked at him and realized that I no longer had any interest in him. He became a completely stranger to me.
I had no feelings. For him, only entertainment and alcohol were important. He didn't love me, he didn't appreciate our relationship. He cheated on me with other women. He hit me once when he drank alcohol.
After that, I ended my relationship with him. I need a man who will love me and respect me. There must be mutual understanding in the relationship.
If there are no mutual feelings, then there will be no relationship. Do you agree with me? Now my heart is open to a new relationship. I'm not interested in adventure.
All I need is a serious relationship. The main key to family happiness, I consider such qualities as love, patience, respect and trust.
I believe that in a relationship there should be mutual love and passion, respect and support in difficult situations.
Please tell me about your past relationship? I'd like to hear about your past relationship.
I want to wish you a good day. I'll wait for your letter and your photos.
Letter 6
Hello Shaun.
What was your morning like? I woke up early this morning. I lay a little in bed and went to the shower.
After the shower, I made breakfast. I fried eggs and sausage in a frying pan.
I had tea and went to work. I wonder how your morning went. Will you tell me about it? Thank you for telling me the story. Your father is a real hero.
I was thinking about you this afternoon. I had an idea. I thought we could make a video call. You know I write letters from my job. I don't have a home computer.
I decided to try to install Skype on a computer that is located here in kindergarten. The kindergarten director saw that I was installing Skype on a computer.
The principal was angry at me, and said I couldn't talk to someone on Skype in kindergarten when there were a lot of kids next to me. I had to abandon the idea to install Skype.
Unfortunately, it will not be possible to talk through Skype right now. I want our communication to develop.
If you can't talk through Skype, then I have another idea.
I'm asking you to give me your phone number. I want to talk on the phone. I hope you want to talk to me on the phone. I want to hear your voice. This will be a new step in our acquaintance.
I've never called another country before. Please don't forget to write your phone number with your country's phone code so I can call you. I think we can talk on the phone.
I'll call you on the phone myself. We can hear each other's voice. I'll be waiting for your message, and the answer to my big question. After work today, I'm going for a walk.
I like hiking around the evening city. I like to walk around the park, I like outdoor walks. Outdoor hiking helps relieve stress. Do you like outdoor activities?
I'd love to go for a walk with you. What do you think? I'll be interested in hearing your answer. After the walk, I'm gonna go into the store for groceries. I'll cook dinner tonight.
I'll have dinner, watch TV. I might read a book. After that, I'll go to bed. What are your plans for tonight? Will you tell me? I hope not too many questions from me. I like talking to you.
I hope you have a good day. I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 7
Hello Shaun.
I'm glad I can read your letter. I like talking to you. I am also glad that with every letter I can get to know you better. I didn't receive your photos today.
Please send me a photo in the next email. I have asked you to send a photo many times. Why is this a problem for you?
I have a good day today. I woke up early in the morning, the sun shone through my window. I went to the shower and made breakfast. I'm at work now. I think you know I like playing sports.
I'm visiting the gym. I like cycling. In winter I ski. My dad helped me love sports. I think my father gave me a good and proper upbringing. I like swimming and water sports.
I haven't had a relationship in two years. I often feel lonely. I met you, and my life has changed. I'm really glad we met. I became more cheerful. I like talking to you. I think you're an interesting man.
What do you think about talking to me? Do you like talking to me? My opinion of you, you're a man with serious intentions. I think I can trust you. I hope you have the same opinion about me.
I'm asking you to talk more about yourself. How's your day going? I'm very interested. I'm interested in learning about your life. I feel comfortable talking to you. Tell me how your day went.
What are your plans for tonight? I want to send you my photos today. Tell me, what do you think of my photos? Do you like my photos? I'm waiting for your answer.
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