Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Greetings! You will very likely will be surprised by this letter. My name's Mari. I just begin acquainted with the Internet. seems I open the door that was not known to me earlier. To me, this amazing and it seems me that I am already enough ancient for all this. I begin to feel that I do not catch up with the pace of the world that is near me. I decided to keep up! And try use modern technologies for dating! I will get to the point. I live in the eastern side of Russian federation. My city is called "Saratov". What country are u living in? I'm 34 years old. I'm not here for joking. I am interested in personal acquaintance and the start of an adult relationship. I really hope that you will write me. My emotional state does not let me to start writing a lot now. Cause I still feel a bit scared. I say that you'll get my more confident and informative answer only in case you answer to this text! Good Luck... All kind, Marry.
Letter 2
Hey Steven
I am trying to find a beloved, with whom I am willing to spend my whole life.
I am really merry that u really enjoy me too.
I now live in Saratov, Saratov is situated 906 km from Moscow.
I'm actually 34 years.
Explaine to me of you personally more.
What have you been doing?
What do you appreciate in in a girl?
What don't you appreciate?
I am gonna be excited to answer your questions.
Letter 3
Hi Steven !
I 'm heartly just happy to obtain e-mails from you.
I 'm just happy to contact with you and I look forward to catching e-mails from you.
In my childhood my mama called me Mashenka lovenly. I do wantu to name me that way.I 'll be just happy.
Sorry to say my mommy and daddy passed away very early. I stayed with my gram. Always PracticallyI had to be the woman that was able to take what's yours. Honestly It was too difficult,nevertheless I tried my best to deal with any problems.
Sorry to say I failed to to seek out a romantic relationship together with a soulmate whom I would give my solicitude. I take an interest in gentle menfolks who have an ability to have respect for their words for that reason I feel a need for our future conversation to be confidential with no any cheat.
I 'd like to tell you some pieces of information about my career and pastime.
These days I am a specialist of transport management. At the close of quarantine there were loss of jobs and salary reductions for that reason I analyse changing my occupation. If I 'm not busy I do like to make special tasty dishes and to run my eye over books.
What do u like doing in your own time? Have you got a pleasurable pastime?
I am going to watch for a mail sincerely from u.
Letter 4
G'day, Steven !!!
I haven't had such joyful spirits for so long. My eyes have never shone with cheerfulness as they do as a result of hanging out with u.
I really thrilled we 're getting more acquainted with u.
I got the idea that I wish to tell you about my everyday life.
At some time in the near past I 've mentioned u about my mommy and daddy, I would like to give the facts about my saddening past life- the explanation why I haven't taken vows , even though I 've constantly had a wish to be with a warm guy. My ex husband would hit the bottle and attack me. On account of that saddening past life, I 'm panic-stricken to make an attempt to have courtship with the russian fellows and after all I 've come to decision to pen the mail to the person from foreign country because I 'm self-assured that u're unalike the russian fellows who don't admire and regard highly the girl-friends. I wanna let slip all that as a bad dream and never look back to it.
Write to me please regarding your birthplace and the region where u 're settling.
I 'd be so thrilled to have a look at the shots of your fave regions.
I'll watch for an e-mail from u.
Masha :*
Letter 5
Dearest Steven, How are you? How is your health?I hope everything is well with you?! Dear Steven, I have never deceived anyone! I have nothing to do with scammers! It's not my fault that scammers come up with such realistic life stories! I was never going to lie to you! I have never asked anyone for money! I am very ashamed that I turned to you for help, because I did not know that a ticket to you has such a high price!
Steven, if I had money, I paid for the ticket without any problems and we would be together already, I would not humiliate myself in front of you asking you for help! My dear Steven, understand me, I never wanted to deceive you, I do not need your money, I wanted our relations to become even stronger, and we could love each other forever! I want you to travel to me, so that you see everything with your own eyes, so that you make sure that I am not deceiving you, I never thought to deceive someone, especially a person I love! Steven I can't sleep up to the late night because I usually think about you Steven,I think that it's up to you to make plans and to inform me what to expect...I frankly hope in our future, that your aims coincide with my. I consider that it's impossible to be alone always,it's necessary to have such woman with whom it's possible to talk smth about,who could help and be pleased at you anytime:at difficult or happy minute.Somebody who will take care of you, will meet you with prepared supper,will warm at nights by warmth and love. Steven, just recollect me and my words to you and I believe all troubles will be disappeared. Steven...Simply I'd like to say that I thank the destiny that it has given me you honey.Each your letter makes my soul and mood be in high spirits.I always think of you no matter where and no matter what I do.Woman who entirely devoted to you, Masha…
Letter 6
Hey Steven . How r things going this time What have u been up?
All the time I 'm thinking about the life troubles we have to stand from the begining to the end of our life then Iam convinced that we should not abandon hope and must walk with our head held high.
By now I 've informed u about my mum and dad, they passed away very early and I haven't got any brothers and sisters but despite everything I am fond of my every daylife and position in general.
I 'm too fortunate with my people who live next door. My neighbours Dima and Vika have got two childen,the 1st lad Andrew and a juniour daughter Nadja.
Andrew is seventeen years. This year he's gratuating from school and he wants to get into educational institution. Andrew said to me that he do wants to be a medic and help out society.
Nadja is four years. Nadya goes to the preschool group. She is fond of horses and she 's dreaming about her private huge and striking horse.
Nadja 's a sweet and nice female child.
My bystanders are fond of domestic animals.They even own a small reptile.
I haven't got pets as a result I from time to time give food to Dima and Vika's pussycat that from time to time goes to people who live nearby.I am fond of natural environment especially in summer, when each thing becomes brilliant,everything is blooming and giving a pleasant smell.
I 've got my best friend who impelled me to become acquainted with a manfolk via date matching webpage.
Write to me of your close friends.
I am going to look forward to a mail from u.
Maria :*
Letter 7
Hello there Steven !
I am very pleased to get an email from u and I am very pleased to be your penfriend, and possibly I am more than just a friend. I believe, I am more than just a friend for you.
After a long time it became warmer, it is good at the moment, the spirit becomes higher when it is sunny and I get the mail from u.
Yesterday my girl-friend and I visited the theatre and I spoke to her about you. She is merry that you 're in my reality and she says hello there to you.
I would like to ring you up to hear your voice and to chat with you about all the matters. Regretfully I can't ring someone up except Russia and get phone calls from foreign parts of the world.
Soon I am gonna try to get a sim-card for the foreign calls and I am gonna give you my phone number.Send me please your phone number with the code of your country and with a thorough explanation how to phone you.
Please let me know me please of your food tastes? Do you make food by yourself? I would like to cook smth special for you. My fav food is baked turkey. And what is yours?
I really like to eat tasty but I try to be in shape and care of myself.
I was very pleased to share my feelings and emotions with you.
I am going to await for a reaction from you. Masha :*
Marry, Maria, Masha, Mashka ...... - are variants named Mary)))))
Letter 8
Good day Steven! How r things going on?
I 'm delighted to have a respond from you. Time after time I can hardly wait to get it.
Tell me all about your day?
The last day I was on duty. After work I baked a turkey withtossed salad and sweet potatoes in the oven. Also I prepared a sweet dish, for the 2nd course was an apple pie. I welcomed my friends living nearby and we had a sup hand in hand happily. All my visitors took pleasure in the meal I had cooked. They confessed it was the most appetizing turkey they'd ever had.
Whilst preparing the course I was fantasizing that it was especially 4 u.
I wish u'd been beside me at that point in time.
Again and again I 'm thinking about the awesome meeting.
I 'm dreaming about how I 'll prepare your most-liked course 4 u, lay the table 4 us and we 'll be sitting face to face. Our eyes will be glowing with happiness.
The eyes're the copy of personality in which one is able to see and understand a lot of things. The eyes never pretend.
I 'd like to know how u imagine the awesome meeting?
Have a nice day and high spirits.
Masha :*
Letter 9
Hi there Steven. How r u getting on?
I 'm just happy to gain an e-mail from you. Each time I get the e-mail from you I 'm really pleased as if I 'm a little child and a broad smile can be seen on my face.
Thinking of an excellent randezvous evokes memories of my 1st kiss. Then I seventeen years, I was a fresman at the university. There was a fellow student who was very kind and gorgeous.He didn't focus his attention to me yet I adored him so much that I wasn't able to keep my eye off him.
Time of examination session bagan, he wasn't able to pass the examination but I helped him to do it, the lecturer was my grandmother's familiar companion.
When he passed the examination he was just happy so he asked me to go to the cafeteria to have a cup of coffee. He said that he had a wish to express his thanks to me treating coffee and a dessert. I was not able believe that lastly he had payed attention to me.Despite that, I guessed that it was due to my aid to him but not because of his liking towards me.
We visited the cafeteria and after he walked me home I was brave enough to kiss him. It was the 1st kiss in my life and up until now I look back on that moment.Tragically that was our last dating.
And do u look back on the 1st kiss? What was your age? How it happened?
It's too interesting 4 me.
Write to me please of your first kissing.
For sure lads start to have relations with young ladies faster rather than the young ladies do that.
It's possible that u 'll be really astonished by my questions but I 'm in a intimate spirit so I want to chat with you about it.
I am going to look forward to a mail enthusiastically from u.
Your letter writer name.
And it's possible that more than just a friend. Masha :)
Letter 10
Good day my beloved Steven!
I 've been looking ahead to an e-mail zestfully from u.
U see, again and again watching men and women I 'm thinking about how they can lose faith with such simplicity when they stand the life troubles, how they shut down struggling for their prosperity, how men and women don't do anything and can't change anything in their life period, I 'm thinking about how men and women can just do and accept what other people are doing because it is the easiest thing to do.
In any case I 've had too much troubles that I have informed u about in my previous mails. I did and accepted what other people were doing because it was the easiest thing to do. I had no wish to do something to change my life but after some time I posted a note 4 u and speaking with you made me become another person. I stopped going with the flow, I started my every day with a broad smile on my face. And all that was owing to u. I was really worried u wouldn't share my feelings yet I 'm overjoyed that u did.
I 'm too fearful to say 'I love u' but I have a feeling that every single day I think about u all the time. I 'm starting to feel myself floating on air. I 'm expecting our correspondence is going to grow into something meaningful. I 'm blowing u a kissing. U can treat it the way u would like to.
As it may be that's the start of something meaningful.
I'll look ahead to an answer zestfully from u. Maria :)
Letter 11
Good day, Steven. How r things going on?
I 'm delighted to obtain a respond from you. When I have a respond from you I become really thrilled delighted as if I 'm a small kid and a wide smile can be seen on my face.
Thinking of an awesome meeting takes me back to my 1st kiss. I seventeen yrs, I was in the first year of the university. There was a fellow student who was very good-natured and cute.He didn't focus his attention to me all the same I was mad about him so much that I could not couldn't stop looking at him.
Time of examinations started, he didn't manage to pass the examination but I helped him to do it, the mentor was my grandmom's good acquaintance.
When he passed the examination he was very delighted so he asked me to go to the bistro to have a cup of coffee. He said that he had a wish to show his appreciation to me offering coffee and a dessert. I wasn't able to believe that finally he had noticed me. Although, I accepted that it was owing to my assistance to him but not because of his feeling towards me.
We called on the bistro and after he had taken me home I found the courage to kiss him. It was the 1st kiss in my life and up to the present time I cast my mind back to that moment. What a pitty that was our last meeting.
And do u cast your mind back to the 1st kiss? What was your age? How did it happen? It's really interesting 4 me.
Can u tell me please about your 1st kiss.
Of course boys start to contact with girls much earlier than the girls do.
Perhaps you will be very surprised by such questions but I am in a very romantic mood and I 'd like to talk with you about it.
I will wait for a response impatiently from you.
Your soul mate name.
And perhaps not just a friend.
Masha :)
Letter 12
Good day my beloved Steven!
I 'm very delighted to gain your answer. I always look ahead to an answer from u.
Your each single message warms me up and fills me with blissful feelings and emotions.
Your each single word to me as a kiss on the lips is filled with love and grace.
Today is the day of birth of my director. That's why my workmates decided to arrange a birthday party at my work place. We decided to surprise her. I brought a pudding, my workmates brought a bottle of sparkling wine and some fruits. We laid the table and beautified my director's office. Surely she was too astonished and she even cried a little but those were the tears of cheerfulness. At the end of the workday we drank sparkling wine a little, had some pieces of the pudding and everyone went home.
And this very minute I 'm writing an e-mail 4 u.
I 'd like to let u know that our acquaintanceship over the Internet is the most high-spirited occasion in my life for the recent period of time. I 'm grateful to u that I 'm able to feel pleased each single day.
I have a desire to watch the sunny morning with u and to get pleasure from passionate evenings.
I have a desire to watch u near me. I wanna you to look at me with your eyes shining and saying 'I love u'
That's the reall seventh heaven. Do you agree?
I 'm posting u my kissing which expresses Loving. Frank kissing of Loving. Enjoy and keep it in mind.
I 'll go on telling u about my love and I 'm gonna think about u at all times.
Mashenka :*
Letter 13
Hi there, Steven! I 'd like to name u Love! My dearest!
I want to be beside u. I 've realised that u and I are able to love each other from farness. I 'm convinced that our greeting was a predestination. For the recent period of time I have felt myself as if I am the freshest woman in the world. Each particular morning I open my eyes with a wide smile on my face with thoughts of u. U have given me warmth and care. Despite of the kilometres between us I am sure how passional my feelings to u are.
But for me it 's really painful to undergo the distance that is between us. At this very moment the one thing I really need is you.
I do want to look at you in front of me, feel you and your breath, handle you, open my eyes in one bed with you in the morning and to get the gladdest morning. I wanna cook something special for you. I wanna feel your tender lips and hands.
I can't think about the kilometres between us any more. Every single day I try to get distracted but you are eternally in my head and I am thinking of you continually. solitariness drives me insane. I really need you, your love and care. I do want to laugh and smile affectedly together with you. I do want to be every single day with you. I do want to feel your affection at this moment.
I am going to look forward to a reaction from you.
Masha ;)
Letter 14
Hi there, my sweetheart, Steven!
How r u getting on? What have u been doing these days? How are your feelings?
In the evening yesterday my friend Vika living next door visited me.
Vika and I were sitting at the table and drinking tea and then she questioned me when I would come to name? I was amazed by the question. I wanted to know what she meant and she said in response that it was written on my face that I was madly in love.
At this moment in time not only my soul but my appearance expresses I'm in love. I am not able camouflage those feelings anymore. The feelings are outfilling me inside. I would like to say loudly to all people 'I do love him'.
I have got the only 1 thought just now to arrive to your place.
I 've already informed my director that I would like to move to u and stay with u forever. It goes without saying my director wanted me to stay, all the same eventually she responded that it was my way of life and it was only my choice how to handle it. My director also added that I would be able to have work anywhere else because I was really determined.
Certainly I 'm not wealthy at all, nevertheless I have a sum of money saved for the future I 'm able to spend on the trip to your place. I didn't waste my money and just now I would like to spend it properly. I would like to go to the travel firm and to buy a tour to u. What's your opinion about it? Do u want me to come to your place? If u 're not against this, please, tell me the name of your airport where I have to come. I don't need any giftings or flowers from u. I just have a wish to to watch your eyes, listen to the whisper of your tender lips and feel your tender pat. That's the principal validity 4 me just now.
I 'm in love with u.
I'll look ahead to an answer from u.
Masha :*
Letter 15
Hi, Steven! My special.
I went to the travel bureau. They informed me they 'd give help to fill in all the documentation to obtain the visa and they also 'd give help with the passport. I made some photographs and the manager assisted me in filling the documentation for the visa. She said that the plane tickets would be booked after the documentation were ready.
I wanted the manager to make the documentation more quickly so I paid some more money. So, my travel pass will be ready in five days. To obtain the visa I need to go to Moscow to the Visa Center. At the travel bureau they informed me that to travel to your country I had to justify my solvency. On the authority of the immigraton rulings of your country there're some rules of departure for people from the RF. 1 of those rules is to have finances on bank account 4 the person who is comming on the territory of England I must show my bank statements at the Visa Center. To come to your country I must have 71800 rubles on my account at the bank during the time period of time my visa is usable 1 month. To obtain the visa I must show them the money. The money guarantees my solvency to them. It proves them that I won't go to the street, won't be violent criminal and won't earn money in a criminai way. So, I 've paid money for the visit, sevices of travel bureau, the documentation and the plane tickets- 46400 rubles. There're only (rub) in cash left. There're 8000 rubles on my bank account. I 'll transfer the money onto my bank account and thus 'll have 25600 rub on the account.
I have a lack of 46200 rubles so what shall I do?
Where would I take the money? I really have no idea. I 've spent almost all the money that I had stored. I haven't cancelled anything yet due to the fact that I still have got 25600 rub left. And I 've had an idea that u could lend me 46200 rub. Can u give me a hand with the sum of money? As soon as I show my bank statements and assure my solvency to the authorities of your country I 'll give u your money back straightaway. You see that it's too essential that the authorities of your country let me pass in your country. That is a rule. I must show to the authorities of your country that I have money on my bank account.
You see that I 'm gong to pay back the money to u after obtaining the visa. It means that I 'm gong to pay back the money to u before going to your place.
I was informed at the bank office that the foreign money transfer from your country to my country will take from 3 to 5 days. Hence, if u do want to help me and are able to do that you and I mustn't waste time!
They deliberately converted from currency of your country into rubles since I understand nothing in currency of your country. Can u, please convert the currency by yourself.
May be I dared to a desperate attempt but I really hope that it's your and my predestination and we are to be together with each other! I am in no doubt that u 're only man whom I hanker for, my partner for all my life. U 're going to be my only one love. That's our destiny.
I'll watch for an e-mail from u!
Your Masha :*
Letter 16
Hello my love. How do you? I just opened your letter and was surprised and glad. Thank you my dear for your help. How long do I have to wait for your money to arrive in my bank account? My dear Beloved Person !!! I am so happy that you are you who appeared in my life! You have become a discovery for me! It seems that until the moment I met you, I simply did not meet Mature Men on my way or I simply did not notice them and did not want to see them! I feel so good with you! I have a feeling of confidence in the future! Whatever happens to me We can all pass and overcome Together and Nearby !! You are my strong shoulder that I can always lean on! Thank you for everything you do for me !!!
You are my treasure!!! And I will always tell you this !!! I love you.
I will send you my bank account details in the next email.
Very miss you. Kisses, your Masha :*
Letter 17
Beneficiary: Alekseeva Mariia Valerevna
Beneficiary account number: 40817840608430004734 Beneficiary`s bank: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078 Beneficiary SWIFT: ALFARUMM Account with correspondent bank number: 36310481 Correspondent bank: CITIBANK NA, 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043, USA Correspondent SWIFT: CITIUS33
Letter 18
Good day my love, How are you? What are your plans for the weekend? Indeed, Money gram is a very good option for us. You are the smartest person in the world). Sorry I didn't immediately suggest this method. It will be much easier and faster than a bank transfer. The universe gave you the sky, the moon and the sun. It would be like this romantic, and you would understand how much I need you. Only once a there is such love in your life when you know for sure that it will be will never pass, it will never end. I know that, do you? I love you so much many. Very miss you. I kiss your Masha: * P.S. My data - Alekseeva Mariya Valerevna, address - Saratov, Akademika Antonova street 2, apartment 17
Letter 19
Hello my dear Steven.
I'm sorry for a long time wrote. I had to go on a business trip to work in another city and I had no opportunity to write to you. My sweet, I missed you very much. Sorry for a short letter, I just came from work and very tired and I want to sleep. My address is a city of Saratov, Street Chapaeva, house 112, apartment 31. My full name and details:
Beneficiary: Alekseeva Mariia Valerevna
Beneficiary account number: 40817978308430003554
Beneficiary`s bank: AO «ALFA-BANK», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
Account with correspondent bank number: 400886894501EUR
Correspondent bank: COMMERZBANK AG, D-60261 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Correspondent SWIFT: COBADEFFf
I am very glad that I found you. You are the best person in the world. LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Your tired and loving Masha :)
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