Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Alexandrovna Bulatova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello. My name is Tatyana. I am from the city of Podolsk not far from Moscow, which is located in Russia.
I am 27 years old. My height is small, only 166 cm. Weight 49 kg.
I have no bad habits)) Unless I love to laugh and sing in the shower!
I want to find a decent person.
Because soon I will come to your country.
And it would be nice to meet a kind, reliable man.
If you are also single, and you want to find a girl with whom you can spend a great time together, then we can get to know each other better.
I will try to make our communication interesting and varied.
Also we can exchange **** pictures until we meet each other.
If you would like to get to know me, just write to me.
By the way, how should I contact you?
Perhaps I am the one you have been looking for. I am sending you some photos.
Letter 2
Hi Richard!
I am very glad that you answered me.
I really hope that we will be able to continue our communication. So far, only by email.
I'll explain why. Firstly, because I don't know you yet, and it's very expensive to call just like that.
And secondly, I had a bad experience when I gave the phone number to a stranger.
He called me 20 times a day. I don’t need that.
I will get to know you better, then I will give you my number and we will be able to communicate in messengers.
I hope you don't mind. I want to say right away. Age doesn't matter to me.
I want you to always read my letters carefully, because your opinion is important to me.
I do not like when they ignore me, do not answer my questions.
I think it is not fair to spend a lot of time to write you a letter, and in return receive only a few lines from you.
Therefore, respect my time and my labor to write you a letter.
Now I will tell about myself. I am Tatyana, I am 27 years old. I am in my last year of medical school.
I will tell you in more detail in the next letter and tell you why I have to arrive in your country in the near future.
In relationships, I seek sincerity. So I want to say right away. I do go go dancing.
This is not a striptease or a prostitution. I don't sleep with men for money.
In the future, I hope to get a job in your country.
I hope that my work does not contradict your moral principles and we can continue our communication.
I hope that you will be interested not only in my intimate photography, but also in me as a person.
I really enjoy taking **** photos. And if you are really an adequate person, then I will send you some pictures.
It will be very painful and upsetting for me if you only want my photos.
I am not against such photos and will send them with great pleasure.
But only if I feel your interest in me and our communication.
Tell me about your country? About your city in which you live?
Please don't forget to answer my questions !!!!!!
This is very important to me and I will be very curious to know what you think about everything that I have written.
It is impossible to tell about my whole life in one letter, so with each letter I will write more information about myself.
Now I will finish the letter and send it to you as soon as possible, I can't wait to receive a new letter from you. Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hey Richard!
I know ours are close to each other. it will be easy to meet.
and if we meet, I can easily teach you Russian.
Thank you for your photos, I liked them very much, I will be glad if you send your new photos in every letter.
I have no secrets from you and in the very first letter I told you about my work, because I believe that sincerity is very important and I always tell the truth.
Thank you for not judging me and I hope that our communication will develop with each letter, at least I would like to.
Now I will tell you more about myself: I was born on July 10, 1994, I live in the city of Podolsk not far from Moscow. Russia. My height is 166 cm, and my weight is 49kg.
I'm an orphan. My mother died in childbirth. And I don't know anything about my father.
Of course, these were difficult years for me, and in the future I would like to help orphanages, because I know how hard it is for children there.
In our country, the state helps such children, and right after I received my primary education at an orphanage, I entered the University for free.
The state also allocated me an apartment, in which I live now, this is a small apartment, but this is enough for a comfortable life.
I live in an apartment alone and I own it.
Perhaps you have a question for me, why am I looking for a man in another country?
Because in my city I cannot find a man with whom I want to spend my life.
I haven't had *** with a man in 2 years. Various men are constantly trying to get to know me.
But this is where it all ends. They are simply not interesting to me as a person. And I plan to leave Russia for good.
My ex-boyfriend just cheated on me with others. He didn't want a serious relationship.
Now I'm not looking for something serious, I just want to meet a man with whom you can talk nicely, go to the cinema, museum, cafe or just stay at home to make love.
In any case, we will see where our relationship will lead!
Moreover, I am graduating from the university, this is the last year and now I have to do an internship in your country.
My documents should be ready soon, there is no exact information in which city I will be assigned.
But first I have to arrive in your capital, I will be there for 2 weeks, and then I can choose any other city in your country, or stay in the capital.
Of course, I will be provided with free food and accommodation, the Russian state will take care of everything.
I will tell you more about all this in the next letter.
I think the letter has become too large. So I decided to finish it.
I hope you are not tired of reading it. I will send you some of my intimate photos.
I am sending you new photos and I hope they impress you :)
I know that my photographs are not very frank, but with each next letter my photographs will be more frank. Tatyana.
Letter 4
Hey Richard ! I read your letter with great pleasure. It's good that our communication continues.
I am looking forward to your letter. It's a pity that I can't answer it right away.
Now all my time is busy preparing for the trip, studying and working.
Don't worry, I'll try to answer you as soon as possible. It is very important for me.
I hope you enjoyed my candid photos. I love taking **** photos for you.
In my previous letters, I wrote to you that I would soon come to your country.
You already know that I live in Russia in the city of Podolsk.
I fell under the social program, representatives of the foundation learned about my success in studies and social work.
Also that I am an orphan. I was offered International student exchange and work practice.
This program includes payment for visas, tickets, plus $ 10,000 for personal expenses related to the stay.
I will need to come to your country and get money at the embassy, for my accommodation, meals and everything else that I need during 3 months of my trip.
Since my practice will be 3 months.
Since I also receive help from the program, I will stay in the capital for 2 weeks until all formalities are completed.
When I receive the money, I will be able to choose a place of practice in a clinic or hospital.
Of course I will be given a specific list of organizations that can hire me.
But I already know that I can choose almost any city.
What can you say, I'm very lucky!)))
I am very grateful to the people who work in such organizations and try to give a chance for a better life, to show themselves and their potential.
I just can't believe my luck!
I hope that all this was not boring for you and that you are not disappointed to find out the reason why I am writing to you.
I just wanted to find a friend in a country that I will soon come to, but I think I found something more!)))
I am sending you more candid photos. Hope you like them.
I want you to enjoy!
I am looking forward to your reply. I'm interested to know what you think about what I wrote.
I kiss you.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Richard!
I start to get bored without your letters, they always bring joy to my heart and I do not feel lonely.
Now I am very busy with my studies at the university.
After university, I need to go to work and still need to prepare all the necessary travel documents.
Very little free time.
I don't make a lot of money dancing. I only have enough for food, cosmetics and some things.
But now I am happy to have the opportunity to write you a letter.
The paperwork is still in the process, so I cannot tell you the exact date of my arrival.
But as soon as I know, I will immediately inform you.
The most important thing is that soon I will be in your country. I am looking forward to our meeting with great excitement, I think that we will forever remember the day of our meeting. ))
Are you looking forward to meeting me?
For several nights now I have had the same dream, how we have dinner in a cafe, live, romantic music plays for us, we dance a slow dance. Do you like to dance?
After a wonderful evening, we go to your home. There we make love all night until the morning. When I wake up in the morning my ***** is very wet.
I really enjoy writing letters to you, but now I need to finish the letter, because I am very tired and I need to prepare a meal.
In the morning I always eat porridge, ham, yogurt and drink a cup of coffee, for lunch I always eat soup and salad, and in the evening I can eat chicken or fish.
I hardly drink alcohol. Only on holidays can I afford a glass of wine or champagne, and I also don’t smoke tobacco.
I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, run in the park in the evening, but it doesn't always work out.
I hope that my letter was not boring for you, lately I have been very busy and I need some rest.
Hope you can forgive me.
And in order to deserve forgiveness, I send you my new photos, do you forgive me? ))
I hope you enjoy my new photos and see them over and over again.
It turns me on.
Kiss you! Your Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello my **** Richard!
I have great news for you and I want to share with you soon.
My documents are ready to travel. Tomorrow or after tomorrow I am leaving for Moscow.
You know I believe in fate. I think that our meeting was not accidental.
I constantly think about you, I cannot sleep peacefully, study, work.
Of course I am worried before our future meeting, but my excitement will go away after we meet each other.
I think that we will remember the day of our first meeting all our lives.
I feel that you are a very good, kind man with whom it is easy for me to communicate and it is pleasant to write letters!
I know that you will never hurt me and that next to you I will feel safe.
You know that my past relationship ended 2 years ago and I had no other man.
I am a young girl and I have a great ****** appetite.
I ********** a lot, I have to satisfy myself.
I'm not too shy to talk about it, but I trust you and know that I can tell you any secret or secret.
Our relationship is developing very well and we can learn everything that interests us about each other.
I want to say that I love making love several times a day.
When I come to your country and we meet, you can give me a lot of pleasure in bed.
In bed, I like tenderness, a lot of kisses, so that you caress my body, speak beautiful words.
And sometimes I like wild ***, saying ***** words, so that you spank me on the ***, hold my hair in your hands.
In bed I like to try new positions, have *** in different places.
In nature, in a shopping center, in a car, I want to try all the craziest places.
I like to give ********. I love **** *** so that you kiss and lick my *****.
One of my favorite 69 poses, **********, and also love the top pose.
I have never tried **** ***. But I want to experience it.
My dream is for you to *** on my face. I have never tasted *****.
But I really want to try it with you Richard !!! I really want all this to be in our relationship.
Just please don't think that I am lecherous and lustful.
I can’t do anything with myself, you make me want to make love.
With me such a feeling, emotions for the first time and I can not control myself!
I think *** is very important in a relationship, and many families split up because of that.
A woman ceases to amaze her man in bed.
And I hope that perhaps we will understand that we were created for each other and unite in life, time will tell.
Do you agree?
I want to meet a man who is worthy of my pure and sincere love.
I will send you my rather candid photographs with this letter.
I have even more candid photos and I will send them, but only patience. I'm a little shy))))
Hope you like my photos and please do not show my photos to anyone else,
This only applies to the two of us and I do not want another person to see my photos.
I really love making love, and to be honest, I really want you Richard !!!!!
And I really hope to see your answer soon.
Lots of hot kisses and hugs !!!!!
Letter 7
Hello my **** Richard!
Today is a beautiful day and I am happy to see your letter, to which I will gladly answer.
So the long-awaited day has come when I begin my journey to your country.
My bus to Moscow will be in a few hours, so you need to have time to collect all the necessary things, pack your luggage and not forget anything.
I am going away for 3 months and I need to take all the essentials with me.
It is difficult to describe in the letter what emotions I am experiencing now, before my first trip to another country, before our future meeting, I have strong excitement.
I will be in Moscow for a few days to get the documents. We need to fill in some other papers. I think that I will have the opportunity to write you a letter from Moscow.
I managed to read on the Internet not a lot about your country, traditions, holidays, what are the prices for products, etc.
In Russia, $ 10,000 is a lot of money, but I don't know how it is in your country. Is this a large amount?
I will receive this money as soon as I arrive in your country and I can dispose of it.
I told you, I need to be in your capital for 2 weeks and I will receive money there at the Russian Embassy.
I will also receive all instructions and further instructions regarding my practice.
We could go to a nice restaurant to celebrate our meeting. Do you want to? Then we can walk a little.
You will show me beautiful places in your city, and then I would like to get to know you better!
I hope you understand what I mean?) I think we will have a hot and unforgettable night, we can make love all night.
Richard, I don't know if you will have the opportunity or not, I really want to see you at the airport as soon as I arrive in your capital.
I so would like to see you as soon as possible. The thought of all this excites me so much.
How do you imagine our meeting?
I need to finish the letter! I will write you all the information about my flight as soon as I arrive in Moscow.
I hope to see your letter when I arrive in Moscow, I will not be able to write to you earlier!
Wish me luck! I will really miss you! Kisses.
Letter 8
Forgive my dear Richard!
My dear, I have arrived safely in Moscow and am happy to see your letter.
Of course, people who love each other should help each other, support each other. I agree.
I issued a plane ticket to your country. I am sending you a photo. and all other documents are ready.
I have a small problem, but if it is not solved, I will not be able to arrive in your country.
The problem is the small amount of money, but I am ashamed to ask you for help. I'm missing 350 dollars.
The problem is that I have a debt for an apartment, I needed to pay utility bills on time.
In Russia, quite recently, a law was passed that if a citizen has monetary debts in Russia,
then he cannot leave the country, he will simply be arrested at customs.
This law was adopted due to the fact that people take loans from banks and then do not pay.
To prevent people from hiding from debt in another country, they are simply not allowed out.
Before my trip to your country, I needed to buy some things.
I had to put myself in order before our meeting, do a manicure and pedicure, buy cosmetics.
In general, I had no money left to pay for utilities.
Now I cannot continue my journey due to debt. I got a check for the debt. I will send you a photo.
The debt must be paid first. I will have an official document confirming that I can leave the country without any problems.
I tried to find money, but in Moscow I have no acquaintances or friends.
I also tried to get money from the program on which I travel to you.
But I was told that they would pay all my travel expenses, but they would not pay my debt.
You are the only person who can help me.
If you refuse me, then my future will be broken, and most importantly, I will not be able to meet you.
I really hope for your help. I will refund your money as soon as I arrive in your country and receive $ 10,000 at the embassy.
But first, I must come to your country. I really hope for your help!
I only need $ 350 and the problem will be solved. And soon we will be together and do everything we dreamed about.
You are in my heart and I want to make love to you and do what we dreamed of!
You are important in my life and for sure you understand this, how valuable it is to have something so important in life to have a person for whom you are so dear and valuable!
I appreciate you very much and do not want to lose you, I want you to understand everything correctly and think of me only the most beautiful thoughts.
I thought about me sincerely, your understanding and support is now important to me.
Very soon we will be next to each other, have the most tender feelings for each other, I want this so much, and I hope that you will too.
Write to me, I will wait, I hope that we will find a solution and will be together soon! Kissing
Letter 9
Hello beloved Richard, I am delighted to receive your message.
Honey, I am very grateful to you that you can help me. I am even more glad that we will meet soon. I love you.
today I learned that you can use the western union to send aid. honey, here's the data you asked for: 1. Bulatova Tatyana Aleksandrovna
2. Russia, city of Podolsk, Mira street, house 10, apartment 31
3. +79613759748
4. I attach a passport photo to the letter.
5. I looked, I need an amount of 300 euros. Darling, also, do not forget to take a photo of the money transfer check. and send to me.
Darling, I very much yearn for our meeting. and I will wait for your answer. your Tatyana
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