Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Hugh (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello Hugh.
First of all, I want to wish you good morning or a good evening, depending on when you read my message!
In any case, I hope it comes to you, and you will be really interested.
I was very disappointed when my past relationships failed, after that, for a long time I did not want to look for other relationships.
I paused in a personal life. I started working more and play sports to forget my loneliness ...
Now I realize that this is not the life I want to live ...
I want to feel love and care ... I want to spend the evening along with your loved one. I'm tired of loneliness and decided to try happiness here, on the Internet!
Maybe my happiness is far from me, and maybe too close. I dont know ???
Of course, I can be close or far from you, but in the modern world the boundaries should not disturb us, right?
As I already wrote you above, I'm looking for my happiness! Everything in this world see happiness in different things! Someone is looking for happiness in expensive cars, in money, and someone in love!
I am looking for happiness in love. I want to find a man with which I can share absolutely everyone. I'm tired of loneliness and want to fill my life with warmth!
This is my first acquaintance with a man on the Internet, so I'm a little worried ...
I saw an advertisement that many people found each other with the help of the Internet and very happy now. Because on the Internet there are no borders and distances for dating.
Therefore, I also decided to try. So, a little about me ... My name is Svetlana. I'm 28 years old. My birthday is July 25th. My height is 165 cm. My weight is 53 kg.
I have no bad habits. I am alone, I have never been married and have no children. I have a calm character.
I live alone in a small but beautiful city of Orenburg, located in Russia at the junction of two parts of light - Europe and Asia.
I do not know how to explain to you where it is. But I can definitely say that this is a beautiful place.
I work in a children's hospital. See smiles of children - brings me joy.
Can you tell me more about you? About your life and your hobbies?
I lead an active lifestyle. In the summer I love to ride Bicycle, I go to the gym in winter.
Also in his free time I go to yoga classes. It also helps me keep my body in order.
I think you have already noticed it :)
What are you looking for in a woman? And the most important question for me: "What are you waiting for a meeting with a woman?"
It is important to recognize for me now at the beginning of our acquaintance, so that then there is no disagreement between us.
Because the flirting and friendship does not interest me. I have friends. But I need love and serious relationship. Only therefore I am here.
I want to find a man for a serious relationship. Age is not important to me. For me, the soul of man is important.
I do not think that the age difference is an important factor in the relationship between a man and a woman. Because with the age of men, only smarter and more prudent.
I would be happy, be with such a man who relates seriously to a woman.
I hope our acquaintance will be enjoyable. I would like you to answer my questions sincerely.
I love sincerity and truth. I understand that you have many questions to me. I also have for you.
It is impossible to tell everything in one letter. You can ask what you are interested to learn about me. I will sincerely answer you.
If you are interested in, I will write you more about me in the following letters. Okay?
I attached some photos of my letter. I hope my photos will like.
I'm waiting for your answer and your photos.
Your new friend Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hello Hugh! Why didn't you send your photos? Are you interested in me ???? I hope that yes.
I hope that you and I have common goals of acquaintance and we will succeed together to realize them into reality. Because I don't want to play love.
I only need sincerity in a relationship. Therefore, I, like you, want to see marriage as the finale of such a relationship.
Previously, I did not think that I could have a correspondence with a man who is far from me. And you?
In addition, for the first time in my life, I was the first to take a step towards acquaintance. It doesn't sound like me :).
I'm a little shy in real life, so I started searching for love on the internet.
With each new letter of yours, I understand what an interesting man you are.
I like calm, serious, honest men. A man I can love.
A man who will love me with all his heart. Hugh, I hope you can be just that kind of man.
Hugh, what do you think? Can you be my man? Or not?
Of course, it's too early to decide what the future holds for you and me. Wedding or disappointment ...
This is not resolved in letters, I think so. Everything will be clear when we are closer to each other ... I want to try to explain where the city of Orenburg, where I live, is.
The city of Orenburg is located 1500 km east of Moscow. Do you know Moscow - the capital of Russia?
I think that now you have no problem finding my city on the map.
I have been working as a doctor in a children's hospital for 5 years. I like my job. I got a good education.
I graduated from high school and university in the Faculty of Medicine to get a job at a children's hospital.
I like children. Do you love children?
Hugh, what languages ​​do you know? I speak English and Russian. I think we will have no problem understanding each other.
I devoted a lot of time to my studies and my career. Because I thought that this is happiness and success in life.
But now I realized that career has not brought me happiness. My career has become the reason why I still have no husband, no children.
I decided to change my outlook on life, because the years go by. And I'm still lonely.
I decided for myself that family is more important than career. I believe I made the right decision.
Hugh, what do you do in your free time? I'm really interested in learning about you.
So write to me. I'll wait. You can ask questions that interest you. I will answer them without any problems. Okay?
Your Svetlana
Letter 3
Hello Hugh!
Thank you for your letter. How's your day? Yesterday my grandmother came to visit me. She missed me.
I try to visit my grandmother almost every weekend and in my free time from work.
I usually work Monday through Friday, but sometimes I have to work on weekends if the job requires it.
But now I have so much work that I didn’t have time to do it. Therefore, my grandmother did not wait and came by herself.
She lives in a village 30 km from the city, so this is not a problem for her. My grandmother is already 75 years old, but she still feels young.
She says that work and fresh air in the village help her in this. If she stops working and moves less,
she feels old age approaching. Therefore, she is still engaged in housekeeping and gardening herself.
My grandmother has a garden in the courtyard of the house, where in the summer she plants flowers
(I really love flowers, especially tulips), vegetables and fruits.
In the summer, I often come to her to help in the garden ...
I talked to my grandmother for a long time. My grandmother and I never have secrets from each other.
And of course I told my grandmother about you. I hope you don't mind? Because this is really very good news
for her.
She has long wanted to see me happy.
I will try to tell you more about myself. Hope it will be interesting for you ...
My parents died when I was just a child, so my grandmother was completely involved in my upbringing.
She made great efforts to single-handedly raise me to my feet, to give me a good education, to provide everything I needed ...
After school, I chose the Faculty of Medicine. Maybe I have a love for medicine from my grandmother,
because before retirement she worked as a doctor.
I love my grandmother very much, and I am grateful to her for everything she does for me.
Grandma teaches me everything she can. I also like the cleanliness and comfort of the house. I am good at cooking like my grandmother.
Apart from my grandmother, my best friend Ella and a few other girlfriends, I have no people close to me.
I am glad that now I also have you!
In the future, we may be able to be close. From the beginning of our acquaintance, I was a little frightened only by the fact that I live thousands of kilometers away from you. I was afraid that you didn't even want to know me. Or take me lightly because of the distance between our countries.
So now I want to tell you that I am not afraid of the distance between us. This distance is several hours by plane.
I hope you also understand this. So I don't think it will be a problem for us if we really want a solid relationship.
I will repeat a solid relationship, because this is the only relationship I need. I hope you agree with me ???
I want you to be honest with me.
If you do not like something about me, then it is better to say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance. I don't want us to have secrets from each other.
I ask you to answer my questions. Ask me and I will also say more about me. What else are you interested
in knowing about me?
Hugh, I hope to receive your letter and photo soon. I'll wait.
Regards, your Svetlana
Letter 4
Hello Hugh! Have you also been to Krasnoyarsk? This place is called "Dream Gardens".
Hugh, I'm sorry that you've faced treason in the past. My past relationship ended for the same reason.
He cheated on me...
Therefore, I understand you well. It's horrible.
I had a bad day today. During lunchtime, I went to a cafe with a work colleague to have lunch.
When I took my wallet out of my purse to pay for lunch, I dropped my mobile phone ...
It fell on the tiles and shattered.
I was very upset .. I was offended because I really liked this phone. It was a present from my grandmother
for my birthday last year.
I don’t even know what I’ll tell her now ... But enough of the sad ... I try to forget about this sad incident.
How was your day? How do you? Did you have a good day? What's new?
My friend Ella came to my work today. We have been friends with her since childhood. This is my best friend.
She is already married and has a son. I told her about our acquaintance. I think you don't mind? Ella is very happy with me.
She invited me to her birthday and asked me to help her prepare food for the festive table.
Ella knows that I love cooking ... I love Italian food.
I often experiment, sometimes I make pizza, lasagne. My friends love it when I treat them to the food
I have prepared.
I also like salads, for example - "Caesar". If in the future we meet, then I will treat you.
I can also prepare food as you wish. Hugh, what do you like about food? This is interesting to me.
I love animals. And dogs and cats. I have a cat. I attached his photo to the letter.
Hugh, how do you like to relax? I really love nature and summer ... When you can ride a bike and enjoy
the beauty of nature.
I especially love the sea. Usually in the summer I take a vacation from work and go to visit my aunt.
She lives near Sochi on the Black Sea coast.
Have you heard of such a sea? I remember when I first saw the sea as a child, it was an unforgettable experience for me.
When I was a child, I loved the big waves of the sea, and I always caught these waves ..... Do you love the sea?
I'm sorry if suddenly I don't answer your questions. Do not think that I ignore them or do not understand.
I always try to answer all your questions. But since I am writing to you from an Internet cafe, I have a limited amount of time.
Sometimes, I may not have time to answer all the questions. And if I don't answer something important to you. You just remind me of this. Okay?
I don't know when you will receive my letter. In the morning? Or in the evening? But I will hope that my letter always brings you a good mood!
Tomorrow, I'll find out :) I'm waiting for you to send me your photos.
Your Svetlana
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