Scam letter(s) from Irina Pavlovscaia to Ally (Cyprus)

Letter 1
Hi and nice day for you! I'm very glad to meet you here. I think that every woman has to be kind of an enigma for her man..a woman with a special secret...and when a man smells the odor of her perfumes, he has to reveal that secret, agree? I'm Irina, 37 years old, and writing to you from faraway country-from Ukraine. In few words I can say that I'm caring, serious, simple woman, have goals in my life but as a true woman, I like to dream and make them come true. But it's impossible to be serious all the time and it's not necessary I believe I like to have fun, love sport, listen to a good music, love to cook and learn how to enjoy the simple moments in my life...Can you be that man I enjoy them with? Only real meeting in real life can give us full image of each other and I don’t want to waste much time on endless letters. Life is too short to waste it here in virtual world. I'm not a teenager anymore, I value time and know that it’s very fast moving. Everything what I have and had in my life I reached by myself, so I don't look here for a "sugar daddy". I'm looking for honest man whom I will love with all my heart and with whom we will share all good and bad times. I always give back twice more and I will do my best to make my beloved the happiest man ever. What means "happiness" for you? What do you want to be happy? I want to show you how it will be great when your loving woman is waiting you at home with tasty dishes and sweet kisses I believe in love and in destiny-you see, you are reading my letter so it is a reason for it and I very much hope that I will see your answer With impatience waiting for your answer, Irina.
Letter 2
Hi my darling!
I was very happy to hear your voice last evening!
I hope you enjoyed partiing with your friends on weekend! I was with my friends too.
I do not go to Kiev on weekends. I have only 1 day off a week and I live 500 km from Kiev. It is impossible for me Why do you ask?
I still can't believe that you are from another country and I never met you before! I feel like I have been knowing you for ages I'm happy to have you in my life!
I like you a lot! The only think I do not like - is the fact you life so far from me! But but this is very my style to fall in love with someone excusive I never look for easy ways.
But no kidding, I wish us to be closer!
I notice that I start to miss you!
I'm sedning you a big kiss! Your Ira
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