Scam letter(s) from Maria Andreevna Sedychenkova to Austin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! You will very likely will be surprised by the writing. My friends call me Mari. I am just begin to acquainted into the Internet. seems that I open ed a door that which hid a lot. For me, this isextraordinary and it seems to me that I 'm already pretty old for all this. I begin to feel that I am not catching up with pace of the world that is near . I decided to keep up! And try use modern technologies for dating! I will get to the point. I reside in the east of Russia. My city is called "Saratov". What country do you live in? I'm thirty four years aged. I'm not here to jokes. I'm interested in personal dating and the start of an adult relationship. I really hope that thou'll answer me. My emotional state doesn't allow me to start write a lot now. Because I still feel a little shy. I can say that thou'll get my more confident and informative answer theonly in case you answer to this one! Take care... All kind, Mary.
Letter 2
Howdy Austin!
I 'm honestly really pleased to gain e-mails from you.
I 'm really pleased to contact with you and I look forward to catching e-mails from you.
In my childhood my mama called me Mashenka caressengly. I wantu to name me the same way too.I 'll be really pleased.
Tragically my my mother and father passed away very early. I stayed with my grandma. Always PracticallyI had to be the woman that could take what's yours. Honestly It was too difficult,nevertheless I tried my best to deal with any problems.
Tragically I failed to to seek out a connection together with a soulmate whom I would give my solicitude. I enjoy gentle menfolks who manage to to have respect for their words consequently I feel a need for our future conversation to be confidential with no any fake.
I 'd like to tell you some pieces of information about my career and hobbies.
At this time I work as a specialist of transport management. At the close of quarantine there were loss of jobs and salary reductions consequently I consider changing my occupation. If I 'm not busy I really like to make special tasty dishes and to run my eye over books.
What do u like doing in your time off? Have you got leisure interests?
I am going to look forward to a mail enthusiastically from u.
Letter 3
Hello, Austin!!!
I have not been experienced such positive feelings for such a long time.
My eyes never shone with happiness as they do from communication with you.
I like that we get to know each other better.
I 've realised I gonna tell u about my routine.
By that time I have said to you about my mother and father, I wanna say about my upset background- the case why I have not got married , while I have repeatedly desired to have a gentle manfolk. My ex-boy would drink alcohol and ******* me. By reason of this upset background, I am frightened to make an effort to build relationships with the russian men and so I 've made up my mind to send an e-mail to a foreign person because I am doubtless that u are differing from the russian men who do not enjoy and cherish their girls. I do want to misrecollect all this as a torture and never think of it.
Let me know me please of your motherland and the locations where you stay.
I would be so pleased to observe the pics of your most-liked areas.
I am going to look forward to a reaction from you.
Letter 4
Hello Austin. How are you today
What have you been doing?
Each time I think of the life trials we can face during our life period and Iunderstand we must not give up and should walk with our heads held high.
Already I have told you about my parents, they went away early and I have no any brothers or sisters but anyway I like my each day-life and life in general.
I am very lucky with my neighbours. Dima and Vika have 2 kids,an elder son Andrew and a younger girl Nadya.
Andrew 's 17 yr old. This year he's leaving school and he wanna enroll in institution of higher ed. Andrew said to me that he has an inclination to be a M.D. and be useful 4 human beings.
Nadja 's four yr old. Nadja spends time in the pre-school. She 's keen on horses and she dreams about her very own great and lovely horse.
Nadja 's a precious and wonderful child.
My neighbours Dima and Vika 're keen on pets.They even are the owners of a copmact reptile.
I don't have animals at home so I regularly give food to Dima and Vika's kitty that regularly goes to people living next door.I 'm keen on natural environment especially in summer, when each thing becomes colourful,everything flowering and giving a pleasant smell.
I have my best girl-friend who obliged me to contact with a fellow via internet dating relationship source.
Would u tell me please regarding your comrades.
I'll look ahead to an answer from u.
Letter 5
Good day Austin! How r things going on?
I 'm really thrilled to obtain a respond from you. Time after time I can hardly wait to get it.
Tell me all about your day?
The last day I was on duty. Later I baked a turkey withtossed salad and sweet potatoes in the oven. Also I prepared a sweet dish, for the 2nd course was an apple pie. I welcomed my people living next door and we had a sup hand in hand happily. All my visitors took pleasure in that I had cooked. They confessed it was the most appetizing turkey they'd ever had.
Whilst preparing the course I was fantasizing that it was especially 4 u.
I wish u'd been beside me at that point in time.
Again and again I 'm thinking about the awesome appointment.
I 'm dreaming about how I 'll prepare your most-liked course 4 u, lay the table 4 us and we 'll be sitting vis-a-vis. Our eyes will be glowing with happiness.
The eyes're the image of individuaity in which one is able to see and understand a lot of things. The eyes never tell untruth.
I do want to know how you imagine the excellent appointment?
Have a nice day and a great mood.
Letter 6
Hello there, Austin. How are u doing?
I am very pleased to get an email from u. Each time I receive a mail from u. I 'm very pleased as a kid and a broad smile appears on my face.
The idea of an perfect date awakens my memories of my first kiss. At that time I was 17 y.o, I was a fresher at a university. There was my classmate who was very good and attractive.He did not pay attention to me nevertheless I was fond of him so much that I wasn't able to keep my eye off him.
Time of exam period bagan, he was not able to pass the exam but I helped him to pass it, our professor was my granny's close-knit companion.
When he got a good mark he was so pleased so he invited me to the restaurant to drink a cup of coffee. He said he wanted to say thank you to me treating coffee and a dessert. I could not believe that at last he payed attention to me. Nevertheless, I realised that it was thanks to my help to him but not because of his simpathy to me.
We went to the restaurant and after he had walked me home I had the courage to kiss him. That was my first kiss in my life and until now I remember it. Sadly that was our last date.
And do you remember your first kissing? How old were you? How was it? I am very interested in it.
Tell me please about your 1st kiss.
Of course boys start to contact with girls much earlier than the girls do it.
Probably you will be very surprised by such questions but I am in a very romantic mood and I 'd like to speak with you about it.
I will await a response eagerly from you.
Your soul mate name.
And probably not just a friend.
Letter 7
Hello my love Austin, how is your health?What do you have a new? Dear you didn't answer to my letter.I think you have been very busy.Dear you can't imagine how is important for me now to recognize your sympathy,your understanding,your encouragement...your so touching words of care-it's very important for me now...Again and again I don't stop to thank fate who gave me such unique,kind,noble, nice,sympathetic,caring man as you my dear!!!Let me express my words of gratitude and love to you my dear.Woman who entirely devoted to you, Masha.
Letter 8
Good day there Austin.
How are u?
I am very happy to see a mail from u. Every I see the letter from you I am very glad as a little girl and a smile appears on my face.
The idea of an ideal dating makes me remind of my first kiss. That time I was 17 yoa, I was a frosh at a university. There was my classmate who was very nice and handsome. He did not pay attention to me but I liked him so much that I was not able to stop staring at him.
Time of exam session came, he couldn't pass the exam but I helped him to pass it, our teacher was my grandma's close friend.
When he got a good grade he was very happy so he invited me to the cafe to drink a cup of coffee. He said he wanted to thank me buying coffee and a dessert. I could not believe that at last he had noticed me. But still, I accepted that it was owing to my assistance to him but not because of his feeling towards me.
We called on the bistro and after he had taken me home I plucked up the courage to kiss him. It was the 1st kiss in my life and up to the present time I cast my mind back to that moment. That 's a pitty that was our last meeting.
And do u cast your mind back to the 1st kiss? What was your age? How did it happen? It's really interesting 4 me.
Could u tell me please regarding your first kissing.
Truly young men start to have intimate relations with young ladies faster rather than the young ladies start doing that.
As it may be u are going to be too much taken aback by my questions but I 'm in a passionate spirit so I wanna have a conversation with you about it.
I'll look ahead to an answer zestfully from u.
Your pal pen name.
And as it may be not just a friend but more.
Letter 9
Good day, Austin. How r things going on?
I 'm delighted to obtain a respond from you. When I have a respond from you I become really thrilled delighted as if I 'm a small kid and a wide smile can be seen on my face.
Thinking of an awesome meeting takes me back to my 1st kiss. I seventeen yrs, I was in the first year of the university. There was a fellow student who was very good-natured and cute.He didn't focus his attention to me all the same I was mad about him so much that I could not couldn't stop looking at him.
Time of examinations started, he didn't manage to pass the examination but I helped him to do it, the mentor was my grandmom's good acquaintance.
When he passed the examination he was delighted so he asked me to go to the bistro to have a cup of coffee. He said that he had a wish to show his appreciation to me offering coffee and a dessert. I wasn't able to believe that finally he had noticed me. Although, I accepted that it was owing to my help to him but not because of his simpathy to me.
We went to the cafe and after he had walked me home I had the courage to kiss him. That was my first kiss in my life and still I remember it.
Regrettably that was our last date.
And do you remember your first kissing? How old were you? How was it? I am very interested in it.
Tell me please about your 1st kiss.
Of course boys start to contact with girls much earlier than the girls do.
Perhaps you will be very surprised by such questions but I am in a very romantic mood and I 'd like to talk with you about it.
I will wait for a letter impatiently from you.
Your soul mate name.
And perhaps not just a friend.
Letter 10
Hey my darling Austin!
I 'm so thrilled to get your answer. I always watch for an e-mail from u.
Your each particular e-mail warms me up and fills me with pleasant feelings and emotions.
Your each particular word to me as a kiss on the lips is filled with softness and grace.
Today is the day of birth of my director. That's why my team-mates decided to arrange a birthday party at my work place. We decided to surprise her. I brought a pudding, my workmates brought a bottle of sparkling wine and some fruits. We laid the table and beautified my director's office. Surely she was too astonished and she even cried a little but those were the tears of enjoyment. At the end of the workday we drank champagne a little, had some pieces of the pudding and everyone went home.
And right now I 'm writing a mail 4 u.
I would like to state u that our getting acquainted through the Internet is the most cheerful occasion in my life for the recent period of time.
I am grateful to u that I 'm able to be excited each particular day.
I have a wish to watch the sunny morning with u and to get pleasure from passionate evenings.
I have a wish to watch u near me. I wanna you to look at me with your eyes shining and saying 'I love u'
That is the reall delight. Do you agree?
I 'm posting u my kissing which expresses Loving. Straight kissing of Loving. Enjoy and keep it in mind.
I 'll not stop telling u about my love and I am gonna think about u without a break.
Letter 11
Howdy, Austin! I 'd love to call you Love! My dear!
I want to be near you. I 've understood that we can love each other from millons miles away. I 'm sure that our meeting is a fortune. For the last period of time I feel myself as if I am the joyfullest person in the world. Every morning I wake up with a smile on my face thinking about you. You bring me warmth and kindness. Despite of the kilometres between us I really know how intense my feelings to u are.
But for me it 's really hard to undergo the distance that is between us.
At the moment the one thing I need is you.
I wanna see you next to me, feel you and your breath, touch you, wake up in one bed with you in the morning and to enjoy the joyfullest morning.
I would like to cook smth special for you. I would like to feel your lips and hands.
I can't think about the kilometres between us any more. Every day I try to get away but you are perpetually in my head and I think of you without a break. The isolation drives me mad. I really need you, your warmth and kindness. I wanna laugh and smile together with you. I wanna spend every day with you. I wanna feel your warmness now.
I will await for a response from you.
Letter 12
Hello, my love, Austin!
How are you? What are you doing? How is your mood?
Yesterday evening my neighbour Vika came to my place. We sat and drank tea and then she asked me when I would go to name? I was shocked by that question. I wondered what she meant and she answered that it was written on my face that I fell in love.
At this current moment not only my soul but also my face says that I am madly in love. I can't hide my feelings anymore. They are overwhelming me inside. I want to scream to everyone 'I am in love with him'.
I have the only one thought at this current moment to come to you.
I have already told my boss that I want to move to your place and stay with you forever. Of course my boss did not want me to leave, but soon afterward she said that it was my life and it was only my decision what to do with it. She also said that I could find a job anywhere else because I am too industrious.
Of course I am not flush with cash, but I have got some savings that I can spend on the trip to you. I did not spend my money and at this current moment I can spend it on the right thing. I want to go to the travel company and to buy a ticket to you. What do you think of it? Do you want me to arrive at your place? If you are not against it, then send me the name of the airport where I need to go. I do not need any presents or flowers from you. I just need to look at your eyes, hear the whisper of your lips and feel your touch. This is the main value for me now.
I love you.
I will wait for a letter from you.
Letter 13
Hi, Austin! My special.
I went to the travel bureau. They informed me they 'd give help to fill in all the documentation to obtain the visa and they also 'd give help with the passport. I made some photographs and the manager assisted me in filling the documentation for the visa. She said that the plane tickets would be booked after the documentation were ready.
I wanted the manager to make the documentation more quickly so I paid some more money. So, my travel pass will be ready in five days. To obtain the visa I need to go to Moscow to the Visa Center. At the travel bureau they informed me that to travel to your country I had to justify my solvency. On the authority of the immigraton rulings of your country there're some rules of departure for people from the RF. 1 of those rules is to have finances on bank account 4 the person who is comming on the territory of USA.
I must show my bank statements at the Visa Center. To come to your country I need 71800 rubles on my bank account during the period my visa is valid 1 month. To get a visa I have to show them the money. This sum of money is a assurance of my financial viability. It shows them that I wouldn't go outside, wouldn't be a criminal and wouldn't earn money criminally. That is why, I 've paid for the flight, travel agency's services, the documents and the tickets for the plane- 46400 rubles. I have only 17600 rubles in cash. There are 8000 rubles on my bank account. I will transfer money onto my bank account and consequently there'll be 25600 rub on my account.
I don't have 46200 rubles so what should I do?
Where should I take this money? I really do not. I have spent almost all my money that I had collected. I didn't cancel anything yet as I still have 25600 rub left. And I have thought that you can give me 46200 rub for a short period of time. Are you able to help me with this money? As soon as I show my bank statements and guarantee my financial viability to the authorities of your country I will give you your money back immediately. U should understand that it's too essential that the authorities of your country let me pass in your country. That is a rule.
There's a need 4 me to show to the authorities of your country that I have money on my bank account. You see that I am going to pay back the money to u after obtaining the visa. It means that I am going to pay back the money to u before going to your place.
I was informed at the bank office that the foreign money transfer from your country to my country will take from 3 to 5 days. Hence, if u 'd like to help me and are able to do that you and I must not waste time!
They deliberately converted from currency of your country into rubles since I understand nothing in currency of your country. Can you please, convert the currency by yourself.
May be I dared to a desperate attempt but I really hope that it's your and my predestination and we are to be together with each other! I 'm completely confident that u 're only man whom I feel the necessity for, my partner for all my life. U are going to be my one and only love.
That's our destiny.
I am going to look forward to a mail from u!
Your Masha
Letter 14
Hello my love. How do you? I just opened your letter and was surprised and glad. Thank you my dear for your help. How long do I have to wait for your money to arrive in my bank account? My dear Beloved Person !!! I am so happy that you are you who appeared in my life! You have become a discovery for me! It seems that until the moment I met you, I simply did not meet Mature Men on my way or I simply did not notice them and did not want to see them! I feel so good with you! I have a feeling of confidence in the future! Whatever happens to me We can all pass and overcome Together and Nearby !! You are my strong shoulder that I can always lean on! Thank you for everything you do for me !!!
You are my treasure!!! And I will always tell you this !!! I love you.
I will send you my bank account details in the next email.
Very miss you. Kisses, your Masha
Letter 15
Hello my dear. beneficiary name: Sedychenkova Mariya Andreevna
beneficiary account: 40817840345095128417
beneficiary bank: AK BARS Bank
Beneficiary’s Bank Address: 420066, Russia, Kazan, Dekabristov street 1
SWIFT: ARRSRU2K I did not think at all about the fact that you need my documents. I'm sorry. I needed to send a photo of my passport before.
How are you? What are your plans for the weekend?
Austin, you know, today I woke up with sun beams that were coming out of my window and my first thought was about you! I was laying in my bed and thinking, imagining that may be some wonderful day we’ll be waking up together like this and the first thing you will do when you wake up is kissing me and wishing me a good morning and I will do the same for you. OK, my dear, I am finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to your reply!!! I miss you! With sweet thoughts about you,
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