Scam letter(s) from Julia Anatolevna Ivankova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich habe Ihr angesehen und möchte Sie kennenlernen.
Ich hoffe, dass Sie nicht dagegen sind? ;)
Verzeihen Sie meine Dreistheit, aber ich möchte Ihnen zuerst schreiben, ich hoffe Sie schreiben mir eine Antwort. ;)
Ich heiße Julia. Ich möchte mit einen zuverlässigen Mann eine Bekanntschaft für ernsthafte Beziehung anknüpfen.
Mir 38 Jahre. Ich schreibe dir aus entfernt Russland. das ist nicht von ungefähr gekommen, Single, Kann das Schicksal sein? :)) Warum müssen wir nach Beziehungen in einer Masse von Menschen suchen, wahrscheinlich ist das unser Schicksal? ;)
Antworte mir an diese Adresse:
Wenn Sie bereit sind, die Kommunikation fortzusetzen, werde ich erfreut sein, Ihre Antwort in meiner E-Mail-Postfach zu sehen. Ich werde Ihnen einen Brief schreiben und meine Fotos sehr schnell absenden. ;)
Ihr neue Kameradin Yuliya!
Letter 2
How are you? I've looked at you and I want to get to know you.
I hope you don't mind? ;)
Forgive my audacity, but I would like to write to you first, I hope you will write me an answer. ;)
My name is Julia. I would like to make an acquaintance for a serious relationship with a reliable man.
Me 38 years. I am writing to you from far away Russia. it was no accident, single, can fate be? :)) Why do we have to look for relationships in a crowd of people, probably this is our fate? ;)
Reply to me at this address:
When you are ready to continue communicating, I will be delighted to see your reply in my inbox. I will write you a letter and send my photos off very quickly. ;)
Your new comrade Yuliya!
Letter 3
Hi!!! I decided to write you a letter and rely on my luck and my destiny.
I love to test my fate and happiness. It can actually play a cruel trick.
That is why I first want to know a little more about you.
You already know, my name is Yuliya! My mother is Polish and my father is Russian. I live in Kirov, Russia. Now I'm 38 years old. My birthday is December 15, 1982. As you can see in the photo, I'm not a big girl with blond hair. My height is 172 cm, weight 57 kg.
I am tired of achieving everything by myself and I am tired of the hard time with the purpose of studying and dating men. I just want to spend time with a man I like. It is with this purpose that I decided to write to you.
You can't get to know a person through a long correspondence and at the end be disappointed that you're not right for each other. I believe that a true relationship comes from communication, friendship, trust and meeting in person. These factors bring people together and create a future that determines future destinies. What do you think about this?
I hope my letter will not scare you and you will write me back, tell me about yourself again and send me a photo. Next time I will tell you even more about myself, my dreams and immediate plans.
Have a nice day! Regards Yuliya!
Letter 4
Hey!!! Thank you for your answers and interest. It is very pleasant to recognize a person from the first minutes of communication, you see communication interests. It is really very motivating and engaging.
My mother is Polish and my father is Russian. No, I don’t know Polish and haven’t studied it. My mother speaks excellent Polish, and I only know a few phrases. At one time, I also studied English. But I'm afraid, due to lack of practice, I have already forgotten the pronunciation of words and spelling of sentences. Are you reading my letter now and laughing at my mistakes?
I am a little shy, but cheerful girl, maybe even naive. Because of my naivety, I am still alone. I have no children. Only my mother and my aunt are my relatives. I'm tired of men who always rely on women and always hold women responsible. No, I radically decided to change my life, start a new relationship.
Perhaps it coincided, or the fact that soon I was going to visit your country gave me an impetus for radical decisions. I will be traveling from work as an exchange officer. Now the process of preparing the documents is underway. Of course, this will take some time and the terms will be determined later. The exact location is not yet known, but it may be your country.
If you change your life, then you need to do it with positive people like you. And it was this whole story that influenced me to write you a letter. I hope you are not against new acquaintances! It's easy to communicate with me, and I like to keep up conversations on any topic, and you will see this when we get to know each other better. ;) Regards Yuliya!
Letter 5
Hi my dear friend!!! you are a very nice person, I am very glad that I found such a person. It's nice to feel needed by someone and receive a letter every day. Yes, I'm talking about you and talking to you over the past few days I have a good mood! ;)
My job is interesting. I work in the quality department of the products sold. We check the products of stores and catering to ensure that they sell non-spoiled products. And now a grandiose journey awaits me and the exchange of experience with consumers and organizations abroad. Perhaps even a personal acquaintance with you, pastime and great friendship! This is how people get to know each other, create a family and a future!
I want to tell you a little more about myself! I love listening to modern music, and also dancing to it. I like to read books very much.
My favorite genres are historical novels and adventure. I really enjoy reading books about various historical facts. I love watching films that can tell interesting facts from history.
I also like to do fitness. This greatly supports the figure and helps to rehabilitate from the blows of life and forget the difficulties of this life.
It will be very interesting for me to know a lot about you. I hope that in your next letter you will write to me what books do you like to read and what kind of music do you prefer? And you can ask me what you are interested in. :). I will be happy to answer your questions.
I look forward to hearing from you. Your Yuliya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend!!! How are you? I was so glad to receive a letter from you, my treasure. Did your day go well? Write to me about this in the next letter, because it is very interesting to me. I am interested in how people living in another country live and what they do.
Jim, I also feel warmth for you. I am looking for more than a friend, I am looking for the future. But it will take time before we know our first kisses, emotions and body touches! I don't think I can love you until we meet. Don't you think that you can't talk about such a serious feeling as love if people have never even met? When people meet in person, they can learn about many aspects of life that cannot be found out by correspondence.
But today I want to surprise you and touch you even closer across distances. This is my emotional video for you. For now, let this be a trained step to our conversation through the camera. I hope you don’t laugh at my actions!
How do you like to spend your time? I also have one question, but I don't know how to ask you about it. Please write to me, what is in the first place for you in life? For example, some other people prioritize careers or something else. And for me it is to find my love and be happy with him.
I will look forward to your reply and will reply to you as soon as possible. Your treasure Yuliya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear! How pleased I am to read your letter! ;) It is a pity that we are separated by distances. But my heart always thinks about you. And every day I start falling in love with you more and more.
You could melt the ice in my heart. How did you manage it? :)))
I was lonely for a long time and now I don't know who to say thank you for knowing you! I think this ball is the will of fate! God saw that we are alone and decided to bring us together at this very time. Now I do not regret that I found the strength to write you a letter!
When I think about such things, my heart starts beating harder and goose bumps cover my body. I will not hide the fact that I have a fear of flying abroad and the first meeting. Do you have excitement? How do you even imagine this chance given to us by fate? Do you believe in miracles after all that happened in our past?
I think and dream that the culmination of our correspondence should be our personal meeting. Tell me, what do you think about it? I want to know your opinion. It's just that I have never been abroad and on my first flight I want to have time to see your country and, most importantly, be next to you! feel your culture, get to know your friends and ********* your world.
I believe that fate gave me an acquaintance for a reason. It seems to me that she wanted to show that no matter how far people are from each other, the most important thing is that they understand each other. I believe that the most important thing in a relationship between two people is understanding and trust! Sometimes it seems to me that people are happy together even over a distance, but if there is no understanding between them, then they will never find absolute happiness. Do you agree with me?
Write to me, please, what do you think is the most important thing in a relationship between a man and a woman? Because it's very interesting to me. It seems to me that besides understanding, there should still be concern. I chose you on a dating site precisely because my heart suggested that you are the man who will care and understand me. I am sure that I was not mistaken, my dear, because with each of your letters I feel what a wonderful person you are. Your princess Yuliya
Letter 8
Hello my sweet!!! I am very happy that I again received a letter from you, my dear. I am so happy that we met, because you are so good. I don't know how I used to live without you. Most likely, I confused life with existence. My life began only when you adorned it with your presence.
I am happy with you. And I don't need another man. I don't even know how to think about others! My thoughts are programmed only for you and for that which is connected with you. On others, there was no time, no desires, no thoughts, no place in my huge heart.
I agree with you that there should be understanding and love between us.
I believe that love cannot be born without trust and there cannot be *** without love. We are people and should build our love, relationships and family, and not be indifferent after all the words said.
Tell me: what are you dreaming about? I will definitely try to fulfill all your dreams and try to turn the past around and start living a new life! I want to do this to prove to you the power of my love. She is limitless.
Yes, we have not seen each other in life, but I loved you so much…
I resisted my feeling, preferring not to believe in it. But love is very strong. She defeated me, burst out of her chest, flew into every line of this letter…. Love you…. Sorry about that if you can…. Just know, remember that you are my only one.
Your Yuliya.
Letter 9
Hi my Jim!!! how are you doing? How do you spend your day? I hope you are in a great mood and enjoy reading my letter. You always cheer me up and give me strength.
It is difficult to realize that my love, who understands and loves me, is in another country. But it's nice to know that in this universe we were able to find each other after everything that happened in our past life. After all, they did not understand us and were left alone in a difficult stage of life. But we did not break down and now we achieved our happiness and were able to get to know you. Apparently this is the decision of God and fate, to give us a gift at this difficult hour. ;) Now I am happy that there is you in the world who understands me more than anything else.
I also have great news. The first details of my work and flight became known. Now I have been temporarily assigned to the city of Ontario.
But I have time to change that so that I can be closer to you. Write me your city, or better address and airport. Maybe you can meet me at the airport?
now tickets, travel documents, rental housing will be issued for me.
Of course, I will write you all the detailed information about the flight and the date.
I am happy as a little child who is waiting for gifts in the New Year!!! I am in a very good mood! ))). But now I am finishing my letter. How I want to come home and see your kind eyes, have dinner and fall asleep together. Feel your strong hands and enjoy love and life. How sad I am in an empty house.
Your love Yuliya!!!
Letter 10
Hello darling! I am so happy to write you a letter again, my dear.
I want to tell you frankly that it is so difficult for me to write you a letter. Yes, it’s difficult, because I really want to kiss and hug, I want to feel your breath and see your kind smile. I love you so much and I miss you so much without your letters. I don’t know how I can wait until I can see your letter again and write an answer about how much I love you.
I am happy too! But it will take some time for the trip. The exact flight dates will be where in October. By this time, the registration process should have passed.
Soon they will issue me a ticket and I can show you a copy of the e-ticket. my documents should be prepared within a few days. Now, in order to come to you, you need to prepare documents on the absence of state and injunctive relief and pass the PCR - Test.
I will never tire of repeating how much I love you, because it is so nice to say this in every letter I write. For so long I could not figure out what was happening in my life, before we met you. But now I know for sure that this is love. Now I understand why people say that love is not only joy, but also a test.
I am very happy that you and I were able to find each other in this world. But it's so hard for me to be so far away from you my sweetheart. At first I thought that my love would give me strength to wait for the moment when you and I can be together. But now I understand that this is not so, she brings me suffering. Suffering from the fact that I cannot touch you, kiss and hug you. Just don’t think that I’m complaining. ;) I understand that we must be patient and one day we can be together. My mind tells me that I have to be patient, but my heart does not want to obey, and it wants to leave my chest to fly to meet you! ;) my soul is ready to break away from my heart to become one with your heart. I feel that my life has become only a dream of you, my treasure. I love you so much my dear.
Perhaps now we are making our dreams come true, and God himself helps us in this? What do you think about it? It would be foolish if we pass up this opportunity. For the first time in my life I met a person with whom it is convenient to find a common solution and come to an agreement. YOU are my man and I will not give you to anyone! ;) How I want to be close to you soon. ;) my Jim, I really want to come to you at this time. I never thought that I would find my love over the Internet. My life has acquired meaning again, I cannot live without you, I really want to meet you sooner. I miss you. ;)
I am finishing my letter and will look forward to your reply, my dear! Your Yuliya!!!
Letter 11
Hello my most fragile and beloved Jim!!! How are you, how are you, my love? I missed you very much, my joy!!! I love you, my beloved Jim! I immediately felt better in my soul because you did not forget me and that you really love me, my dear. After reading each of your letters, my treasure, I get to know you more and more and from this my love for you becomes stronger and stronger. I know that I have found the person I have dreamed of all my life - it is you, my Jim!
I hope you installed Telegram? soon I will try to contact you and prove my honest intentions and desires to come to you soon!
I feel very bad and very sad that you are not there, my love. And only your letters comfort and calm me, give me strength to go to work, my joy. My love, I really want to come to you. True, I am very ashamed to ask you for money, but I have no one to ask for help. This is our joint destiny, a common meeting and we must help each other for the sake of a common future! I really want to see you and I want it to happen as soon as possible dear, because I LOVE YOU!!!!
Jim, in fact, I have no opportunity to wait more than 2-3 days. I hope you will not wait for a convenient time for you and will be able to do incredible for the sake of your woman. We cannot wait for the right moment to send the dengue and you cannot postpone it until another week. if all this is stopped, then the next month will pass, and by that time all my documents should already be ready.
Forgive me for bringing you many problems with my arrival. But you don't have to visit the bank in person. There are online transfers in the world.
Unfortunately, I do not have a personal bank account. Only government workers (teachers, police officers, doctors) or businessmen have a bank account in Russia. I only have internal Russian bank data. They are not suitable for receiving your money.
My dear, in my bank, where I pay for utilities and government services, there is a branch of money transfers , and Money Gram. The bank told me that it is very fast and very reliable. My tiger, I forgot to write you that after you send the money, you will need to write me a letter. When you send money, you will be given a secret code, which consists of numbers. When I receive money, I will need this secret code. And you must write me your full name, surname and address, then I can get money from you, my love. After that our meeting will be practically over! ;) We can start a new life with you, kiss you, scream with happiness! How I want these happy moments to come sooner! I believe that all this will become reality thanks to your help, my tiger.
My angel, in order for you to be able to send me money, you need my data to send money: Name: Yuliya Anatolevna
Surname: Ivankova
Country: Russia
city: Kirov
Street: Orlovskaya 27 / 16
postal code: 610047 My tiger, can you send money next week? You that I need to prepare the documents.
Honey, forgive me for creating so many money problems for you, I just really want to feel your tight and strong embrace. Thank you, my dear, for helping us meet. I love you very much, my Jim!!!! I am finishing my letter, my love, and I look forward to your letter, my love!!!! Write to me as soon as possible, my joy, I am very worried. Love you and kissssssss!!!

Yours Yuliya.
Letter 12
Hi my love. I am pleased to receive a letter from you. YOU are the only person who could give me love. I can feel this wonderful feeling with you and you make my day bright. I love you and never tire of repeating these words.
Why don't you answer me in Telegram? I wrote to you!
You’re kidding or wasting time on purpose in such a funny way. But I wrote to you online sending, which is available any time and any day. this does not affect the opening or closing of the bank. Just write me the truth if you refuse to help and do not waste my time. I don't want you to play with my feelings. If it is difficult for you to access the Internet and make a transfer through your personal account, then what will happen, everything that you wrote seems to be empty words. I don’t want to believe everything I just read from you.
Jim I'm ready to wait for our meeting until the end of days and be your woman. But how do we feel true love without touching our bodies and emotions? I do not want to destroy the true feelings of love and I want to get maximum happiness with you. I want to rip off my heart and give it into your hands, so that I can keep it and don’t give it to anyone or destroy it. Unfortunately, without your help, our dreams will never come true. Thank you for being ready to help me for our future.
Today, on a sunny autumn day, I miss you very much. I don't know why this is happening to me ... I want to sit in your arms and watch a movie, enjoy our solitude. I want to love and kiss you, every minute. I want to create a strong couple with you so that we are happy and together create the future. Do you dream about it that much? All our dreams will come true thanks to your help, my tiger! Thanks for your help! I love you. My love, thank you for helping me.
Jim, I am finishing my letter and will be waiting for an answer. I wish you good days and send a million kisses!
I love you and I look forward to hearing! Your Yuliya.
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