Scam letter(s) from Zhanna Teteryna to Scott (UK)

Letter 1
Kisses under the moon
I feel it's already the perfect time to start the brand new season with real love.
Now don't you think I am correct?
Potentially we are able to connect sometime.
I was born in Usa, I stayed over there until I turned nine, and today I reside in Ukraine.
I have never found a man in my place and simply needed to attempt to search on-line.
Write to me exactly what area you now live in?
It's great that with all the help of the online world, we may analyze one another considerably better.
Now I'm thirty-five years old, already the grownup for the really serious connection, I don't wish anybody to play with my emotions that is for certain.
I am Zhanna btw, although you can simply call me Zhan.
If you are interested in getting to know me much better, in that case we could continue our contact.
Did you enjoy the image of myself, that I have attached?
You actually do not have to reply if you did not enjoy it.
Now i am trying to find a man who is much older than me, certainly not violent, delicate, and who is going to truly look after me and simply deal with me proper.
I am going to also be pleased to obtain your picture along with your answer if you are curious.
I hope you won't really make me delay long and can answer shortly.
Letter 2
I think that it is time to begin the brand-new calendar year with love.
Now don't you really think I'm right?
I'm from a region named Ukraine, you most likely been aware of it.
country and wished to try to search via the internet.
Let me know what town do you now live in?
It's fantastic that with all the aid of the web, we are able to become familiar with one another much better.
Right now I am thirty five yr old, currently the grownup for the really serious relationship, I do not wish anyone to experiment with my feelings that is for certain.
I'm Zhanna by the way, although you can just simply call me Zhan.
If you are interested in getting to know me much better, then we can easily continue our interaction.
How do you enjoy the image of me personally, that I've enclosed?
You literally don't need to answer back in case you didn't enjoy it.
I'm planning to find a male who's more aged than me, not violent, soft, and who is going to truly take care of me and simply treat me right.
I will additionally be happy to get your photo with the message if you're interested.
I really hope you will not actually make me wait very long and can answer quickly.
Letter 3
I believe that it's already the perfect time to start the brand new year together with true love.
Don't you feel I'm right?
I'm residing in a region named Ukraine, you almost certainly heard about it.
country and simply wanted to try to look on the web.
Let me know what area do you live in?
It's amazing that using the support of the web, we can analyze each other much better.
Now I am thirty five yoa, currently the grownup for the truly serious connection, I do not wish anybody to experiment with my feelings that's for sure.
My name is Zhanna btw, however you can simply call me Zhan.
If you're serious in learning me far better, in that case we are able to continue our contact.
Did you enjoy the picture of myself, that I've enclosed?
You actually do not need to reply if you didn't like it.
I am trying to discover a male who is much older than me, not aggressive, mild, and who is going to truly care for me and treat me proper.
I will additionally be happy to get your own image together with your answer if you're attracted.
I am hoping you won't actually make me wait very long and definitely will answer as quick as possible.
Letter 4
I feel it is the perfect time to start the new calendar year together with love.
Now don't you believe I am right?
I'm from an area referred to as Ukraine, you almost certainly heard of it.
region and simply wished to attempt to search via the internet.
Let me know exactly what city do you live in?
It's amazing that using the help of the internet, we can easily study each other considerably better.
Currently I am thirty-five yoa, currently a grown-up for the truly serious connection, I don't want any person to play with my inner thoughts that's no doubt.
My parents named me Zhann btw, but you are welcome to simply call me Zhan.
If you are serious in learning me much better, then we can easily continue our conversation.
Did you like the pic of me personally, that I've enclosed?
You literally do not need to respond in case you did not enjoy it.
I'm seeking to come across a male who's older than me, not aggressive, delicate, and who can truly take care of me and treat me proper.
I am going to additionally be pleased to get your own personal shot together with your message if you are curious.
I'm hoping you will not really make me delay very long and will respond as soon as possible.
Letter 5
Hello. Sorry, just now I read your letter.
Finally I can answer you. Do you remember me ?, this is Zhanna from Ukraine.
Together with the letter I am sending you my photographs. And I will be glad to see yours.
After all, viewing photos will help you get to know life better. Do you agree?
By the way, what should I call you?
I think it doesn't matter what distance between us is.
And the age difference will not interfere with our communication.
After all, we can communicate and get to know each other. I'm right?
I want to say that I am now 35 years old.
I have never been married and have no children.
Now I have no relationship with a man, so I am alone.
I hope that you will read my letter and will be able to answer me.
Have a great week. Write to me more about yourself, about your country.
What are you doing now? What is your hobby?
I hope I didn't load you with my questions)
I will wait for your reply. Zhanna
Letter 6
Scott, good afternoon.
I am very pleased to see your answer. Thank you for not ignoring my letter.
I apologize for my shyness. I really don't know how to start my letter. I am not a writer or a poet.
But I would like to chat with you and share my life moments.
I live in the city of Mariupl. A city in the Donetsk region in the south-east of Ukraine.
It is a small town with a population of 470,500 people. I think you can easily see my city on the Internet.
I think you will like this. This is a historic city. My origin is from Kazakhstan.
I was born in the city of Alma-Ata. When I was 7 years old, my mother decided to move to Ukraine.
(after the death of my father).
And all this time I have been living in Ukraine.
Scott, tell me more about your place where you live. Okay? It will be interesting for me to know more about you and your life.
As I mentioned earlier, I am 35 years old and a free woman.
My birthday is May 1st. My eyes are light green.
My height is 169 centimeters, my weight is 56 kg. I believe that a girl should be in good shape.
It keeps my body and spirit healthy! I will try to send you more of my photos.
You can see my appearance and my life.
I like sports. I do fitness and swimming in the pool.
By the way, I will also be waiting for your new photos.
Scott, I work in a women's clothing store.
My position is Senior Manager. My position is not that high.
I'm just coordinating the current documents and directions.
As for my English. I know him very well. I studied it at school and university.
Specializing in Management, Marketing.
My friend, what else do you share, what interests you, what do you love? ...
I enjoy watching good films.
I also enjoy getting home from work and playing music and listening to it.
How do you spend your free time?
Scott, I can say that I am an open, friendly, attentive, honest, homely woman.
It is difficult to describe yourself in a nutshell.
I promise that I will try to open up to you and share my life.
I have a good sense of humor. I'm a fun person.
As for my bad habits ... I have never smoked or used drugs.
Yes, I can drink light alcohol.
In the form of wine or champagne. As for you, what kind of life do you lead? I would like to know you better.
I hope that our communication will help us get to know each other.
I am glad to share with you about myself. Hope you are interested. And we will continue our acquaintance.
Scott, I think you definitely have some questions.
I will be happy to answer them in the next letter.
Regards, Zhanna
Letter 7
Good morning Scott.
I am very glad that there is understanding between us. This is very important in communication.
Now I have a break and drink coffee. I took advantage of my free time to write to you.
I usually read your letter in the morning as soon as I arrive at my workplace.
Unfortunately, I am not able to write to you from home.
Scott, your name sounds beautiful!
Reading your letter, getting to know you a little, I feel that you are a nice person.
I think the best way to get to know each other is to show more of yourself and talk about yourself.
Which is what I'm trying to do. I sincerely believe that you are interested in our conversation.
Scott, I live in a rented apartment.
As for my family, my mother lives in a village not far from my city.
Her name is Karina. I have a sister, Alina.
She also lives in Moreupol. She is married and has a child. I have no children. There are no brothers either.
My father was killed by bandits when I was little.
This is my moderate life here in Ukraine.
Dear Scott, however, I am still lonely.
Of course, in the past, I have had a relationship with a man.
Me and my ex-boyfriend have been together for two years.
I don't know where he is now or what he is doing. This is the past for me. There is a proverb in Ukraine:
facing the past, we turn our backs on the future.
I came to the conclusion that Ukrainian men do not value women.
This is why I decided to try talking to you Scott.
My friend, I think there is definitely some sign from the top!
Since I noticed your mail quite by accident.
So I decided to try to write.
Scott, I've been alone for six months now.
I would like to be with a reliable and kind person in the future.
A person who will respect me and not change.
Perhaps that is why I am careful in my choice of a man. This is the reason for the breakup of past relationships.
Yes, I found a man with another woman. He betrayed me and insulted me.
I don't really want to talk about it.
I believe that trust is the most important thing for me.
Without any trust, nothing is impossible: friendship, love, work, life.
I am a believing woman. And I believe in God. Sometimes I go to church.
Scott, what does the woman of your dreams look like?
The man of my dreams should be kind, caring, attentive, gentle and strong.
I do not like rude men, rudeness repulses.
A man should be rude in sports or at work, but not in a relationship with a woman.
A man should be a reliable protection and support for the family.
Based on your letters, I understand that you are a responsible man.
Therefore, I hope to continue the conversation with you.
I said enough about myself, I'm waiting for news from you.
I will continue to work.
Letter 8
It's nice to start your day with your letter.
Thank you for your attention to me. Hello Scott!
Usually my working day starts at 08:30 in the morning.
I wake up around 07:00 in the morning to have time to go to the shower or to the bath.
Make easy exercises. Then have breakfast, pack up and run to work.
How is your morning Scott? How about your day ?
How are you? Hope all is well. Everything is fine with me.
As I told you, I read and write to you from my office.
Today, as soon as I came to work, the first thing I turned on my computer and checked my mail.
And your letter made me smile. I read your letters with great interest.
I would like to communicate with you more, but unfortunately, our letters are all that we have now.
I do not have Skype or other chat programs on my work computer.
My boss says you have to work at work, not chat.
I hope you understand me, I do not want to have problems with my leadership.
But very soon there will be an Internet service provider in my rented apartment and my laptop will come back from repair.
(it overheated and stopped working).
This way we will be able to communicate more often. I don't know how soon. I'll let you know.
I will also learn more about the operator's phone, which is set to an international line.
Yes Scott, I live in Ukraine and there is a distance between us
and I hope this will not be a problem for our communication with you.
I think it's worth trying to get to know each other. If our communication fails, we do not lose anything.
But if it works, we can become close people. I don't want to rush and get ahead of myself.
Let's get to know each other much better first.
I like dogs more. Why do you call my mom grandmother? It's not very pretty.
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Scott sorry, I have to close my email now.
I will try to write you a little later. Zhanna p.s. I was able to attach a short video.
hope you can open it)
Letter 9
Hello again, Scott.
I already thought that I could not answer you today.
But I was late at work and there is an opportunity to continue my letter.
I hope I didn't bother you? with smile )))
Scott, besides my favorite job, I have a hobby. I told you about fitness and swimming.
But I also really love horses. Therefore, sometimes I visit the farm for horseback riding. I will try to attach a photo.
I am also a supporter of healthy eating. I am not picky about food, but I prefer to eat healthy food.
I eat meat, fish, vegetables, various types of porridge. I also really like seafood) Sometimes I like spicy food.
You know, I would like to cook something from Ukrainian cuisine for you. Do you know? Preferences?
Would you like to have one dinner with me? I hope for a positive answer))) I would cook dinner for us.
I also like to spend my evenings in the park or at home.
How do you spend your evenings? I want to know as much as possible about your life.
We are from different countries and we have different cultures. I'm interested in learning new things about you.
My friend, this is a great time of the year - summer.
The roast is hot. In the summertime, I also enjoy spending time on the beach or by the pool.
Scott, as far as travel is concerned, I have not been outside my country.
And I have no idea what life is like in other countries.
Now I am trying to browse more and learn more about your country.
I hope you didn't get bored with my letter. I usually finish my working day at 17:30-18:30 pm.
Working days are from Monday to Friday. But sometimes you have to work on weekends.
There is an important event today. My sister's birthday.
We have planned a family dinner. We must run.
Your friend Zhanna
Letter 10
Good day. How are you Scott?
I cannot describe in words how glad I am for your letter.
Today I was in a bad mood because I have some problems at work. Please don't worry about my problems.
These are just minor problems that I solve in a working order.
Your letter has improved my mood and now I am smiling. )))
I'm surprised how you can influence me with your letters. It's so amazing.
Thank you for raising my spirits! How is your day?
Earlier I said that it was my sister's birthday. We had dinner at my parents' house. I often visit my family.
I love my family very much. They are the closest people to me.
I drove into the store, bought groceries and went to my parents' house.
I say parents, since my mother lives with a man, it turns out my stepfather.
He raised my sister and me. He can be called dad - Vadim.
My sister and I helped my mother make dinner in the kitchen.
Mom baked the fish in the oven, and I made a vegetable salad and looked after the meat on the charcoal.
The family dinner turned out to be modest, but tasty and interesting.
Scott, Ukraine has a rich culture and history.
In Ukraine, first of all, the spiritual world of a person is valued.
And I appreciate your inner qualities in you. I like your temper.
I communicate with you only in letters, but I found in you a rich inner world.
I think you are a good and fair person. You are attentive, caring and I am pleased to understand that.
I want you to know that I only write letters to you.
You are the only man I communicate with online. Yes, of course I have to communicate with people every day.
But my heart is free, and I do not give my preferences to anyone.
Scott, my mother and sister asked about my work, about my personal life.
I said that a man appeared in my life with whom I communicate, his name is Scott.
They were surprised to hear this. I hurried to calm them down and said that you are a good person.
And she told a little about you. My friend, I do not want to hide our communication.
I am proud that I have such an interlocutor as you Scott! They reacted positively to our communication.
I cannot convey the very life in Ukraine and the internal society in a letter. You have to be and feel it.
I would also like to visit other countries one day and learn how and how people live there.
Learn the culture, visit various traditional festivals. In a word, to feel the atmosphere of your country.
Scott, I want you to know that I'm very interested with you.
And I really hope that our friendship has a chance to become a good relationship.
Letter 11
Hi Scott.
Thank you for your words. During the day I think about your words, I think about you.
I can answer you right away if I have no urgent business. But sometimes I answer you later.
Therefore, if you do not receive my letter right away, please do not worry.
Don't think that I don't want to write to you.
I want to write to you about many things. I have many thoughts that I want to tell you.
But in a letter it is impossible to write everything that I think and everything that I feel.
If we could communicate in reality, that would be great.
I think there is nothing better than real communication.
In reality, you can take a hand, look into the eyes, hug or even kiss.
I hope I do not frighten you with my desires. Yes, you are more than just a pleasant conversationalist for me.
I want to look into your eyes, to see your look. Hear your breath and voice.
I would be very happy to walk with you in the park. The weather is fine in my city now.
You know, I would like to live with you on the same street and we could meet in a cafe, have dinner and talk.
Scott, I met a friend last night. The friend's name is Vera.
She lives on the next street. This is a friend of childhood.
It so happened that her family also moved to Ukraine. We have no secrets from each other.
I told my friend that I have a friend with whom I am now talking.
She told me that I have become happier lately.
My friend is happy for you and me. She is already married and has a child.
She wishes you and me happiness and the development of our relationship.
Scott, I thanked her for supporting me in communicating with you.
Honey, my friend said you should see me more.
I agree with her. I want you to see my daily life.
This is why I always try to attach more of my everyday photos. Write to you as often as possible.
And also share with you about my day and what is happening around me.
Usually on weekdays I am busy with work, after a hard day I head home to rest.
But sometimes I can afford to walk down the street. Also visit the cafe.
Vera and I also have common hobbies. I attend fitness with her.
Something I was carried away by my letter ... I already have to go.
I'll miss you! And wait for your letter. I hug.
Have a nice day, dear! Zhanna
Letter 12
Hello Scott. I'm smiling now.
I love to read every word you write.
Yesterday I came home very tired.
I took a bath and rested well. I usually just go to the shower
but sometimes I feel like lying in a hot tub listening to slow music.
It relaxes my body and gives me new strength. Then I read the book and fell asleep.
I slept very well and therefore I woke up in a good mood. How do you spend your evenings?
My dear, I want to know as much as possible about your life.
We are from different countries and we have different cultures.
And I am interested in learning new details about you every day.
Scott, I hope I was not mistaken in my choice. Please do not leave me without your letters.
Write to me every day, I am always waiting for your words.
Dear, now your letters have become the most important part of my life!
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.
For a long time I have not experienced the feeling that is now in my heart.
I'm a little afraid of this now ... But I trust you! I believe you are serious about me.
My worldview about love and happiness in general:
I love my parents, my sister, the world around me, respect the people around me, I love my life.
I try to get the most out of my life.
We live once and I want to live my life happily.
We must appreciate every moment in our life.
Until recently, I did not think that I would communicate with a man who lives on the other side of the planet.
But it is possible. And I am happy from our communication with you! It all depends only on us.
And if we want, we can meet. Yes, I want to meet you.
I don't want to hide my emotions. I have feelings for you!
Yes, we have never met, but I do have feelings for you.
It is difficult to explain, it can only be understood and felt.
You are far away, but I can feel you. It seems to me that we are very close.
I have the feeling that we are close and there are no barriers between us. And I want it to be real.
I would like to see you soon.
My dear, if you have such an opportunity, come to me, and be near.
I will be glad to spend time with you.
To introduce you to my city, country and my family.
Scott, Vera came to me this morning and woke me up.
I have had a break from work to date.
And we decided that today we can take a walk. We walked along the street, visited a cafe.
We spent over 5 hours of outdoor recreation.
My dear, I took the time to answer your letter.
Now I'm going home to rest)
Scott, I want you and I to have a warm, loving relationship.
I would like to open my eyes one day and see you by my side.
Please share your thoughts.
Hug tightly.
Your Zhanna I decided to send you photos from my summer vacation on the Black Sea.
Letter 13
Hi My Scott!
I like how its sounds ... "My Scott" ...
I am waiting for my working day to end, but for now I am writing a letter to my man.
I understand what you are talking about. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity. I appreciate it.
I still imagine our meeting. And I draw it in my head.
When I see you, I will not hide my emotions. I will hug you. I want to feel your lips.
There is a huge distance between us, but this does not affect my feelings.
I want to hug you so tightly that you can feel the rhythm of my heart. I am very excited to think about our meeting.
I am grateful to fate (or chance) for our acquaintance.
It's amazing. Never before have I thought that you can fall in love, it is so good to feel a person at a distance.
And have passion and desire for it. I am very pleased that our feelings are mutual Scott. I dream of your tight embrace.
I want to feel your hands on my skin. I want to dine with you.
I'm tired of being alone, I'm tired of having breakfast alone. Falling asleep and waking up is also one.
Today after work I will go to a cafe to meet my mother and have lunch.
She arrived in town to shop. I am not in the mood to cook at home.
I want to cook for you or together with you. I want to walk with you and hold your hand.
I want to watch movies, listen to music with you.
Scott, I dream of us. I will keep my desires to myself.
I said enough and now I would like to hear your specific opinion.
My dear, if we have even one chance to meet, we must take this chance. I hope you support my thoughts and desires.
I am an optimist, I do not want to think about bad things. Yes, we do not know what awaits us in the future,
but I want to believe that in the future only good and happy moments will happen to us.
You can come to Ukraine. Or I can come to you. I'm not afraid of flights.
My dear, I have an international passport and this means that I can travel.
I could not imagine that he might be needed.
My dear, I believe that we will meet with you some day, and we can feel each other.
I hope that one day you will be able to find a way to come to me.
One day we can travel together. What do you think?
I am sure our meeting will allow us to sort out our feelings and understand at what level our relationship is.
It doesn't matter to me in which country we meet. The very meeting with you is important.
Darling, I wanted to inform you that there is an international airport in my city of Mariupol.
But I think that the main airport is Kiev. We need to check the flight details. I will find out in more detail.
My dear, every word that I say to you, I speak consciously and decisively.
Scott, I dare to assume that you are the man I want to be with!
You are elegant, active, intelligent, responsible, caring, I am interested and comfortable with you.
Every day I start to think about our meeting with you.
I will think about my intentions. I will also find out if I can get off work and have a little vacation.
I hope I'm not so intrusive and you will have time to relax together.
Kisses ! Your Zhanna
Letter 14
Good day Scott.
I had a great time with my mom yesterday. We sat cheerfully in a cafe and talked.
I told her again about our communication and she speaks well of you.
Then we walked through the hypermarket, got food and then I took her on the bus.
You know my dear, I have thoughts ... About meeting you.
I have fully revealed my spiritual state to you.
My life is you and our dream. My biggest dream!
I want to look into your eyes to see your love, tenderness and care. I trusted you.
You are the most special person in my life! I'm afraid to be without your attention, without your words!
Love that is so necessary for me. And here it is, I feel this inner state.
My dear Scott, can you meet me if I come to you? Hope you can use this. I want to ask again, are you waiting for me?
I seriously think about it! I understand that you have your privacy. And I don't want to be a hindrance.
I just want to be a part of your life, to get to know your country.
Dear, I think you need to know all my data:
My full name is Zhanna Teteryna.
Also information regarding my address:
st. Pisareva, 98, Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine, 87500.
My dear, please provide me with your details regarding the full address, full name and the airport closest to you.
Therefore, I will prepare the documents and learn how to travel to you.
It would be interesting to have a look at your place.
My love, when will you have free time? I mean, time to relax with me.
My dear, I think that I will need to issue a visa and other documents to travel to your country.
Donetsk is located in the Russian part.
And most likely you will need to have a visa. I will find out in more detail.
Hope I can reach you and have a great time with you.
Scott, I wish I was special to you.
A person cannot live only in letters. We must leave the letters and get closer to each other.
As for my vacation, I learned that today there will be a distribution at work.
So it’s worth hoping that my vacation will be approved.
This will mean that we can start planning our meeting.
I feel that my heart is filled with you Scott!
I will wait for your thoughts. I embrace you dear.
Your girl Zhanna
Letter 15
Hello my favorite Scott!
How are you today? I hope you are in a good mood, because I am in a very good mood.
A collective meeting was held at work this morning. A lot of work questions were discussed.
The last discussion was about vacations. Many of my colleagues want to have a vacation.
I have a good reputation. I and three other colleagues were approved for a vacation.
In Ukrainian legislation, leave is given for 30 days a year.
I can use this right away or I can split it in half and use two weeks of vacation now and two weeks later.
Scott, I think it would be better if I take 30 days at once.
We will have enough time to spend time and get to know each other better.
I have to submit a report on the product and I can take a vacation.
I think this will take my report literally a day and then I will be free from work.
My dear, today I also made good use of my lunch break.
I was at a travel agency to find out how I can come to you.
Now I know the rules for visiting your country.
To travel to your country, I must have a passport, visa and tickets.
Now I only have a valid passport. But I do not have a visa and I have to do it now.
I was determined to do all this. The travel agency is not authorized to issue visa and all travel documents.
I must submit an application and certify my documents. Most likely I will need to head to Kiev.
Scott, the distance from my city to Kiev is long, about 750 km.
Today I will prepare my documents for the embassy.
I will take photographs for the application, I will take all the necessary certificates from my work.
As well as a certificate of vaccination against covid.
I want to take all things right so that I don't have any problems later.
And of course I have to buy tickets. I don't know how expensive they are.
But I'll watch it at the airport. I need additional money for pocket expenses for travel expenses, food.
I have some money saved. I have almost 700$.
But this money is only enough to register my visa, medical insurance and expenses in Kiev.
And I probably won't have enough money for tickets. Of course, I will try to organize my travel arrangements in full.
Scott, I think it will be fair if we divide my expenses in half.
I'm a little ashamed, but I want to ask you to buy me tickets.
Please don't be angry with my request. And don't think that I want to take your money.
Not! I trust you and I want us to be able to organize our meeting together.
I will go to Kiev and watch the ticket prices. Then I'll tell you this and you can buy tickets for me.
Scott, when I am in Kiev, I will give you all the information about my documents.
I think the tickets will not be expensive. And we can handle you.
In any case, our meeting is more important than any expenses.
And I am ready to go to Kiev in order to visit the embassy and begin the process of processing the necessary documents.
Soon we will be together. Can you imagine this Scott?
In my mind, I'm already next to you! I love you!
My man, last night my friend Vera came to visit me.
We watched the movie "Bright Star". He impressed me. A very touching film.
We also talked about you and me. My dear, I want to bring you a souvenir from my city.
What kind of souvenir would you like to receive from Ukraine? A lot of information that I learned today.
I am happy with today. Our meeting will be great.
Every day my feelings for you grow stronger.
I will be waiting for your letter.
I send you my hot and passionate kisses.
Only your Zhanna.
Letter 16
Scott, hello!
I am already in the workplace. I wanted to finish working moments earlier.
My dear man, for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to radically change my life.
I rather want to be with you! The weather in my city is sunny and my mood is excellent!
Scott, yesterday I learned a lot about my passport and departure from my city.
It turns out DNR -Donetsk People's Republic. Does not recognize the authorities of Ukraine.
And we have our own internal passport. Yes, I know that for the people of Ukraine do not need a visa for the flight.
But given the internal political opposition, DNR and LC - has its own proclaimed rules.
I'm worried now, I hope they won't stop me!
Honey, I was pleasantly surprised when the call came this morning.
And the representative of the consulate appealed to me.
We had a telephone conversation, and they informed me that I should personally visit the visa center in Kiev.
I came to the conclusion that I did not want to pull, I did not want to be denied a tourist visa.
Therefore it is necessary to act.
I thought a lot about how I would cope in Kiev. And yet I have some kind of fear. But I do not want to postpone the meeting.
My dear, most likely, I will live in a hotel, because I have no friends in Kiev. I have been there only once.
Soon we will be together Scott! Today I have already said goodbye to my colleagues at work.
They wished me a pleasant stay.
I close my eyes and imagine that you are near and hug me.
Dear, in about 2-3 hours I'm going to go to the station, buy tickets to get to Kiev.
All my things and documents are already collected in one whole.
I am waiting to hear from you Scott!
With love forever your Zhanna.
Letter 17
My dear man Scott, good day to you!
The road to Kiev was difficult. I drove for about 9 hours.
While still in my city, I called a woman who rents an apartment. I booked her accommodation for a week.
This was my first night in Kiev. I have saved savings and I pay for housing.
Now money is very important for our meeting, and I strive to save it.
Scott, I visited your country's consulate this morning. I talked to the consul. I was surprised at their friendliness.
I was asked about the purpose of the trip. I replied that it was a tourist trip.
They asked the knowledge of your language, watched my speech and me.
I have provided all the necessary documents and a vaccination certificate.
And I was glad to see the smile of the consul at the end of our conversation.
I was told that everything is in order, and they said that my visa will go into the process.
My love, now our issue with you is with air tickets.
I can buy air tickets cheaper than before the flight itself.
My dear, I looked at the air tickets at the airport.
I was looking at economy class flights.
Scott, air tickets cost 663 dollars Usd. In both directions.
My dear, I had a lot of expenses today.
I also need to save my money to live in Kiev for the next few days. My dear, I cannot buy air tickets on my own.
Therefore, I asked you to assist in my flight to you.
I hope that you will not leave me alone here and will help our meeting. I am very excited to hug you, feel and be there!
My dear, Kiev is a big city and it takes a lot of time and effort.
It was important for me to find out how we can resolve the issue with the transfer of funds.
And so I decided to ask the bank about the situation.
I understood from the words of the bank employees that we can use these international money transfer systems:
Money Gram
Intel Express
World ramit
I have not encountered this before and do not know how it works.
But the bank employee said that the funds are received within 15 minutes. I ask you to inquire about this.
I was informed that you need to indicate my data when transferring:
Firstname: Zhanna
Surname: Teteryna
Address: Melnikova Street, 31, Kiev, Ukraine, 04050.
Scott, I did a lot of things today. And I was very tired. I will head to the room to rest.
I promise that I will write letters to you every day, and I ask you to do so too.
Scott, I love you! I am looking forward to our meeting!
Please write to me soon. Mentally, already with you. I hug and kiss you tightly.
With love, forever yours Zhanna.
Letter 18
Hi my beloved Scott! I am happy to receive your letter.
I live and every day I represent our meeting.
When I arrived in Kiev, I also thought that I was arriving for a meeting to our happiness ...
Every day I fell asleep and thought about you.
I woke up and thought about you again.
I have been thinking a lot about our meeting recently.
I am looking forward to the day when we can meet.
I want to look into your eyes, I want to see your feelings for me.
In letters it is difficult to express all the feelings that are between us.
When we meet, we will look into each other's eyes and we will be able to talk about our feelings.
You are my only one. By the way, the weather is fine in Kiev today.
And I really miss you, I can only imagine how we are having dinner by candlelight together.
I really hope that my dreams will come true soon.
But now I need your help to buy air tickets.
Unfortunately, without your help, I will not be able to buy air tickets.
Honey, thanks for your concern. I am very pleased to read that you can help me with money.
Then I can buy tickets.
But now my passport is at the embassy. This is required to obtain a visa.
Hope they get me a copy so I can send it to you.
But if it's not difficult for you, you can use the RIA system. The bank said it was safe and fast.
We are very close to our meeting. And we will be together!
Today I wrote you a small letter, I hope that you are not angry with me.
I will look forward to your reply. Yours forever Zhanna
Letter 19
Good day Scott
You and I have already managed to create our love union.
I want to be with you only.
When I think about the future, I represent you. I can’t imagine my life without you.
You changed my life. I feel very happy now. You brought joy into my life.
My life became meaningful after you appeared, and it is very difficult to express your feelings in writing.
You know, I will come to you and I will prove my love to you.
I want to tell you about my feelings.
Now there is a distance between us, but soon we will be able to be together, because our hearts are near.
Now we just have to unite our hearts with you.
The embassy asks me when I will buy air tickets.
I said that I will be very soon. I was told that they would make a copy of my passport so that I could give it to you.
As soon as I have it, I will immediately send it to you. Okay?
Our love will help us to be together! I love you!
I have never experienced such feelings that fill my heart now. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
We managed to find something in common, we managed to create a love union despite the differences
between our countries.
Now I am in Kiev ... Soon we will be together. I'm really looking forward to this)
I am waiting for your letter. Kisses ...
With love, forever yours Zhanna
Letter 20
Hello Scott
I received your letter. I always think about you and me.
My feelings for you live in my heart, and I do not want to be disappointed. I have no secrets from you.
You know absolutely everything about me. You know about my job ... You know about my education ...
You know my family ...
I have always tried to answer your questions. From the very first letter I asked you for trust. And I completely trusted you.
Please be sincere with me. After all, I trusted you with my heart.
Love lives in our hearts, and love will help us bridge the distance between us.
Although I have felt for a long time that our hearts are near, and it remains for us to connect only our bodies.
I dream of your embrace ... I want to feel the touch of your hands.
But now your help is needed for our meeting.
I have some fear and I think this is natural. This is the first time I will come to your country for our meeting.
I will look forward to your letter.
I miss you...
Sincerely, your Zhanna
Letter 21
Hello sweet Scott
I trust you!
I read your letter now. I left everything that surrounds me in my hometown.
We decided to meet, and I agreed to come to you. Many people around me told me about the dangers of travel.
My friends, the people in the travel agency were shocked when they found out that I decided to come to you.
However, I don't care what other people think! I trust you! Nobody knows you since I know you!
Nobody can tell me what I should do!
I only listen to my heart.
My heart says that we will be happy together.
Honey, on Monday I'll send you a copy of my passport.
The embassy said they would provide it in the morning.
So I will send it to you right away. Please, do not worry.
I love you. I have feelings for you, I completely trusted you. I trusted you with my heart.
I am waiting for your letter. I am alone in Kiev ...
Letter 22
Hello my dear Scott
I just thought that we could already be together. I dream of our meeting. I want to refuse our letters.
By no means am I not tired of writing you letters. I just want you and me to meet soon.
When we are together, we will be able to communicate in reality. I love you and I want to be with you.
The day of our meeting will be a very big holiday.
Now there are tears in my eyes. I have tears from the fact that you and I are still far from each other.
My tears are from love, from resentment, from powerlessness ... If you were there, you would understand me.
Honey, my passport is still at the embassy. Now he is being checked by the security service.
They need to make sure I'm not going to run away from the country.
And that I have no problem with the law. I really hope that now you can find a way to send money without a copy of my passport.
I will wait for your answer and opinion.
I know the day we meet will be the day heaven and earth unite ...
Our eyes will meet, our bodies and hearts will unite. My lips will merge with yours, and I'm ready for anything.
In my heart, there is love for you. I listen to my heart and my heart tells me
that we will be happy together. Are you listening to your heart?
I love you! Waiting for a letter.
Your Zhanna
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