Scam letter(s) from Agata to Kostas (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello there Kostas!
How is your day these days?
I'm so happy to see your letter right now. Hopefully we will be best friends and perhaps much more.
I really do not recall if I had written this in my first e mail, yet I am from Turkey, in a small town known as Eshme. We all migrated here with all my family from Moldova.
My parents and i also happen to be Christian.
I am going to message you more about my city. It is not the big town to write related to big buildings or perhaps incredibly wonderful industrial constructions like in Istanbul or Ankara. I'm not very good with computer systems and often it's a challenging task for me personally to discover some thing on the Internet. The best I am able to do is create letters, print out some paperwork or enjoy games.
I will let you know just a little about my very own employment. I actually work inside the vehicle salon selling used cars. Turkish people are not too rich to buy new German born, Us, and other famous car makers. For this reason our company has a great cash flow. I am an office manager. I actually work together with manufacturing production purchases and outstanding documents. For this reason I have more leisure time and a good paycheck.
I am going to have a holiday quickly and I think of traveling and see some wonderful locations in foreign countries.
Well, I do think it is good enough about my employment. I would love to tell you about myself personally.
I'm five seven , around a hundred and twenty lbs .. I've never really been wedded and I don't have kids.
I had been delivered in nineteen eighty eight, managed to graduate out of senior high school in two thousand and four, and got the degree (higher education) in '09. My dad died when I was a little kid and I don't remember him well. I live with my mother right now.
I trained in in the College of Economics with an focus on English, so now I am somewhat acquainted with Language. Lets hope you can fully understand just what I'm crafting. How's my English? I had several relationships, yet not one of them finished nicely.
It seems in my opinion that every Turkish men are almost identical. They cannot really love and be always with the exact same female since they are going after all "" skirts that are lifted high.
I am searching for good friend and maybe searching for love on the other side of the planet mainly because I'm tired being alone.
I do believe I said enough regarding me personally, I am going to complete this mail.
Hence, let me know related to you along with your lifestyle. It will be great to witness your latest photos.
Once again, my greetings to you from other section of the earth! Ok bye for now!
Your close friend, Agata.
Letter 2
Hi, my valuable pal Kostas!!!
How's your mood going, any news?
I now have an amazing tone currently because our company lately autographed a couple of lucrative deals.
I did not take a vacation for the last couple of years and already think about the days off.
To be honest, I have not yet made a decision of which destination I will have the rest at, but I am certain it would be fantastic.
I can get hold of my vacation in closest future.
My employer is my ex fellow student i've learnt with. She has helped me to get this role.
We certainly have a very good connection with her. I like to learn how is existence now there in your city?
I've never really been abroad and I am actually really curious to understand living as well as culture of your country.
As I had written back to you before my mother raised me up by herself.
All her lifetime she functioned in a health center being a health professional. I have a couple of questions for you personally. What sort of meals do you enjoy? And of exactly what places?
I would love also to find what kind of women do you need? I really like preparing food and i also can make lots of various dishes. But occasionally I can pay for sushi, and so on.
I wish to find a person who would constantly secure myself, who does not consume lots of alcoholic beverage and value women for being an individual.
Lots of Turkish gentlemen raise their own hands-on ladies and usually believe that they're above all of them mentally.
These people consider that females may be like a ***** and also should obey any rules.
I'll never agree with this and desire to locate a true, reliable male who is able to share his inner thoughts.
Alright, dear pal, I must finish this email right now and will look to your answer back.
Cya right now!
Always your good friend Agata.
Letter 3
Hello there Kostas!
How is your day?
For me personally, every thing is good. I am so happy that you just answered to me.
Kostas, I don't know anything about American football, but I've seen it a few times on TV.
I really like going swimming along with fitness. When I was a child, at some point my mother and i were swimming and I almost drowned. Or probably it turned out terrifying for me because I was a toddler.
After all I made the decision i would quickly learn how to swim well and never drown)
Now I truly love going swimming. It is perfect for health and helps to have a very good shape.
Alright, furthermore I need to to inform you regarding my town.
It is a compact Turkish urban center. Around 13000.
People right here are pretty kind. Everyone knows each other.
There are very little entertainment destinations right here.
Anyways, my street address is Sehitalibey, Kula cd. #:1, 64600 Esme/Usak, Turkey.
I would personally be very happy to study about your area.
My city is just not very interesting and that we you don't have lots of area sights right here.
Alright, now I must finish my mail because I must go.
I'm anticipating your soonest response,
Enjoy a good day!
Your good friend Agata.
Letter 4
Hi, my precious buddy Kostas!!!
How is your mood, what's brand new there?
Kostas, I have a dog and a cat, but sometimes I think about having fish too!
Everything is good and i also have a excellent state of mind.
A few entrepreneurs who have taxi business reached our vehicle salon today and now we got the order for A few vehicles.
This is the largest order while I do the job here and i also should receive a great benefit.
I can not wait when I could possibly get my holiday break, and the day after I urgently will probably talk to my very own boss and inquire to give me a holiday getaway immediately.
Or possibly soon I'll be crazy due to my position.) So, remember to wish me all the best.
By the way, what sort of films do you enjoy? Who're your selected celebrities? Do you enjoy reading through textbooks, what kind of books?
I liked the movie Inception starring LeonardoDicaprio. He's considered one of my personal favorite actors.
In addition, I love comedy related films. On the list of last most remembered comedy was The hangover.
A few good friends came to Las vegas to party before the marriage and they lost one of their own buddies.
I had a lot of fun enjoying it. Really did you viewed all these films? What do you ponder on all of them?
As for textbooks I like fantasy, timeless classics, and historical past.
Exactly what else to write to you... I do not know but after our friendship, you started to be very interesting for me personally and once I check my e-mail I always anticipate to get a new letter from you. It raises my feelings very much.
And also I am really sad once i do not see any news from you.
Okay, I am hoping to check out your letter quickly. Ok bye!
Your trustworthy friend Agata.
Letter 5
Hello there, my dearest buddy Kostas!
How have you been, how is your entire day?
Everything is excellent here and i also want to talk about some good news along with you.
As I written to you personally before, today I have talked with the management concerning the vacation and now i have it!
At the start of our dialogue, she wanted me personally to function for a few days more however I managed to explain to her i cannot work any longer and I would be an upset staff member, she did agree.
Darling I am so joyful right now. I haven't obtained the holiday getaway for some time.
Basically wish I am able to get even dual vacation. But I am going to think of this later on.
I have received an added bonus to the salary. it is about 1000 dollars.
Perhaps for your country it is not so big bucks but trust me, for Turkey it truly is a great income.
I have actually passed over almost all docs as well as required forms to my colleagues and i also am at this point completely free from job.
At this time I will buy and monitor several brochures to consider which places I can head to. And paperwork I should have for that getaway.
I have never ever been overseas and it has always been my tiny desire.
That's why I actually do not want to spend it here.
Do you enjoy touring, which international locations were you in? Maybe you can certainly recommend me on something?
My precious good friend, I have to go now. I'm actually waiting for your congratulations!
Your close friend Agata.
Letter 6
Greetings, my dearest buddy Kostas!
How have you been at this time?
Kostas, why don't you comment on my last email and answer my questions?
I am very sorry to hear about this robbery and I think that these people deserve to be punished based on the laws in your country, but it is really very disgusting to profit from elderly people who trust strangers.
I would really like you to perform for me the song Modern Talking - "You're my heart, you're my soul".
I have a few ideas and that i would love to share with you.
I have thought quite a lot about how exactly to spend my holiday getaway.
And I imagined it will be wonderful plan if I come to your own place and we will be able to meet.
You could let me see the scenery and traditions of your country and we may get to be familiar with each other even better.
This assembly is superior to a large number of text letters and even words and phrases, and I think this is actually the best way for me personally to waste a holiday.
And today is best opportunity to pay a visit to your place and to meet you.
What do you think about it? In my opinion it's very passionate if a couple of individuals who have met in a massive web can meet up with one another in person. This is a good opportunity to continue our relationship.
I can not actually picture just how this meeting will probably be in the real world.
We can have a candlelight dining. You'll show me the city,
there will be thousands of things that we can complete with each other wasting a good time...
I wish to find out your answer about it.
I am eager to your speedy response.
I hug you!!! Cya!!!
Your close friend Agata.
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