Scam letter(s) from Patricia Young to William (USA)

Letter 1
I trust you and also i believe you as my Husband to be, that is why i need to share my secret with you.Sometimes ago, before my dad Death my father Deposited 65 kilos of Gold with my Name in a Security Insurance Company here in West Africa. It happened that I and my mom went to the Security Insurance Company where the Gold was Deposited so that i will take over my Inheritance, when we get to the Director's Office he brought out a written Note from my Father Stating that i must get married before the Gold will be handed over to my Husband For him to sell the Gold and invest the Money for the Grand Children and the Family. Honey, could you imagine that i recently found out about this things. I knew this is a blessing from God and you coming into my life. I am very happy my love because i know that this treasure will change both our lives for the best forever and ever. I was able to meet with the Family Lawyer and he told me that he knows about it and he has the Documents to backup my Claims, I am scared because the authorities here might get to know about my Claims and confiscate the Gold all because am not yet married.
Darling, I am repeating this again. Nobody knows of this Gold except My Mom, myself and You so there is no problem attached to it at all, all i need from you is for you to stand as my Husband and the Receiver of the Gold, so that i will tell the Security Insurance Company that my Husband want to Present himself for the Claims of the Deposited Gold, so that the Company will make the Shipment of the Gold to you without any problems or delay, for both of us to be happy. I love you honey and i trust you too otherwise i would not have been telling you about this Gold.
Therefore, I have come to this conclusion. I want to send this Gold to you through the Company diplomatic Agent, since there is no way the Company can hand over the Gold to me except to you whom i will present to them as my husband, so that this my problem will be solve once and for all then after that i will come for us to get married, Darling, I trust you so much that is why I want to send this Gold to you. Darling, I think this is a great opportunity for you and me. Please and please, I want you to keep this very confidential and do not tell anybody for security reasons and for my safety. I always say I trust you a lot. I believe you know I trust you so much.
**** , I'm ain't here after your money , Actually I really want the best for both of us . **** you suppose to know we going to gain a lot of money when it get it ship to state. So shouldn't be worried about how much it cost to ship **** .
**** 3,000 it doesn't cost much if my credit card is working here , Like I won't be asking u for money, We would have percentage of the funds when Gold ship to you there. Your percentage will be 500,00 dolllars
Letter 2
Hi Mr William.
I am Barrister.Aliu Yahya contacting you on behalf of Patricia I want you to understand that I am involved in this transaction to basically ensure everything goes smoothly without any negative circumstance. I’ve been the legal representative of this noble family for many years.
The shipment of the to you in you in Hawaii, will not be a problem at all because everything will be under legitimate arrangements all I need is your full cooperation and I promise to give you and Patricia my full support for safe deliver of the Gold to you in Hawaii, but we must take the first step which is the procurements of the Gold documents as Sated: CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP and EXPORT PERMIT on the gold which is going to cost the total sum of ($2,850.00) for both documents.
I will be looking forward to read from you soon and if you have any questions please feel free to ask always at .
your service.
Barrister Aliu Yahya
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