Scam letter(s) from Veronica Fedotova to Vince (UK)

Letter 1
Hello. how are you? my name is Veronika and I am 35 years old, I live in Russia, my city is Kirov, I am a free girl, and I would like to meet a man to start a family. If you don't mind dating? then I hope to get an answer from you, and also I will send you my photos. waiting for your reply.
Letter 2
Hello Vince! how are you? I am glad to see your message, so today I have a good day and I am in a very good mood for the first time I decided to meet on the Internet and I think that while I have success, because you answered me at first it seemed to me that mine the idea looks like an adventure, but your letter proves that it is not my imagination, that you are real, and you are interested in me. otherwise you would not have answered me. I have never corresponded on the Internet, so I do not know what to write even to you. if you are interested - I live in Russia, the city of Kirov. my name is Galina, you already know I am 35 years old. my birthday is October 15th.
I graduated from the State University as an economist. but now I work in a cosmetics store, because in Russia it is very difficult to find a job for which I studied, and if I do find a job, the salary is very small.
I find work useful for people, I always like helping people. I also really like home comfort, I like to cook a lot.
I like sports, I used to do dancing. Now I go to a fitness club. I like being in good shape. sorry if I wrote a little, I really don't know what else to write to you. I think it would be better if you ask me something and then
I can answer and write you more about myself. I would love to know more about you. I am sending you my photos, I hope you like it. I would like to receive photos from you as well. write me. I will be happy to answer
all your questions.
Letter 3
Hello! How are you feeling?it's good that you answered me. To be honest, I am very glad that I have the opportunity to communicate with you. I hope that soon we will get to know each other more closely, this will allow us to communicate freely. I'm called Veronica. the translator did not correctly translate the proposal.
it would be interesting to know so much about you about your interests, work, friends, parents. I think it will be better if we tell you more about each other.
I still do not believe that I communicate with you on the Internet, I thought that all this was just deceiving, but now I understand that we can talk to each other, and I am pleased to have this way of communication. we seem to be far from each other, but at the same time we can communicate with you as neighbors
at the moment I live with my parents. I have no sister or brother, I am alone in the family. I was raised in a simple and loving family. my father works as a driver for long trips and my mother works in a children's clinic. Do you live alone or with your parents?
In summer I often leave the city to go to nature or to the lake I really love nature and fresh air. What do you think about it? It's harder to get out of town in winter and it's cold, so in winter I prefer the pool.
The Russian climate allows you to practice a variety of sports. Swimming in summer, skiing in winter.
I also prepare delicious meals for dinner, lunch and more. what cuisine do you prefer? I go to the gym several times a week. I think I wrote enough for you today. Now I have to go.
I just do not know what to write to you, what question to ask, ask me better, and I will try to answer normally. write to me, ask a question, and I will answer it. feel free to write more about yourself and your family see you soon!
Letter 4
Hello Vince ! how are you? hope you have a nice day! I didn't write to you in German. what are you talking about? you confuse me with someone.Vince , it's a pity that I'm far from you. This is my first time meeting over the Internet, but I already like communicating with you if you are interested, I can tell you more about myself. I live 800 km from Moscow. I have never been outside of Russia.
I am not worried that you are from another country, no matter where you are from. It is very interesting.
This is new for me, probably, and you Vince are interested to know, Russian woman I hope that you have not lost interest and continue to write to me.
I want you to be able to create an impression of me for yourself, because just writing is not enough to get to know a person well, but I will try to tell you more about myself. I also want you to write as much about yourself as possible. so that each of your messages brings me more information about you, I want to know you completely Vince , if you don't mind? I do not intend to play any games, I want to see in you everything
that I would like to know. which will probably develop in later real life. What do you think Vince? I think it is very difficult to find a man who is really ready for a serious relationship, that is, in real life.
as you understand at the moment I am looking for a partner for life, but I did not find a man in whom I would really be interested. there are many men in my country who want to date in real life. but I have already passed this stage and I know what they want in the majority, so I try to avoid men here. I know the meaning of life and I look at life beautifully, which needs to be lived happily. only alone I cannot be happy and therefore I need that person so that he could lead me through life until the end of my days.
I want our steps towards acquaintance to be based in a good way. This way we can study each other faster
and better. In order to study you well, I am interested in a lot about your life, so I am interested and ask you questions.
if I am in a hurry to know about you and how you live and what kind of person you are, then tell me and I will not rush and cause you inconvenience with my questions. in general Vince I think that you understand me correctly and will support my intentions.
waiting for an answer.
Letter 5
Hello Vince! how are you today? yes i heard about american football.Vince I like men who are hardworking and understand humor. I would like to share my fate with one man. I think that I am not little already to flirt,
I am only with serious intentions to meet a good man.
Vince if interested, I will try to tell you a little about my character. I don't know how to start but still, I think I am very romantic. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant for me, I always try to be in a good mood. I really appreciate such qualities in people as loyalty and honesty. I believe in love, and I think it is a very valuable thing that needs to be protected. I am jealous, but not so much, only when there is a reason I love it when they answer me with respect and am ready to listen to them indefinitely.
I like to listen to different R&B music, dance, club, as well as others. My favorite food are seafood, Italian food, various fruit salads, but I can cook other dishes.
On weekends, if I have no plans, I like to lie in bed. I read the newspaper, watch the news every day. I really love sports, sometimes I go skiing.
for me it is necessary that there is always comfort around me in the house, in the company. I like the romantic relationship between a man and a woman. probably all women dream to meet a good man, to have a beautiful romantic relationship with him. But often these things end very quickly. I do not intend to waste time with such people. Although I still have not met such a person in my life to whom I could fully submit my feelings. therefore I wish to find such a person. Vince for a woman, the main thing in life is not only a career or other successes, but also a strong family with a loved one nearby, so that she can take care of him.
You probably think that I am too serious, I just do not want to be mistaken in choosing a man, because both women and men do not correspond to their initial behavior. but this does not apply to you, I do not know why, but I see in you something that is invisible to the armed eye it looks funny, but I feel it in relation to you.Vince, there are voids in my life too. The last relationship I had was almost two years ago. we were together for 1 year, but I left him. at first we kind of loved each other, but we had different interests. so we had to part. I would not want to write about it. I hope you understand me Vince...
There are fewer and fewer good people, and it’s not very pleasant to be disappointed the next time you think you’ve met the right person. Probably, here I can find a person who will appreciate and understand me. his financial situation is not important to me, the main thing is that this person has a kind heart. who has learned to value life. I will be ready to connect with such a man! Please tell us what woman would you like to meet in your life? see you later!
Letter 6
Hello Vince! how are you? I'm fine I hope you are too! I am very glad to receive a message from you again I like both cats and dogs, but I have no pets in the apartment. and what you told me is that your girlfriend cheated on you with a neighbor, I don’t understand how she could do that, I hate such people.Today I thought about most of our acquaintance and I understand that the Internet is great - it helps people communicate easily at a distance! It's such a shame that I didn't have Internet access at home before. It is very pleasant for me, because you write to me again and again. Vince can you tell me what exactly interested you in me?
This means that you are interested in me because I am a simple woman. I have read your letter several times.
I think that you are a kind man and it was very interesting for me to know you better and understand your life more deeply.
Now, for sure, that we will be able to find something at all. Sometimes it seems to me that life bypasses us
and some cannot find happiness. but I am mistaken, because every person in life finds happiness. Only complete harmony of the soul is suggested for a simple meeting in order to start a great love.
Vince I am lonely at the moment. I certainly could find myself a boyfriend among friends and acquaintances. those people who surround me are just friends for me and nothing more, I have no intentions to connect my
life with them. I'm not interested in this. I always wanted to have friends from beautiful and interesting countries - such as yours for example I can therefore think: suddenly miracles exist on this planet )
Most of all in my life I love to see smiles on a person dear to me. Every smile makes me happy and I always
try to do everything and even more, to do for the people around me. I cannot give happiness in everything, because I do not have much influence in this world, but I have a heart! agree that spiritual wealth is stronger than material wealth. Most of all in life I like meeting new people, when such people surround you, whether
you want it or not, they can invisibly come to your heart.
I do not know, maybe you are not interested in what I am writing. what about me, you really interested me
and I want to know everything about you if you will allow Now I am finishing and will look forward to your reply!
Letter 7
Hello Vince. thanks for your reply to my letter. it's nice that you write to me. I think it's interesting to write letters to another country at such a distance. What did you do today? how are you?
I'm okay :-) because you wrote to me. I feel that I am not alone, as you write to me Vince.
Your letter calms me very much and gives me a lot of vigor and joy. You make me a happy woman. I like it. in the last days I have been thinking about you. I really need your letters and do not want you to stop writing to me. I am glad that we met on the Internet, you opened up great feelings in me.
our life goes ahead, and we do not notice this, while we are young, we feel young and do not notice that we are more and more years old, maybe it’s for the best that life goes on so fast, it flows away like water and cannot be returned. I think that we are developing more than friendly relations and I like it. I like you Vince
as a man, but I do not say this only physically, but also internally, I like your way of thinking and your shown qualities a lot.I am sure that if we have a close relationship, you will be wonderful in relation to me, since you are a sincere person and you know the spark that needs to be ignited in a person. If it is true? Then I will try very hard to be like a loving woman for you, it is possible that someday we will talk to you in real life, because in life there is a lot you can not understand. What do you think Vince?
I am very anxious to find someone with whom I can spend the rest of my life. can you tell me what you mean in all this? tell me what you think and be honest with me.
I would like you to understand what I want in my life. because I believe that it should be so in every sane person. I leave you until the next letter and I will look forward to your reply and, as always, your photos.
Letter 8
Hi, pleasant Vince. how are you? I have great. I am very pleased that you are interested in me not only as a friend. I think that between a man and a woman there cannot be just a friendly relationship if they are both single, anyway something happens :-) what do you think Vince?I can tell you that I like you as a man, do you mind that you and I were more than friends? what do you say? I have never met a man who could really completely love me, respect me, take care of me as the only woman. I am a woman and I am not a little girl.
I really want affection and attention from a man. I think that you are the kind of man who can love and appreciate a girl. I can be very sad and even cry when I think that if I cannot find the man I want, I’m afraid that my whole life will pass without the presence of my beloved man, but then I still know that I’m not so old
to think about it and I’m quite attractive. Do you think I'm an attractive woman? sorry if I ask this question.
In Russia, for men, I'm not one of those who are beautiful, because Russia is famous for beautiful girls abroad. But in Russia there are a lot of beautiful women, but they also want only money and they have no love for a man, they live only for the sake of money with them. Why I don’t understand, I believe that it’s better to live life simply and in love with a loved one than for the sake of big money, I don’t support this. But I do not quite argue this, because I did not live under such circumstances so that I do not need anything, but I also think that in life without needing anything, this is not a life that is lived correctly. I love to work and put all my strength into the work I am doing, so that others can appreciate my work and be proud of me. It is good when colleagues and bosses praise for the work done by their hard work. I also understand that if there is life between a man and a woman, everyone should work for the sake of the family, if there are still children, you need to live for the sake of children. Do you love children very much? I love the little ones :-) I spent a lot of time with my friends' children, the children don't cry in front of me even when I change his diaper :-) everyone is surprised :-) it seems to me that I give the child some kind of energy that calms him down. Maybe it's just my imaginations, but it's true :-) I think that children love me. This is where I will finish my letter, are you probably tired of reading my letters? I look forward to your next reply.
your distant girl.
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Vince!!!!!!!!How glad I am that you are writing to me and I do not regret much that I am writing to you. I like you and it's obvious. I am very pleased to receive your letter and read it as well. You are always of interest to me in your letters and I like it. now I understand that I was not mistaken. You have awakened my feminine soul into your interest with your letters. I see in you a very graceful adult who seriously thought about his life in order to share it with his other half. You are a serious man with a life or beginner in the right direction of your desires. you really want a serious relationship and a happy family. I think you are
that kind of person.
With every letter I feel that feelings arise between us. I do not want to deceive my heart and do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. I want to have a happy and bright future. I do not know what's happening.
I have known you for a very short time, but I feel wonderful feelings for you, although I have never seen you in reality, but I feel warmth from you Vince. I am sure that you are not lying and tell me only the truth. Because
I don't want to be left broken. I would like to know you in reality, but it is very difficult to do. Do you think dreams often come true?
I always remember my school years. There was a lot of interesting and funny things, different incidents happened. in the 8th grade, I was very in love with a boy from the senior class, but he did not look at me, it really turned me on, I didn’t know what to do, and then my friends told me that adult guys only want a bed
and there would be no love with him, it was hard to forget this but still I retreated :-)
My dear Vince, do you believe in love at first sight?
I wrote to you that I experienced feelings when the person you love deceives you. Have you experienced deception? It is very difficult to get over it. Only time can heal this disease. I experienced a feeling of
deception from a person whom I loved and do not want to experience such feelings again.
until the next letter and I will look forward to your reply. Hope you email me soon.
Letter 10
hello my tender Vince!! I am happy to read your letter. I'm so glad you wrote to me. You have no idea how happy I am when I see your message on my inbox again. it is so nice to receive letters from you.I know that
you are a good person. I will ask God to make you happy and healthy. Every person in the world should live well and happily. You agree with me Vince I want to change my life and find someone who will make me happy
and whom I will make happy. I want to know what is your point of view on this issue. I want to tell you that
my heart starts to beat fast when I see a letter from you Vince!!!!
I, like any woman, need some warmth and care, if love then it should be true love and romanticism in a relationship. I love when all things are beautiful, perfect, gentle and romantic !!! I want to have a family from
a loved one, feeling care and constant support in difficult times, which every man in life strives for and me as well.
I was a little happy in the past, but my trust broke my heart. I must trust the person who is my life assistant.
You must know the person well enough to rely on him completely. I have known you for a short time, but I can tell you that you are a very honest, open man. It attracts me very much and gives me hope that I can be a sweetheart !!! My grandmother told me that I should always be open. She dreamed that I would have my own family, and cried when she said that she was very afraid that she would not live to see her great-grandchildren, unfortunately she could not wait for this.
Now I want to tell you! I want to share my joy with a person who will respect me. I want to know what makes you happy Vince Please give me a chance to do it !!! I'm waiting for your letter.
Letter 11
Hi dear Vince! how are you today? I'm good. I am pleased to see your message again. you have a chance to make me happy, I hope for you.I got up early this morning and did not want to sleep, I cleaned up the apartment a little. Today I ran for 10 minutes, something I didn't feel like anymore, then I took a shower. made coffee, I generally like coffee in the morning. well, sometimes I drink tea. I always have thoughts only about you in the morning when I get up. I think a lot that if someday I saw you, how we would lead you when we met. We all talk to each other in letters and tell, a lot about us, so we can tell a lot in a letter, I think that you should always start acquaintance not in real time, but by letters or by speaking on the phone, it's a pity that we live in different countries could talk for hours, but it is also very expensive to talk because we are in different countries and the traffic is very large.
Still, by letters you get used to each other a lot and therefore causes a lack of you in me, since I think that you know more about me than my flatmates or someone just acquaintance
today I have a lot of work and I need to report on the goods, so I can't write to you much now.
in general, we have a very friendly team at work and will always help and replace at work if something is required, it is good to be in the circle of good people. I am always in attention and for some reason I turn to me more for help than to others.
I would really like you to be near and we could talk to you more than letters. It's nice to see a person and talk to him to please him, and to see how he smiles while looking at me. Many men communicating with a girl, I think just to drag her into bed and listen little to what you say to them. I always like to discuss some common interests and much more, but there is not always that time to talk about many things. Now I will finish writing and I hope that tomorrow I will see your letter. All the best and good day, big and sweet kiss of your.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Vince. I read your letter. My dear, I am in a good mood today. Your letters to me always cheer me up. When I am not in the mood, I read your letters and I become much better.I just understand that there is a person in the world who needs me. That you appreciate our communication. My dear, I'm happy that I met you on the Internet. You and I will be a good couple, what do you think about that? I have never been to other countries,
I have already told you about this, but I think sooner or later we will need to decide what to do for both of us to see each other? What do you think about this? But this is a very serious step. And we need to take it seriously.
I want you to always be by my side. I want to wake up next to you, I want to fall asleep in your arms. You are very dear to me, but of course these are just dreams. I want us to be fine with you. I think about you every day. I wanna be with you. I want to meet with you in the future, but what would you like? what do you think about you and me at all? what do you think of me? My dear, excuse me, of course, for the small letter, but I think that what I wrote to you is the most important thing and asked you the most important questions and I ask you to answer all my questions as it is very important for me. My dear Vince this is where I end my letter. I wish you a good rest of your day. I will wait for a letter from you.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Vince . Thank you dear for the letter.Everything is fine with me, only I really missed you very much. Darling, did you think about me? I thought only of you every minute. I thought about our future with you. Today I woke up in the morning and immediately thought of you. Sweetheart, I want to wake up every morning
from your sweet kiss. Perhaps I am in a hurry with these words? How I would like to walk with you. Spend every
day together. Darling, I read a lot and saw in the news that girls leave for other countries and then they do not return. They disappear and no one knows where they are. They meet men over the Internet. Men invite them to their place. The girls agree and go to another country. The man meets them and takes them to his place. Then
they take away their documents and just make them slaves. Dear, I trust you and I hope that everything will be
fine with us.
I believe you dear Vince. I believe that you are not that kind of person. My dear, I feel that we will be fine.
I wanna be with you. My dear, we must trust each other. I believe and trust you. Darling, I don't need anyone but you. Dear will you treat me well? Won't you hurt me? I feel that you are a good man and I want to be with you.
For all our communication, you have become very dear to me and I do not want to lose you. My dear Vince
I will miss you very much. I will wait for a letter from you. I'm waiting for your photos.
Letter 14
Hello my dear. I was at a tour agency this afternoon and found out about everything about a trip to your country,
if I get a visa for 3 months, and also tickets to your country, unfortunately for me, are very expensive. they cost 600 euros in both directions, unfortunately I don't have that kind of money, I thought if I took out a bank loan, they wouldn't let me out of the country because of the loan, and therefore I don't know what to do, but what will you tell me? can you fly to my country? to Moscow? would i meet you at the airport? What do you think about this?
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