Scam letter(s) from Natalia Osipova to Nick (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Nick Nice to meet you. What city are you from? My name is Natali, I am a very active woman who is looking for love. And what does your soul seek and what does your body require?
Letter 2
Hello, Nick. Unfortunately, I don't have a very funny love story. I work as a travel agent.
I got this job with difficulty, my career grew, and my salary grew with it. I bought myself a car and met a man.
But, alas, to tell you honestly, this is my bitter life experience. When we started to live together, everything was in order, and I was ironing money to open my beauty salon. But one fine day, after returning from work, I saw that my safe had been opened, the man stole all the money, packed his things and left. We couldn't find him ... I was discouraged for a long time, but now I realized that I need to live on and only step forward, not turn back and not remember the past. Now I am looking for a loving man who will be by my side and will support me. In return, I will be a wonderful hostess.
Letter 3
Good afternoon, Nick. I am interested in communication. And yes, I didn't go to the post office for about a week because I had some health problems. But now it doesn't matter anymore. Sorry if I offended you in some way
I suggest getting to know each other better first, if you don't mind. I told you a little about myself, but I'm also interested to know more information about you. What do you do in your free time? And what are your goals and dreams for the near future? I still dream of going abroad and starting my own business there as a travel agent. Only now I do not have enough moral support. Perhaps you will become, my friend, and in the future my man?
Letter 4
Hi, dear Nick. I'm pleased to know more about you. Thank you for revealing my heart to me. Tell me, dear, did you have a dream that you never realized? I would like to become your fairy and help you in fulfilling one desire. Or maybe Can I be your inspiration? It's so nice to be next to an attractive man and start building relationships. Do you mind if I become yours? Every day I dream of waking up not alone and preparing breakfast not only for myself. And what do you like most to eat in the morning? Would you like to swim with me in such a bath?
Letter 5
Hi dear! Nice to receive a letter from you! But I have bad news, my mail was hacked, and now I cannot use it, because I am worried about my data! But I really want to continue communicating with you, moreover, I dream of a real meeting! I would like to share my photos with you, but here I cannot do it ... I think my ex-man is hacking me in order to compromise! But I found a convenient site for us, I registered there, it even has a good translation! What is very important for our real meeting, I will not confuse anything and will know exactly where to fly to you, my dear! Here is a link to my page. Honey, I'm waiting for you on that site !!! I really wanna be with you! There are also my new photos and I can send more to my private messages. I'm already afraid at the post office ... Kisses, Natalia!
Letter 6
Dear, the thing is, I want to share my photos with you! But they are open, I can’t risk in the mail, after this hacking ... there is an excellent translation of messages, if you want to be with me and meet in person, this is a good option to understand each other! If you want me to be yours, then I'm waiting for you there! If you do not want, I'm very sorry so I was mistaken!
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