Scam letter(s) from Margarita to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Guten morgen!
Mein name Margarita, kurz ist Rita. Wie heißt du? Ich wurde ursprünglich aus Russische Föderation. Kann ich mir vorstellen, das hat dich überrascht:)
Ich habe traum dich kennenlernen. Ich bin 37 jahre alt. Wie alt bist du jetzt?
Ich habe mich noch nie vorher noch nie getroffen in der virtuellen welt. Das ist für mich etwas neu. Und ich bin sehr daran interessiert diese erfahrung. Außerdem meine intuition sagt mir, dass du ein guter mann bist. Meine intuition lass mich nie im stich!
Ich verstehe nicht ganz, wie man sich in der internet-kommunikation verhält, aber ich möchte es ausprobieren.
Ich werde sehr erfreut wenn sie antworten sie mir, und wir werden unsere kommunikation fortsetzen:)
Bitte schreibe mir an meine Hauptadresse:
Ich warte auf ihren antwortbrief, schreib mir, okay?
Schönen tag noch!
Rita. Fireworks!
My name Margarita, my short name is Rita. What is your name? I was originally from Russia. Hopefully you are not too surprised :)
I aim to get to know you better. I am thirty seven years old. How old are you now?
I've never met each other on the internet before. This is something new to me. And I am very interested in this experience. Plus gut feeling tells me that you are an interesting man. My intuition has always proven to be true!
I don't fully understand how to behave in online communication, but I want to find out.
I will be delighted if you send me a reply and we will continue communicating :)
Please write to me at this address:
I am waiting for an answer to my letter, answer me, ok?
Nice day!
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jim!
I want to thank you for your answer. Thank you for writing to me :)
I hope our communication will develop and we will get to know each other better.
I live in Sergach, Russia. It is a small town located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Where do you live?
My city has approximately 20,000 inhabitants. My city cannot boast of sights. It is an ordinary provincial town. But, I've lived here all my life, and I'm used to it =)
I'm tired of being alone, so I decided to try my luck in online dating. I have not had this experience before. I hope our dialogue will develop. I'm interested!
I have no children. Do you have children?
I am 37 years old, I was born on May 18, 1984. When were you born? My zodiac sign is Taurus!
I have a degree in economics. I work as a sales assistant in a hardware store. What do you do? Do you like your job? I am interested to know about it.
About my appearance, I will not tell anything, because you can see everything in the photographs. I want to tell you about my height and weight. My height is 168 centimeters, my weight is 51 kilograms:)
I told you some information about me. But, I promise you, with each letter, to tell more. I hope you were interested in getting to know me. I will look forward to hearing from you. I would be glad if you send me some of your photos.
Regards, Rita.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Jim!
Thanks again for your answer. I am very glad that you wrote to me today =)
As I promised you, I will tell you more about myself. I hope you are not too upset that I live in Russia. I think distance is not a problem. Since in our age of technology, we can cover any distance. Do you agree with me? I hope we will develop our communication more and more, and we will see where it will lead us :)
Jim, I'm a good-natured girl, I'm not a conflict. I like making new acquaintances, getting to know people. And I'm really glad that we met. I enjoy communicating with you, you have added new colors to my life.
Also, I wanted to tell you that I am not writing letters from home. Since, I do not have a computer and a telephone with Internet access. And therefore, I have to visit Internet cafes. This is the only opportunity for me where I can write to you. Because of this, I cannot write to you often. But, I will try to write to you every day, because you are interesting to me! =)
My job is pretty boring, so I won't go into details about it. I help customers choose home appliances.
Jim, do you like music? What kind of music do you like to listen to? I like listening to different kinds of music. I am a music lover. I can listen to both classical and rock music. My favorite composer is Bach. And from modern music I like Adele. Do you have any idols in music? I'm interested :)
I am a very kind and gentle woman, I do not know how to shout. I do not like lies.
I never play with human feelings, it's very mean. My most important quality is forgiving.I think this is very important in life.
My friends say that I am a romantic and very sensual woman. They may be right.
Jim, if our dialogue bores you, then just tell me about it. I will not waste your time. I don't want to be a burden to you. You can be absolutely honest with me. I am completely open to you.
You can ask me any questions! And in the next letter, I will tell you more about my childhood and my family. Are you interested in this?
I'll look forward to your letter. Wish you a good day =)
Letter 4
Hello Jim!
I am very pleased that you have not forgotten me and wrote a new letter:)
Thank you for your new photos! I was very pleased to see them. I see that you are a very handsome and interesting man. I hope that you will continue to delight me with your photos!
I will tell you more about my life. I would like to tell you more information about my parents, but I do not remember them. You know, I lost my parents early. And my grandmother raised me after their death. We lived in her house in the countryside. I liked living with my grandmother, she always took care of me. And I still remember about her! I went to school there, and then my grandmother died of a heart attack. Unfortunately, I couldn't live on my own, so I had to go to an orphanage. I have no other relatives. I spent 8 years in an orphanage before I came of age.
You know, it was hard for me to get used to my new life, but I'm used to it. I continued to study at the school that was in the orphanage. I have always taken my training very seriously. My success in school helped me to enter university studies. I studied at the university for free, because free education still exists in our country. I studied economics. Unfortunately, graduating from a university in Russia does not guarantee getting a good job. But I don’t get upset, I try to find the positives even in the worst situations. This quality of mine makes my life much easier. I promise you that I will no longer tell you sad stories about my past life (smile).
Jim, what can you say about yourself? Are you an optimist? How was your childhood? What kind of education did you get? I hope I haven't asked too many questions. This is really important to me =)
You know, I can say that I have achieved almost all of my goals. I got a good education, I have many friends. I didn't build a good career, but I never aspired to that. I'm not a business woman. It seems to me that my calling is family. I didn't have a full-fledged family, so I want to create a strong family. I guess I just haven't found the man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life. My heart is open for love, for sincere feelings. I hope you understand me. Jim, we met quite recently, I like our communication. Our correspondence makes my life much brighter and more interesting. I have to thank you for that! I think it is time to finish my letter today. As always, I am sending you a photograph. I'm glad you like my photos.
Now I have to leave the internet cafe, but I will be back here soon to read your answer. Please don't miss me :)
I wish you a good day!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Jim!
Thanks for your new letter! And also for your photos!
Why didn't I tell you about me? Do not be shy, ask what you are interested in.
I really enjoy reading books. In my free time from work, I have nothing to do except watch TV and read books. I don't really like watching TV, because there is always talk about politics. And I'm not interested in that. I like to watch movies. My favorite genres are comedy, romance, drama, and some science fiction. Jim, what are your favorite genres? My favorite movie is Titanic. When it comes to reading books, I have read a lot of them. I prefer to read Russian and world classical literature, historical literature, works of contemporary authors. I will not list all the books that I have read, I don’t think this is necessary. My favorite book is The Little Prince.
Since childhood, I like outdoor activities. I am a girl and I want to look beautiful. And I always try to keep my figure in good shape. I don't go to the gym, but I do sports myself. Every morning, I go for a run. And in the adjacent yard there is a small sports ground. I will send you some pictures from your morning run. These photos were taken by my friend. She takes almost all of my photographs. :)
Also, I want to tell you about my lifestyle. I don't drink alcohol. I can have a glass of wine on holidays. I try to eat only healthy foods. I don't eat fast food.
You know, I don't judge people who choose a different lifestyle. I think that every person is free to choose his own path in life.I chose the healthy path. And I will be very pleased if you tell me about your life too. I hope this does not bother you. You can be honest with me.
Jim, you're an interesting person. I feel more confident with every new letter. I can share my thoughts and feelings with you. I feel comfortable. It seems to me that this is important. You know, I get the feeling that every new letter is a little date. I hope you didn't find it ******. It really sounds like nonsense, but our letters are like dates. Every day I come to the cafe to read your letter. Doesn't that sound like a date?
You are very kind to me, I appreciate that. I love to read your letters. I am sure that our dialogue is just the beginning. I have a very good feeling. I hope my letters are of interest to you too.
I'm sad to say this, but it's time to finish my letter.
I wish you a good day!
Regards, Rita.
Letter 6
Hello Jim!
I am delighted to read your new letter! And also to see your photos!
I am pleased to communicate with you, because with each new letter I feel that we are getting closer to each other =)
Today I will tell you about my everyday life. Routine! However, this may be interesting for you. As you already know, I work as a salesperson consultant. My working day starts at 08:00. And ends at 16:00. I work eight hours a day. My morning always starts the same way: shower, breakfast. You know, I walk to work because my job is near my house. The journey to work takes no more than 20 minutes for me. I work six days a week :)
I would like to know how your day is going?
In this letter, I also want to talk about my past relationship. I still haven't met a decent man. Of course, I've had relationships with men before. However, all of these relationships ended in failure. My last serious relationship lasted four years and ended two years ago. That man beat me badly. We broke up with him. I no longer maintain any contact with him. It's been two years now, but I'm still alone. I still believe that I can become a happy woman.
I would like to meet a man who will never hurt me. You know, all past relationships have only brought me pain. And I don't want to be unhappy again.
Jim, tell me about your past relationship. I'm interested in this, like any girl. Why did they end, what happened?
You know, I'm very used to you. It is important for me to read your letters.Every day, we get to know each other more and more. And I don't want it to end. I confess to you that I really like it. You are a good man, kind, honest. I love sincere men, and you seem to me like that. I hope I am not mistaken about you.
I promise you that I will always be honest. For me in a relationship, trust, honesty, loyalty, and mutual understanding are important. Do you agree with me?
I'll be waiting for your new letter. I wish you a nice day.
Letter 7
Hello Jim!
Thanks for the new photos!
I feel more confident with every email. I can open my thoughts to you. It seems to me that this is much easier to do in letters than in real life. I can share my thoughts with you. Jim, you are a man to whom I can tell about everything that is happening or has already happened in my life. It is important that I can tell you frankly about everything. I think our virtual communication has its merits :) Do you agree with me?
Jim, I want to tell you about the man I'm looking for. I am looking for someone with whom I can share my past, present and future. I'm looking for true love, someone with whom I can just lie in bed, look in the eyes and talk all night. I'm looking for a man with whom I can share everything we do in this life together, a man who knows how to laugh and how to love. I am looking for a person who respects others and knows the value of human life. I am ready to give my heart to such a man, my concern. I am a very open person and I never try to hide my feelings. I enjoy spending time with my loved one, walking together, shopping, laughing, playing, loving each other. I hope I can find such a person. =) You know, communication with you brings me great pleasure, and I want us not to stop our dialogue. Jim, tell me in the next letter about your future life? How do you envision your future? I would like to know what kind of woman are you looking for? Your answers will help me get to know you better.
I'm tired of being lonely, I'm familiar with loneliness.I think that every person, at heart, is afraid of loneliness. My life has not been very successful, sometimes it seemed to me that luck turned away from me. But I always kept on fighting, and now I’m fighting for my happiness. I want to be happy, it seems to me that I deserve a small portion of happiness. I hope my letter is really interesting to you. But, okay, I won't be writing a big letter today.
So, my dear, I am finishing my letter now. And again I have attached a photo for you. I hope you enjoy this photo. :)
I'll wait for an answer!
Letter 8
Hello Jim!
I'm really glad to see your new letter. How are you? I will be interested to know about any little things that happen in your life :)
Thanks for the photo with business partners. It was very interesting for me to see it.
You know, my life hasn't been that interesting for the last few years. I live alone, sometimes I meet friends, but almost all of my friends already have families. This is why I cannot see my friends often. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. We met just recently, but you changed my life! Our e-mails have made my life very interesting and fulfilling. I understand that this is only virtual communication, but I am sure that one day we will be able to meet. =)
Jim, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about our dialogue? If you enjoy our dialogue, it means that our correspondence is not a waste of time. We both know that there is a great distance between us, but this does not interfere with our relationship. You are a very close person to me now, and I do not want to lose our friendship. I hope that reading my letters does not take too long.
You told me about life in your country. I know some information about your family. And I see only the positive traits of your character, your good qualities, which I saw in your letters. But, I do not know about your bad qualities. By the way, what negative traits of your character can you tell me about? :) I'm just kidding, you don't have to answer this question if you don't want to. I think this is a rather difficult question.I see a good, intelligent, honest and caring person when I talk to you.
I've never met someone like you. Here, in Russia, it is very difficult to find a worthy person. I can tell you that you are very rich. Your treasure is your soul. I think that any Russian woman dreams of a person like you. It seems to me that this applies not only to Russian women, but to all women on the planet. I do not understand why women in your country do not see the beauty of your soul. I think I have said too many compliments for you today. :)
You know, an unpleasant but funny incident happened to me today. I was walking to work and I broke a heel on my shoes. It happened not far from my house, and I decided to return home to change my shoes. I was late for work because of this little nuisance.
Jim, you may have noticed that I am a very optimistic person. This incident with my shoes did not upset me absolutely. When I saw your letter today, I completely forgot about my broken shoes. I love reading your letters.
I'm finishing my letter, but I'll wait for your answer.
Have a nice day!
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