Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Tatyana. I am a 29 years old girl from Sudak, Ukraine.
About myself I can say the following: I have brown eyes and my hair is brown. I am slim and I am of medium stature.
I'm straight and at present I am single.
I'm here for making friends and to find like-minded people
Briefly about my habits: I am an early bird. Among drinks I prefer wine and I don’t smoke.
I live with a roommate. I have no children and I dont want to have as yet. I am calm, modest, even-tempered, prudent,responsible. I will never leave a person in a difficult situation. I have a good sense of humour and I am optimist. I don't have any bad habits. I like cosy home, convenience and tidyness.
Letter 2
Mr. Frank, We are translation organization. And we provide Internet and computer service. Your lady Tatyana uses our help because she does not know English at all and do not have own computer. She asked us to help her some times but she does not have funds to pay our service. If you are interested in communication with your lady you can pay for our service and will be able to continue your conversation. Just let us know and we will send you information with prises. If you are not able to help her with payment for our service she will not be able to write you because she does not know English and does not have access to Internet. We send you our regards and you are welcome. Translation organization.
Letter 3
Dear Sir, Your lady Tatyana brought her passport to prove you that she is real and wants to be only with you. Dear Sir, she wants all your dreams to come true. She sends you her kisses.
Letter 4
I'm really happy that we started a correspondence. My words mean that I am looking for my second half. My beloved man. If you are ready to be in my heart I will be glad. know, sometimes it happens, when you do not know the person for a long time, but you feel some light and energy radiating from his heart and soul, and this light attracts you with a very strong force. This is the way I feel about you and our letters, and I like that a lot. I'd like to tell you a little bit about my favorite hobby. It is cooking. Ukrainian food is traditionally pretty bland (at least to me) - things like potatoes, chicken or another meet, soups, borsch, vareniki, and different vegetable dishes . I prefer home cooking. I like to cook with my own hands. But you can find any type of food you might want to try in nearby restaurants, and grocery stores if you want. I used to be a very good cook and enjoyed making many dishes from around the world (I have an entire bookcase filled with cookbooks!) I want an equal companion, someone I can talk to and experience the world with. I've been single and dating for far too long, I'm now very focused on commitment and want to spend many years with a man that I can devote all my interests, energies, and emotions to. I hope all this sounds good to you, as I'd like to continue corresponding with you a lot.
I've attached a couple more of my photographs. I hope it will not be a big problem for you that I do not speak your language. I go to the firm where people translate my letters to you and send through Internet. I have never used Internet before and even I do not know how it works. There were not computers in the village where I lived with my parents. And I have never tried to buy computer because it is very expensive. I hope you like them and that I'll hear from you again very soon. Tatyana.
Letter 5
You know about my dreams. I imagine our family . And you come back home from your work and open the door . I meet you with a smile on my face. I kiss you so much. And there are many flowers in our house. I like flowers very much and it will be a big garden around our house. I will work in the garden. And will plant each flower. I want you to smile with me every day and will enjoy yourself while we are together.
Then we will eat dinner and discuss about everything. You will tell me about your day and I will tell you about mine. We will have great nights. And will miss each other every minute. I know for sure that we have to be honest with each other. Possibly the most important thing we can have right now is trust and frankness.
And like I said above that takes time to build and is always very fragile. I think we had a good start and now everything is in our hands, the most important thing is not to lose those feelings we have created and what we have right now. Do you agree with me?
I kiss you.
Take care of yourself. Tatyana.
Letter 6
I want to start serious and honest relationship with you, I want to build strong and true love with you and I hope one day we will be together for ever. Dear, I believe in God. And I want everybody to be happy on our planet. I have a hard time sleeping at night as I do nothing but dream about you and I together. It is wonderful to have you in my dreams and some day soon I will have you in my life and to touch you and hold you in my arms forever !!! To finally touch our lips together and your kisses taste like a sweet honey to me. You never leave my mind, thoughts, or dreams !!! You are always with me no matter where I am. It is a beautiful feeling to have you inside my mind and heart ! I do not want to look for another mate as you are my soul mate and I am very happy and very satisfied with your love for me. I hope that you are happy and satisfied with me. There is no other man in this world for me, but you ! I have no desire to look or find a new mate. I want to only give you a life and a love that will always make you happy and always fill your life and your love with such joy ! We can sit and talk I will never stop talking to you. We go for a walk we will always walk together arm in arm and enjoy each others company.
we are together, I promise we will never be apart from each other. Honey, you are my dear king!!! You are my passion !!! You are my LIFE !!! You are my WORLD !!! Honey, every day and every night my LOVE and my HEART is always with you and will always be there for you. My KISSES and my warm HUGS are with you every second and with every breath you take. Tatyana.
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