Scam letter(s) from Marina to Viktor (EU)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend and very interesting companion, I am sincerely glad to see a letter from you again.
I was very worried that you would not answer me, but when I received your letter I am very glad.
It is very interesting to receive a letter from another country. I want to get to know you better. How do you live? What are you doing? Where do you work? How are you resting?
What do you think of me when you read my letter? I want to get to know you more. How do you live in your country?
I have a lot of questions. But I will write only a few, so that you do not get tired of my questions. Answer those that you consider necessary to answer.
You can ask me any questions. I will also try to answer you. But if I don't answer some questions, ask me again.
You and I communicate in different languages, and I may not understand your question. Here are my parameters:
(height 171 cm, weight 65 kg, dimensions: bust - 88 cm, waist - 69 cm, hips - 93 cm, date of birth December 15, 1986)
What are your intentions for me? What do you expect from meeting me? (I want a serious relationship). Have you traveled to Russia?
Do you want to visit Russia in the future? Who do you think should be the leader in the family? Man? Or a woman?
What role should a woman play in the family? It is very interesting for me to read your answers to questions.
I hope you answer this. But if you don’t have time to answer, I’ll understand. You can reply later, in the next letter for example.
I think that a man and a woman should not be the same. They may have different interests.
They must understand each other and trust each other. Then there will be harmony in the family. I am sure that the most important thing in a relationship is trust and mutual respect.
You can't cheat. Even small things should not be deceived. Then there will be trust. After all, there is no love without trust.
A woman should accept her man as he is! This is her man! He is alone for life.
A woman should be loyal to her man and satisfy his needs. But a man must also love his woman and take care of her.
What do you think about it? Am I right in my statements? Now a little about me. My name is Marina.
And you can call me the same. I was married once and am now divorced. And I have no children. I live in my parents' apartment.
I also have a little dog named Nessie. My sister Veronica works as a kindergarten teacher, I help her sometimes when I visit her.
I love my nephew very much, he is already an adult, he is 9 years old and he goes to school. I often help him do his homework when I visit them.
My day starts at 8:00. I wake up, wash my face and jog around the park near where I live.
After jogging, I shower, eat breakfast, and drive to work. I have a Hyundai Getz car. I'm not a very good driver))))
But I get to work without incident. Although I don't like driving. My working day starts at 8:00. I finish work at 22:00 - 23:00.
But sometimes I have to stay at work longer. I don't work every day. We have a shift. My work before the pandemic was in 1 day, and now in these conditions, I work every day and practically without days off, I am very tired of course, but there is no other way now.
So unfortunately I probably won't be able to write to you every day. But you should know that I will always answer your letter.
I cannot write to you on other networks, for example Facebook, VK and others, because I am not registered there, I do not always have time, what to write you a letter, and even more so there is not enough time for these networks, and my opinion about these networks is such that I consider them useless.
Viber and WhatsApp applications are not installed on my phone, firstly, my phone is already 8 years old and we simply do not have enough memory for this, and secondly, at work, I cannot often use the telephone, because I am a doctor, and in the evening I have a computer. I decided to write to you about it right away.
How long is your working day? I already wrote that I work as a psychologist. I love my job - to heal and help people.
I communicate a lot with interesting people. It is very interesting and difficult to treat people. After work I go home.
I try to spend my days off with my family. Or sometimes I go out with my friends. We go to a cafe or cinema.
Sometimes we go to the theater. You will say that my life is very rich and interesting, but all my friends have their love, their half, families and children.
But I have not, although I am already 34 years old. But now I have a friend. A friend from another country. It's you! You are very interesting to me.
And I want to get to know you better and develop our relationship. What do you think about it? We must meet and communicate face to face.
Of course, I would really like to communicate with you on Skype, but there is no camera on my computer. I have the most ordinary and simple computer.
Now our country is going through an economic crisis and everything is very expensive, so I don't want to spend money on a camera, After all, I have been saving a long time for the trip and if we decide that I should come to you for a meeting, then I want me to have enough money for everything.
I am very cheerful. I do not like to be sad. I think everyone deserves to love and be loved! It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor!
Young or adult. It doesn't matter what position we take in society. We must love and be loved. Write to me more about yourself.
I want to get to know you better. I am sending you a new photo. I will try to send a photo in every email. I look forward to hearing from you.
Your friend from Izhevsk, Marina
Letter 2
I send you my big greetings, you are a very interesting conversationalist !!!
I am very glad to receive your answer again! Thanks for this. Each of your letters gives me more confidence in the development of our relationship.
This makes me very happy. I want to write more often, but I don't have that opportunity. I also spend all my time at work and with my family, so I do not spend time on the Internet at all and I am not on social networks. But in the future, if our communication develops, then I will specifically connect a new mobile operator so that we can have a conversation at a low cost.
I hope that you are not angry about this and that you will continue to communicate with me!?!? We need to get to know each other better.
In this letter I want to tell you about my city. You also tell me more about your city! My city is called Izhevsk, Republic of Udmurtia.
This is not a very big city. My city is beautiful. There are many parks, theaters, cafes.
In the summer, everything blooms, there are many flowers, trees, it is very beautiful.
I can tell a lot about the city, but I want to talk about our relationship. My city is very beautiful and beautiful, but there are no (very few) worthy men here.
Most men don't respect women at all. Russian men believe that a woman has no right to her own opinion, she has no right to anything.
They don't respect women at all. I want a man next to me who respected my feelings, my opinion. What would he ask my advice.
And he did not insult me. That is why I went to Internet dating agencies. That's why I wrote to you.
I think you are the kind of man I need. I wrote to my friend Anna. Anna met her husband over the Internet.
She went to Germany and got married. It was Anna who advised me to go to this Agency for acquaintance. She now lives in Germany and is very happy.
She told me that foreign men are very different from Russians. What do you respect women?!?! I think Anna is right.
I really enjoy communicating with you. I feel that you are a very good and sociable Man. I'm starting to feel the connection between us.
I want to get to know you better. I want to meet you to get to know you for real.
I am 34 years old, I think it's time to be happy. I have been saving money for a long time, and now it is enough for me to travel.
I don't want to rush things. But in order to get to know each other and get to know each other, you need a personal meeting!
I can come to you for this! What do you think about it? I can come to you for a while and if we love, I can stay.
But if we don’t want to, then I’ll go back to Russia! Or we will return to Russia with you. Do you agree?
This is a very serious step for me. Let's talk about this later. I think that the main thing in a relationship is trust and mutual understanding.
The man is the head of the family - this is undeniable. But he must consult with his woman. I hope you understand what I am writing ???
Write me! I already wrote to you that I live in my parents' apartment.
My mom prepares food very well. She passed this skill on to me. I cook very tasty food.
I have talent. I have a dream. I want to tell you. But don't tell anyone))) I want to open my own Restaurant or a small cafe!
If our relations are actively developing, then maybe I will come to your country and you and I will open our own business.
What do you think about it? This is my dream. If the dream comes true, I will be happy. When I arrive at your place, I will prepare food for you.
You will be very surprised. I am a real culinary specialist. Write me your thoughts. I will very much look forward to your next letter.
Letter 3
hope you are doing well and send you my regards.
I didn't have time to write to you earlier, because I had to pass all the tests before the second coronavirus vaccination.
I am very glad to receive and read your letter. Your letters give me confidence in the future.
I would like to write to you every day, but unfortunately I do not have the opportunity. I hope you understand and do not take offense.
How are you? Perhaps soon we will be able to communicate face to face every day?!?! I'm a little scared though.
I'm afraid of falling in love with you, but not getting reciprocated. I want to be sincere with you.
I am very glad that you appeared in my life. You are very close to me in spirit.
I feel that you are very suitable for me. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. When I write you a letter I have a strange feeling inside as if I've known you for a very long time. I told my friends about you. They are very happy for me. They say hello to you.
I really hope that our relationship with you can develop into love. What do you think about it? It is impossible to fall in love by email!
But if I come to you when all restrictions are lifted and the borders of states are open, then could you fall in love with me?
Tell me honestly, do you like me? Today I saw an unpleasant situation on the road. There are a lot of cars on the roads now.
I saw a woman hitting a crosswalk by a car. The driver didn't even stop and drove on!
I ran to the woman and wanted to help her up. But then she saw that her leg was broken.
I gave her the first aid she needed, it's good that I was there at that moment. More people ran up and quickly called an ambulance.
I waited for the ambulance to arrive. The police also arrived. I testified and went home. In our time, you need to be especially careful.
There are a lot of ***** drivers on the roads now. It is very scary and dangerous. I am very glad that I now have you.
I want to make all the travel documents and come to you, but only when there is an opportunity and there is no threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.
I don't want to rush things. But I want all the documents to be ready. I wish that I could come to you at any time when we decide this.
I dream of our meeting, and I also dream of how you and I will manage our own restaurant together. Or maybe your own bakery?
Or will we open a small private clinic? What do you think about it? What do you think? Write me. I am looking forward to your answer to this question.
I very much dream of our meeting. I like to dream. What's your dream? Write to me about how you like to relax?
I like to listen to music and I like to communicate, but I do not like noisy companies. I also like to play billiards.
But I don't often go to billiard rooms because there are a lot of drunks. I like nature, I like outdoor activities.
In the summer, the whole family often gathers in the village where my parents now live. Papa even has his own boat and sometimes we go fishing, or just swim on the river.
And of course I really love to cook. And I really want to cook a special dinner for you. Here they say: "The way to a man's heart lies through his stomach!" ...
This means that I will feed you so that you cannot live without my food. You will love me for the fact that I cook very tasty food! ))).
Write to me more about yourself. Your Marina
Letter 4
Hello my love and (I really hope !!!) future husband ______ !!! Sorry I didn't write right after the interview. I'll explain everything to you now, please read it carefully.
As you already know, there was my interview at the embassy. At the interview everything went just fine !!! I'll tell you everything now, my love Viktor.
And I ask you !!! - read the letter carefully, and try to understand me !!! My interview began at 4.30 pm. Although it was supposed to start at 14.00 hours.
In Russia, everything is always done at the wrong time !!! But there is nothing wrong with that.
I experienced it! The interview still began. I and 11 other people were at the reception of the embassy.
I went in for an interview third in a row. I was very worried and afraid of this interview !!! The embassy managers started asking me many different questions.
But I was ready for these questions. I answered very decently !!! The embassy managers said everything was fine. My visa was approved and I can get it already on Thursday DATE !!!
I was really very happy. I wanted to immediately run to the Internet cafe to tell you this good news! I was so happy that I forgot about the next procedure !!!
Then I went to another office where they book plane tickets. The embassy manager was also there. She was a very nice girl. It was easy for me to communicate with this girl.
First of all, she started asking me if all my documents were ready - documents so that I could travel. I said that everything is fine! And I can fly to you, my love Viktor.
I bought a plane ticket. I am attaching your ticket information so that you can see the flight number and arrival time.
My ticket is for June 26th. Moscow, Sheremetyevo - Ljubljana, Brnik

15:30 - 22:10
Travel time 7h 40m 15:30, 26 Jun, Sat - 18: 00.26 Jun, Sat
Moscow, Sheremetyevo1 - Frankfurt, Frankfurt ...
Flight: SU2656
Boeing 777-300ER
Aeroflot 20:55, 26 Jun, Sat - .22: 10.26 Jun, Sat
Frankfurt, Frankfurt - Ljubljana, Brnik
Flight: LH1460
Canadair Regional JET 900
Lufthansa CityLine This is the most profitable option. But I have to spend the night at the hostel. It's cheaper for me to stay in Moscow than to go back to Izhevsk. So I decided to stay here.
But I have a problem. When I bought a ticket, I talked to this girl at the box office, we talked very nicely with this girl.
And in our conversation a very serious problem "surfaced", which I did not know about before !!! When they checked all my details and accounts.
(These are the rules for everyone who travels outside our country during a pandemic) A problem has emerged. I was told that there was a fine in my name.
This is an administrative fine. I didn't know there was a fine in my name. I was told that this fine was for my car. I thought this problem could be solved instantly.
Because I still have money with me, in the amount of 600 euros, after buying a ticket to you.
I asked how much it cost to pay the fine and was told just an incredible amount. This is 1450 euro.
I was just shocked, I felt bad again, I even felt dizzy and I almost fainted. They brought me water. I calmed down a bit.
Then, I immediately contacted the SSP (Bailiff Service of the city of Izhevsk) and I began to find out what was the matter and why the fine was in my name and how it was connected with my car.
There, I was informed that I had a fine for incorrect parking of my car for 2016. I said that I pay all my fines on time and I have very few of them, because I travel a little.
The fact is that this fine is for my old car, which I had for a long time. 5 years ago I had an old Opel and then we lived at a different address.
I was fined 50 euro (4500 rubles) for parking the car incorrectly. All documents about the offense came to a different address (that's why I didn't even know about it), and because I did not appear in the department of bailiffs for 3 months to pay the fine, an additional fine of 250 euros (22,500 rubles) was issued in my name (in case of late payment of the fine, the amount increases by 5 times). And every year, if the fine was not paid, it increased by 250 euros. I started to swear with them.
I told them that this was my old car sold a long time ago and I would not have been able to sell it if I had unpaid fines. But they explained everything to me again.
Data on driver fines are entered into the information base for sending them to unscrupulous drivers by mail 1 time in 10 days,
and at the time of the sale of my car in 2016, this fine had not yet been entered into their control database and therefore, I did not even know anything about it.
Now, I understand that the fine is not a mistake and it really is, and now, I have to pay it before the day of my departure. I do not know what to do.
I just cry, I'm hysterical. I need your help. As soon as the fine is paid, my family will be able to sell my car immediately, without any problems.
I also had a conversation with my mom today and informed her about this problem. She made me happy, she said that there was already a buyer.
But first, I have to pay the fine. And then my mom will immediately sell my car within a few days and after the sale, she will transfer all the money to you and I will come to you.
Do you understand? This money will be for us. My car costs about 5000 euro.
you are a man, you are the head of our family, and of course, I will give you all the money. I do not need anything.
I want to be with you only. I just want to be happy, but my happiness is possible only next to you. I can't imagine life without you. I do not know what to do.
Now I am so confused and my heart is breaking with pain. I'm just afraid to get your answer. I can't stand it if you give up on me.
I don't know, I just cry and wait for your letter. please give me an answer as soon as possible. You yourself know that I have never deceived you, and I am not going to do it ever.
I didn't want to ask for your help. That is why I didn’t write you a letter right away. I really want to start a new life with you !!! I want to fulfill all our dreams that we dreamed of!
I don't need anyone in this world, except you! My heart belongs to you alone. I tell you this from the bottom of my heart! You know that yourself, don't you ???
All my life I have been looking for a man whom I will love so much, and I found - it is you, my love Viktor. I was really very happy knowing that we would be together very soon.
But now I'm halfway there. We are shielded from each other by only one problem. I ask you to help me with this problem. I know that you are a worthy man !!!
And I am sure that you will not leave your beloved woman (me) in a difficult situation. You will help me find a way out, won't you ????
Do not misunderstand me !!! I have been saving the money that I am now using to come to you for a very long time - 1 year, or even more, and I spent it all to come to you !!!
1450 euro is a lot of money for me and my family. I cannot find money on my own. At the moment I am asking for your help !!! I ask you to help me !!!
I am asking you to send me 850 euro. If you can help me, then I will come to you. I really want to come to you, my love Viktor.
You are necessary for me in this life !!! I am very much afraid, because of this problem, to lose you. I do not want to lose you!!! I love you and I want to be with you !!!
I wanted to call you today, but dropped my phone at the airport. The camera and speaker broke, but I downloaded the Watts Ap app, write to me, here is my number +79057222944.
I will finish my letter. It’s too late today and there’s nothing to come up with. I was able to find an inexpensive hotel on the outskirts of Moscow.
Tomorrow morning I will be contacting the agency to find out possible solutions to the problem that has arisen.
And with great impatience wait for your letter, and your thoughts regarding this situation ...
I kiss and hug you tightly, my future husband Viktor !!!
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