Scam letter(s) from Anna to Sam (Brazil)

Letter 1
It's really hot this summer, when will this heat go down already?!
Now the most popular product fans and air conditioners are probably the top seller this summer.
The only thing that saves me from this heat is air conditioning, and how do you escape from this heat?
You must have thought I was trying to sell you something. Ha ha! No,no,no,no!
I'm not selling anything, I just want to get to know you better. How do you feel about getting to know each other?
We haven't talked before, but why don't we fix that?
I'm Anechka.
Now I'm 32 and I'm divorced.
I don't need flirting and I'm not looking for a pen pal relationship, I'm looking for my future, I'm looking for a serious relationship.
If you are as committed as me, you are 40+ and looking for a serious relationship, I will be glad to know each other more.
I'm looking for a serious man and I hope you are this person.
Where are you from, where do you live now, what are your hobbies?
I sent you some fresh pictures of me, please check them out. I hope you send me yours too.
I'll wait for your reply, be brave.
Letter 2
Hello. It's me again, Anutik. How are you doing? Are you glad to see my letter? I wanted to write you from gmail, but message came back to me. I'm writing to you via my personal e-mail. I think it will be better to communicate with this email. I don't check my gmail often. How are you? Hope your mood is better right now. I will tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in the small town of Pokrovsk, which is located in the east of Ukraine, this place is located near Donetsk, I do not have a large family-mom, dad and older sister. My older sister now lives with my parents. I was educated at the University in Nikolaev, studied to be an economist. After that, I stayed to live in Nikolaev, as I saw more prospects for myself. In our country, it is very difficult to find a job in my profession, so I studied to be a hairdresser. Now I have a stable income, and I can say more that I have plans to open a small business selling hygiene products for women. By the way, where do you live?
In 2014 the conflict in eastern Ukraine started, it became very bad to live and work in Pokrovsk. And at the family council, it was decided to transport all relatives to the city of Nikolaev, away from the fighting. It was a very terrible time, and many of my childhood friends were missing at that time. Many of my friends 'houses and my parents' house were destroyed by the war. It was a miracle that my parents were able to get out of there without any trouble, and I am very glad that we are now together.
At first it was very difficult for my parents and my sister to settle down in Nikolaev. Anywhere there could be some person who called them a refugee and treated them rudely. Fortunately, most people here are very friendly, which cannot be said about the Ukrainian government. Since the conflict in Pokrovsk, not a single president has signed a decree on payments to victims of hostilities. My parents still can't get compensation for their ruined lives, for their destroyed home, for the loss of a good job. They probably had the hardest time adjusting after moving and such massive losses. But I had some savings and was able to take care of my parents and my older sister.
I hope I haven't bored you with telling you about me yet. I talk about myself a lot, but how do I still give you an idea of who I am in real life? I got divorced five years ago. It was a difficult time in my life, I don't enjoy remembering the past and I try to live my life thinking about the future. Now I am looking for a man who can lead a normal life and live a life full of love and understanding. I want normal female happiness, a relationship in which I will fully trust my man and share with him all the joys and sorrows, vivid emotions of life and the boredom of weekdays. Life with a man who will be calm about my work and always happy to spend their free time together. I am not jealous and am loyal to any meetings with my man's friends, his hobbies and other personal things. Tell us, what qualities do you appreciate and look for in a woman? What do you need to be happy? I am very pleased to hear high words of love in my address. My heart was beating very fast when I read this. I am grateful to you for these warm emotions and feelings. Why do not you send me your photo? I really want to see what you look like.I think you will agree with me that everyone is entitled to personal space in a relationship. Everyone has the right to spend time without their significant other with their friends if they need it."
Sorry, I just decided to reread my letter and realized that I have already written a lot and I have to run on business. But whatever it was, now we can try to become good pen pals.
P.S. Have a nice day:) I am humble
Letter 3
Hello. I still don't know where you live:(? Maybe you can tell me more about it? You must have been sad to read my previous letter, but that is my life and I wanted to share with you about this difficult period. I don't want you to feel sorry for me or have any other emotions about my past life. One way or another, it is in the past. I wanted to tell you more about me. About my life, that I and my parents went through this ordeal, I thank God that they are safe now.
After I was educated as an economist it was very difficult for me to get a job in my profession. I looked for different jobs, I had to work as a waitress and even as a salesperson in a supermarket. It was a difficult time for me, but I realize now that it strengthened my character and I never gave up. As I said before I am working as a hairdresser now, but it wasn't something I came to right away, I attended courses and had a lot of practice. I really enjoyed this job and I can say with full confidence that I am a professional in my business. If you need a great haircut, I can help you with that.
Well, I guess it's time to tell you about myself and my life. For example, I don't like it when the house isn't tidy and things aren't in their proper places. It makes me feel uncomfortable and untidy. I have never allowed myself to do that and have always taken the time to clean. To be honest I can even boast that I am a very economical woman and my house will always be clean. And how do you feel about cleanliness in your home? It was a little weird for me that you couldn't send me pictures. I think it's important to communicate and maintain communication. In today's world, there are many ways to copy a picture and a cell phone or computer. I hope you can figure this out. I send you pictures of me every time, and I want it to be mutual. I hope you will do so in your next letter.
This year I often thought about moving from Ukraine, but for me it is a very serious step. I am not afraid of difficulties because I had a difficult experience of moving and I know that it is not as easy as it may seem. I would really like our communication to be more open and honest, as I am only interested in a serious relationship and I do not need just flirting. I need a man who is as committed as I am, who is able to listen to me and understand my thoughts. It is very important for me to understand that my man will always support me and be honest with me in any situation. Mutual understanding is very important in a relationship and I would like to get to know you better and understand how you are in real life. Maybe in the future, we will become more than just friends. I think that if we could meet, it would be really great. I'd like to see the world. Go to different places on our planet. I'm not Jeff Bezos, and I don't want to go into space. But I like to travel, although I haven't done it as often as I'd like. For me it's always something interesting and exciting, it's like you've been to another planet;) It sounds kind of silly, but I always feel like a little girl when I go traveling, I'm curious about everything ;)
We can always discuss more personal topics. Because, we are adults and we don't need to be shy about talking about our desires and priorities. I think it's important in a relationship to have ****** attraction to each other. I can't imagine a relationship without intimacy. I would like you to take the first step in that direction in our communication. I hope I didn't substitute? Perhaps we should leave this topic until we meet and see how things play out on their own? In any case, I don't mind talking about frank topics without being overly ******, if that's important to you right now. I like that you like to caress your tongue. I think we will be very passionate with quivering lovers. I have to warn you. I will scream uncontrollably in when you make me play my tongue around the ********. You can lick my wet ***** completely. I will allow you to play with your fingers with my ********. I think that my ****** can be a very pleasant moment for the two of us.
It's a pleasure to have communication with you, to be honest this is my first experience of communicating through the internet. It probably sounds ridiculous to you, but I can say that it is unusual for me.
I got carried away again and wrote you a big letter ;) It's time to call it a day. I think you found my letter interesting and not boring. I would like to hear more about you.
P.S. Photos of where my travels are. my travels
Letter 4
Hello. I think I have to be honest with you, and that's why I want to write you this letter. I hope you will understand my words, because I treat all people equally well. It seems to me that our correspondence really has no prospects. I've been thinking about it, and my words are not just emotions. I consciously make this decision. I don't like that after all my words, you come back to the topic of *** again. I can draw a simple conclusion from this situation. If you are writing about *** to a woman you have only recently met, then you can discuss it with any woman. I don't need a personal ****** analyst. If you think that I am experiencing a lack of male attention - you are very mistaken. I was looking for a man to spend my whole life with, and in my opinion, there are many important topics in life besides the topic of ***. I think that we are very different, and we have nothing in common. I can't completely trust and open up to a person without seeing and knowing him personally. I don't want to sound arrogant. I'm just being honest with you. I was not ready for such communication. In any case, I don't want to leave a bad impression about myself and say goodbye to you on such a sad note. Sorry, nothing personal. I'm just trying to reason adequately. There can be nothing in common between us, it's really true. I will not make promises to you that I do not want to fulfill, and therefore it is better for us to finish our correspondence. I don't want to leave an unpleasant impression about myself, and therefore I decided to make you a symbolic farewell gift. This may not be what you expected from me, but I decided. I hope you have understood me correctly. As a parting gift, I give you 2 lottery tickets. I hope that you will be lucky. I hope that you will have only pleasant impressions from our acquaintance. It's time for me to go. Good luck and happiness to you in everything! Take care of yourself. Anutik.
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