Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sereda to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi it's me - Tatiana! How have you been? I haven't gotten a letter from you in a long time.
Maybe my e-mails got caught in Spam. (( Add my email to your contact list so my emails will always reach you.
I will wait for your reply.
Letter 2
Hi my friend Richard ! I can call you the friend? I am glad to read your message! :) it is very pleasant to me that you to answer me and to pay me the attention. it is very interesting to me to read your letter. we aren't familiar with you personally yet and our first letters have to be remembered to us on long. a meeting of the new friend this already big event in life. this new to me! I for the first time meet the man on the Internet. We can speak by phone, my number of the mobile phone – +7-927-684-3136! I have no house phone! But you can try to call me on mobile number! I will be glad to hear your voice! I hope, my English well, and you will be able to understand my message! I already wrote you that I from Russia! I live in the city of Kungur. I hope that our distance between us won't prevent our friendship and communication! As you already know my name is Tatiana or Tati! I am 35 years old , my birthday is August 30 1985. I am not married! I have no children!!! I am a free girl!!! I have a father and mother! My parents live in the neighboring city – Perm! I it isn't frequent to visit them, but I am always glad when they to come on a visit! Today, I want to tell you about my work! I'm a nurse. I work in a hospital. because of the pandemic, I've had a lot of work lately. I don't have contact with the virus directly, but I take care of sick people. they won't say it on TV, and you won't be able to find out , but the covid-19 vaccine exists, and it's successful. This vaccine has already saved thousands of lives here in Russia. We succeed in treating the virus. In part, this helped me. I have immunity to cavid-19. I also get vaccinated, and now I'm not afraid of this virus.
I hope you're doing well. I also have a higher education, I finish University. I am an economist and accountant by education. It is very difficult for us find a good job in the city, I was unemployed for a long time, after University graduation! But then I went to medical school, and after a while I found a job in the hospital. I like helping people. City of Kungur not really big. I very much love my city, and I will always love. I live here very long, and now it is my homeland! My parents, the father and mother live in the neighboring city, and we not often to meet. I will be to tell you about my family later, in the following message. My city to be at distance of 1500 kilometers from Moscow! I work from 9:00 till 17:00, 40 hours a week. How many hours a week you work? I very much want to know more about you as I very much like our communication! I will be honest with you, I don't want that we to deceive each other!
I long time am lonely! I had no man long ago! I can't find the loving and honest man in the city! In Russia men rough and cruel! For many reasons I can't find the love in my city and in general in Russia. I can't live with the man of the Russian character. As love this only heat and fire which doesn't allow to freeze in this cold world. I have been deceived in the past! Therefore, I have asked for the help in the Internet to find the second half. I to look for the Man with whom I will be able to construct a beautiful love story. To construct the serious relations. my intentions to find the love very serious. I already long time am without the second half. And the most important for the person it to find the second half. to learn true love. Because true love this most pure and pure feeling on the earth. these words I have tried to describe all what to happen at me at heart. I had serious relations in the past. But all this will end unsuccessfully.
Men in Russia are very cruel and dishonest. My ex-boyfriend has changed me. it is very sick to remember it. we have left also I long ago not to see him any more. I to very few people speak about it and now I don't know why I have decided to tell you it. Let it will be the first steps to our acquaintance. Now, when I write you this letter, became me easier and already not so alone and sadly. I to share with you the pain. But not only my inner world, but also my appearance and my vital interests is interesting to you. I want that my man was kind, gentle and loved me! That I felt in reliable hands. sometimes I feel lonely, I want that near me there was a man whom I will love! I want to come home to the beloved! I want to know and feel that I am necessary to someone. To me alone one houses, and at these moments you understands that you lack the loved one. I live in hope that I will find the love soon and I will have a family! To you also happens alone to one? I very much want to find the second half as I am lonely. And I lack man's heat! Gradually I will tell you all about myself! but I want to know about your life. I very much want to find the man with whom I will be able to live all life in the world and love!!! And I am happy now that I have such beautiful friend as you! You knows, I always tried to keep all best in soul. for all the life, I have told nobody the rough word! I quiet and reserved. Very important that the man respected the woman!
Everyone has to look for love!!! Year can, day can, but the love and trust has to be to the most important family!!! What do you think? You agree with me? To me it is sad because I have to finish this letter. I will write you tomorrow! You write me too. I very much wait for your letter! I will be very happy to see your photo! Sincerely your new friend Tatiana!!!
Letter 3
Hi my friend Richard!!! Thanks for your wonderful photos! I am always glad to receive new photos from you! You very much to be pleasant to me! Thanks for your answer! It is very pleasant to me that you write me and you pays me the attention. it is very interesting to me to read your letter. acquisition of the new friend this already big event in life. All this new to me because I for the first time meet the man on the Internet. You tried to call me? I very much want to speak with you by phone, but my phone is broken! Last night I to do new a photo - a selfie for you, and have dropped phone! the screen of phone is broken, and I can't turn on phone! In the evening I will carry phone in repair and to tell you when you can call me! Today I to tell even more about myself!!! My height about 166 centimeters! I weigh 54 kg!) I like to play sports as I love active recreation. I love to play bowling, a couple of times a week. I am engaged 2 times a week on aerobics. it is always necessary to hold the shape of a body. my favourite sports are a skating, in the winter in the wood I like to ski with friends. In free time I like to read interesting books. Always lightens mood as the interesting movie on TV. I studied in the city of Kungur at economic institute. It was fine student's time!!! I was learned on the accountant - the economist! I to graduate from the institute 9 years ago. When I to graduate from institute, I remained to live in the city of Kungur! But I couldn't find a job in my profession after University. And I wanted to help people. So I decided to go back to nursing school and get a job at a hospital. now I work in a hospital. And now I live and I work here! I hope, you understand my letter and what I want to tell in it? at school and at university I learned English. I can talk in English! but I not to practice long ago therefore I to use the translator now!!! I always liked English! also I learned German and French, but now I it is bad to remember. I think that it will be very interesting conversation with my Russian accent!) You know, I am very glad that has got acquainted with you and now to me isn't lonely! I think that you it is good to understand me. Now I can trust you. in the past, I had serious relations with the man. We were together 8 years. he has changed me! I couldn't forgive him it as it was very painful to me in heart!!!!! My heart has been broken!!! I have seen him in a bed with other woman!!! I think that treason it is impossible to forgive! When you loves each other there has to be a trust. I don't love when lie to me, this most awful!!! I hope that I in the future will be able to find the second half! I want to find the man who will love me and to respect. The age of the man isn't important for me! The main thing what the man would love me! In Russia there is a proverb: "Love - all age are obedient!" I understand that it is possible to fall in love at any age! The main thing what the love would be real! I to tell you about myself the truth about private life, in detail that you had a real idea of me. I hope that you will also write in detail about yourself!!! Now, when I have written to you and have opened before you all the soul and heart, you have known me better. I will wait for your letter back, and I hope to receive the worthy answer! I am sure that for a happy and wonderful life it is necessary to look for the second half!!! I don't represent life alone. Your girlfriend Tatiana!!!
Letter 4
Hi my Richard :) I like to look at your photos! you are the handsome man!!! I am glad, to read your letter today!!! I hope, you like to read my letters! Tell me when you see my letter in the mailbox that you think? It is very interesting to me.) When I see your letters at me always good mood and I have a smile!!! You seem to me very good and kind person and therefore you very much were pleasant to me from our first acquaintance! I to hand over the phone in repair, and the master has reported that in several days everything will be ready!!! I will tell you news later, we will be able to speak by phone soon! Now I have in the city a good weather. on a season stable. I want to share, all my mood with you! I want to write you, it gives me a sheer pleasure! You have the closest friends? I have one girlfriend. The girlfriend with whom I am on friendly terms since the childhood. Her name Anna, we are familiar with her 24 years and all this time we help each other!!! My friend has a husband and the daughter!!! She is very happy woman and I am glad for her!!! Friends this the most important in my life as only the friend can help in difficult moments!!! I have no house Internet. I write you the letters from my friend as she to me has allowed to use her computer with the Internet!!! but there is a problem, I can't use skype! On the computer of my friend there are no webcamera and the microphone! Now as soon as I have free time I go to the girlfriend to check the e-mail and to write you the letter! Sometimes I write you from the working computer! But I can seldom use the working computer! At work, my chief doesn't allow to use the computer for personal reasons! Therefore if the chief learns that I write you messages to working hours, I am threatened by a heavy fine!
I very badly understand the computer! Long I was lonely. It was heavy and painful to me. The last relations have broken me. My former man to change me. It is painful to me to remember it! But my friend has convinced me that I shouldn't give up.
My friend has advised me, to look for the man from other country. and I have found you! you very much were pleasant to me. I very much like to communicate with you! Today I was at work and my day has passed very quickly as I thought of you!!! and it was very pleasant to me to read your letter.) you in my thoughts! I write you because you are very interesting person, and you were pleasant to me at once! With you I don't feel lonely!!! perhaps, we will meet in the future, or not.
But we will remain friends, good acquaintances, and I will always remember your letters! to me very alone at night, me it is very sad, I was lonely, and only when I write you I am not lonely! I could find to myself the man, but as it often happens, it is very difficult to find the true friend! I have pure soul, and I always try to be cheerful and cheerful in any situations. As it is necessary to live and trust in the best! I would like to have long and serious relations with darling. Today I have fine day. Your letter has made my mood even better and now I think of you. When I have written to you for the first time, I thought that we will be with you good friends. I look for not only friendship, my soul and my heart want to love all the love!!!! Your girlfriend Tatiana!!! P.S. I love sports and gymnastics. I have a good stretch. As you can see in the photo))
Letter 5
Hi my Richard! I have never tasted typical Norwegian food. But I'm sure it's delicious) Thank you for the wonderful picture. I always enjoy looking at you) I am grateful to destiny that the happy occurence has allowed us to get acquainted on the Internet!! your letters make me happy and joyful in soul! You for me are much more than just familiar!
I want that we every day learned each other more!!!! Write to me in detail about yourself, about your parents, friends? I am happy that I am familiar with you, and I am interested in your life and your interests! You are pleasant to me and I want to know you better! I hope, you understand me! I have devoted the long period of the life to my education, and now my thoughts are devoted to my future! My private life! When I was a little girl, my mother couldn't provide me with necessary things and she worked for 16 hours a day, 80 hours a week! that I could study. And I am very grateful to the mother! I very strongly love her! My father also sometimes asks me: "Tati - why you are still lonely?", I don't know that to answer him! To heart you won't order to love! I live and I wait! I want only sincere love and forever! My parents live in the city of Perm. This city, at distance of the 91th kilometer from my city in which I live! I can't leave for long time from my work, I am at parents very seldom, but I use always any opportunity to visit my parents! I love mother and the father, and is always happy when I have an opportunity to see them, but my desires don't coincide with my opportunities. My mother worked all life at school as the teacher of literature. Now my mother on pension, but continues to teach literature. My father worked as the military and often was in business trips! Then my father worked in police! My father has devoted all the life to fight against crime! Now my father on pension!!! I very much love the parents!!! Now I will tell where I live! As you know I live in the city of Kungur! I lease the room in the apartment, two years! I live in one room! In other room there lives a woman, my fellow worker! We together work! In my room only one window, it doesn't even open!) I live with the woman with whom we together work in the hospital! I have already told you that the situation with covid-19 has improved, and Russian citizens are recovering. Vaccination of all citizens will happen soon.
currently, the covid-19 vaccine is intended only for medical professionals. I'm immune to covid-19. We are with her good friends, but interests very different. It isn't interesting to me with her, but she as well as I, has no enough money to live in the big apartment. In the evenings this woman goes to a meeting to the man! When it is boring for me, I go to my friend of Anna! We together think how it is vigorous and interesting to spend evening. Usually we just like to walk in the city park and to talk. I wrote you, fine park, this park small here, but very cozy. Here I always feel very well. Sometimes we go to theater, or at cinema, We together to go to aerobics few times in a week! I am very glad that in my life you have appeared, and it is very interesting to me with you!!! Honestly!!! I very much like to receive from you letters, write me more, and I will be very happy. I would like to speak about our relations, I want to study you better! And I want that you have recognized me!!! I feel that you are a faithful man, you to me very much, very much are pleasant! I in life and in my letters am very frank, and I wait for reciprocity... I hope that we are waited by very long and pleasant friendship! I will wait for your letter! Yours Tatiana . P.S. In the photo, my friend Anna and her little daughter. We are very close. I love children.
Letter 6
Hi my Richard!!! Thank you for the wonderful information. Pellestova - really beautiful scenery) I would love to see it for myself. I love your romantic dreams and wish it would soon become a reality) I am happy, to read your letter. I see and I feel that with each letter we become much closer to each other! I am happy, to have such beautiful friend as you!!! I am happy that I have met you, I am happy that you in my thoughts all day. When I have told friends about you, everyone has been surprised! I have decided to meet the man! I don't know why, but so far I was lonely. I felt lonely! Now, though only in the virtual world - you have found me, and I have found you and meaning of life! It is very interesting and pleasant to me to communicate with you! My friends asked for a long time me why I am lonely! Now I am happy, I have decided to meet you and I was lucky! Tomorrow I will try to go to repair shop, and I hope that my phone will work!!! I very much want to speak with you by phone! I need to hear your voice!!! How are you? how do you feel? I want that at you always everything was fine! I want to tell you that my heart begins to fight more often when I think of you! I want to feel you, your tender look, your smile, your hands. I look for pure love and romanticism in the mutual relations.
It is pleasant to me when it is beautiful, fine, gentle and romantic!
My most important desire to have a family! My desire to have darling and to feel care and continued support at a difficult moment! To aspire to it each person! I am 35 years old and I want to live the life happily! As I wrote earlier, I can't be at the same time lonely and happy! I was close fortunately in the past, but my heart has been broken! I have to trust the person with whom I will be all life. To trust everyone its by the way, to gesture, a look, a smile. And I wait for reciprocity! In the world there is a lot of meanness and deception, and it is very difficult to find people who can be entrusted easily life and destiny.
If each person did good deeds, our world would become much purer, is lighter, kinder! I know you not long time, but I can tell that you fair and honest! It very much attracts me and allows to believe that you are very good person and can sincerely love! It is very important - to love it very much! I thought that on the Internet not sufficient dialogue to understand each other more insistently, but you are pleasant to me, and it seems to me that I know you long ago! What do you think of it? Your letters do my mood fine! I become more joyful in soul. I think sometime, you and I have to meet surely. I want that you wrote me more about your life because I begin to understand that between us appear something more, than the friendship, and me seems that this feeling of trust is mutual! I want to share with you pleasure when we are able to look at each other, to look each other in eyes, to touch to each other. I want to see your pleasure and to divide it with you! Write to me what makes you really happy, and I will try to make it that you were also a little happier! I wait for your beautiful letter! I promise that I will think of you every minute! Yours Tatiana. P.S. Sometimes I go to the theater with my friends. but this doesn't happen often. My friends are Anna and Veronika .
Letter 7
Hi my lovely Richard! I as always am happy, to see your new letter! I am very glad that you have answered me and have understood my feelings. I have received the answer from the telephone master! My phone is broken and isn't subject to repair! The master has told me that will be cheaper to buy new phone! When I have an opportunity, I to buy new phone and to call you! Thanks for the photo) Today is my birthday)) I wrote you about it in the past posts. But I am sad and lonely because you are not around. the best gift for me on this day is your kiss and your hugs) and I hope you will do it soon! i don't plan to celebrate my birthday today. maybe just have tea with my colleagues at work. Yes, a lot of things can happen to us, to me and to you, but we have to be friends always, despite everything. It is necessary to love the relatives! you very much are pleasant to me. I long time didn't like any of men! But you some another, you I want to open and tell you only the truth! It seems to me that I have feelings to you! It seems to me that I fall in love with you! I want that you were honest and frank with me. My heart belongs to you! I will be your best friend and the loved one in life. I know that you will be gentle with me, and I trust you. I trust your words, and I want that you were always honest with me! In our life a lot of things happen, but I want that you understood and felt me. You know that not to be pleasant to me, here in Russia men very rough!
Often in a family, the man can, without thinking, to beat the wife, and he will consider that he is right. I never wanted to live so. I would **** myself better, but wouldn't begin to bear humiliations.
Answer me one question - You could hit the woman, or the child? Take your time to answer. I know that you are very kind and sensitive man! I have a girlfriend, she is more senior than me and she has children, she lives with the husband of 10 years, and the most terrible that he drinks alcohol much, and every day when he comes home he scoffs.
Forgive that I write about sad, but it is really very important for me. I thought of you and of me much today! I want to be with you now, and now I can think only of you and of our future. If I could be near you now, feel your touch to my body - I would be the happiest woman on the planet!!! I hope, you feel what is felt by me. My dear I very much am afraid of deception, I don't want that you deceived me! I hope you will be honest with me and will tell only the truth! Perhaps we will be able to meet you and to spend together time! We need to think of a meeting! But you have to be honest with me and you have to never promise to deceive me! I am very glad that we correspond with you! It is very pleasant to me that you write me! I was long lonely, but now I feel that you are at me! I will look forward to your letter! Your girl Tatiana.
Letter 8
Hi, my lovely Richard! I like to look at your photos! you are the handsome man!!! I have received many good emotions, having read your letter. Even at work for days on end I think only of you. All my acquaintances, even which don't suspect about us with you, say that I as though have fallen in love. I am very happy and excited! You are the most beautiful man whom I met! Yes, of course, I never saw you, but my soul completely belongs to you! My thoughts only of you! I now every minute, every second think of you, of us, of our future. I dream to be with you, to be only your woman. I want to be only and favourite, desired! You knows, I very much like to look at stars at night, at that time when on the street it is already absolutely dark.
When I look at the sky in such time, I admire his surprising beauty.
Yes, yesterday I have quite so spent late evening. I sat on a window sill, I looked in the sky and I represented myself with you! I it is frequent to present as we will be together with you! I often dream of you!!! Oh, all this is so fine, in the dreams I haven't noticed time, I have gone to bed at three o'clock in the morning. You are a beautiful man, you are dream of all my life. I never thought that I will meet such surprising person! Now all my time, all my life it is occupied by you. Now you are sense of my life, meanwhile not really happy life, but I am sure that soon on we wash the person there will be constantly kind happy smile. In the last letter I have written to you about rather sad things which sometimes happen in families of the whole world. I am very happy that you have understood me once again. You are the most understanding person! I know that you will never raise a hand against the woman, and nobody is never capable to change my opinion on you. For me - you are the man's ideal, and believe, I know that I say. I am very glad that you are that person whom I always saw in the dreams. You have already entered my life, and I will always remember you that it didn't happen.
My dear I very much want to meet you! I can take vacation at work, and we can meet you! Recently, I was informed that I can go to your country on an exchange to help your doctors fight the covid-19. I already told you that Russia has developed a vaccine. and Doctors in Russia know a lot about the virus. I have compliance documents. And I can get a work visa. I can fly to you and be with you for 180 days. My work will take 10 more days! possibly there are less days! After that we could meet! What do you think of our meeting? I want to know your answer! It is very important for me! You are ready to meet me in the person? I want to love and be loved. It seems to me that when there is no love, the person just exists in this world, but doesn't live. All taste of life is felt when you love. Now I just don't represent the further life without you! We shouldn't miss that chance to meet! I will be glad to meet you! To me it is very important that you think of me! To me your attitude towards me is important! I tell it to you, my dear, to my one and only and kindest and understanding man in the world! Know that somewhere in the world, it is far from you, in cold Russia there is a girl with a warm heart who doesn't see further life without You and very much you are loved. I kiss you!!! With respect in your thoughts Tatiana.
Letter 9
Hi my lovely Richard!!! Thank you for the wonderful pictures. My favorite flowers are scarlet roses. today excellent day! Every morning, when I wake up, I am awakened by the morning sun. Beams of the sun to shine me in eyes, every morning when I sleep, and forces me to be roused and to go to gather for work. I am very happy to have such good and kind man as you!!! I feel that you for me are much more than the friend!!! I don't even represent my further life without you, your care, protection. I feel very surely with you! You are the best, you the strongest, you are the kindest!!! I know that you will always help me and will protect me! I want to meet you! And I very much want to share my good mood with you!!! I very much want that you were always happy! I want that you were happy as I! I want that you heard a beating of my heart, felt my great mood and pleasure! Today I have made to myself small rest, a lot of time was spent with my best friend by Anna. I have almost made everything, and I will have a lot of free time soon and possibly we will be able to meet you soon! Today the daughter has Anna birthday, and we want to make by her a good holiday. We to bake very big cake, and have even thought up the small song. Here today kindergarten as many children will come! it will be very cheerful!!!
We talked to my friend of Anna much, and of course about you. I have told her that we want to meet, and Anna was very happy, and rejoiced... my darling is our destiny, and we were very lucky that we have found each other!!! My friend very much to be surprised, looking at me. I am very modest girl, and I lived as all people, but now everything has changed. Our acquaintance has changed not only my life, but also my thinking. I won't be able to live without you. I will love you Always, I will always think of you! When I fall asleep... I think of you when I waken early in the morning, I think of you! Of course I am in love with you, and I can't think of something another... Only about you! I think we perfectly we will spend time together when we meet. I know it, I am sure - we will be happy! My dear when I come to you, we will be the happiest, amicable and beautiful couple! We will be happy! I to dream that we will go on coastal sand, gently holding hands. We will speak with you and to look delightfully at each other!!! Even now I represent as we will be together! Tomorrow to me there will arrive my mother and that the most surprising my father. My father very seldom visits me as he has problems with legs. But he is always very happy when I to visit them, to the house in which I was born! I will speak with parents about us and our relations. Now it is very interesting and very important for me, I will say with my parents that we, I and you, want to meet!!! The opinion of my parents is very important for me! I will tell mine of the parent about you!!! It is very important for me and if my parents agree, I will plan travel to you! I will look forward to your letter!!! Tender kiss!!! Forever your Tatiana.
Letter 10
Hi my Richard! today on the street it is cold. The sun very seldom appears between clouds, but your letters for me as bright beams of the sun, in this gray world! I am very happy and happy to receive news from you today! Your letters always force me to feel much better. I want to tell you that I really feel very strong and serious feeling to you. And I want to report that we have to meet each other. Our meeting will be very important event in our lives. You agree with me? I have irresistible desire to meet you in real life!!! I believe that it can be possible! It – can happen! it is a pity that now we can't speak by phone! My phone has been broken, and now I can't buy new! But I can try to call you from post office, in several days! I understand well what you are writing to me . I feel the same way. I feel the same way about you. I don't play games. I am looking for a serious relationship and I want to create a family. I have already written to you in past posts, but I will remind you again. I don't have social media accounts such as facebook, instagram, vk or others.
Because I past, many men write me insults, and obscene suggestions.
the demand me ***** photos and other vulgarities! it was like a nightmare, I was harassed and threatened. So I decided that I will delete all accounts and will not use it from now on. I hope that you are not that kind of man and will not defined anything from me! To me there has arrived my mother and my father today. I am always happy and very much I rejoice to the moments when I can see mother and the father. Parents live far from the city, and I can sometimes see them when they to arrive to me or when I can arrive to them. I very much love my mother! And very much I respect the father! My father was always very serious man! My father always drove away men from me therefore in the childhood I was on friendly terms with boys a little!
My father always preserved me against all troubles! He very much loves me, as well as I am him! To me the opinion of my parents is very important! Today I talked to my parents! We spoke about our friends and acquaintances. Of course, we spoke about me and about my private life. And as you are the most loved one for me though I even not to see you personally, we spoke about you. I talked to my mother about our relationship. I have told them that I want to visit you. I asked them for suggestions, and they have told me that it is very good idea to meet you! My mother with small nervousness spoke about the forthcoming travel, but she very much loves me, and has wished me and you a great luck. It is very good when parents bless children, and I am very happy because you very much were pleasant to my parents. My mother asked me that I have given to you her best wishes. I consulted on friends how it is better to travel to other country, but all who traveled, say to me that travel very expensive pleasure! My mother very much worried and at first even has refused flatly to release me to you. But, I know that I am obliged to visit you because I won't be able to live if I don't meet you, and nobody can hold me now here.
Even one day spent with you will be for me paradise pleasure! darling, I am very modest and obedient daughter, but sometimes I - am unshakable in decisions. Possibly, this trait of character has been transferred to me from my father. I could finish mother, and she even encourages me now. I will travel to you soon as I love you, and I can't remain more alone. I know that you are a beautiful man and the best person! You have won my heart, and now I only yours. In your hands the most expensive and valuable that I have - my soul!!! I am an optimist, and I hope that we will be able to meet you in the next month. I believe that our meeting will help us to know us better and to become much closer! I am sure that I want to meet you! I feel that you became even closer to me! My dear, I need to know the name of the next to you of the airport?
Write to me, the name of the next to you of the airport and the home address. Also I need your full information and your home address. My love, write me number of the phone what you would be always in touch!!
I think we will be able to speak with you by phone! I will learn as I will be able to call you! I hope you will write me all this in the letter! Tomorrow I will go to agency of travel and I learn much more about arrival to you. I think that we have to meet, I know how to make it. I will think of it! I think of you as about the only man with whom there is my future. Without you my life can't proceed!!! I want to be only with you!!! I know that we have to meet and be with each other. I looked for you all life. I am very excited and is infinitely happy!!!
Letter 11
Hi my Richard!!!! I am so glad to receive the letter from you!!! Tonight I had a fine dream in which I was near you!!! In my dream we together walked on beautiful streets of the beautiful city!!!!! I don't know that I it was to the country, but I him when didn't see!!!! But it was fine!!!! We with you walked, holding each other by a hand, and looked each other in the face!!!! your eyes shone with happiness!!!! I was very happy too as I was with the man whom I love, I really want to spend with you the rest of all my life!!!! I was very happy there, in my dream because I was with you!!!! And me it is valid, there was no wish to wake up at all!!!! And when I have woken up, I was very happy, even in spite of the fact that now I not near you, in my dream I was about you my darling!!!!! I so strongly want that you were with me in reality nearby! Today we have a good weather again!!! it is a lot of sun!!! When you walk down the street in such day, to become very warmly at heart! For me the main thing is know that with you everything is good and that you love me!!! And I love you too!!! And I very much want to arrive to you!!!! I want to see you, and very much I want to be with you right now!!! My darling, unfortunately, the government refused to sponsor my trip to you because Russian medics have to fly to South America. But you are not there. But I was able to arrange with the curator to prepare my documents and permission to enter the country. But the important condition is that I have to pay for the plane tickets myself. Today I went to consulate to learn how to travel to you. I didn't travel to other countries yet! I was glad that in at the consulate, the curator gave me some recommendations, and I also met my friend there,! She works as the agent and signs contracts with clients! The consulate has explained me what documents me will be required for travel to you! I was told that my travel to you will cost about 855 euros. My visa and all necessary documents which include obligatory insurance and references. I will be able to make it for several days, except the visa. She will prepare within 10-12 days. The visa will cost 170 euros. I'm going to get a work visa. But I will get a work visa. I can and will work at the hospital next to your house. All references and documents will cost 125 euros. Is included the international passport and all necessary references for arrival in your country in this price! All this I was told in consulate . I learned about ticket cost to your country. My ticket of an economical class to you will cost 560 euros. Registration of all necessary documents for arrival to you will take two weeks. I have to pay the first part of money in agency of travel! for registration and booking of a ticket, through a travel agency. After I pay the first part of money, in consulate will begin to be engaged in preparation of my documents! I have saved-up money it is 290 euros. I have enough this money for payment of all documents! In order that I have come to you I need in 565 euros!!! It is very large sum for our country. I have no this sum of money! I want to ask you about the help, perhaps you will be able to help me!
You will be able to help me to pay travel to you? I hope you will be able to help me and we will be able to be together already soon! If I am able to pay my travel to you, then in two weeks we will be together. I don't represent the life without you, without your heat and love any more. We have to be together now!!! I know it, I feel, what do you want to see me now! Yes, now!!! And I want to come to you now and to be with you! Always! When I arrive to you, we will be day and night together. I want to be with you always nearby!!! We will laugh and enjoy with each other, I very much want to feel heat of your body, to hear your voice, to See your eyes! When we lie with you, I want to nestle on your ******!!! You will embrace me!!! I want to be only your girl, only yours!!! When I think of you, you make me very happy! And I want to make you happy too! Your Tatiana.
Letter 12
Hello my love! My love, I am always very happy to receive A letter from you! Your messages are always warm my heart! When I read your letter, my heart starts beating faster! As I already wrote you, I need you to send me 565 euros in the near future. I will have plane tickets, back and forth. Although between us very long distance! My preparation for the Travel can take up to 10 days! Then I fly to you!
I'm already texting you that my phone is broken((( My documents are not ready yet, and my passport needs a new one. you must let me know when you would like to meet me ?! I am confident that we we are happy together, you and I will be very happy together! I love you very much And want to be near you! I know you're a very good man, and we build our happiness together !! I want you to be happy! I can not be away from you because I love you very much! I often imagine how we walk on the beach! You're going to hold my hand, and we will be happy! I want to meet with you as soon as possible! Because I am sure that only you, I can be happy! I want to be your wife, and thou shalt be only mine!
We must meet, because we love each other! And two loving hearts can not be long from each other! dear, we must not lose our happiness! I really want to love and be loved! When we are together, we just live in a beautiful love story! We can be very happy family! you are very gentle and kind man, I'm with you very Interestingly! I want to come to you and be with you always! I love only you! I need only you! I think about our meeting! I I think that our meeting is real! I will make you a happy man! I really want to see beautiful place in your town. You've got to help me! can you send me money only via MoneyGram or RIA money transfer! you have to look for office of MoneyGram or RIA money transfer! I tell you my full information at the end Post! I love you very much and I look forward to news from you! With love, your Tatiana! P.S. My complete information: my name is Tatiana , my surname Sereda ,
My address: country Russia, Perm Territory, city Kungur, Lenina str. 2/7
my number of the mobile phone– +7-927-684-3136!
Letter 13
Hello Richard, address ***. Today I appealed to the consulate, the prosecutor's office and the police. I wrote applications to these institutions to check your activities and punish you for slander! I know that you did it and soon the site administrator will have to reveal all your personal data! what is the problem? why do you accuse me of deception?
you asked for my personal data and my passport to do some deception?!
you have to answer the law, and the main proof of your crime -
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