Scam letter(s) from Bennie Leggett to Jason (USA)

Letter 1
Hello it's me Bennie from the Instagram app...nice meeting you here (next email photos attached. Will attach to email)
Letter 2
Well I'm sorry for intruding into your profile I was actually looking for an old friend before I come across your profile.. your profile look quite simple and basic that's why I decide to text you and be your friend
Letter 3
You welcome hope you having a productive day?
I'd like to know where you from here,how old are you.. and I'd like to see a picture of you here if you don't mind
Letter 4
Very nice! And handsome
Well I'll be 40years old October 16..
while my oldest josh he's just 19yrs old
My daughter Zane she's 17yrs old..I don't have any relatives since I lost the father of the kids so I do always look them as my future.
Letter 5
Are you married? How many kids do you have?
Letter 6
Looking for a friendship and see where it leads to as you know have being hurt many ways from men just trying to love again, I want someone I can spend the rest of my life with someone that's ready to take care of me and my kids just like is own but I think time we'll tells
Letter 7
You're funny why do you think I won't read your email when I'm not here for games or prank...
Oh okay well I love pet
Letter 8
Guess my kids will love to stay around you a animal lover just like them lol
Good morning how was your night, Did you sleep well and wake up strong?
Letter 9
Being a long day just finish a meeting with the Kabul Taliban
Which job did you do for a living if I may ask
Letter 10
Well Actually i work as an information system analyst here in Kabul My Job here in the Tactical operation unit is to monitor military Intelligence, Survillience, network administration, database management and computer hardware and software implementation... Sometimes i aslo join the combat team on special missions and beat Patrols when it is required of me.
Letter 11
Lol well being busy doing some stuffs all would be nice if I'm there sounds like you having more fun actually o enjoy going to new places and see new things... Where in the world have you ever travel to?
Letter 12
Have you been into a long distance relationship before ?
Is it your thing ?
can it work for you?
Letter 13
I know that distance dosen't allow actions to be felt but trust me, our words can convey our feelings when distance the saying goes: "True Love and Friendship knows no boundaries and no distance; If what i felt for you is real, then distance mean absolutely nothing in the face of love for love dosen't count by the miles. It's measure by the hear
Letter 14
I AM HONEST kind,caring understand and of good sense of humor,passionate heart that's looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship. I am an active person who enjoys cycling and running best. I believe keeping fit is important. I am not interested in games or drama.
Letter 15
I'm here seeking for a serious and honest man to build my strong relationship with
Letter 16
Apparently time never seemed right for me to enter into any steady relationship. I have until August this year before My contract Terminates with the OFS Afgha. I'm sure this will be my last deployment for a long period
Letter 17
Since my husband death, my life has been filled with making some certain decisions about my career, trying to meet with new friends, counting my blessings and facing squarely the challenges and vissisitudes that life has presented including being a single mother.. I have intensions to begin a new life and settle down once more when my contracts here is over. All i want and always prayed for is a caring, loving, family-oriented and dedicated man to be the father of my kids.I truly believe in Gods time, all the people and life lessons we experience, are part of the big plan he has for us
Letter 18
I can trust but it takes awhile to build that worthiness of my trust, if that makes any sense.
Letter 19
But really up late cos it takes time to reply me thou..**** I'd need you to help me with $98 have being having serious toothache disturbing me all day just don't get myself here just laying down on my bad grooming in pain all because my mastcard has not being working here since have being deployed here😢 just don't have any other person to share my feelings with that's why I decide to share it with you I'll be glad if you can help me and be paying you back as soon I get back to the state, as you know I'm well ok myself if not my master card that ain't been working here yet
Letter 20
Please talk to me
I hope you safe over there
Letter 21
Oh thanks dear I pray for your safe delivery by God grace🙏
I'll be glad to hear from you as soon you get back to your office tomorrow
Letter 22
Ooops the card not working here... probably i think it's all because I'm not the owner to put the PIN or did you see any discount from it ? Can you just me the $100 through cash app or PayPal if you make use of that I promise paying you as I said you don't have to worried much I need to stop these ache
Letter 23
Please kindly give me a reply whenever you see my mail dear safe trip
Letter 24
Well I don't think I'm a drunker like that cos mostly well due to all I was born in a christainity home I prefer you just help me with what I ask you sorry,it's only the the meds to stop these tooth ache I need from you to help me with I'm really in serious pain now baby
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