Scam letter(s) from Cristina Noroc to Jeff (Belgium)

Letter 1
Good morning my dear 🌞
I like to work in pharmacy but my dream is to open my own pharmacy one day. . ..
And i think if you send 10-20.000 one time is ok,don't worry! I was telling you to not send 100.000 one time because is a large amount!
Is better to send more times,step by step!
How are you today, working?
Letter 2
To open a pharmacy here is not very expensive,first i have to rent or buy a place.
My dream is to have a little pharmacy not very big!I don't want to work all my life for a small salary and make other persons rich!
Because here only the people who have a small
business live good,the others people are slaves like me working all days for nothing!
They come here italians and buying empty apartments,because now are many buildings in construction,and after they a very good business!And many Turkish are open clothes shops!
In this world the rich persons are always advantage at poor persons!
I started to save money In my account,
The last time you send me are in the bank i
don't touch🙂
Maybe one day i will have my own pharmacy.
Letter 3
To open a pharmacy here i need 20.000 euros
Is a good business and in future i will never have problems because the people in this days are buying a lot of pills.
The food and products who eating every day you know very well are not natural,they have a lot of chemicals,and of course after people get sick.In the pharmacy business is a lot of money!
I'm selling every day at pharmacy a lot of pills!
Letter 4
Yes we can make business together 😀
Of course for open a pharmacy is need more time ,are many things to do!
The first step is the place is very important where is and must have a minimum of 50 meters!
But first i have to save money few years and after i can talk about that!
Now is only a dream!
Letter 5
My dear to this business I have been thinking for many years, I have read and studied a lot. I know 100% it works. I do not want to invest in something that does not work. I never heard anyone here who have a pharmacy and it does not work well.Here are many good medicine universities , and many Arabs come to study and some of them stay here and open dentistry laboratory and make a lot of money.
I don't want to rent because is not a good option.I have to pay every month 350-500 euros.In one year is 4200-6000 euros.
I think i can find a place to buy with 8000-10000! Now is building a lot and here are many new buildings and is better to buy!
Is a investment and after you can sell with more money,because here the prices are increasing each year! If i rent and i start to invest money to make a pharmacy and after the owner come and say he don't want to rent anymore i have to move or he want to sell with a very high price!Because he know you have a good business and will advange!
And if i make a pharmacy and something get wrong,but this is 1% i can sell after with very good price.
But i don't think at that!im a positive person and I'm very serious when i do something!
I like very much this business and with hard work i can make a successful!
I don't know yet how much is to renovate and turn in to a pharmacy
First i need to have the place and after i call a person who renovate and he will say me the price!
But here is not expensive to renovate,the people are working for little money!
I don't know now how much cost all because nobody say this information!
But is important to start and after step by step i will turn in to a nice pharmacy 🙂
Always i think very well before to do something
Together we can make this.alone i can't do!
Is important to start and with hard work every business you make you will progress and make a successful!In one day is not possible to do a business is need months!
Letter 6
My dear you are a angel 😇!i don't have words to say how much i appreciate you!You are the best person ever.I think God loves you very much!You have good heart ❤️ and in this life if you help and try to be good you will receive many beautiful and good things!I like to help people too when i can!
I promise you i will return every euro you give me to make the pharmacy!And i will help you all my life and i will never disappoint you!
In this life the persons are more priceless and more important than others things
Letter 7
My dear if i buy this place with 9.000 and after with 4000 i renovate will be 13.000.And I'm sure with 7.000 i will do other things.I will not need more than 20.000!
And we don't have to do the pharmacy in one day.In few months we can build this business.
Is no hurry to do very quickly we have time.
You know i like to do things right and safe.
The most important is to start and after we will do step by step!
And i promise you and i give you my word i will return all.And i will help you to when you need!
I tired to work all days for few euros((
I don't have any future if i work all my life in this place,i can't save money because they don't pay me enough.I work like a *****,if something happened and i will get sick and i can't work i don't have money for food or other things!
If i open my own pharmacy i will work and i will try do make a success,You will be proud of me!
Letter 8
Really i don't understand what you say now
A few days ago you say you help me and make plans to make a pharmacy
Now you talk about lawyers and others things
I only told my dream i never ask you to help me to open the pharmacy
I see you don't have trust in me and you think i can't do this!
I don't want to do nothing!
For the moment i just want to buy the place because if they sell if will be difficult to find other.A pharmacy to make needs months.
The first step was to buy and renovate the place!
But i will not try to convince you.
Letter 9
And here nobody are stilling pills or robbery pharmacy!
I was talking about the pharmacy where i work now they are paying the pills after they get
Of course i will have to pay before at least 50% for pills because I'm new client in this business
Letter 10
250.000 euros in pills?i don't know how much cost the pills in your country but if i open a small pharmacy i will not have drugs and pills more than 20-30.000euros
I want to make a small pharmacy with small expensive posible!
Here where i live in building at first floor is a small pharmacy and work only a person!
Is 50 meters!and they don't have a lot a drugs o pills.
I want to make a pharmacy small like that with minimum cost!and from beginning i can only hire a person to help me!
Letter 11
When I said that my dream is to have my pharmacy I did not mean I want a big business with many employees. In the building where I live is a very small pharmacy where only one person works, inside has few pills. I did not ever have a business and I do not have experience, that's why I want for the beginning to have only one person to help me and sell few pills. In a business you start with less and in time you progress and grow.I'm not so far to talk about your salary, I do not even have a place at this moment. I have not done anything. But now when you want to help me with the pharmacy You ask me to go first to the lawyer To sign and then help me. I'm sorry I said about my dream. And I I want to close this this subject . I will try few years to save money and when i will have at least 20.000 maybe i will try to open a small pharmacy.
I trust in you 100% and i will help you all my life.i know you are a good man!
Was a ****** thing because i open the subject about pharmacy and now I'm feel guilty!
I'm sorry again ((.I want to forget all.
Letter 12
Good morning my dear ☀️
I never ask this amount you say for open the pharmacy!You told my to start make plans and tell all costs.I know you want to help me to have a better life and i thank you very much for this!You are the only person in my life who take care of my.And i will do the same for you.In this moment i don't have a very good situation because without family in this country where i live is impossible alone to make something!
But in the future you will see how much you mean for me and you will see how important you are in my life,and all things what are you doing for me i will do the same for you.i promise!!
Now i have in my account 2400 euros,If i buy that place more cheap(9000),i need more 6600.And after i will search a man who renovate.And this step is done.I don't want to make the pharmacy in one day because is impossible.I find that furniture and shelves with 500.I will try to spend minimal.Every month i will do something and in few months i can open!And i promise you when i will start earn money half will be yours.I will put in your account every month!
Letter 13
When you write me the email and i read you want to help me to open my own pharmacy i was more happy than ever!never in my life I feel so good and happy.I start to search the place and few days you can't imagine what happy i was!I told Juliana about that and she was telling me I'm very lucky girl i have You in my life!I never want to upset you and fight with you(((I'm feel very bad and I'm sad now((
Letter 14
We both are in the same situation without a family! Well I talked for so many months I really love you, and not for money I talked to you. I do not understand why you still do not trust in me,this hurts me very hard.You said first that you help me to open a pharmacy and start making plans then you have changed your mind.. . . I did not ask for anything in return and I did not put conditions .Now you to help me with the pharmacy you put conditions and you ask me to do things!
If you was listening to me when i said to buy the place and start to build a pharmacy in this moment i I was free and I could come to you when i want!But i still have to work like a ***** every day!
I don't know what to do more for you to believe me and trust in me(((
Letter 15
If I open a pharmacy it will be a very small one! And befor to open it is a lot to do.There are a few months to do everything now I need 11,000 to buy that nice place and 4000 to renovate it.After that I will not have any expenses because I will not consume electricity and water! It is the same as the apartment if you do not use anything you do not have to pay anything. It is just a small fee that is paid once a year like for a flat.For start i will looking for a person to help me. And we'll try our first year to see how it works. If you help me now to buy the place and renovate after it's ready, I'll come and meet to do the papers Partnership to be calm. After we buy the pills and start. Do you agree?
And here the pills are very cheap!
Are made here in Moldavia!
And we have from Ukraine,Belarus,Romania,Hungary
All are very cheap
Here with one euro you can buy a box with pills
I know in US or other countrys are more expensive!The food and other things of course are more expensive in your country
I send you some photos with pills who cost one euro.Are from Moldavia and others countrys!For pills i don't need more than 10.000 euros!I told you for the beginning i need 20.000-30.000 to open a pharmacy!I know very well what I'm saying!
If i hire a person i will pay 300 euros at month
My dear for beginning if we make 2000 euros for use at month i will be happy
And after we will make more!
Yes of course i have 2400 euros!i don't toch!are for the pharmacy 
Letter 16
You help me to buy that place to start make the pharmacy?((
Letter 17
Good morning my dear! 
I find a pharmacy to buy. 
The owner want 19.000!i send you photos.
This is already pharmacy!i don't need to make renovations to transform in a pharmacy because is already a pharmacy!
The owner want to sell this pharmacy because he want to buy a place more big
Letter 18
How are you my dear?
I met the owner today and i talk with him about pharmacy.He makes 3500-4000 euros at month.He told me is a very good business 🙂
Now he want to buys a ****** place for large his business for this reason want to sell here.
He told me if i buy the pharmacy after he will tell me more how to run this business and help me a little ,Is a good person!
He have two employees!i have the licenses for open a pharmacy,when i finished the university i get the license.the building is in good condition.i can't ask him now to show me his personal information!of course i will search a lawyer.i don't know in this moment how much money i need for medicine and others things!
I have to know exactly how many days He have to wait me for do the contract.
You have to tell me first and after i call him and ask if can wait.
Letter 19
I told you when i buy the place your name i will put on the contract!You know very well you are my partner in this business!I can't do nothing alone.I will make all papers in the day when i buy the pharmacy!
This days i have a lot of work to do because a college work is get sick and can't come.
If you don't have trust in me and don't believe what I'm saying i will not buy nothing ((
I will keep your money in the bank and when you want i will send you back!
I'm very sad,because when i say something you have doubts ((
In the day when i will meet the owner to buy the pharmacy i go with him to a notary and i pay to make the contract and other documents!I have to ask a free day of my work for this because i need time.This days i have a lot of work to do because missing a person who gets sick!
I think i keeps my promise always and all what I'm saying I'm doing!!!
I will prepare all the documents and i will send You!
Letter 20
Just call me the owner and ask if I'm going to buy the pharmacy [at Street Salcamilor 22/5 ,1 floor] or not,because tomorrow wants to coming a person to see the place!
My dear if i say i make all papers between us to be all right means I'm doing and keep my promise!!
Letter 21
When you ask me to do something for you and help i don't send you papers to sign!I believe in your word and i trust in you always!
When i say i will make all papers when i buy the place Why don't believe me????
Why you treat me this way?((((
For me is not difficult to sign papers but are others things more important in a relationship!
If you are afraid and don't have trust in me i will not buy the pharmacy!!
I think always i keep my promise and i never disappoint you!
When i say i will prepare all documents you have to believe me!
When i say something and i didn't do???
I think always i keep my promise!
I say in the day i buy the pharmacy i will make all papers!
If you don't believe my words and doubt can you say very clear!!!
Letter 22
Good morning my Love☀️
How you feel today?
I just talked with the owner and tomorrow morning we meet to make the papers!
I'm very happy 😊😘💋
Letter 23
I need 700 more to pay the papers😞
I'm free today I'm going to see what documents i need to get the Authorization from the Ministry of Health for functional pharmacy!
I take money for pay the documents!
Letter 24
I have to pay a fee to get the authorization from the health ministry,cost 1300 euros!And after i can open!
Letter 25
I have to pay to get the operating authorization from the health ministry,cost 1300!
And after i have to put a name at the pharmacy and i can register the business on Your name and my name!!
Letter 26
I'm afraid to sign the documents!😞
Because if the business don't have success what happened?
I don't want troubles((
If you want to help me to open this pharmacy after i start make money i will put in your account and in my account all what i earn!
This days i was asking for all costs to open and i need for pills and other things 7000-8000!
And i find a girl who want to work with me!
If you are not agreed to help me this way,I will sell the place and i put the money in your account!
Letter 27
I just only want to open a small pharmacy,to have a better life and more easy!
I will not get more rich but i know I will work for me no for others!
You know very well if you help me i help you too when you need me
I prove you once and i will do again when you ask me!
Without you I can do nothing!
If you help me to open this pharmacy You will not regret ,I promise!
You are my love and my partner and i don't need papers to prove that!
I hope i will have the opportunity to prove you again how much i care about you!
Letter 28
I have to install to pharmacy a alarm system, but I do not have enough money, now.
Letter 29
I'm thinking of talking with my boss this days to ask some money in advance, I want to buy a alarm system for pharmacy!is not safe now without and I'm worried.
Letter 30
I don't want to talk more about pharmacy!
I'm tired and i don't want to fight with you.
I will try to sell a fast i can.When we will live and be together can open a pharmacy or other business.i want to be for you a good wife no a business partner!
And don't worry nothing will happen to me,i don't disappear or die!Im young and very healthy!
I know is difficult for you to have trust in people because your experience but not all persons are the same!
Letter 31
Please help me to open this pharmacy!
Letter 32
Please help me to open this pharmacy and when i start earn money every month i will put in your account!if you really care about me and love me help me to start!
Letter 33
Please help me to open the pharmacy!
Is very difficult for me to live with my salary!
Letter 34
This ****** pharmacy was ruining and destroy the relationship we have!!
I don’t want to talk about that anymore!
I want to have a nice relationship with you I don’t want to be business partners!
I know very well how a business destroy a friendship!
For this reason i was trying to have my own pharmacy!
Here i cant go to a bank to ask money for open because they don’t give me!
If i was opening and have success you receive back all you give me!and more!
But i don’t want to talk more about that!
I understand very well you can’t trust
Letter 35
Because I’m afraid if I will not have success with the pharmacy,I never do business and I don’t have experience,If something happened and don’t work??
I don’t want to sign papers and after to have problems!
This is the only reason I don’t want to sign!
I’m afraid (((
I do not want to get into trouble!
If one day I will have money to open a pharmacy I will try to open,And if something happens and don’t have success I will lose my money and I don’t have to give explanations anyone!
If you decide to give up on me please tell me!
I want to know!
Is my fault because I mentioned my dream is to have a pharmacy and a better life!
A business and a relationship can’t work together!
I make a big mistake and now I regret ((
Letter 36
Good morning!
You say you will help me to open a pharmacy to have a better life,because you love me and care about me!
Don’t worry I’m trying to sell the place at fast i can!
Al my life was difficult and I’m alone without family,working every day for nothing!
To open a pharmacy was the only chance to change my life!To have a better future.
Of course i want to open the pharmacy i want to try to see if i can run a business maybe i have success,this is my dream to open the pharmacy but if don’t work?
This is the reason who scares me!
After i have to give you the money back and with my salary i can’t (((
I never lied to you!😞
My life was always difficult and with problems and i don’t want to make my life more hard!
I know you are upset and angry but you don’t understand me what I’m trying to say!
Tell me if i open the pharmacy and something go wrong and don’t work and I lose the money??
What happens after?
You will ask me to give you the money back and you know very well for what salary I’m working here!
For this reason I’m afraid to sign papers I don’t want to have problems (((((
I never lies you!!
You are very important for me, and I never have intention to hurt you or disappoint you ((
If you are agree i will open the pharmacy and i will work hard to trying make a success!
I know is hard to believe me but I love you very much and I don’t want to lose you (((
For me a good person is more important than some money!
Letter 37
If you really really want to help me to have a business to have a better life,if you really care about me and love me you should not stop because some papers!If you remember you ofer to help me to have my own pharmacy!I didn’t ask you this!
You think if i open the pharmacy I don’t tell you how is work?
If i open I need help and of course every day I will talk with you about how is work,and what I’m doing!
Yes I know how a pharmacy is working but I can’t promise 100% i will have success!
I know i have to work hard and be careful!
I don’t believe in luck,But i know if you try to do something,to open a business in first place you have to love what you doings!and i like very much to have a pharmacy,is my dream,and never i will give up!
Of course if something go wrong the place can be sell or rented!I can rent with 300-400 euros at month,and i can recover some money!
When you buy a flat,a house,a place,always is a good investment!You can rent and make money!
You know very well I love you very much and i care about you!I prove you always!i trust in you and I know a men like you I will never find!
If you don’t want to help me and you can’t trust in me to open the pharmacy to try if i can have success in business is ok!I don’t get upset and angry on you!I was working hard all my life and i can work the same at day i die!
I will prove you what kind the person I’m!
I will try to sell the place and give you back all money!I will try to fix my mistakes!
I do not talk to you for interest, to help me have my business, I talk to you because I care about you and I really love you! If you wasn’t important for me, I quit long time ago!
Don’t matter if you will help me with pharmacy or not!But i will help you always when you will need me!Im not a bad person and I will prove you!
Letter 38
I don’t want to start again talk about pharmacy!
This months was very difficult for me without your help 😞
Now is winter and is very cold outside,the heat bill is very high.I don’t have a easy life,every day I’m working hard and I recive a small salary.
I need to buy clothes,shoes for winter but I can’t afford.
I didn’t make it to open the pharmacy to can work with me.And i lose all your help.
My life didn’t change,i have the same life before.Maybe I do not know how to handle in this life to live well.
I don’t know if you can imagine how is to live in a poor country to work and try to survive every day.
For me you was my only hope to can change my life.I was very happy every time when you help me.You was like a angel for me.
For me you are a special person,a good man,a family!Maybe is difficult for you to believe me but is true.
When you are alone in this world and you meet a person like you,who can understand how you feel and is care about your life,and he is offering to help you,is the biggest gift you can receive.
I don’t want to lose you!
Letter 39
I don’t want to sold(((
I want to open to have a better life 😞
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