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Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Angelic to Petrus (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi there my **** Petrus!
I am very pleased to write to you in this beautiful Sunday. I am very happy to see your letter.
You are very hot and **** man, it can be clearly seen from your letters.
Now I collect things for my trip. My train to Kiev departs in 4 hours, and I need to check whether I collected all the things that will be needed during the trip.
In the end, I leave not for a few days, I am leaving as much as 6 months. Therefore, I must not forget anything. Because of this, so many thoughts in my head and emotions.
I am very glad that very soon we will be able to meet in real life.
I'll be in Kiev for a few days, I need to handle all formalities, and then I shall fly to Finland. I'll get back to you from Kiev. I think I can write you from Internet cafe in Kiev. It is much cheaper than calling. I have now is not too good situation with cash, so I'll write you e-mail. I am very worried now, I've never been outside Ukraine, and I do not know how you have everything arranged. Your rules of conduct, traditions and customs are still very much a mystery to me. But I'm learning fast! With your help, I sure would succeed.
I just do not know the cost of living in Finland. What do you think, will I be enough monthly salary an Infectious disease physician in the amount of 2350 euro? In Ukraine it is very big money, but I do not know the value of the money in Finland.
I think that we can spend this money together, because the money I receive as my personal expenses.
All other expenses related to my accommodation and meals are funded through the government's internship program. Do you think it's good money Petrus?
But now a little early to think about it. The money I will have when I arrive in the Helsinki.
I already told you that I should be in Helsinki for 2 weeks. I got all instructions in the Ukrainian embassy and the government will give me my first paycheck for the next personal expenses for my arrival in Finland. After two weeks spent in the Helsinki I'm heading into your city. So I want to know all the information in order to avoid any mistakes or problems.
Please write me, how exactly is called your city, and what the closest airport to you. I'll write down this information so that I have not forgotten.
Petrus I do not know if you have the opportunity, but I would very much wish we could meet at the airport as soon as I shall fly to the Helsinki.
I really want to meet you as soon as possible. I am very excited with my thoughts.
It's still just a thought, but I very much hope that soon our dreams will come true. How do you imagine our meeting?
I think we could have lunch somewhere, then walk a little and chat.
And then, I would like to know you more closely! I hope you understand what I mean?
Get ready, I'm getting close, you'll get a hard hot, wild ***, a *** that you had never before this!
And please do not ********** until I came to, I want all your ***! And now came to me, my girlfriend and I should finish my letter, it will help me to collect things and take them to the station.
I will contact you and give you all the information about my flight as soon as I arrive in Kiev. I finish my letter as soon as read it, please tell me! I wish you good luck!
Even if I do not see your letter from home, I can read it when arrive in Kiev, and it would be very nice.
I really wanted to see the answers to my questions in your letter!
I kiss your whole body! See you.
Your princess, Liudmyla!
Letter 2
Hey, my favorite Tiger Petrus!
I am very glad to write to you in this Monday. I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Thank you for what you are close with me. You're important to me and at this stage of my life, I live only for you.
Sorry, but I think we should end our conversation. This is a very unpleasant and painful decision for me. I do not want you to suffer. You became for me a very expensive man, but I see no other solution.
Now I am in Kiev and I am writing from internet cafes. I got to Kiev good, but I have a problem without solving that, I can not come to you. Because, I haven’t small sum of money. For me it's a shame, ask your financial aid, and I will not do that. So, I decided to end our correspondence, because I do not want you to think about me is wrong.
I tried to solve this problem myself, but I did not get. I think that you refuse to help me. As I told you earlier, for this reason that we should end our conversation. I think you're going to accuse me and your confidence in me fade away. I do not want to hear the screams and insults from the person to whom I have a warm, loving feelings. My heart will be broken.
I am in complete disarray, my angel Petrus, I'm really afraid of losing you. I feel so bad now, I shake hands, and quivering voice. On my eyes with tears. I do not know what I do, I think you're not going to help me and you will reject me. Please understand that I do not want to hear it in my address insults and accusations. Please do not tell me bad words.
I look forward to your letter with your thoughts on the matter. I am very afraid of losing you and in your heart do not believe that you refuse to help me.
You're a wonderful person, we have built huge plans for our future. Is this all just collapses in a moment? I do not want and I will not believe it. You should always keep a positive hope. I'm sure between us all out.
Do you agree with me?
During our conversation I am very much accustomed to you, and I want to be with you in real life. I want passionate, to some extent wild, and longer *** with you, my angel Petrus. I am burning with the thought that soon you come to me. Now everything is in jeopardy and I am very upset. Probably, I was so ******, thinking that was the happiest woman in this vast world.
I look forward to your answer. With the best regards!
Your passionate kitten, Liudmyla!
Letter 3
Hey, My Sweet Prince Petrus!
I'm glad to write you this Friday. Yesterday was my birthday. I thought only of you. I do not know what is happening to me, but only thoughts about you help me not to be sad.
It is very nice to see your new letter. I will be frank, I slept badly and I don't just get together with thoughts now. In addition, I have little time, but I will try to explain what happened to me. Maybe I myself guilty that it made it, but no matter how there it was, now without solving the problem I would simply have not been released from Ukraine. I hope I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem with which I encountered. Before my departure, it remains a little time and there is every reason to think that if I do not find the output, we can never meet. I will start with your permission.
We live in different countries, we share different languages, different laws, different traditions. But it seems to interfere with the lives prepared only Ukraine. I can not understand Ukraine Why, as always, they warn about everything at the last moment. The whole problem is that I have debts for utilities for the apartment - unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity, etc. Citizens who do not pay debts to government agencies are not allowed to go beyond Ukraine Until completely debt is paid. To date, my duty to municipal services is about 825 euro. In my wallet was only 450 euro, And despite the fact that this money I copied for a long time I had to part with them. I had to give everything that I had for duty to have a chance to fly to you. But nevertheless, now I am still obliged to pay 375 euro. Otherwise, I just won't allow to get out of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this law was adopted in our country recently and this was not indicated not in one of the items when I filed documents for internship. This law was introduced due to the fact that many citizens left abroad and left huge unpaid bills. Municipal services had to wait long until the citizens gather their debt. So I was explained.
I have already tried to find money in Kiev, But I do not know anyone here. I tried to ask the money in advance under the internship program, but authorized agents told me that it was not possible. To their unfortunately, they can not retreat from the terms of the contract. I must solve the problem with the communal service itself. The saddest thing is that I have no opportunity to find any way out of this terrible situation. Petrus, You are my only hope for salvation! I really hope for your understanding, trust and support. I dream 375 euro There was no obstacle for us. I do not want to lose the opportunity to fulfill all our fantasies. Petrus, It is very difficult for me to pick up the words so that in full say, how I want to be with you. The faster I can solve my financial spending, the faster I will be with you. Now I have to ask you to help me, I have no one to count except you in this world. I really hope that you are able to help me stop being a hostage of my situation. I am very afraid to lose the opportunity to meet and all that arose between us. I understand that this is not an easy time, but only through mutual assistance can we overcome these global difficulties. In any test, real feelings and humanity are shown. We cannot remain aloof from this global problem. Sitting back is not for me and I hope that you are also used to acting. I am a doctor and ready to help people, while understanding that on the one hand, part of my health may be irretrievably lost. On the other hand, I understand that I can benefit a huge number of people and perhaps my efforts will help them save their lives. By helping me, you are helping humanity! I'm asking you to think of something, find a way out of the situation! You are a strong and brave man, my support and support, except for you, no one will help me... You are the only main and important person in my life! I believe that you can come up with something, I hope very much for you. You are my hero, you should be, I believe in you!
I am really very ashamed that you have to contact you for help, but I do not have another chance now. I want to believe that I'm the road to you and stand more than 825 euro. For me personally, you have become my only family and the best friend. You are kind, gentle and caring person I sincerely believe that my man really thinks about me and will make everything to help me. If you want, I can write you a debt receipt that I will return to you all you will help me. I hope you will not leave me in this difficult situation. Do you remember what I told you? I will get my first salary within 2-3 days after arrival in Helsinki. I swear that I will return you all you can help me now, as soon as I get it. But first I need to fly out of Ukraine. I really hope that you will help me, I am sure that together we can find a way to solve our fate.
I know that we are created for each other, and money is just paper. No one can convince me that you can buy real love and feelings for money. But without your help, our dreams will remain only with dreams.
I really need you and I am very ashamed that I now look in your eyes as a beggar on the street. At least at this moment I feel like this. I do not have confidence in tomorrow, I do not know what will happen to me in this huge city and it scares me very much. I beg you next to me now and do not forget to write me. Now I need your attention more than ever before. I really want to take you by hands and walk around the world only with positive emotions. I really hope that your letter will scratch my depressive days here and will give a ray of light. Sorry I have to finish my letter, I need to free the computer, my time comes out. I send the most passionate and sweet kisses to you, my tiger! See you.
Your loving and bored ***** Liudmyla!
Letter 4
Hi there, my delicious Petrus!
I am very pleased to write to you in this Monday. It's not very easy for me to find time to visit an Internet cafe and write to you. My last days are very stressful and I try to solve the situation with all my might, but I never forgot about you and always try to write a letter for you and share my news. I went to the Bank to ask for a loan. I explained the situation, but the Manager said that the system shows a failure due to the lack of a certificate from the last place of work as I was not arranged officially. I don't stop trying to find someone to lend me the money I need, but unfortunately I don't have any good news for me. I ask my friend again, but for my friend 375 euro this is a very large amount and I am not angry to her and I am sympathetic to refusals. Don't think I'm complaining, but that's the reality. I understand that everyone has their own expenses and financial obligations.
I am very grateful to you for your sensitive attitude to my problem, and all I would like you to be with me now. It is at such moments that I want to feel loved and desired, to have a man next to me who would take my hand and pull me out of this swamp of circumstances. I find it increasingly difficult to believe in my success with solving this financial problem. I can't sit in a Dorm in 4 walls, I try to walk around Kiev more to distract myself from negative thoughts about my failure in my head. I hate this country for their ****** laws! Why do I suffer because someone tried to steal from me? I don't understand why the government writes such laws and forces ordinary people to be hostages of these laws? For me this situation once again proves that I decided to leave this country for a reason and start a new life in Finland.
By the way, I ask my curator again to try to ask him to contact my curator in Helsinki and ask for an advance payment for my internship. My curator even laughed when I asked him about it. He said that no one will pay me until I start my practice. He said he understood my situation but couldn't help me. He asked him not to disturb me with my problems and pointed out the fact that he had already helped me with housing in the hostel, said that he was busy now and he would soon have a meeting and just hung up. At this point, I thought about finding a quick income in Kiev, because every day my time to solve my financial problem is running out.
The sad thing is that I have to pay my debt anyway 375 euro and I will lose the opportunity to pass practice in Helsinki. Of course I will still have my work visa for 180 days and I will be able to fly to any part of Finland but what's the point if I can't work in my specialty? I do not want to be a burden for my future man and I believe that I should work and bring income to the family. I am so arranged and unfortunately I will not be able to sit still. As I promised you earlier that when I come to Finland, I will give you back 375 euro in next 2-3 days, as soon as I paid the first salary. Money does not keep you waiting, but here we met and dreams for the future can be destroyed in one moment and I do not want that! We walked for a long time to set goals and do not need to go to the course. I believe that in a relationship, both partners should be a support and support for each other.
My favorite Petrus, I have never been in such a difficult situation, but I do not despair and try to find a solution. I thought that I need to look on the Internet for vacancies in Kiev. I found some tempting ads and plan to go for an interview soon to find out all the details. I have always solved all my problems on my own, and I am extremely uncomfortable being in this situation. I do not want to deviate from my goal, I sincerely wish to get to Helsinki as soon as possible to get the necessary documents and meet with my Petrus.
Living here in Kiev is not easy for me, I have to spend money every day to buy food and travel around the city. Sometimes I want to give up everything and go back to so these identical days of searching for money are over. Unfortunately, I can't do this, because it won't change anything for the better, it will only add to my problems. This is all my fault, and I want to apologize for giving you false hope that we will meet soon. But I try not to despair and sincerely hope that we can see each other in the near future in a romantic setting. I will do everything in my power to quickly meet and touch you. I hope you want it as much as I do.
I will try to find a way to earn or borrow money so that I can continue on the path to my dream of meeting my loved one as soon as possible Petrus. I'm sorry, I have to finish my letter. I hope that when I find time to visit the Internet cafe again I will see your warm and tender message for me. Your letters are very important to me and I hope that you will understand that I write to you about my everyday life here in Kiev.
Kiss you! Take care!
With great respect,
Your little girl, Liudmyla!
Letter 5
Hello my sweety Petrus!
I am pleased to write to you in this Saturday. I think you can imagine the pace of my last days. You are right a lot of Ukraine go to Finland to work. I run like a squirrel in a wheel to find the money needed to pay my debt. Just my idea of our life together, give me at least some hope. The long absence of *** and the memory of our candid conversation with you often make me excited. Why are you not here with me to relieve this stress this because I do not have enough right now. I really want to be near you right now! I want to be with you and start a new chapter in our lives. I hope that you want the same thing, because I sincerely wish that we quickly met and realized our desires and fantasies into reality. I would like to close my eyes and open to be close to you, it is a pity that it is not possible. I'm tired of being here in Kiev. I very much hope that together we will be able to deal with my problem, and we can start a new life in Finland together. Because I do not get to solve my problems at all goes to the fact that I have to go back to Ternopil. I do not want to do that, I want to be with you, but it seems inevitable to me. If I decide to return home, then I am automatically removed from the internship program. And I won't be able to meet you again.
I was in two private clinics and tried to get job but has no open positions in my field, I answered that either there are no jobs, or have only low-paid cleaners vacancy. I would go even cleaner, I respect work all professions, but this does not make sense because of the very low pay. At one point I even thought that I found a job. I went for an interview at the massage therapist job, I was offered a good salary. They invited me to work in a massage parlor and massage ***** body. When I thought about it and introduced me to almost puked. I can not imagine doing massage ***** body completely familiar men, even for the money. For me it is like to work as a **********. Besides, I'm sure that every man who comes to a massage is waiting for this.
Even though me and tried to assure the maximum of I will must to do please a man by hand at the end of the session and make ******* him. They say to me salon does not provide ****** services but I'm not exactly ready to go for it. For me it is disgusting to touch the man with whom I am not in a relationship. If my client has always been just you, I'd love to go on a this job :) And I do not bother to give you a massage ***** body. But I definitely will not work in this type of interiors and touch the strange men. On the one hand I find it funny at themselves, because I just did not think it was such a salon. On the other hand I'm sad the thoughts that I sunk into such a situation and I need to live with my suitcase in the hostel.
I had to spend on essentials that I did not take along for the ride. I had to buy shampoo, plates, cups, pots to cook their own meals. Well what I suggested is not an expensive hardware store where I bought it all. Even though I spent it in any case cheaper than eating in the cafe. I'm kind of stuck in one day. Everything is the same. Just the thought of where to get money. Now I feel myself alone here. Around me only not familiar faces. I can not even safely take a shower without thinking that someone might come. I can only sleep if I drink a sedative. Probably only a sedative and the moment when I read your letter can improve my mood. I'm trying to be positive and hope for the best, but we need to be objective.
If I do not find money in the near future I will have to go back to Ternopil, because all my life is to fly into the abyss. All for what I tried and worked hard in the last year stands under threat, but it's not the worst thing for me right now. I can not to be measured with the thought that I was wrong about you.
I thought you were really interested in our relationship and do anything to help me. Sometimes I think I'm just fun for you. It seems to me that you only see the picture and did not see me as a person in me. I have a blank space for you? I think that if I did for you that something would mean you did everything in your power to help me. I do not believe that a man would not seek any opportunity to help his woman if she was dear to him. I'm sorry I will finish my letter. Absolutely not in the mood to write you anything right now. I do not want to cry even more.
Please reply as soon as possible Petrus!
Your forever Liudmyla!
Passionate Kisses for my TIGER!
Letter 6
Howdy Petrus!
I'm glad to write you this Tuesday. I am very pleased that you have not forgotten about me and write me in spite of complexity that I now have. I had a lot to think about and make some important decisions before I wrote you back. I've been thinking about the words you're saying to me, your opinion of the situation I'm in. Your attitude to me, words and desires. Your behavior and attitude towards me give me strange thoughts. I'm trying to explain how important it is for me to be with you, to feel your actions and your desire to be with me, but what did you do to do that? Answer this question to yourself, and you will understand that this is not enough. Your advice doesn't work right now, you know? It's easy for you to give advice, because this situation happened to me, not to you. If you can't take care of me now, how can I be sure that I'll be safe with you Finland in the future? What if I need help when I'm with you, you'll also stay on the sidelines and tell me that I have to solve all the problems on my own like you're doing now? It hurts me to realize this, but I have to accept reality as it is.
Why do my actions mean nothing to you? Why can't I rely on you at such a difficult time in my life? I can't find answers to these questions. I can't understand why this is happening to me right now. Now, everything I've been going for so long can be destroyed in a moment and I have almost no way to change it. I am afraid of what is happening now, I am sad to understand your real attitude towards me. I try to look at this situation objectively and I see your indifference to me. After everything I said to you, after I opened my soul to you. I think you just don't trust me. I'm sure you'll say it's not a question of trust, but what's the question? What is the problem? Why should I decide for myself? I find it hard to believe that a man can't find an opportunity to borrow money for a short period of time to help his beloved. I want to be with you, but I need your help right now. I just want to solve my problem as soon as possible and I want to believe that you understand how important this is to me.
In my childhood, I listened to fairy tales in which a man always proves his love by deeds and exploits for the sake of his beloved Princess. I always wanted to have a man who could do things for me. With whom I can feel safe and secure, protected and loved. I was hoping that my Petrus it is such a man, until the very last day I believed that you will not leave the woman you love in trouble and help me if I have any problems. Did I make a mistake about you?
I can't understand your indifference when I really need your support. I'm ashamed that I have to ask you for help. Now I'm sorry that I told you about my problem, I thought this would be a chance for us, that we could save everything, but your inaction showed me how much you don't care about what's happening to me right now. If you had problems and I could help you, I would give all the money I have without thinking. I would do it because I fell in love with you and I trust you completely. For me, the main thing is our happy future, and money is not important. We talk about relationships and family and how we want to spend time together. But as soon as I ran into a problem, you told me that I had to solve it myself. You don't want to be a part of my life, and these thoughts frighten me. I don't know how we will continue to develop our relationship. My feelings are burning like fire right now, I don't understand why you talk to me like that. My love, I'm sorry if I offended you with something. But I've always said that I'm honest with you, and now, I write you everything I think and feel.
I guess today is the last day I can write to you, because I'm out of money and I have to move out of the Dorm. This morning, the Dorm superintendent told me that I had to vacate the room. I immediately contacted my curator, I told him that I was being evicted from the room. We talked for a very long time, probably this was the first time I felt that he was really worried about me. He said that he understood my whole situation and would like to help me, but unfortunately he could not do it. my curator told me that his daughter is getting married soon and he spent all the money to help her organize this wonderful event. He said that he would like to help me with housing but can not allow a stranger to bring a woman to his house, besides it would not be right, since he is married. Of course, I didn't ask him to do this, but his thoughts and words made me understand that he was really worried about my fate, despite the fact that I was a complete stranger to him. He is a very kind and sympathetic person, and if I could not live in a hostel until today, I would have been completely without money for a long time. He said that his superiors had already raised the issue of canceling my internship at Helsinki, but he asked his boss to give me some more time. I thanked him for this, but said that a few days would make little difference.
I'm really very nervous right now, I'm sorry I can't contain my emotions right now. I want to do something, but I don't know what I can do with my powers to avoid being defamed. I don't want to upset my curator and I am struggling to solve my debt payment problem. Now I don't even have the money to go back to Ternopil, I have nothing left at all, let alone paying my debt. I don't know what to do next, I have no options, the only way I can earn money to fully pay my debt in a short time is to work as a ********** in a massage parlor. You may be angry with me and you may be offended by these words, but it's true, and I'm telling you this because I've always told you the truth. I don't know what to do right now, and I don't have anything to say to you. I get it, you just don't care what happens to me. I guess the money I asked you to lend me is more important to you than me. I hope they will keep you warm on cold nights and take care of you instead of me.
I still hope that deep down you love me and want to be together. Think about it again. Think about how much your indifference hurts me right now. Do you realize that you risk losing me and we can't meet again? I'm sure you understand that. If money is more important to you, I'll understand. I'm tired of everything that's going on. I don't know when I can write to you, because I don't have any money left. I'm just desperate... I'm sad that you can't do anything for me, and I don't know what other choice I have. I need to find that money, or I could lose everything I've wanted for so long. I need to find the money to pay my debt and I have no other way. I'm sorry, I don't have a choice, I have to make a decision that won't make our relationship the same. I'm sad that it happened, but I can't do anything and I have no other way out of this situation.
You're going to sleep in your bed tonight, and I don't know where I'm going to sleep, and it's very sad. I didn't want to say bad words to you, but I can't explain to myself why you don't want to do something for our love. I've exhausted all my powers. I don't know when I will be able to answer. I wanted to be with you, and I did everything in my power, now my power is exhausted. I have to go, I love you.
Your Liudmyla.
Letter 7
Hi there my love Petrus!
I am very happy to write to you on this Friday. I don't know where to start my letter for you. First of all, I feel terrible, I haven't had a shower in two days. I'm disgusted with the situation I'm in now. It hurts me to know that I was wrong about you. I thought you would do everything in your power to help me. Turns out I was just a game to you. You never believed me, and now, despite your doubts, you're not trying to do it. You're not trying to help me, and I have no other choice.
I'm disgusted that I have to take this step, and it looks like our paths are diverging here. Of course sooner or later I'll still go to Helsinki, but I don't want to meet you after this. It won't be fair to you, and I won't be able to look you in the eye when you know what I did. I can't lie to you, and I think it's best that we break up now. I'll have to go to work at a massage parlor and become a **********. I have no other choice! I have no place to get money now. I need to find the money as soon as possible and I will have to take this vile step.
I have to go to work at the massage parlor tomorrow night. Now I have some money in my pocket, my friend sent me so I can eat. I will have a few more days until I get the money from my first client. It's terrible for me to even imagine what it's going to be like. It's good that I have a few days of "what to decide" before I have to do all this. It's disgusting and nastily, but that's my reality. All my life, only my friend took care of me and helped me in difficult times. It's still happening, but she doesn't have the money to help me now. I will have to decide everything myself, and I can only rely on myself, because as you say, you can't help me.
I want to ask you to forgive me if I've ever been rude to you. I don't want you to be upset with me in addition to this stigma that awaits me. I would like you to keep your thoughts and feelings that you may have had and not think badly of me. I am grateful to you for all your warmth and attention to me. I am grateful that you were the one to whom I was able to entrust my innermost thoughts and desires. I thank you for the smiles that were on my face every time I read your letters. I thank you for everything! For all the emotions, but it seems that our paths diverge. I'm asking you not to blame yourself, it's not your fault. This is my life and mine alone, and I have no right to demand your help. I can't lie to you and tell you that everything is fine and we'll be together soon. I can't be with you after everything that's going to happen to me in the next few days. I'm sorry, I think we should break up now. I don't see our future after what I have to do.
Do not you want to look in my eyes, feel the warmth of my lips, hold me an unforgettable night? It is because of our love 375 euro collapse? I do not believe in that. Please listen to your heart, it tells you? For a long time we were freezing from loneliness and love have been wronged, but now an opportunity to change all that, and I think we should use this chance.
I am convinced that fate gave you to me, and I do not want to lose the thread of trust that exists between us. I am waiting for your answer!!! See you.
Your Liudmyla!
Letter 8
Hello my love Petrus!
I am very glad to write to you in this Thursday. If you say that you love me, then how can you tell me that I have to deal with this myself. Isn’t the couple supposed to solve all the problems together. I think it was a big mistake to fall in love with you. Because a loving person should not throw his lady in trouble. If you have the opportunity to help, and you just decide, leave me alone with this problem. Then I also think that we need to leave. And do not try to build a previously broken relationship. And the point is not that you do not want to send money. And the fact that you are leaving your woman in trouble. Bye-bye!
Your Liudmyla!
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