Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Filipe (Portugal)

Letter 1
Good afternoon
You wrote me your email address on a dating site.
It's healthy that the internet helps us communicate over such a long distance.
I'll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tatiana. I live in Russia, my city is called Cheboksary.
I was born on April 27, 1990, I am 32 years old.
My zodiac sign is Taurus.
I value loyalty, honesty, decency, respect and love in a man.
I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
I'm very interested in learning more about you. What's your full name?" How old are you?
What city do you live in?
I'm waiting for your letter and your photos. p.s. I am writing to you with the help of a translator, I hope you understand me correctly.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Filipe
You know, to be honest, I didn't think you'd write to me, but I had hope. I'm glad you wrote me your letter after all. I registered on that dating site in order to find a man who will be honest, caring, and of course, with whom I can create a great relationship!
How old are you?
I'm glad you live near the mountain view. I really like the mountains, their landscape.
What is the name of your mother, father, sister? How old are they? What do they do for you? You have a photo of your family, I would be very interested to see them.
I don't know anything about Mexican Americans. What can you tell me about them?
I want to tell you that I have one child in my family and I don't have any siblings. I don't blame my mother for not wanting to have any more children besides me, because she raised me alone. I understand that it was very difficult for her and I do not blame her for not having brothers and sisters, although as a child I really wanted to have a sister.
It's great that you work in a family business that transports, and you manage books after qualifying from the University of Houston with an economics degree. You have a very interesting and exciting job.
I also hope that with each letter we can get to know each other better. And maybe our communication can lead us to something more serious than just friendship.
I'll tell you how it all happened. I have a friend who found love on a dating site. Now she has a loving husband. He's from England. In addition, they have an age difference of about 15 years. My friend really fell in love with him and she is now the happiest. Every time she tells me about her husband, I see her eyes light up. I can see that he is a truly happy man. I am very happy that my friend was able to find a person with whom she is happy!
My friend advised me to register on a dating site and also try to meet a person with whom I will be really happy! And so I decided to listen to a friend, and register on a dating site. I have my own personal computer at home, and I just needed to install the internet. I did all this, and I found the website where we met. Who could believe that such a thing was really possible. It's great that I listened to my friend, because it helped me find you.
Now we can get acquainted! I think that our acquaintance should begin with the names. My name is Tatiana.
I am 31 years old, My birthday is April 27, 1990
I don't smoke I don't like it very much. I like sports more! I never drink alcohol. I live in Russia, my city is called Cheboksary. If you are interested in how my city looks, then you can find many pictures of my city on the Internet. By the way, a large river "Volga" flows through my city.Many tourists from different cities of Russia also come to our city. Our city is very clean. I don't remember what year it was, but our city was one of the five clean cities in Russia. I like my city, and the people here are kind.
I love pets. Most of all, I love dogs. I have a dog that I love very much. My dog's name is "Peach" , a name that my grandmother and I came up with. By the way, the breed of my dog is called "Pomeranian". Have you ever heard of such a breed of dog? Now my dog is 1.5 years old and during this time I have become very attached to her. Do you have any pets? It would be interesting to know what kind of animals you like.
I also like to listen to music, mostly I like to listen to quiet music, but when I'm in a good mood, I can listen to fun music. What kind of music do you like?
In general, I have a healthy lifestyle. I don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. In general, I believe that a girl should not smoke cigarettes. It's not beautiful and it's not cultural. In addition, girls should understand that they are future mothers. What do you think? It's interesting to hear your opinion on this.
Now I live in a ten-story building, together with my grandmother. Her name is Daria. My grandmother always helps me, she often tells me how to do it, as it was better or more correct! She has a lot of life experience behind her. I often listen to my grandmother's advice. She has helped me many times in my life, and I am grateful to her with all my heart!! I don't know what I would do if my beloved grandmother wasn't around.
After I lost my beloved mother, then after that my father left me and left me. He left me. It was a great tragedy for me, because my father left me at a difficult time. My beloved grandmother took me in and gave me a decent upbringing. Grandma really cares about me, but now I'm an adult and I take care of Grandma.
Now my dear grandmother, the closest person to me. This is the only person who is with me right now.
I don't know what I would do if my grandmother wasn't there either.
Right now, I only live with my grandmother. Sometimes I feel a little lonely, working in a grocery store. This is a chain of stores that exists throughout Russia. It is called "Pyaterochka".
It would be great if you also told me more about yourself and your life. I'm really interested in understanding what kind of person you are, and if we write to each other every day, we will become closer to each other.
Do you agree with me?
You are probably interested in my body parameters.
My height is 171 cm and my weight is 55 kg.
In this letter, I want to send you my photo. I hope you will be pleased to see this!
I know that there is a lot of deception on the Internet, but for some reason I have confidence that you will not deceive me, and then we can become close friends! I am a person who does not like lies and deception. I don't like playing with a person's feelings. It's not nice and low. I have never done anything wrong with people's feelings, because my upbringing will not allow me to do this to people. My grandmother brought me up with dignity, and they explained to me from my childhood that it is necessary to tell a person the truth.
I don't think my question will embarrass you. I want to be direct with you so that we can understand each other better.
I think that our acquaintance will lead us to a very wonderful relationship, because first we will be friends and then more close people.
Now I write you these lines and in my head so many thoughts about our acquaintance and further communication. I want to believe that we can understand each other and continue our communication.
We are now far from each other, but there is nothing wrong with that, because there is always faith and hope that we can meet in real life. You can always ask me about everything, and I will be very happy to answer all your questions. Ok?
I really would be very pleased if you would answer all my questions! I put my heart and soul into my letter and write these lines to you sincerely.
I want us to be able to trust each other in the future! We will be able to trust each other more when our communication grows every day. Do you agree with me?
It will be great if we get closer to each other!!
I'm waiting for your letter.
Your Friend Tatiana!
Letter 3
Hi Filipe
I am glad to receive your letter. I'm happy to read your letter.
I am very pleased that you liked my photos and letters. This brings me great joy
How are you? How is your day going? I hope you're doing well, and it's not a busy day.
I'm all good. Today is the last working day, ahead of the day off. I haven't thought about what I'm going to do this weekend.
I don't understand why you wrote me such a short answer to my letter. When I write you a letter, I put my whole soul into it, because I am very interested in getting to know you better.
I'm glad you like sports and played a little college football. I'm glad you're trying to stay in shape. I also like to exercise, I eat the right food.
Yes, I know what American football is. This is a very interesting sport.
It's great to enjoy fishing with your friends on the weekend and try to catch big fish.
I've always loved all kinds of ball games. At school, we were taught many games, told the rules and strategies.
I did not hesitate for a long time and immediately realized that volleyball is one of the most interesting games.
I like that the game involves two teams, as in many sports ball games.
But a special difference, for example, from football is that the team plays as a whole. There is not such a large field here, so the players of the team can support you at any time. Another plus of this game is the rules. Everything is quite simple and clear, you do not need to delve into it for a long time.
Two teams, a game on the score, the main task - to score a goal to the opponents. There is also no difficulty in navigating the field.
There are no permanent roles and responsibilities in volleyball. Each player of the team will be able to stand in different areas of the field: under the net, in the center and in the place of the pitcher. I love this game because it is quite calm. During the game, there is no time to distract yourself, you are always focused on the ball and on the actions of your opponent. You track every shot, look at the angle of the serve and follow the opponent's tactics. In this game, it is important to understand the enemy's strategy, its strengths and weaknesses.
I understand your preferences in movies, I like your taste.
I hope that in the next letter you will answer all my questions from the last letter and tell me more about yourself.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Letter 4
Hello my dear Filipe nice to read your letter again. You know, I like talking to you, and with every letter we get to know each other more. This pleases me, because you are an interesting person! I hope it's mutual (smile).
I didn't get your email because my email was blocked. I don't understand what happened. Therefore, I will now write to you from this post.
now, let me ask you a few questions. What do you think about a serious relationship with a Russian woman or about the possible creation of a family? I want to initially be open and honest with you, so that we understand what we really want. It's only fair. Right?
I'm asking you this, and I think you know why. If we are initially open to each other, it will be easier for us to understand each other. I ask you to write everything you think about me. I want you to write what you feel when you communicate with me. I like sincerity and honesty in people! I think you also like it when a girl has such good qualities! Isn't it?
Unfortunately, a lot of things have changed in my life and I don't have many friends. I only have my two close friends, Marina and her husband Dmitry. There are also two work colleagues with whom I communicate well. This is Ekaterina and Artem.
I couldn't find true love in my city. To be honest, I do not know what this is related to. But I was surrounded by men with whom I could not find a common language. We could not find common interests and our communication was cut off. Maybe you've heard that in Russia a lot of men like to drink a lot of alcohol, and I don't like that either. In Russia, it is rare to meet a man who is not associated with alcohol. I don't mind if my man sometimes drinks a little, but I don't like it when men drink alcohol every day, and then they don't control themselves. What do you think about it? I'm interested to hear your opinion on this.
until I found my man with whom I will be truly happy. But I know for sure, and I hope that I can find a beautiful and honest man who will love me, and who I will love all our lives!!! For me, it is important that there was mutual love, so that everything was real.
My heart wants to create a beautiful and warm relationship, and I believe that I will be able to find a man who also wants a family and true love.
Almost all of my relationships were quite short, because I immediately understood that a person does not want to start a family. And I don't need a man who has a head on his shoulders and no wind in his head. So that the man knows what he wants.
I have a desire to be together with my future lover, to give him my tenderness and create a strong family with him. I want to find my part from my heart of love, and give it pleasure in life, I want my husband to be with a kind heart and love to our future family.
For me, it is not the most important thing that my future husband was an honest and kind person! Also, for me, the inner beauty of a person is more important!
You know, I don't think that external beauty is the most important thing, a person can be beautiful for some time, but after a few years, this beauty will leave a person! I think that the real beauty is in the soul of people, that it remains forever!
A person should be beautiful from the inside, in my opinion. What do you think?
For many, inner beauty is more important than outward appeal.
I think you agree with me?!
I wrote a little more about me. I think it will help you to understand my lifestyle and also my life!
My friend I am waiting for your letter.
I am very pleased to read your letter today. In your next letter, I will be happy, because I get a lot of pleasure when you talk about yourself and your life!
Sincerely, your friend Tatiana. P. S, Excuse me if something is not clear to you in my letters. You can always ask me questions that you are interested in. If you don't understand something in my emails, you can also correct me. Ok?
I hope that there will be no problems in us understanding each other.
At least I understand your emails without any problems. I hope you do too.
Letter 5
Hello Filipe!
God, I'm so glad to see your beautiful and interesting letter again. You know, I always expect letters from you, because I like to communicate with you and get to know you!
I want to confess to you! I've been thinking about you all day, and nothing else has come to my mind! You'll probably be surprised by this? I think it's because I like your letters, and I like the way you look. I also like the way you talk and express your thoughts.
I am glad that we continue our communication. I hope that we will continue our dialogue until we get to know each other much better. Then we can decide together what we will do next in the future. It's possible, but we need time when we'll know exactly how we feel about each other and that we love each other! And I hope that in the future we can enjoy our meeting! When we are 100 percent sure that we are made for each other! When we have this confidence in each other, we will not be afraid to make serious decisions. Do you agree with me? I think it's great when two people really love and trust each other!
I wonder how your mood is today? Did you sleep well?" I hope that everything is fine with you and your day is going well!
It's great that you believe in true Love and true Friendship.
I realized that you want your true Love to also be your best Friend, that you love each other with all your heart and soul, and that together you create a wonderful family and a wonderful life. I also want to meet a man with whom we can go hand in hand in the future.
You are a great fellow that you are a self-made person who has never agreed in life to anything less than what you absolutely want.
I agree with you that it's important to be able to communicate with someone on the same level.
I'm glad you know how to find a balance between your business and personal life. I think that's the most important thing.
Today, in my letter, first of all, I want to tell you why I started looking for a lover on the Internet. Not so long ago, my friend Irina told me about her friend who found a man on the Internet and later they got married and now they are really happy!!
I am so happy for them with all my heart, because they live, soul to soul, they already have children! And children are a great happiness and our future! When I heard this story, I believed that I, too, can find my beloved person with whom I will build a strong and loving relationship!
I can see that you, too, like me, want to find a loving relationship. Am I right?
We can help each other with this (smile) .
I think we can build good communication and become a beautiful and good couple in the future! This is real if we communicate a lot and treat each other seriously.
You know, I am very happy and glad that we communicate so well and understand each other! Are you happy about it?
Besides, I want to say that I have never met such a reliable and honest person as you! I like to talk to you and get to know you with every letter. In Russia, it is very difficult to find a decent and well-mannered person. In Russia, this is a rarity. Many Russian men like to drink alcohol in large quantities. If a man wants to drink a little and relax, it's not a big deal. But when a man drinks alcohol on a large scale, and then does not control himself, it is already scary. I think you understand what I'm saying. You are a smart and understanding man!
I don't want to create a family with a person who is not reliable. With such a person, it is difficult to build a happy future, because such a person can switch to another girl, and just forget about the love that he had.
In Russia, a lot of couples get divorced and statistics show this. Every year in Russia, divorces increase and this is very bad. People do not understand each other, and they immediately run to file for divorce. They do not want to find a solution to solve the problem, it is easier for them to divorce and forget each other. I don't defend women, because in some cases, women are also to blame! But in most cases, Russian men drink a lot of alcohol and then a lot of problems happen because of this.
My big dream is to have a happy and strong family! This is the most important thing for me. What do you think?
I wrote to you because you are a very smart and attractive person. And with each of your subsequent letters, I see that this is really true. I like that you are kind and attentive, and I appreciate this quality that you have!
I am glad that you and I can create a good relationship, and develop it every day! I think you agree with me!
I know that it will not be so easy, but still we should strive for it and if something does not work out, then we should talk about it directly and not keep it in ourselves. Do you agree with me? Now I think I've met the man I haven't been able to find for a long time! You are a smart, pleasant and beautiful man! You are attentive and always write to me beautifully! I appreciate all this in you!! I'm really grateful that fate gave me the opportunity to meet a man like you!
I never wanted to look for a young guy because they don't take relationships seriously! And I need a grown man who knows what he wants. It was in you that I saw the kind of man who is serious and knows what he wants from life.
I believe that it is impossible to live without love, and nothing can replace true love. What do you think?
I want to say that loneliness is the most terrible and terrible thing in life! Being single is not easy, and when I see lonely people, I feel sorry for them. My heart aches when I meet such people in my life.
I really want to find someone who wants a serious relationship.
I want to be truly happy and have my loved one by my side! I'm not against *** in a relationship, of course, I really enjoy ***, but only with a loving person to whom I feel great feelings.
You know, when I read your letters, I always have a smile on my face! This happens by itself, and it means that I am always happy to read your letters!
I would be happy if we can be together in the future.
I understand that in reality it is easier for people to understand each other than in correspondence, but I believe that on the Internet we can pave the first steps for our future! Here we can find out what kind of people we are and what we like in life, what interests and hobbies we have. I want to tell you, my friend, that you don't have to be afraid to write me what you think and what your thoughts are! Ok? It is important for me that a person is open and honest!!
Why am I telling you all this? Because I really trust you and I feel that you are the right man for me to trust!! You know that I want to create a family and a happy future with a loved one. I don't like people who play with their feelings and can cheat at any time. I believe that you need to stay away from such people. Of course, not all people can understand people well, and many people only realize after a while that they were just played with, and when a person understands this, it becomes unbearably painful. Then, in the future, it is difficult for a person to trust other people, because they have already been betrayed. It's cruel, but it's there, and we can't get away from it. What do you think about it? I'm interested in your opinion!
I hope you understand me well. I'm sure you understand what I want to tell you in this letter. I want to say that my intentions are serious, and I want a serious relationship and honest love. We need to get to know each other well, and we have time to do that. Isn't it? I would be happy if we could create a wonderful and happy relationship!
I would like to have a happy love with my loved one. What could be more beautiful than this. It'll be great if we can make it work.
I think you know what I'm talking about.
Letter 6
Hello my sweet Filipe!!!
I am so happy about your letter and every time I receive your letters, a smile appears on my face! I feel like there's a special bond between us, what do you think? I'm beginning to realize that every day you become an attractive and interesting person for me.
How is your mood? What are you going to do today? I'd be interested if you could tell me how your day is going. I think you like to read my letters too! Am I right? I want to tell you, my friend, that every time I read your beautiful lines, my mood rises. I haven't felt this way in a long time!!
How are you? How is your day going? I hope you're doing well and you're having a busy day. I'm fine, I'm at work, and I'm writing you a letter. Today is finally the last working day, ahead of the day off.
It's great that you're a pretty sociable person who has and enjoys a sense of humor in others.
I realized that you have a pretty full and happy life, except for one very important thing...someone special to share life's ups and downs with.
I also want to find someone who loves and respects me. I think that a good relationship between a man and a woman should be built on trust and respect for each other. I'm not looking for a pen friend. I am looking for a special person to become my best friend, develop true love, and get married. I think we should get to know each other better, that our relationship was stronger.
Why are you not sure that you will not be able to find your soulmate on a dating site?
For me, of course, the most important thing is trust and mutual understanding between loving people! But it seems to me that there can be no harmonious and strong relationship without ***.
I agree with you that it is important to be honest, truthful, sociable, gentle, caring, romantic and sincere.
What I like about you is that you are very passionate and in love with a good sense of humor.
It is true that honesty and individuality are not the things that can create a strong relationship.
I agree with you that laughter is the best medicine and the realization that life is too short to be serious all the time.
I really liked your goals for your life. I would also like to tell you about my plans for my future. All my plans are connected with only one thing, but I do not know how to tell you this. I would really like to find a loved one.
All my thoughts are directed to finding a person whom I will love with all my heart, and who will return my love, because I think love should always be mutual. I want to connect my entire future with this person, because I know that there is nothing better than being with a loved one. I know that I will be happy with such a person, I am sure that we will be happy with him and will plan our future together. I want to tell you that my thoughts are directed to the fact that my beloved person and I will get married, and then we will plan our family: how many children we want, how we will call them, these are the most pleasant plans that I can only dream of.
I agree that friendship is an important part of creating or destroying it.
Wonderful and sunny weather today!! When there is such weather, I like to walk more, and I get a lot of pleasure from it. Do you like walking? I want to tell you that I'm glad I met you online. I used to think that there was a lot of cheating on the Internet, but when we started communicating well, I realized that this was not the case. I realized that there are also honest people, and you can not think that all the people on the Internet are bad. My grandmother always tells me not to jump to conclusions! Now I am convinced that my grandmother's advice helps me in life! For this I love and respect very much!!
I think you're a good person, and I'm sure you're an honest and responsible person! You have no idea how glad I am that I met you on the Internet! I think about it every time.
I like your letters very much, and I can see that you put your heart and soul into your letters! I can feel it.
I really appreciate it. I like it when a person behaves seriously and responsibly. I want to have a serious relationship with a man. I've had a bad experience, and my past relationships aren't even worth remembering. Now I really understood a lot of that after my past relationship! It was an experience for me, and now I can understand people. I want to say that for me there are the most valuable traits of character, it is honesty, respect and loyalty! I believe that these are the three qualities that I like about people!! What qualities do you like about people? I'd be interested to hear from you.
Every person has negative qualities (disadvantages), and we must understand that there are no perfect people in the world. Isn't it?
Of course, it is difficult to understand initially what kind of person, I believe that it takes time to understand what kind of person really is. There are many people who initially do not fully open up. Have you thought about it? Have you observed this? I wonder what you think of that.
I want to say that if a person is bad, then you can feel it from the nutria. For example, I have never started a dialogue with a person who is not fair or sincere, I try to avoid a dialogue with such people.
In my opinion, you are a sincere and kind person, so you are very pleasant to me and it is a pleasure to communicate with you! And I hope I'm not wrong about you. I have a desire to develop our relationship and to turn from friendship into a relationship. After my last relationship with a not-so-good man, I started being careful and attentive, because I'm afraid to meet such a bad and negative man again! But I see in you a good and honest man! My heart tells me that.
Now, when I conduct a dialogue with you, my mood becomes joyful and pleasant. With you, my days are more interesting and rich, and I'm really happy that I found you! Such an interesting and intelligent man! I hope that our communication will develop more and more every day and we will become closer to each other! Now I think, and I hope, that the development of our relations will be very beautiful! What do you think about it? I'm talking to you, and I forgot about all the bad things. My thoughts become romantic and beautiful, and when I go to bed at night, I think and dream a lot about you and your letters! In your letters, I feel sincerity and concern for me. You know, my friend, I believe that my happiness is already close to me.
I want to tell you a little bit about my parents, unfortunately, they are not with me at the moment. It makes me sad, but it's been a long time since I lost them. My father is a good man, and I still don't understand why he left my mother and me alone. My grandmother told me a lot about him, and she said he wasn't a bad person. Even my grandmother couldn't understand why my father left us. There is a version that my father fell in love with another woman and could not leave her. My mother died of cancer, and it was very hard for me to watch my mother slowly die. Cancer is a terrible and terrible disease. I will not wish the enemy to meet such a disease. My mother had lung cancer and the cancer was already in the last stage, the doctors said that it would be almost impossible to save my mother's life. I suffered for many days and could not sleep well. When I think back on those hard nights I've been through, it's creepy. I think a lot about my mother, and I will always think about her, because she was a good mother!
I think that we are moving in the right direction in our communication. What do you think? I really wish and dream that there is a person next to me who can give me care, love and warmth! I've been dreaming about this a lot since I lost my loved ones.
I'd like to know more about you, your inner self. In my opinion, I think trust is a very important feeling in a relationship. I think it's if two people don't trust each other, it's impossible to build a beautiful relationship of two hearts of love just for one simple reason, they won't open their heart to each other, and their relationship won't be at 100% happy, they can't create true love! I think that a great relationship is when two people trust each other completely and do not hide anything from each other. Know how it happens sometimes, when everyone always wants to test the relationship for honesty. I've seen such pairs. When two people want to be together with each other, they try to do something good and not create unnecessary problems in the relationship! I think that if two people really love each other, then in any difficult situation they will find a solution. Do you agree with me?
I will be very happy and happy if we can achieve success. I believe you, and I think you should know everything about me. I'm asking you to tell me how you spend your day, and what you're doing! I wonder how you spend your free days. Tell me about your friends and your relatives. It is very important for me to know about the people with whom your life is close!
I look forward to your letter and your photos!!
Your letters always bring me a lot of pleasure and joy ;)
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