Scam letter(s) from Deborah Roberts to Scott (UK)

Letter 1
My life is miserable, I want to discover happiness
How are you darling!
I am Fatma.
It's sunny and hot now. I always delight in this season. I believe it is a great time for findling someone special, your new guy.
Iam a communicative and good lady and it is so thrilling for me to get closer to you.
I am a single woman, I have no man! now you know why I made up my mind to write an e-mail to you.
I require a kind lad to be happy ever after.
I want to beleive you are not married, because I am not going to go out with a burdened fellow.
I wish to find such human qualities as sincerity and taking care of your nearest and dearest and I dare hope that you are blessed with those wonderful qualities.
I hope you will answer my message and will not leave my message unattended. I will be waiting for your letter.
I will be glad to see a letter from you with your pics enclosed! I wish you knew how I want you to write me about your life!
Have many enjoyable moments every single day! Truly yours, Fatma.
Letter 2
I need to come across a lad to adore me forever
What's up, dude!
Excuse me if I am intruding into your habitual chores.
With all that I have to write this message because I want to fight for my personal happiness. I am writing to you not because I have nothing to do. I am writing to you because our happiness can depend on this message!
Just as any person on Earth I want to be happy.
I wish to find a fellow to love me and stay with me.
I am not searching for adult games or ***** photographs exchange in the Internet.
The only thing I am seeking is stable affair.
Let me speak about myself. My name is Fatma! In spite of my age I fail to find my true love.
I do not have a man to respect me and understand my feelings.
I am a very good cook. I like trying new recipes, experimenting with food and I am sure all my ventures are very successful.
I prefer being active (I mean going info sports, communicating with people etc.), I cannot live without music and reading books.
I have a very wonderful upbringing ? I am good-tempered, polite, mild and caring.
I do not like cigarettes and keep off alcohol. I have never been married and I do not have children.
I can give you many interesting facts about myself in detail, but one message is not enough.
My motto is finding and enjoying long-term love story.
Please, do not get angry with this letter! I 'm dreaming to receive your answer to my letter.
Have a good day!
Sincerely yours, your new friend, Fatma!
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