Scam letter(s) from Yana Mardashova to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello. I am writing to you to get to know you, you are the first man from another country to whom I am writing a letter.
Online dating is a new stage in my life. I am tired of lies and deceit, I decided to look for love in another country.
My search for happiness in our country led to nothing, and now I started looking online.
My name is Yana. I live in Russia. I am currently in an active search for happiness.
I am waiting for your answer to tell you many interesting things about myself.

P/s: I send this letter with a new mail on which no longer go. I created it so my letter would be delivered to your email address.
The gmail system doesn't always deliver to addresses in other countries.
Please write me to my real email address
Letter 2
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. How are you? I hope you haven't forgotten me?
I am very glad that I decided to get acquainted. on the Internet, I was looking for good friends and maybe my own person. if you tell me your phone number, then we could hear each other. What do you think? My name is Yana. My roots are from Ukraine, but my mother and I live in Russia. I often hear that there are some of the most beautiful girls in Ukraine, do you agree with this after seeing my photo? This year I graduated from college and now the whole world is open to me. I want to see a lot of countries, climb mountains and plunge into the ocean. get to know a lot of people and find your place to work. meet your loved one and create a family with him. And what do you dream about?
P.S. If you are open to communication, then we can get a pleasant conversation.
Letter 3
You have sent me very beautiful photographs. But I'm sad because you didn't give me your number. It will probably be interesting to hear each other? This summer I graduated from the highest university KROK in Kiev. and plan to travel to Europe for work. And that's why I get to know people from all over the world.
today I am in the mood to start a new life. And as a rule, they start with their appearance. Sorry for my revelation to you. But I don't even have anyone to share it with. Hope I don't scare you too much with my video.
Tell us more about yourself, your hobbies, interests?
I won't write much. But with madness I will wait for your message.
Letter 4
I am pleased that you are open to acquaintances and help me get to know you. As a representative of two nations, I am shocked how such close nations can be opposite to each other. Ukraine is a very kind, sympathetic people, and I liked it there. But there are very small salaries, and the prices of living are high. But my mother chose life in Russia, where I do not like the people, laws, police, bribes and other problems of the Russian people. Therefore, I look to Europe, knowing that talented people are appreciated there. It doesn't matter how much money you have. Jay, so I want to find the city that I like, where the finally young lawyer can settle.
In life, I'm a pretty gullible girl, and I get some excitement from internet dating. But I hope that you will be honest and open with me. Because I appreciate the attitude of people towards me and try to give twice as much. What can you tell us about your character traits? You look like a kind person. but we don't say much about your life situations or your morals. And this is very important. Jay, are you calm or an emotional friend when you have a fight? how will you behave in this moment?
Letter 5
Jay, I'm glad to receive your message again. How is your day? Your photos cheer me up.
I am glad that I had someone at such a difficult moment, because even my own mother does not want to understand me. It's hard when your only person doesn't support your dream. After the death of our father, our life changed a lot. And mom is afraid of new changes. She is very closed in herself and does not even hear about my problems and desires. It only talks about how I should stay with her and dream of a better life. I would really like to find support that I really can achieve something in this life. That I can find my man. and I can build a family with him.
Up to this point, I have never met a man who could defeat my heart. Although I don't think I have big demands on men. On the contrary, I prefer when a person is modest and simple in dialogue. when he stays with me without wearing masks. I rarely look at the appearance and even at the age of men. The main thing for me is that a person is kind, fair and understanding. Some people say that love is not present or lasts 3 years. But I don't want to agree with them. There is love between a man and a woman. What do you think Jay? Do you believe in love? It seems to me that the most important thing in life for a woman is to have a close-knit family and a beloved man, with whom she can raise children. I wish to ask you Jay. What woman do you dream of? What kind of woman do you want to see next to you every day? I'm far from perfect, and that's probably the main reason I'm still single. I don't expect you to be perfect either.
Which country would you recommend for me? Tell me a little about your country, your city, your culture? Can you talk about working in your city? are young professionals provided with jobs? or does everyone use their connections to get a good job? This question has been of great concern to me lately, because in Russia it is difficult to find a job without experience and good "acquaintances".
I hope we can continue our communication and move on, this is where I finish my letter, I wish you good morning, good day and sweet night! To take care! Looking forward to your reply. Your friend Yana.
Letter 6
it's nice that you were interested in my messages. Jay, as a rule, I am not talking about deep ideas and opinions, but I wrote to you because I felt the urge to open it to you. I’m a more independent woman, but it’s probably sometimes necessary to have one person next to whom I can open up and confide in - sometimes it’s not easy to reflect all of these things. I am glad that I found your understanding, you see this does not happen often.
Your dog is so adorable) In the next message I will try to send you a photo of my dog, if you are interested. At the expense of European countries, this is not necessary, Canada is probably also a good country. For me, the main thing is that people are kind and that the government cares about the people.
I hope I am not mistaken about you. because I had a desire to see you in life. Therefore, I want to come to your city. Tell me more about this place? Are you in demand for Lawyers?
Letter 7
Hi, my dear. How are you? How is your health? I wish I had replied for so long, I was on the road for several days and I had no Internet. I came to visit my mother. She lives far from me, but it's warmer here than in my city. Thanks for telling me about your place, I will study more about it on the internet. Can you show it with your eyes in the photo? Will you be glad if I find myself in your city?
I will send my resume to several companies in your country. so if they give me a job, I can get a work or tourist visa and come.
Jay, I hope I surprise you that I can be different.
Letter 8
Hello my dear, how are you? Sorry for the long answer. Because of the bad weather, I got sick. I had a high temperature and was admitted to the hospital. But now I am absolutely healthy, and incredibly glad that I can write to you. I missed your messages terribly. Jay, I want to come to visit your city to see you, your surroundings, see and feel your culture. I hope my desire is mutual on your part? Will I be able to stay with you? Or should I find a rental apartment? My savings will be enough for me for a ticket, and your country is open for Schengen visa tourists.
And today my friends and I are planning to have some fun. It is a pity that now there is no way to invite you there. Jay, I think you and I could have an interesting evening together. I hope that we will do more in the future, and we can quite enjoy the communication. I'm sure this will be a good time for us! What do you think about it?
Letter 9
Hello dear, I already have the right and at least the ability to call you "mine"? I hope I don't scare you with such a statement! Jay, in fact, for me this possessive pronoun is an important start to something ******. Indeed, in a short period of time you have become for me not only a good friend and interlocutor, but also a person with whom I can decide without fear to go forward without looking back! I will come to you soon, Jay! We will have time to find out if our views on serious relationships or marital happiness and life together are really similar! Only a real meeting will save us from unnecessary illusions and disappointments. Right? Therefore, I hope that we will responsibly approach solutions and consult with each other.
I really liked the photos of your house, I am pleased that you are trying for me and show everything) I do not like to walk around the house in a skirt, I sometimes like to go ***** or in *******) Would you mind if I sometimes distract you?)
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jay! Your photos are about super, especially from the shower, only there the shower interferes a little)
Recently, I have been in a good mood, I am thinking about you and me more and more often. Yesterday I had a dream, I don't remember dreams well, but this one was wonderful. I remember that all my dreams about us and our meeting were fulfilled, these were such great feelings, I cannot describe it. Jay, I remember that you were waiting for me at the airport, when I left the plane, I immediately recognized you. You were waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers, I did not remember that they were flowers, but I remember that there were red and yellow flowers, it was the most wonderful bouquet of flowers that I have ever seen. I woke up with the feeling that you are somewhere near, as if you were lying with me in bed. These were the sweetest moments. I've never experienced anything like this before. And let it be in a dream, all the same this night will be remembered for me forever.
And even if there are thousands of kilometers between us, even if we are divided with half the world. My heart feels you. do not leave him, and I ask you, do not destroy my heart.
What do you think about the meeting soon? Do you have days off or vacations? Jay, I would be very happy to do this. Do you think you would like it?
I look forward to hearing from you, Yana
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