Scam letter(s) from Elena to James (USA)

Letter 1
Howdy! My name is Elena and I'm 29 years old. I'd like to get to know your better. First, I would like to tell what I am looking for. There has to be an attraction, and that is usually clear from the start. I was never the one that was impressed by status or money, what I am usually impressed by is education, intelligence and care. The way a person treats everyone else, not just a girlfriend or a family member. Make no mistake care, warmth and kindness have to come first. I am capable of love. Love brings meaning to one's life. "To love is to run the risk of failure, the risk of betrayal." However there is nothing greater than love. You can be happy about a new job, a trip to some great place that you always dreamed of, but nothing can top that feeling. And that is what I am looking for. If you are looking for the same, I'll be glad to talk to you.
Respectfully, Lena
Letter 2
Hello. Im was happy to receive your answer for me. I'm didnt know if I'm could read your answer, but I'm gladly that you wrote to me. How is your mood? I hope you stay safe. I will be glad to develop our communication. I am wiil be waiting your answer. Elena
Letter 3
Hello, James! Is very glad to see your letter! How are you today? My day was good. It will be very pleasant and interesting to me to have acquaintance to you. I live in small city Kostroma. James, I want to warn that my intentions are serious. I think that my character is not character of the girl which searches only for flirtation, I wait from life of more important things. James if for you acquaintance is only game - I do not think that we with you approach each other. I was tired of games and people which think only about themselves and the interests. I hope you you understand me... I send you my photos, I hope you like it. James, unfortunately I cannot write more today, I have not enough time. I hope you you will not be offended. But I was really glad to receive your letter. Your new friend Elena
Letter 4
Hi dear James!!! All the day long thought of that as I will read your letter! James, I think that the American football is very hard sport. I like hockey and basketball. James, I want to warn you, I not always can to write much because I write to you from Internet cafe, I have no computer at my home. But I will try every day reply on your letters, it is very pleasant to me to receive them from you. I have removed mine profile from site because was tired of bad people which write bad words.
Because of messages with requests to send a ***** photo or simply rough words. When received such lines - I was very much afflicted... James, now I will communicate only with you and I am glad to it. I do not ask you to communicate only with me too, but would be very grateful if you support me in it. This way we could develop our acquaintance. I send you some photos, I hope you like it. I wanted to tell a little about myself. I work at children's school of art. It is school which helps children to develop their talents. I teach in a sewing and knitting class, children in my class learn to do things of a fabric, the threads, even some clothes. For example, I do a lot of clothes for myself by the hands. In the childhood my mum, has taught me to this creativity, it as if helps me to show my private world. I try to teach children in my class to show their feelings, their interests in their creativity. What do you think of it? At our school there are other classes, for example music, dance, poetry. I very much like to waste time at school, I as if receive energy of life when I am am surrounded with my students. James, it would be very interesting to me to know more about you, you have a hobby? You would like to show your private world in any new art? James, I try to study better English, I hope at me it it turns out. If I cannot understand some your words, I ask be not afflicted, I will try to be more attentive. Your friend Elena
Letter 5
James, I smile when I see your lines!!! I looked forward when I can read your letter and at last I can make it! What to come to cafe to me it would be necessary to spend about 30 minutes in a way. I spoke to you, I live in city Kostroma. Usually it is a silent and safe city, but yesterday I was frightened. My way was about park, there some men loudly shouted. I think they were *****, it is not pleasant to me when people accept a lot of alcohol and show aggression. But all was good, I have safely come back home. I try to be careful always. James, I negatively concern alcoholism. I think that you heard that in my country is the big problem. I do not drink alcohol. Since the childhood when in the mornings I went to school, I saw ***** people in the street. To me was very sick to see that people simply ruin the life it. I never understood why people continue so to drink, after all it does not bring anything good. James, what you think? James, to me sadly to read a line about your unfortunate marriage. I can imagine that you had to test... I am sorry about your Father... I am glad the nobility that you visit your Mum often, I think that a family - the most important in our life. James, I love all animals equally. I cannot make a choice between a cat and a dog. James, tell to me more about your city and your native land, it is very interesting to me. You take a favourite place where you to be pleasant to have a rest? I like to walk in park, it always calms me after active and a hard time. Helps to bring in my thoughts an order and rest, helps to think of many things. Still I like to have a rest about water, it is pleasant sounds of fountains, it as if hypnoses for me when I hear a fountain sound as if the whole world stops and waits when I will stop to fly in my thoughts. James, probably my words have brought to you a smile, simply wanted to be more open in conversation with you. Yours Elena
Letter 6
Hi, James! How are you? Today there was a good day for me!!! But I am a little tired, day on work was sated, but children always improve my mood. In my class the most part is girls, they laugh and smile during training much. Their smiles charge me a positive for a long time. James, But the rest of the time out of school is for me boring and monotonous. I know that for many people work can be unpleasant that which they spend time on work lasts long and difficultly for them. But me has carried also my work brings to me pleasure!!! I send you a photo with my mum hope you like this photo. Oh, James, you were sad to read to me about that accident which had in your childhood. I am happy that your Father has rescued you! James, I had no anything similar in my life, but once when I was little, I have tested an attack a plenty of bees. It was very terrible! My phobia is bees and spiders. I would be very glad if you send me more your photos. Why you do not send me a photo?
James, I want to tell to you about my parents. My mum Svetlana, and my father Aleksandr. My parents live in marriage 31 year. They for me an example of the big love! Because even now when I ask to tell mum about their acquaintance, she tells it with happy eyes and trembling in a voice. James, it seems to me so lovely! They are the most native and important people for me!!! I am always assured that at any time I can to address to them for support and in hard times they will be nearby. James, I cannot tell that my childhood was carefree, but I will be always grateful mine to parents for those moral values and education which they have given me. My mum has taught me to sew, do many things of a fabric. I think that after that I have decided to teach creativity to children. I very much like to prepare together with mum, we often try to prepare new dishes. James, what is your favourite dish? My father likes to spend time in a garden, it very quiet person, can always give a wise advice. I try to visit more often parents, but they live in other city, some hours of a way from me. They lived in city Kadyi all life. James, tell about your family, it would be pleasant to me to see more photo with them. I hope to hear from you soon!!! Yours Elena
Letter 7
Hi, James!!! I looked forward your letter! My day was good today. I spend time with my friend, she is unique my close friend. Her name is Anna. We are on friendly terms since the childhood as if I know her all life and she as if the sister for me. But recently we spend time together a little, it afflicts me a little. My friend works as the seller in clothing store. I very much like to speak sincerely with my friend Anna. James when I have told that has got acquainted with you in the Internet, She worried for me and my safety a little. She is sceptical about acquaintances in the Internet. James, I hope you you do not take offence on her for it because she only to care of me and wishes only the good. James, I think that it perfectly when nearby there is a friend which worries and to care of you, the friend with which it is possible to speak about any secrets. James, you have many friends? I think that at such person as you should be many close people. Tell to me about them.
Why you do not send me your photos? I hope you will send a photo tomorrow, I will be very glad to it. Wanted to tell to you about my friend, she married 6 years. Now she and her husband Vadim plan to get the child, I think at them there will be a fine kid! Her husband works as the driver of the truck, and to it spends not enough time of the house. He works much and sometimes he leaves for some weeks the house and when comes, spends houses some days, and again leaves to work. Anna always difficultly lives separation Time. But I try to support her. James, we have a statement that separation does feelings more strongly, but I think that separation this most difficult for feelings... What do you think of it? James, very much it is pleasant to me that I can come up with to your my ideas, I hope you treat kindly it. I will wait yours next the letter Yours Elena
Letter 8
James, Hi!!! Oh... Today there was a long day, but I am glad that it has ended! I am a little tired, but would find time what a little to distract from vanity, I looked movie at home, it is my favourite movie "a walk to remember". James, it is a film about love, but very sad, it seems to me that each time when I look it - on my eyes of tear... But these emotions help me to distract from problems or any thoughts. Still I am pleasant like a fantasy, comedies, melodramas. It seems to me that an interesting film as if an adventure in a stream of monotonous days which helps to distract and forget for an instant of excitement and a problem. James, what is your favourite movie? My favourite season is summer. In my country the summer has the short period and I am pleasant like warm weather 2-3 months in a year. I have no big plans for summer because I work every day. I never travelled before outside of my Native land, but I dream to see ocean once. James, wanted to ask you, you like to dream? Probably it to me likes to look films because they help to dream.
It so is interesting to build the world of imagination in which you can be the hero or the fine princess!
(Only do not imagine me in clothes of Zena or Snow White). I ask you, do not laugh when you read these words, I am very timid... But I smile itself when I write you it! James, I hope you you understand me. I will finish the letter because was tired today on work, but I will wait your words tomorrow. Yours Elena
Letter 9
James, thanks for your letter! James, today I had an unpleasant case... When I went for work, about school saw my schoolgirl, she smoked. It has very much offended me. When she has seen me, has thrown out cigarettes and was frightened. She has told that will never do it again more. James, same only the child... I Think that tomorrow I need to make a lesson on which we will discuss harm of smoking.
I never thought that it sometime will concern children of my class... James, what you think of it?
That I still could make what to help they? So it is easy to upset probably me, but all the day long I think only of this unpleasant case. James, thanks for your letters, they help me to distract and forget a little about bad put. I will try not to think about bad, the most important thing it to have more positive! I am right in it? I remember what child I was in the childhood. My mum told that I was very active that very much early was fond of creativity, often asked mum to teach me to sewing. James, tell to me about your childhood, it is very interesting to me. You were active in the childhood? I cannot tell that in my childhood all was easy... But I have the big gratitude for my parents, they were sometimes very strict, but surrounded me with care. James, thanks to my parents I have moral values and character which they have helped me to develop. James, sometimes it seems to me that children have presently no same moral values what children in my childhood had. What do you think of it? I understand that only the teacher of creativity for children, but I try to give to my pupils more than simply skills on sewing and self-expression. James, I am very glad that in my letters for you I can to come up with my ideas, it helps me. Yours Elena
Letter 10
Hello, James. How are you? Today I was visited by my mum, she has already come back home. I have sad mood now... Usually when mum visits me, we together make a supper, my mum very well prepares, very many she has taught me. James, in the childhood I had a brother, his name was Egor. But his age was almost 3 years - he has died of illness... Today casually we had conversation on it with mum. She cried and could not stop, spoke that now Egor would be with us, could have interesting life. My heart is filled by a pain when I see her tears... Mum asked why the destiny happens such unfair. I hardly can constrain tears now.... To me was only 6 years when Egor has left us.... I feel guilty because almost I do not remember him... James, I always have a question why children can die, they have not made anything bad, they only begin a difficult way to this life but so unfairly same way so early comes to an end... Why? Excuse if I have brought to you sad mood. Now it is difficult to me to write, I hope you you will not be offended, I need to calm down and get rid of these sad thoughts...
James, I will wait your letter. Once again excuse me for sad mood.... Yours Elena
Letter 11
Hi, James! I would want that you have smiled when read my words, to me it will be very pleasant if you make it!!! I have good mood! I hope have not brought to you excitement when wrote about my mum... James, I did not want to seem to such sad. Thought much when has come home, in life there can be different things, but think my brother would not would like that his family longed. James, I am right in it? I think that it is necessary to be more positive, to try to live and breathe a full ******, to try to have time to make more!!! James, your letters have helped me to improve my mood, thanks! I visited my friend Anna today, we had fun and listened to music. She can always encourage and help not to think me of sad things, I am very glad that she is in my life! James, it seems to me that I have got used to your letters, and every day I look forward them!!! To me sadly to read your words. I think that the distance would not be a barrier what to develop acquaintance. I think that in letters people can communicate some other way, tell more about the person, speak about things which cannot to tell at personal meeting. I think presently distance is not the big problem. Today, when I came back home from work, I as if did not see anything around, flied in my thoughts dreams.
I imagined that would happen with a city if there were no cars. (maybe it silly sounds) But with a smile I imagined as people go by bicycles, have imagined as if around became less noise and people became kinder. James, what you think? What would happen with people without cars? James, I understand that it is a strange question, but it is really interesting to me to know your thoughts on it. James, I am very glad that I can to communicate with you, your letters became an integral part of my day, a pleasant part! I hope soon to see yours next the letter. Yours Elena
Letter 12
James I do not know how to describe that happens with me now. To me it is very sad... Today I had very bad day, I do not imagine how to me to return to norm after that. Tears there are on my eyes all the day long. I think that have lost one of the most important things in my life... Even it is difficult To me to write about it... James, today my school have closed. In the morning the school was visited by people from the fire commission. After check they have told that our school does not correspond to standards of safety and they have closed school. The management has explained that they cannot make anything what we again worked... I never in life lost work, but to me is sick because I cannot spend time more with my pupils. Teaching was one of the most important things for me. I could show my private world in creativity, helped to learn it of children. Now it is not present, I am am frightened by uncertainty as if I have lost a support under myself. . James, I do not know as me to be now, it is difficult to me to behave in hands, it is difficult to believe that have closed my work... James, I do not know as me to stop my thoughts, it would be desirable to cry simply.... I so was going to show to my pupils much, tried to teach their to much. But any people have come and in a flash all have taken away it, all because any silly papers, standards for them is more important than training of children, is more important than things for the sake of which I tried to make all!!! James why this world sometimes so is unfair and rigid?! I can not stop some tear now... I will try to calm down, but it is difficult to me to imagine that I will not return any more to school, in my class, to my pupils. I Will come back home now, it is difficult to write in such condition, I hope you you understand me in it...
Letter 13
James, Hello. Today all the day long I spent with the friend, she tried to inspire me, to encourage what I did not long so. It is difficult to me to imagine that my school have really closed only because fire safety does not correspond to new standards. James, the school worked so many years, I know that never happened there any bad things, but unfortunately it is not important for those officials which have closed us. Your encouragement is very important for me in this hard time. It is pleasant to feel that you care of me. I do not know other schools of arts in which I could work.
Thanks for your words of support, it are important for me in this hard time. When I have told about all it Anna, she have embraced me and have told that I do not need so to torment myself. That I can try to find other work on which I can teach people to creativity, embroidery. Anna has told that I should be strong. James, I wanted to tell that if not your letters.... I would not imagine that did, your letters as if unique bright event which happens with me now and it would give to me of force what to resist to these bad circumstances. Thanks you for it! James, I promised to visit Anna tonight and I need to hurry up. I will miss and wait yours next letter. Yours Elena
Letter 14
Hi, James! This morning, when I have woken up - as if have felt the beginning something new. I am very glad that at this time I can share my thoughts and impressions with you. James, I feel that you became closer for me and with each new line become even closer, it means for me much. James, in the morning the sunlight has woken me, this inexplicable sensation when you feel the beginning of new day and warmly which gives light, as are charged by energy and a positive what to worry the next day. You understand me? I had good conversation with Anna. We had a lot of fun, have looked a little movies, to us to be pleasant to look together romantic films. I very much liked a film "Kate and Leopold", you heard about it? James, it is one of such films after which you feel had a rest when after viewing there are easy and pleasant impressions. Tell what actors to you are pleasant, it is interesting to me. Anna asked to remain me in her home, has told that will worry if I go home on a night city one. I spoke to her about you. James, I do not know as to tell, I am a little timid...
James, I have told that in conversation with you with as if I open and I can speak about many things which are important for me. Anna smiled when heard me, she has told that is very glad to hear my words. I am very glad that now I have learnt you and that I can talk to you about all. I feel that you really try to understand me that you are fair with me. I hope that you as know that you can talk to me about all. James, I would would like that you became even closer for me emotionally. Yours Elena
Letter 15
Your letters bring me smile, James! Every day I look forward your lines and they are pleasant for me!!! James, tell to me more how you spend usually your days, I would like to imagine as you wake up that you do in a current of day, it is interesting to me! Today I searched new work, it has a little upset me, but I am perfectly in order. To find new work difficultly, but I think that all will be good and at me all will turn out. If to think I never searched for work, right after university I have started to work at school children's arts and did not imagine that such days when I will need to search for new work sometime will come. Usually conversation by search comes to an end "we will let to you know if you approach us"... James, it always so happens? James when I receive from you the letter - I cannot have a bad mood as if dialogue with you became a part me! James, I have sensation that we are familiar with you very much for a long time! It is difficult to explain it, but I hope you you understand me! I did not imagine that I can so to get used to your letters, but it is pleasant to me! James, what you think? Tell to me about your sensations and impressions about our dialogue. For me all this time is time of changes, but I am not in stress, I am grateful to you for it. I write these words and I smile, hope my words have not seemed to you silly. I will look forward your letter. Yours Elena
Letter 16
Hi, all the day long thought that you do before will read my letter today. I missed and is very glad to see your lines now!!! James, today I have woken up with unusual feeling. I had an unusual night dream. It was one of those dreams after which you some time yet understand there was it a reality or not. James, it was for the first time when you have dreamt me! I would tell that it was our first appointment... In the sleep I simply walked on park, did not hurry up anywhere, looked at passers-by of people, observed as a wind disturbs branches of trees. But it is unexpected, when I have looked forward - I have seen you, you stood with a flower in hands and smiled. James, your smile was such kind and warm as if you wanted to tell "smile to me", and smiling to I has embraced you... Then we walked on park, you held me by the hand and something told, we laughed, had fun! James, I did not want to wake up, to me I was very good also even have believed that it is a dream and all it happens in a reality!!! Morning has woken me... I did not understand Some time that happens and did not know really we with you walked on park or not... James, I think that never in life I had such romantic and easy mood as mood in my dream. James, it is very interesting to me to know that you think of it, tell to me your thoughts. I sometimes am sorry because I am not able to draw, I am frequent at school of creativity observed as children and teachers draw, dreamt to learn it, but it was impossible to me... If I could draw - I would draw fragments of memoirs of my dream about us, it would be so beautifully!!! What do you think? James, you would like to be able to draw beautifully?
For me also it would be very interesting to learn about that you remember-whether the dreams and if you not against, I is glad to learn that dreams you. I will wait with excitement your answer to my letter! I hope that you can write to me soon. Yours Elena
Letter 17
I am happy to read your lines! James! It seems to me that with each new day I think of you more and more... It so is unusual to me, but it is pleasant!!! James, sometimes I think that without acquaintance to you I as if slept all time, and days were grey, boring... James, I trust, in life any events make sense that accidents do not exist!!! Bad or good event has the sense, it either test or support which are necessary that the person could develop. I think that acquaintance to you is that support which was so is necessary for me at this time. James, what you think? James, I do not know how to tell, but it seems to me that you are similar to that ideal of the man which I searched always... You as which can disperse a warm, light image any shades! We have a statement "the woman searches for the man which is similar on her the father". My father is an ideal of the man for me.
He is the careful, attentive person. Which inspires feeling of safety and at any time can support, be a support in difficult days. James, I seem to me I have feelings to you, but it is difficult to me to speak about it because I am not assured... James, I hope you you understand me in it because it is difficult to me to speak about feelings, it so is unusual and with me never happened it!!!
James, I have a redness on my cheeks now. . My friend Anna I spoke to me often that the romantic and naive person as the little girl, but I trust that in it there is something magic because in this world when around can be a lot of bad - should be something magic, something beautiful and romantic as is meaning of the life, brings light in hearts and souls!!! James, for these words and thoughts my friend Anna named me romantic and naive. James, for me it is important that you understood me in it! James, I will wait with excitement your letter. Your romantic Elena
Letter 18
Hi my James! Your words warm me!!! When I read your lines to me it would be desirable to embrace you! James, your words bring to me many emotions! James, today I dreamt of us! I imagined that my dream was a reality that we really walked with you on park and held by the hand each other. I am timid to speak, but imagined as by the light of lanterns we kissed, it was the first kiss which as if the lightning pierces heart, it is possible to go mad of emotion of this kiss!!! I write you these words and it would be desirable to close eyes palms because I so am timid in these words!!!
I imagined as we slowly we go on avenue, and you without any words have embraced me, have looked in eyes and with such trembling, tenderness have simply kissed... James, I do not know that to me to do, all my thoughts only about this dream now, it as if hypnoses, I close eyes and I see my dream of us!!! James, you dreamt about something similar? What do you think about it? Probably I did not need to speak about it, I do not know that you will think after my words... James, I only want to be more open before you because you became not simply the loved one for me. I have feelings to you in my heart. It seems to me that it is love. Those feelings which inspire people on fine, on the great!!!
James if I could glance now in your eyes and tell all it, to see the answer in your emotions! Yours and only yours Elena
Letter 19
Hello, my darling James! I missed you and badly slept all night long because thought about everything much, thought of us. Usually I go to bed early, but I managed to have a sleep a little only when have seen the first beams of the sun. Thoughts on us did not give me rest, it as if an avalanche which not to stop. An avalanche from dreams, excitements, emotions, feelings. James, all it did not allow to me to concentrate, I looked out of the window and thought of you that you can do at this time, about your thoughts, on your mood... James, it is possible to speak much about feelings, but I understand that it will be insufficiently. James, these feelings are a key fortunately, to that composure about which all people dream almost. But all it can be possible only when the distance between us will disappear. James, what you think of our meeting? I understand that it difficultly, I do not want to make you this responsible, these difficulties... So it is a lot ofthoughts to my head now, I do not know as me to concentrate on all it. James, in my heart, in my thoughts there were many changes, I so am glad that I can to feel all it!!! To feel fine things which give me thoughts on you! But I do not imagine as me to arrive, all it so is new to me! James, I will visit my parents, I am assured that they will support me and will advise wise things. It seems to me that when I visit parents, I as if hide from vanity, from difficulties and I can easy consider all with what my parents necessarily will help me. James, I will try to return as soon as possible and I hope that tomorrow I can write to you. Yours Elena
Letter 20
James, my love! I miss you! I do not imagine how me to show words all my emotions now! James, I think about you much, even when I was in the house of parents. I did not notice that almost all time I tell about you. My father asked about you much, in his eyes I saw excitement. But my parents wish me only kindly also worry about me. James I have told about you and my parents are glad that you have appeared in my life! Mum would tell that the most important thing that I was happy. They would be glad to get acquainted with you once. I tried to return as soon as possible and is very glad that I can to write to you now. James, I so wanted to embrace you now... To tell about that as I wasted time. James, each time when I visit my parents - we sit down a table, we cook tasty food, usually we do a dinner together with mum, it very much is pleasant to me! I think that because of it each time when I visit parents - I have sensation some a holiday because we sit and a table, tasty meal, we laugh much and we can talk about any things, on any themes. I also like to go on the nature because in village of my parents very beautiful nature and me to be pleasant to go on wood or pond coast. It calms me and helps me to think about all. James, my parents are really glad for us, mum has told that in my opinion has seen some shine, a spark. It was very pleasant to me to hear it. James, I and itself notice that after acquaintance to you, my life has changed, it became a bit brighter, has got new paints, and I am very glad that thanks to you I could to learn this fine feeling love. James, and you have noticed any changes in your life after we have got acquainted? It would be very interesting to me for learning about it. I hope that tomorrow you can find time to write me your letter. I will look forward. Yours and only yours Elena
Letter 21
Hello, my darling James!!! I have a lot of emotion in my heart now! I feel all this time as time of changes, significant changes in life!!! As if I stand about line, having crossed which all to change, but I do not know what to think... In my heart as there are doubts. Is so many bad stories about those girls which left the native land and there were in bad situations, in the world many bad men... But I trust in those feelings which I have to you, mine James. I need encouragement now.
James, it is pleasant to me to know that you spoke to those women about me. I am proud you... You such darling. James, I admitted to you feelings, it was difficult for me, but I have coped with it.
You are necessary to me only and fidelity is not an empty phrase for me. James, I think of you much!
Today when I made a dinner, I imagined on what it would resemble if you helped me if I could do any usual things together with you! All would become seems to me that brighter events!!! It as if the black-and-white cinema has suddenly got colors. James, you understand me in it? You can feel my words? What do you feel when read these lines? But it is necessary for me to make a choice, to overcome these doubts, it very much excites me and does not give rest drops! James, today I will see my friend Anna, support and council from it is simply necessary for me. It always helps me with difficult situations, encourages. James so happens with me lately much, in my heart simply storm of emotions, in my thoughts all has mixed up also I do not know as me to be... The help in it, James is necessary To me. I think of you, I think of us, in my life never was anything similar! James if I could embrace you during these instants that all thoughts would disappear that I could feel that is not lonely now and I can hold you by the hand! But between us the big distance... James when in the morning I have woken up - I saw the first beams of the sun, I always wanted share such moment with the loved one to whom I have feelings in my heart!!! James, I imagined as we together we look at a dawn, we see as the nature wakes up! Your occurrence in my life is a dawn for me, for my feelings about which I long dreamt!!! James, I will finish this letter, Anna waits for me. I hope you can write to me soon. With kiss yours Elena
Letter 22
James, my love! I so am glad to see your letter! If I could describe words as worried all this time!
It seems to me that last day lasted the whole eternity, I kept mind about you and about yours the letter, wanted to read it somewhat quicker! James, I do not know how me to describe all my feelings now! In my heart as if a storm of emotions! James, I thought of us much, thought about all. All seemed to me that that till this time I as if slept. And your occurrence in my life has cleared from me, I could breathe a full ******, could feel! I have feelings to you, which I never had feelings earlier! I all life dreamt of it and now this dream becomes a reality! James, I spoke with my friend Anna, she have supported me, have helped me to understand my thoughts, feelings. She has told to me that I should do that tells my heart! James, you which that man I waited all life!!! It so is unusual to me, I all life dreamt to feel that magic and the most important in life. To feel those feelings about which it is written so many books so it is a lot of songs and poetry, it is a lot of movies. It was for me something unrealizable, something that I never could understand completely! But now I have these feelings in my heart and this finest that happened in my life!!! James, I so am timid to write it, but you that person with which I can be opened completely! James, I have decided to arrive to you what to feel heat of your embraces that I could glance in your eyes, see my reflexion in them and tell all that I have in my heart to you! I think it there will be the happiest and magic instants of life!!! Anna has advised to me to address in tourist agency, I will visit them and I learn about all that is necessary for our meeting. James, I understand that it is very serious step, but I thought of it much, you which that man I searched for all life that man with which I can be the happiest woman in world!!! James, tell to me about your feelings, tell how you you imagine our first meeting, our first kiss? What do you think? James when I think of our first kiss, my heart goes mad, its rhythm becomes such fast!!! It as if emotional explosion!!! James, I imagine as could walk with you, hold you by the hand and speak about the diversified things, laugh, embrace and kiss!!! Ah... It is so fine!!! I all heart hope that we can look very soon in the face each other and speak about all that is in our hearts!!! I do not imagine as I will have a quiet dream today, I keep mind about you! I will wait yours next letter. Yours and only yours Elena
Letter 23
James, my love!!! I so missed you all this time! I think of you, about us much!!! Yesterday I fell asleep with a smile on my face, I imagined how I would be happy to fall asleep in your embraces...
So many things happen with me at this time, I would dream that we could look in the face each other!
All heart I trust it becomes a reality soon!!! James, you read that I write to you? You receive all my letters? James, today I have learnt where precisely there is a tourist agency, I so worry before visiting of it. I will try to learn that is necessary for our meeting as soon as possible. I cannot have patience what that day a reality became faster, when we can be in embraces each other!!! James, I am am overflowed with emotions, I do not imagine how me to describe all that happens in my heart now!!! Its so fine!!! Today I listened to a lot of music, never I so brightly did not react to music about love as if all these things have got for me new sense! James, you feel what changes? When I listened to music I imagined how we can dance together when you will place your warm palms on my waist, how we could look in the face each other and enjoy each instant! It so is romantic!!! James, you have a song during which time we slow dance, your favourite song could to dance? Tell your dreams of our first dance what it should be? It is important for me... James, I thought of our first kiss, I so am timid to speak about it... But I like to be opened in my thoughts and emotions with you! I feel that I can trust completely in you in all!!! Behind your back I could feel myself in perfect security and confidence! James, it is of great importance for me! My heart as if to be shone now seems to me that, I all life dreamt of those feelings which I have now! You are that man which have presented to me these feelings, have cleared me from long sleep, sleep of the whole life!!! But now I feel as if new life, life in which I has begun you are capable of feelings to such fine and good man how you!!! It is possible to write much about feelings, about those magic things and dreams which these feelings bring! But I understand that the most magic instants are instants of the first meeting, the first sight and a kiss! I think that these instants will live eternally in our hearts, will give us warmly and happy emotions all life!!! James, I cannot find words with which to describe my condition now, I feel me the true woman who is capable to love and be loved, I all life dreamt of it!!! And you could present to me these feelings, I am infinitely grateful to destiny for it!!!
James, I miss you... All heart I hope I can soon tell all it looking in your eyes. I will fall asleep in dreams of us today! For ever yours Elena
Letter 24
James, my love!!! My heart is overflowed with emotions and feelings! I dream share all fine in my heart with you!!! To look in your eyes to speak to you about all that gives me love to you!!! I feel myself live to the present!!! I feel as with each minute of feeling to you grow and become finer, more the magic!!! As if it is a fairy tale, a fairy tale which I waited all life and now I feel happy!!! James, you read that I write to you? Why you speak with me in this way? I have offended you by something? I write to you about my feelings, about my dreams... I write to you that I will visit tourist agency. You as if do not read my letters... I had no possibility to visit tourist agency today, I will try to make it tomorrow! All heart I hope all I will be good also I can learn when we will be in embraces each other!!!!! When we can feel heat of our touches, passion of our first kiss!!! James, I so often think of our first kiss, I imagine on what it will resemble!!! I seem to me simply I will go mad of all bright and happy emotions!!! James, today I did not sleep all night long, I could fall asleep only in the morning... I kept mind about you, thought of us!!! I imagined as it would be fine to fall asleep on your shoulder that I could hear your breath... James, I never had such dreams, my heart as if has escaped from an ice captivity, I could feel the present life. Life in which love can make me the happiest in this world!!! James, I have tears on my eyes now...
These are tears of happiness, tear of emotions... I seem To me I will go mad now!!! I so madly want to appear in your embraces so I want to kiss you, I would want that you held me in your embraces and never released!!!! I do not know as me to worry even the next day, I searched for you, searched so long!!! So long!!!! I so am happy that life has presented to us this chance fortunately that the destiny has helped us to find each other among billions other people on this planet!!!! I all heart trust we will be together very soon, we will enjoy in each new afternoon in embraces each other!!!
James!!!! I am grateful to you for all that magic that you have brought to my heart!!! I cannot stop some tear when I write you these words, I do not imagine that happens with me now, I never felt anything similar!!! James, you have helped me to become the true woman, sensual, have helped me to realise me as absolutely other person, the person which the is half of man. The man to which I have so many bright and fantastic feelings!!! These feelings as if ocean, they as are beautiful and as are boundless!!!! I dream to give all life to you this ocean of feelings!!! To see your happy eyes every morning, to feel that you about me always!!! Ah.... I do not know how me to consult with all that happens in my thoughts now... I will try to calm down and have a few patience... I trust soon to tell to you all it looking in eyes! I do not know how today normally to sleep, I am assured thoughts and dreams of us will not give me rest. For ever yours Elena
Letter 25
James, my love... I do not imagine how me to have calmness now... I write to you with tears in the face of, I cant stop crying... Never in life to me was so badly and sadly. I am simply frightened now. James, today I visited tourist agency, I have learnt about all that is necessary for our meeting. But it has brought a pain to my heart, it has wounded me, to me it is terrible now! James, I cannot arrive to you, forgive me... But it is too a big sum for me. It above my possibilities, I did not imagine that such great sum will be necessary. I have no possibility to arrive to you and I understand that it has brought a pain to your heart. To me that you can terribly begin to hate me, terribly that I could wound your feelings, your heart. Bryan, you the most important person in this world for me! I am ready on all for the sake of happiness with you, but I am powerless in this situation... I understand... I understand that you will be angry with me that you will not want to see me and to listen, because I have rested your hopes because I promised to you and could not arrive... All that I wanted to be it in your embraces. But the cruel reality has knocked me down, has brought down and does not allow is risen on feet again!!! James, forgive me for everything, forgive that I have broken your heart, have brought to you excitement and a pain... I will always love you, but I do not imagine that to me to do now. It will be possible to me better simply to disappear and not to torment you further... I do not know how me to worry this night, I do not know what to do further! I feel myself such helpless and silly!!! I do not know how I could be such naive, believing that for happiness the love is necessary only!!! James, I as if feel as my heart I stop from a pain, in despair, I do not know how me to calm down how me to master with myself, my thoughts and this mad pain!!!! James!!! I cannot think of what, to me only is terrible and sick!!!
I so dreamt of us so imagined our first kiss much much, I lived only these instants, anticipated it!!!
And all these dreams have failed, have burnt down in a flash, they have disappeared in the dark my fear, my pain and despair... James, I cannot make anything what to appear in your embraces now, to me so is sick from it... James, forgive me, forgive that I have not justified your hopes about us.
I understand that is guilty in everything if I have not appeared in your life, all it would not be.
We did not rest hope of our happiness and love. We simply would lead usual life... But I would not bring a pain to your heart. But now all our dreams so are far from us... James, I love you, I love you most of all in this world!!! You the unique man in my life, you my man who has brought to my heart such fine feelings!!! But I could not carry out our dreams, could not make a reality our first meeting, our first kiss!!! James... To me so it is terrible, I want to disappear and not to feel this pain simply... Forgive me for all it, I am guilty to you, is guilty to our feelings... I have spoilt all, I have destroyed all magic of our feelings, magic of affinity of our hearts... I do not know why destiny so is cruel to us why the destiny gives us chance and takes away it at once... But do not blame yourself, in all I am guilty only... James, forgive me...
Letter 26
James... My love... To me so it is sick now... I not could sleep normally all night long, I kept mind about you, thought of us. All this time I lived only for the sake of dream of our meeting, I imagined that huge happiness which to us would bring our first kiss! But I did not imagine that all it can be so far from us... James, you the most important person for me in this world, are not necessary for me of anything except your embraces now! I flied in dreams when visited tourist agency, to me spoke that travel preparation would be made in a current of half-month. I would be so is happy if us divided only half-month. But it has too big cost for me. It has pierced my heart with a pain... James, it is a pity to me to give nothing for the sake of happiness with you, I am ready to offer even half of life. But I am powerless in this situation, 640 dollars too a great sum for me... To me it is terrible now... What will we do for our meeting? When we will be together? James, all that is necessary for me for happiness is to wake up every morning in your embraces, to feel that the most important person for me always about me that I during any instant can kiss you, tell that is in my thoughts and to see your eyes at this time!!! James, I cannot stop some tear when I write you these words... If you could clean these tears from mine face, look in my eyes and tell love words, tell that you with me and will not leave me in loneliness! You will not leave alone with any difficulties... But you are far from me now... This distance breaks off my heart on a part, torments me! I do not know as me to have to sleep this night, I cannot concentrate on my thoughts and have at least a calmness drop... James, I will wait with the big excitement your letter. Your girl Elena
Letter 27
James, my love!!! Every night I have dreams about you, each time these dreams bring to me so much emotions! I all heart hope all becomes fast it is a reality and we will meet each new day together!!! James, you my second half, each new breath I would do what to approach day of our meeting! James, but I very much worry now because each new day becomes longer and longer for me...
James why you speak with me in this way? I have made something bad for you? If I had possibility I would prepare my travel for you. But I do not know where to me to search for the help. My parents are pensioners, they receive only little social help from the state. James even if I would have a permanent job that to me it should to save these funds about one year... James, what we will do for our meeting? We have what plan now? I all heart hope we will find a way for us, we will be together soon! James, in my heart there lives hope of our happiness, of realisation of our dreams! James, this morning, when I have woken up, I yet have not opened an eye. I lay so some minutes, would whisper my desire that you lay about me. I all heart would want that you have appeared with me!
Without opening an eye I has given a hand, I as if have felt as have touched you, have heard breath.
My palpitation was such frequent, I so quickly breathed! But when I have opened eyes saw only cold bed, I was lonely... James, I trust that sincere desires, dreams will always be carried out! Most of all in life I want to be with you now, to rejoice lives together with you and to feel as with each new minute our feelings become only more, is brighter as a newborn star! I am ready to shout for the whole world about those boundless feelings which you to me give! James, I hope all this time of our separation will end soon and we will look at it as on difficulty which we have overcome for the sake of our love! I will wait with huge excitement yours next the letter. Yours and only yours Elena
Letter 28
James, what's wrong with you? I do not understand that you try to tell, I do not understand about what you write to me. WHAT HAVE I made BAD FOR YOU? WHAT??? WHY you speak with me in this way? I have explained you a situation. I have explained to you that I have been broken when have learnt that cost of my travel to you will be huge for me. Even if I would have a permanent job that to me it should to save these funds about one year. But instead of encouragement and love words, you continue to press on me! What to me to make? To plunder bank? To steal money? WHAT SHOULD I MAKE? I do not know that to me to think now. I have opened to you my soul, I have made a declaration of love to you... But it is visible to you to spit on my feelings and all that I speak to you. Elena
Letter 29
James, what for you play games with me? You can tell to me directly? What for you write me any strange hints if you see that I did not understand your hints, what for you are rude to me and you do not try to explain at all to me of anything. If I do not have possibility what to prepare my travel to you, there can be you will to travel to my city? I will be happy to accept you. Otherwise I do not understand why you such rough with me? I the woman and I have feelings. I did not think that you can be such rough with me... Elena
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