Scam letter(s) from Hye Rhee to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1
Everyone has a dream, and my dream is to live a good life for myself and my family. I still work hard and never give up.
I stayed here [in Groningen] for two weeks. It's great. I love the countryside here.
I opened my own beauty salon in HK.
You can call me Tingting.
Do you have WhatsApp? We can add contact information to each other
Because I don't use it very often
+60 11-62398253
You can add mine WhatsApp
Letter 2
Have you ever been to China? I'm in Hong Kong, I'm not in Guangzhou now, I have stores in Shanghai, I have stores in many places
We can come to China when the epidemic is over. Because the epidemic in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China is very serious. This terrible epidemic is really bad. The epidemic situation here has stabilized, but Guangzhou, Guangdong Province is now the most seriously affected
I have a sister and a brother. What about you? Are you on your own now, with no one around you?
Do you mind foreign girls?
What is your income? Of course, if you think this issue involves your privacy, you can ignore it. I'm just curious . . . . Everyone in my family has a regular job. I also have a stable career, and I earn a good income from my main and side jobs. The epidemic situation on my side is OK. Many shops are closed, but my shops are operating normally. I have a dress shop and a beauty salon.
I hate men who cheat, men who don't want to move forward, and men who don't treat their parents well. When two people come together, they will live a better and better life together. Look at a person not only appearance, to see the psychological beauty is not beautiful.
My side job is investing and managing money. My uncle, a finance professor, is very knowledgeable about these things, and I'm learning from him.
I am very happy to chat with you today. I hope we can have a pleasant chat tomorrow like now. I usually have time after 7 o 'clock in the evening in China. I'm busy in the daytime
If there is a chance, we will come together
Letter 3
Are you interested in investing in foreign exchange currency trading with me?
Letter 4
If you buy the correct instructions, it is definitely safe. You think it is not safe because you did not get the correct instructions and did not make a good profit.
When buying and selling are needed to determine through analysis.
Letter 5
I wish you to play entertainment.
You can understand for yourself that there is no risk in investing in foreign exchange currency transactions in accordance with the correct instructions.
Letter 6
Interested in learning foreign exchange currency trading investment with me, I teach you to make money, I only charge 20% of your profit.
You now go to the software store to download MT4 and Binance, I can guide you step by step.
Download MT4. MT4 is the earliest foreign exchange currency trading platform.
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