Scam letter(s) from Valeria Grebenyuk to James (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear James! Thank you for your interest and attention to me! I was waiting for your letter and can you imagine how I was glad having got your reply! Unfortunately you didn't send me your photo. If you don't mind send me couple. I think it'll help our communication. Don't you think so?I'd like to see your photo every time I wish. Well I will start telling about myself)) As you already know my name is Valery,but it's hard you can call me just as Lera.
You can call me as you like - it's up to you:) I was born in a small town Zbarazh on 10 May, 1988.
What is your zodiac sign? I work as a nurse in a local hospital. Because of the pandemic I have a very tense schedule. But anyway I love my job. Regarding my childhood, it was pretty happy and colorful. I'm the only child in my family - and all the attention from parents was mine! But it must be admitted that I'm not a spoiled child as usually it happens in families with one child! My grandparents were very wise and measured people - so they dilute excessive parents' love and care with strict instructions and homilies! But my blissful and happy childhood was destroyed someday. My father made a big mistake in his life! Once he preferred a woman far more younger than my mom, she was alone without family, children and other family duties. He left us when I was 7. It was an important and decisive year - it was my first time and first year at school! I was completely horrified - you know as every child I didn't want to stay without my mom for almost the whole day! And I have to give my mom credit. She was at her best! Since that time we became closer and she was a real friend to me! We discussed everything we met during the day! And of course all my troubles concerning friends and first love trials:) She was with me whenever I was in need of good advice or just in person to share my troubles with. I haven't talked with my father for many years. I was angry with him. But with time we became wiser. We met, he apologized and we started to talk. Now we have normal relations. I work a lot but if I talk about my free time I like cooking a lot, haven't I told you?? I love different holidays like the New year or my Birthday and you know why?? Because I have an opportunity to cook different dishes for all my guests, it is always so exciting to create a little delicious miracle from common foods, so I like to serve dinners a lot, and my guests always seem to be satisfied:) I guess if I was not a nurse I would be a cook at a restaurant:)) So what do I like else? I like sports a lot, especially swimming and jogging, I think it helps to keep my body fit. Oh, another hobby of
mine, I like playing chess!! My grand dad taught me how to play it when I was a kid but now he is gone and I miss him so much:(I also like animals a lot, I have a dog,
my little fur friend) Dear James, here is my life story - if you want to know more about me just ask me, my answers won't make you wait:)
Tell me please more about you, your tastes and preferences! What is your favorite time spending? And hope to see your pictures!! Looking forward for your reply.
Yours Valery!
Letter 2

Hello dear James! Thank you for your reply and warm words. I do really appreciate your attention to me and since I was seen you I was interested in you and your life! I decided to make the first step to you and look where it can lead us ! So here we are.
Yes, I live in Zbarazh, it's Central Ukraine. Yes, I have a tattoo on my back, it's a dragon. My dear you may well ask me what I'm doing here and why I'm not looking for my second part of soul in my native country ? ! Well, it must be admitted that I was trying to find it and more over one time I met the person who I thought was a real gentleman and perfectly match to me. We met when I was studying at the college, on a nurses faculty. I decided to enter the college in Ternopol - because it is more big city than where I used to live and there are many possibilities for young people. He was older than me on 3 years. At first he was presented me a real fairy tale - I was pleased and impressed by his treatment ! But time passed and like every girl I wanted to create a family, to be with my only one beloved. But as it turned out those years were for him just for fun. He wasn't serious in his intentions - so it is the reason why I'm here ! I don't want to say that all Ukrainian men are cheaters and bad, just to my mind that foreign men do know how to treat women and take care about them. Am I right ? Dear James, I'm very grateful that we began our communication because I'm really interested in you and would love to know you more with each letter ! I'm very appreciative you for your warm and attentive letters. You are a very kind and easy-going person ! Reading your letters I forget about everything bad, they absorb me completely. That's why I want to be honest with you, because I entirely believe that honesty is the most essential feature in every relationships ! You know, I'm a beginner in English, so the level of my know ledge is very poor, that's why I use a translation agency to write to you ! So now you know all the truth about me)) Hope to hear some confessions from you. Dear, I hope to hear from you soon ! Wish you a good day ! Yours Valery
Letter 3
Hello, My Dear James! Thanks a lot for your letter again today. I appreciate every one of your letters to me. How are you today? I hope that you are ok like me.
thank you so much for your care about me and the convenience about translations but I tried them several times and the translation programs are so much bad when you try to use them for Russian or Ukrainian language:( Of course it could be much better but unfortunately you won't understand me if I use them:( You know my mother noticed that she hasn't seen me in a bad mood during the last time and it is because of you. It seems to me that my life receives some colors every time when you send me your letter:) I want to laugh all the time, I want to sing and to smile:) It is crazy...I think about you .... often.. and you? Did you think about me at least one time? I imagine us together from time to time. I imagine our first meeting, our happiness that we wanted to share with each other during the time that we've been corresponding. I can see our first emotions that we show each other and it is SO interesting because we had no possibility to show it using the letters.. I would like to do so much for you. I would like to fill your life with only positive emotions and unforgettable moments. I would like us too try real life with family and real feelings. I dream about strong relations based on respect, understanding, love and passion. It is wonderful to go home, thinking about the people who are waiting for you there - to see the loving eyes of your second half. It is so wonderful to make family evenings but also it is very important not to forget about romantic evenings and to stay a WOMAN and a MAN. Do you agree with me? .... for example to have a romantic evening with candles and champagne... and then ... a passion night for two... I am very sensual and passionate when I am in love. I love to make my man happy, satisfy him in all possible ways.. I want that you will be in a paradise with me) And I know that we speak different languages and live in different countries but I'll do my best to correct this! My dear James, I hope that my letter didn't make you bore and that I didn't disappoint you in anything. Have a nice day! Million kisses, your Valery
Letter 4
My dear James, hi!!! Thank you a lot for your letter, honey! You know after this letter I will not be able to write you as my money for the translations are expired and I have no possibility to pay for the translations right now again:( I knew that my translational account is almost empty already when I wrote you my previous letter, but I didn't tell you about it anything as I hoped to find some money for it before today. I could not find any money, sorry. Because of quarantine my salary is delayed.
None of my friends could not help me too:(
I thought a lot about what shall we do with our further correspondence, I slept so badly last night because of it:( I thought about all the opportunities and made a conclusion that the only possible and effective way to keep our contact before we will meet in person is to use the service here atthis local translational firm. It is of course if you want to meet me in person!! I hope you do as I want it a lot:))
Let me share with you how did I make such a decision. I really tried to View translation in Google but this kind of communication is not acceptable as 80% of our words will be lost in translations if we will use Google. Also I have not a personal computer and to use an Internet cafe is not for free too. But even if I had a personal computer it would not help a lot. Second possibility would be if I had a friend who speaks English so she could help us to View translation our letters but none of my friends speaks English, people mostly don't speak English here in Ukraine at all. Thirdly, we can delay our correspondence till the time I will be able to pay for it again but I don't know when it will happen in a month or in a half a year as I earn only 200$ per month and it is hardly enough for food and all the savings I had I used for photos and letters for you, so if we will decide to stop for an uncertain time it will not keep our relationships on the proper level. To have a good chances for future together we have to correspond properly! Our letters to each other have to be like little miracles, little surprises which will make every day brighter and warmer! But never the less I am ready to wait for you any time it will be necessary!!
So I believe that having a proper correspondence is very important, that is why I don't know what to do and will be waiting for your decision. Please think about it! I just wonder may be you can help me to pay at least for several letters till the time I will save some money for correspondence?? My translator says that some of her clients from abroad help their ladies with money for the translations and in such a way they keep their contact until they will meet in person as Ukrainian ladies mostly can't afford paying for the translations to correspond with their men. But I don't know if this option will be acceptable for you or not:( I hope it will be as it could be a good solution for us. Please share with me your thoughts about it as sooner as possible! And nevertheless I am ready to be patient with you as I find your letters extremely special... Hope you are ready to be patient with me!!! And remember that I am going to learn English soon!! I am desperate:((
Always yours Valery
Letter 5
My sweetest James, Thank you so much for writing me back. I didn't know if I'd ever hear from you again and it was really very hard for me.. We are in touch for very short period but I really have huge interest already.. Since my account is empty I am not able to read your letters and write you long replies as before. I am able just to send you this short reply to let you know how you can help to stay in touch. How much you can put on account. It depends on how often you'd like to exchange with letters and if you want to send and get pics. If you want to write not very often and not interest in pics you can choose letter per letter option. Each letter costs 5 USD. Minimum amount to be transferred is 50 USD. If you want to write every day with photos and videos it's more profitable to to select unlimited package for two weeks (140 USD), for one month (200 USD) How you can refresh account: You can make transfer DIRECTLY to my name using MoneyGram, RIA, Azimo, WorldRemit or Intelexpress sistems
You just need my data:
My name is Valeriya Grebenyuk
My address is: 45764, Ukraine, Zbarazh, Rudanskogo Street, 40/11
My phone is: +380990665198 You can also transfer funds to translation company through Swift transfer, or If you prefer this ways I will send you bank account you can use and clear instructions. My James, I hope that I gave you all instructions because I won't be ale to contact you directly again until my account is empty. You can contact directly manager of translation office I don't want to lose you.. I send you many special kisses and wait your reply with impatience! Your Valery.
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